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2019 MHSAA Softball State Finals | STATE CHAMPS! Michigan

Feb 18, 2020
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championships. Michigan State University and this year's


had big surprises and the end of one final in particular that you would have to believe had never happened before, certainly next to a state championship, but let's start with the vision for those of you who They followed this year's total. Softball Player of the Year race knew Escanaba Gaby sallow had a great chance to win it if the Eskimos could claim the state title for the second year in a row, it would be a tall order considering Stevensville Lake Shore had just defeated Eaton Rapids and Player of the Year. anus.
2019 mhsaa softball state finals state champs michigan
Finalist of the year Grace Leto and hers 0.34 ara Lancers won that game 8 to 1 in the table set, let's dig in, let's start this party off with the d2 ending Escanaba had. to walk the trail back to skirt North Branch in the semis just for the chance to defend the state championship from her. Stevensville Lakeshore arrived hot and fresh pouring in 8 runs and 11 hits against the previously unbeatable Leto of Eaton Rapids, this would be her first state. crown in five years let's pick things up with two outs on top of first megan younger short fly to center Jalen Olson just misses dunk attempt junior lady Mead turns around to score Lancers take a one nothing lead ESCA now junior pitcher Gaby sallow is now our total


player of the year, but she had yet to win and came in with a point two six ara on the year she took a knockdown from Kirschbaum looking to finish the top half of the first Eskimos got going on his first pitch two runners on the corner Wisconsin drafts Salo bat cleanup for Escanaba sac-fly left senior Lexi Shelley eight beats pitch we were tied at one on the mound junior Salo starting to get comfortable and a chowman falls victim to the bottom two now juicy bases for big fielder pick sally eskimo freshman elizabeth silver crosses Escanaba v two-to-one lead jumps to fourth the Yoopers with a pair in favor of freshman carson sagorsky base hit to left Center bases are now full and then an error opened up lakeshore on Nicole Kameen's fly ball to the right.
2019 mhsaa softball state finals state champs michigan

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2019 mhsaa softball state finals state champs michigan...

The three runners are going to turn around like this. The Eskimos hold a seemingly insurmountable 5-1 lead after four innings of play, but the Lancers rally. and in the top of the sixth threatens with runners on first and second Shelby Brown eyed grounder but young man hesitates at turn restarts for home chalet throw arrives on time young man comes to plate Stevensville Lakes you're still competing on a freshman and a gentleman come through two runs head home lake shore up momentum officially now switching runners on first and third two out for the go-ahead run at home plate at Renee Sandman n Salo with the dirty changeup Escanaba clinging to a 5-3 lead in the bottom of the inning Eskimos made a call and got their insurance Salo at the plate wild pitch allows sagorsky to slide home safely here comes shaly a heading to the seventh Eskimos up seven to three Salo went the distance like a house by the side of the road Mead watches him go through the game match Gaby sallow with 11 cases Esc anaba wins it for the second consecutive title division two state title seven to three fun we knew we had a big target on his back and we knew we were going to have to fight it was not going to be handed to us and i am very proud of my team and everyone , we never gave up, we had a tough game so we fought every thought.
2019 mhsaa softball state finals state champs michigan
I am very proud that it means a lot to the community. We have it. We went without a state title from 1981 to 2018 and now, to go back, I'm almost at a loss for words. In fact, you know that many of us have said: I think our children speak at the right time because they haven't finished. and when we finally get out you know we only got 20 good games out of the early ones it's like layering up behind the good bats and just trying to try and scrap 27 innings if we can let's move on to Division one and head to the state semis , there were many thoughts that the diggy de facto state championship game would be the winner of the Howl Clarkston matchup, those two Titans had a great game which saw the Highlanders outscore the Wolves by an 8, 9 to 6 margin very dramatic game and 3rd ranked towel were finally in their first


and favorites not least for championship weekend regina warren is something the state is winning a


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coach the story probably makes the rounds on their calendar every years and should probably put off any vacation plans after all Diane laughs II and her satellites have six state titles to their credit and they spent this year's postseason back at Cestius Stadium.
2019 mhsaa softball state finals state champs michigan
Come on. I'm Janis Kelsey and Lauren Regina was excited to make her first Finals appearance since winning it all in 2015 over Howell at Michigan State for the second year in a row, but looking for her first State Hardware Islanders has one of the best In-state offenses that kept the bats in the first, senior Madi Gillette rips it up the wall and left center for the standing double. Regina had senior Marissa Moglia up the hill for the finish. Here's a break to Avery Wolverton to end the threat in the top half of the first inning, how will he hit 62 home runs as a team throughout the season and nearly tied the game high of 63 right here in the second when the junior sky grant just hit the top of the wall for another double for the Highlanders but Moglia one more time? he runs into the punch, swaying as he was still and nothing, nothing from the ball game, but the satellites would be placed on the board at the bottom of the inning.
Jackie Joseph. score a pair has used Regina takes the 2 nothing lead the satellites look to increase their lead in the third with a runner on second how junior pitcher Molly Carney already committed to Notre Dame strikes out Abbey Hornberger as it remains a scoreless game the Highlanders would eventually get to storm Lea in the fifth, Utah found James sending him deep to left center for the RBI double. Cara Johnson to come down swinging it was still 2 to 1 as we headed to the 6 to let cross the ditch and we were tied up in two Regina looking to take the lead once again in the bottom of the inning with a runner on second Kearney through 7K in the afternoon getting Adrianna James was still a 2 2 contest as he went in extra innings Powell runners at second and third in the eighth is Moglia once again getting the grant to go down for his 12 strikeouts in the game the satellites had a runner on first in the bottom of the eighth via kubinka sets the bunt that is out early, but Jenna Holt would make it to third and the winning run is just 60 feet away with one out.
Howell would then load the bases to make the force play. Freshman Adrianna James is ready to hit. his mitt and now he would score holes as Warren Regina goes out to win her first softball championship in four years 3 on 2 the final is honestly like the best feeling in the world it's no words this drives him especially winning like this on the walk- out of the ordinary what's special is the winner of trainer YP oh it's so special just to do it for her every time she came here she never lost she's just the best trainer in the world so really just to do it for her and to see her cara is just amazing this.
The group is so resilient and they just don't give up. They are just a great group of hard working girls. They work together very well and just don't give up. Now we had two Division Fours and the USA chants. Michigan State Athletic Complex not because the patrons were feeling particularly patriotic not because the Union food establishments were once again in the state championship game for the eighth time in their history five-time champions 13 Final Fours in the last 14 years for the biggest thumb conference champion demonstrates an unprecedented level of excellence but his opponent Kalamazoo Christian is nearly as consistent seven MHSA titles a for the runner-up finishes fifth in the Final Four in seven seasons the Comets did it throughout the postseason including the semifinals this year, same for the Patriots at the top of the show.
I mentioned there was a historic finish to one of the finals. The moment has come. I'm Gabe O'Neal. Feast. The highlights of this Division four final between Unionville. her brother and Kalamazoo Christian sophomore Bryn legal poll was on the mound for USA, she would strike out three Kalamazoo Christian batters to start the contest, Patriots look to get on the board in the bottom of the first , senior Riley Zimmer sends the offering deep to right-center and she would rush around a third for the standing triple, but said the boos couldn't seize the opportunity as Laney's friend, vicek, connected it to Jamie and then throat up first is good to end the The opening inning with the game scoreless fight still on the line for USA Putting Claire Dickinson in the corner, she started the game throwing seven strikeouts in a row, we go to the bottom of the third, sophomore Macy Montgomery sets up the bunt but Kalamazoo Christian's throw to first is off the mark and freshman Maci Reinhart tags the v return to score and it was nothing.
USA would add more in the inning with a pair on Oh lega would land on der's choice field and that would score Montgomery and that increased the lead to two the next batter was pal vicek and the senior hits it the other way for the double that scored Zimmer and after three innings of play the Patriots were three to nil we jumped ahead for the top six kzoo Christian threatens a runner on second freshman Reagan Pro kaizen comes in with the hit of base and junior Meagan snook comes in to score the Comets were now down three to one but throwing a try would come back and Trust Cline to come down hitting the sophomore via 15 strikeouts in the afternoon he was still 3 to 1 heading into the final inning Kalamazoo Christian had a runner on first in the top of the seventh Sophomore Nayla de Jong lays down the bunt and drops back just for the single inside the cua dro, we have two not outs and the game-winning run comes to the plate.
This next play will be one to remember. Sammy junior knows he's ready for the Comets plate, his line shot deflects, pulls a ghazal bow and breaks towards Riley Zimmer who catches it, steps on second and shoots first for the game to end triple play two Clips from the Division 4 State Championship that triple play was the number one game on SportsCenter finished the weekend as the Unionville brother wins the final 3-1 to claim his first state title in three years which feels pretty incredible just knowing how it happened so fast it's just amazing it feels amazing we wanted this as we were a little girl sitting here watching this in the stands watching Niki and all of them throw and seeing them when I was 8 and 9 saying I want to be Niki I want to he wants to be like them when he grows up and we have found a picture of us that we saw this weekend and it's almost our entire team standing there and smiling at one of the state championship games and new Our goal this year was to redo that and to say we can do it as well not just our big brother gs and everyone else we can do it to feels amazing we've been on a mission you know we've kind of kinda kind of kind of kind of kind of ripped through the tournament like we're really tested but we knew Kalamazoo we got a good look at them yesterday and you know we had to play our best ball and you know I just for a full 360 I mean he's thinking okay I'm going to score two on this the game will be even and then just for me it was great it was unreal and now that's a great team and they were good that was a good good softball team a highlight package for you and that's in Division three the final game of Super Saturday featured our second best ranked team in their division to make the championship game Eastern Conference champions Tri Valley Millington, returning finalists hoping to cash in on the title this season and Their entire starting roster returned, including senior star Gabby Sherman, and while their playoff push didn't include an upper tier of divisional bests, they beat a plethora of great teams this season, including Escanaba Powell and Lake Orion, to name just a few. some.
The Emerging Eagles defeated two reigning d3 champions Escalona and last year's d4 champions Centerville in the playoffs to reach their first final for now Millington had never won a state title in any sport and rolled to their semifinal while Schoolcraft did so in dramatic fashion once again back to MSU and established GST I amKevin Jersey and here we go with the final in softball finals in Division three between Millington and Schoolcraft both teams looking for their first state title Millington was led by one of our total softball Canada player of the year in Gabby Sherman committed to Kent State here getting Katie Parker to strike out wide in the top of the first, it didn't take long for the Cardinals to get on the board leadoff hitter Darian Roberts throws the first pitch he sees and it goes over the wall to left for his 19th home run of the season Millington comes out with a one lead nothing that was right right away i knew he was gone and knowing that i hit that for my team and that this was how this game was going to be i just could feel it was amazing and that was just the start of the hit list for Millington in the leadoff, senior Sydney Bishop slams a left for fellow senior Lea Janome would cross the plate and then, A few batters later, Millington capitalizing on a runner in scoring position, third-year Manny Han sends the offering deep into the wall in center for another run-scoring double and the Cardinals are now up 4, the sophomore Sabrina Gates would be next for the Cardinals and she singles up middle and high comes in to score after the first inning Millington was out with a five zero lead Sherman senior was still dishing on the mound for Millington Kelby Goldschmidt can't reach him In the heat, Gabby struck out five of the first six prep batters she faced in the bottom half of the second Millington with runner on first Bishop base-hit in the middle for gnome rounding second to and heading to third, but a legal shot by SHM Eddings from center is just in time.
Adrian Rossi applies the tag and from gnome out in the third, he jumps to the bottom of the fourth with Millington once again knocking on the door, it's German doing it with her. the bat goes the other way for the gnome base set comes in to score Cardinals now up in a six spot then a few batters later with runners in scoring position would push the single to left scoring Ashley zeal Millington was up eight zip after four innings a play that Gabby Sherman was dominating on her final goal of the Schmidt Inge High School game, once again the victim of a swinging K to end the sixth inning and then in the seventh would throw her 30 strikeouts into the game right here to soak a bridge to finish is Millington shuts out Schoolcraft nothing to the school's first state championship in any sport feels amazing im so excited im so proud of my entire team and its amazing i ever felt that our dreams came true, it feels amazing.
These girls have worked very hard since our little one last year. We came up short and I knew they wouldn't want to let that happen this year. They were amazing in the state championship game. I'm really happy with how this one ended, we hope you enjoyed our presentation of this year's MHSA Softball State Championships whenever you see a good triple play, you just don't see triple plays that often so that was particularly special , we want to send a special thanks to Escanaba as gabby Salo, who was named this year's total softball player of the year following her state championship win.
We have a full article on her coronation, as well as commentary on the race in general. You can watch it now on state


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