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was good job welcome back to another video with your boy DDG coming to your life d Digimon Bo aka space and ka DDG Rafe I'm on the way to the crib right now to create career dimension and I want to give you a nice little


before we get into that I'm let John know into i'ma let you know my um my bad spending habits I've been spending a lot of money lately like this week alone know these past couple days actually past three days on a spit like I just mitt the Colo 130 piece
2020 mansion update must see
oh you know I'm saying like some around that area 130 piece hundred forty piece you know that me I have been tweaking I'm hard on myself I can be honest with myself you know I mean like I've been trippin I have been spending overly spending like I shouldn't be but it's like you're gonna be saying at the end of the day by if this car decided right now to merge right and that just hit me just right the glass fall out one of the glasses going my head and I'm dead I
should just spit on my damn money doing at least your example to smile on my face at least so I look at money as what it is a piece of paper you make it money circulates you know I'm saying like that's why we pay taxes pay taxes that money get put into the rolls that you drive home know if I can buy something the person that you buying it from get the money it in a circulates that you make the money back from somewhere else you don't I mean money just circulates but it's up to
you to keep it circling and I keep my circulating so I'd be spin out I want to spin but I bought this right here check out don't be mad I know some of y'all like to be my um my financial advisors and but I had to get the paddock man I had to get the big-face paddock big boy paddock and I'm saying like I just grabbed it the reason I am vlogging is because I get nervous when I thought and I wasn't expecting about it at all like I didn't go in there like I'm finna
buy panic but I honestly I gotta you know I had to get it it was you know I had to it was a


hey it was a steal so I had to get him and obviously just gonna hold his value I can sell it whenever I want to obviously I'm not gonna sell it what's that in my head but I can sell it if I want to but I'm not gonna sell it it man I had to let you in on my loss Hernan against my spending habits oh all and all the money man new song dropping this Friday is called escape at first I call
it at times eight and y'all know what it is because it's the mother intro you know when I start hinting new songs let me just FYI when I start hinting new songs on intros and YouTube videos and outros of that mean is about to come out so the intro song that I hear an outro song that I hear is coming out this Friday it's called escape I'm very very excited it's one of my but like I was saying new song this Friday caught xscape it's dropping an Austrian platform so happen
music Spotify I honestly feel like this one is better even better than cotton muffin cotton mouff I love it it's absolutely nothing wrong will come up that is one of the best songs that I ever put out and I honestly feel like I'm growing as an artist man a lot of y'all be hitting me up yeah I'll be damned me and y'all be telling me like DDG you getting better and I feel like I'm getting better when I get in the studio this is more natural I got my sound down pat for like
my son is a little like it's like a sinking rapping type of sound you know like the cottonmouth but it ain't to sing he like that you know that man y'all know I can go full R&B but you know I'm trying to find my son I feel like I found it and uh I'm very very very very excited for y'all to hear this song this Friday man the full the metaphor is the everything any like it's gonna make ya'll be loved let's take away games so I can't wait for y'all
to hear that man come up this Friday make sure you guys straighten the out of it stream straight stream share it everything I'm making I'm making like trailers and tic TOCs and all week so let's try to push the song as much as I can before I'd even come on get even more hype but maybe I never ever bought a song on iTunes or even I don't know stream any of my music or you never listen to my music before this is a song you really need to listen to it's called an escape
and is coming out this Friday and I'm so exciting and it's in the intro so you already know the beginning of it but no no way to create right now I don't know what to expect I haven't been here in a little while just because I like finish it the


before I keep running back and forth over here but I feel like it's gonna be some new in here coz it's been a little while so I'm excited to go see myself I'm about to hit this blunt enough and getting licked and
I'm gonna enjoy this nice little vibe just a nice little ride the sky is nice and pink and blue it's a vibe I got a pedicle my wrist I got stars on the roof in a Rolls Royce I got beautiful ass people watching me right now often hit this blunt catch a vibe because that's what I work hard for so I see in the next clip but next time y'all see me folks I ain't put the glass are you folks that has gone slow and you know bro no kappa Roni told you next time you guys see me I was
2020 mansion update must see
gonna go but let me show you at this man I don't know if you guys seen this in a minute you know yeah I noticed whoa this is one of my my biggest like changes I was like you know what I'm gonna do all white cuz I'm have all the exotic you know what I'm saying like I want the cause bears to be in here i'ma head this deck the out imma spend so much money on furnishings you like that cuz I'm gonna be in this for a minute so I'm gonna go ahead and boil out you know
Sam all you gotta do is watch ads otherwise I'm gonna lose the house Manoah man me so you had it you know you know you know how we rock we don't we gonna go from from the beginning it was a wall right here walk a clean gone passed up clean it looks like it's fully painting now the the paint is completely white in this little room over here was like blue go watch the old little house tour when I first got you know I'm saying this was all yellow and I was while I made moves and so
it said why aren't going up here because being speakers put throughout the entire Creon so it's gonna be banging in this big fat ass little 90-inch TV right here man that's gonna be the spot bro okay you know getting the glass that's what I'm really waiting knowing that's what I'm excited to see oh come on mother don't play with me off in a penis hole right now swear to god bro come on now don't play what you know this the one that spraying your ass
normally I just had to show you how this man personally my pic black cabinets see the thing about remodeling creates room you literally got to pick everything out like I have to pick this particular sink up people don't get picked about that by the way and I just peed in an indiscreet for the first time ever and it happens to be a brand-new toilet which is pretty dope black exterior of all that so I have to be consistent with it got to pick the handles and everything so to keep the
consistency I went ahead and I got black cabinets awesome this area let me turn it up the light fluorescent lights as you can see which is gonna be throughout the entire crib I'm looking for only white lights these are like washed out yellow we're gonna come over here all black finishes my favorite the backsplash the backsplash has a nice marble Blackie's grayish whitish color that mixes together well and complements the black cabinets with the stainless steel handles you know
amazing amazing amazing new sink very very very nice the way that comes out a little slight flick just my first time seeing this dope thinking what's that oh that's the trip and that's the damn garbage disposal uh-huh uh-huh yeah back splashes back splashes killing it man this is making the whole house up so I have to base the furniture down here off of this backsplash in this white wall and it's all gonna be whited out with this nice fluorescent light come over here you also
have this is where the fridge will go it is a black covering around it to add the same kind of contrast that I did over here what you're doing boy being this is scary party the house and I don't go down here without a gun so I'm not going down there I don't know how I'm and living here by myself yeah I honestly don't I know nothing going on here but like I said before all these license gonna be changing to the fluorescent lights and there's probably more like my
office or some over here can't wait to get a washer and dryer man get the fastest washer and dryer honestly uh for this whole the past couple years the apartment that I'm in is fully furnished so I had to bring the furniture or anything like that so I basically moved my clothes and they had this washer and dryer but it washes and dries at the same time it takes six hours to wash and dry something so I really just been bad like the black t-shirt you just see me wear on it down tub I got
a hunting a bit just because all my be dirty because I got more bad drawers every week like that wasting money basically so I can't wait to get a better washer and dryer they go SuperDuper fast so I don't have to worry about that but let's go downstairs yeah Pig stop down here I got one unique very very unique chains I don't want to show you guys I'm genuinely scared right now so the reason you see all of this stuff down here is not only because the place been painted also
because all this carp is gonna get torn up it's gonna be a completely different color making this carpet Birgit II so this whole gonna be buggy you never went to the damn movie theater and it was like so this is a movie theater spot you come down here sweetheart baby I'm talking to the ladies you come out of these steps you walk your ass on this burger t-carr feet you feel me go gray some popcorn or something so we can get you know exact rice and popcorns probably be water maybe a
2020 mansion update must see
little handy up in there you know I'm saying is hanging up over there you go ahead you walk your ass in there you know timing anything no cow we need a doodle and I I'm a virgin so you come over here man what the is that what is that static I don't like this if somebody cure me I shouldn't feel unsafe in my own house man I just got to make it mine once I started living it out of say yeah I'm definitely one hundred thousand percent go get a girlfriend I'm gonna if I
gotta fake some bro I'm gonna go if I got it I can't sit in this by myself bro it's too goddamn big bro nothing just sit in this for myself I don't know who it's gonna be next door I end up talking to you got to move in this now my see that door over there is cuz it used to be a door right here I came here one day and I thought to myself if a running my Brodie if a running my right why is it a door in the basement the is that a door in the basement for why would you
put a door in the basement where somebody wanted to run in here they can literally just come downstairs I'm all the way upstairs I ain't go no I'm gonna take a pass that up he patched it up and now that is no longer there so it's not option so that everyone my name is I I mean it calm down my anxiety because you gotta think worst-case scenario especially when you obviously my life is like displayed online and you know uh you know I feel like everybody me everybody got love
for me but if something is out there that's hungry for some data try some you know at me so it's like I just got to be careful at all times because not everybody is a fan of DDG theater same thing nothing different but all this carp is also gonna be burgundy just like the walls that was the concept behind it come over here nothing not going in there scared to go in there some bugs in here my eyes open create I'm scared this came running up that light beer can be running up that
light beer came running up their light bill I can't wait to all these damn lights get your I mean all these lights to be like that bro that their kitchen looked absolutely beautiful I'll have sex with that kitchen bro I swear alright Chuck we're not done yet when this glass railing get here y'all oh my lord no cap you have I'm saying no cap rolling the air buddy now y'all haven't seen this park but when this old one is rattling it up it they start to drill the holes
was coming but that dead Relan gonna change the whole look at his entire career look up here look how we ballin I got the hardwood down Audie they moved it you got a machine check me out though check it out remove a little bit Harwood is all up here it's no longer beat-up underwood its primary would go over here turn the light on I am light it where's my lighter hey all hardwood obviously my closets about to get done soon now this right here yeah the highlights of this video the new


s that you guys have to see what the I'm looking at right now is absolutely beautiful the kitchen in this bathroom this is absolutely amazing is the biggest


s that these are more than likely to finish products that was as close to being finished everything you'll still get worked on probably won't be living in here for another few months I check this out Lord you see what we do info you see I putting a money I'm tired of y'all being on my head about this I know
what I'm doing with my money I came over take a ball check me out look come over here you know what I'm saying this is a fully functioning bathroom sorry let me tell you what's gonna happen let me let me explain to you what's going on if you make it through these two doors right here if you make it through these two doors right here and after that you know what's gonna happen so basically you're gonna come here in this bathroom in there you made it it is bathroom you know
what's gonna happen when you come out there bid now check me out man check me out check me out check me out check me out my naked ass gonna be sittin in there this is beautiful no I didn't I know I didn't I couldn't that could've been me that cannot deny that me do that freak campus I freaked in like that wait a second baby we in the bedroom right baby listen we in the bed will write me you chill you don't know that anymore dark you didn't want to turn on our lights
cuz she was gonna wake me up and I was sleeping so you only cut on these lights you walk in there like these babe I can't see babe I can't see no I can't I was a funny moment but now yeah this is beautiful man I did not eat I really didn't expect this bro this is amazing this is beautiful this may be so I'm tired of living in an apartment bro I spent someone's got their money I ain't never spent what are you kid all that goddamn yes sometimes I'll be thinking like
damn I got a lot of money this ain't cheap there's really the highlight job I mean I can show you how more but this just freak me out this is amazing this is beautiful that's the highlight let's go see if it's another bathroom right here all these wirings men I'm gonna have a hole I might throw a few parties here in the out this arguments is go now so put arguments right there well go record man over radio push no no use the regular rooms regular rooms and you know
same MO same Oh use the rules will not these rules for when I find that girl then I start talking to her and I get to get this Keaton or whatever I'm saying for kids that's my song it's my daughter room that's mother-son room and then I got one more son in ear back he boy pull okay we know yeah that's I think that's that's that's a good end to this video man um I'm so excited I'm very not to get sentimental but I'm very very proud of myself and this is
a big big accomplishment for me you know and I genuinely got very very excited when I seen their bathroom because it's better journey with this and not only that sometimes see okay when I get lit mic not smoke you're not kids I started realizing you know to me cuz when up when I just be chilling when I'm working I just push forward like I maybe get time to appreciate and have you me up cuz I'm like bro but when I out that foreboding get a sweaty out of that because this this
what we need know what I'm talking about but I'm saying like not just about weed on it it's just like when I do start realizing like bro I just pull it up to this no no I just bought a package and then I just pull it up to my


in a world or be calm that lit am I really that I'm extremely humble swear to god John like stupid humble I just be nice to me I just don't be knowing where I just don't mean knowing no knows that like everything initiative a play play
like I'm really balling this is crazy man I just can't wait for my music to blow up but I'm probably gonna cut all this out where I'm probably gonna keep it all in because I love you I don't care if you I get to see me in these cinemate oh I see me man or what and he said I'm in a moments man I'm practical and I read the comment I just regret it later or some but so happy man my life is really good right now I have nothing to complain about life is good at me you
know what I mean oh hold on boy cheese rain or feeling a little bit whoo I got a skate de-puffing a race to come to the crib and get started this game I'm kidding this cake I'm not the same from Michigan State I'm kidding this pace I'm richer wiser a lot of this state in Google is less about what I make