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2019 Lamborghini Urus: Start Up, Test Drive & In Depth Review

Jun 10, 2021
Hello everyone, how are you doing? Thank you very much for tuning into today's video. We are going to take an in-


look at the


Lamborghini Eris. In this


, we will cover all the ins and outs of our exhaustive walkthrough. of sound clips and show you many of the unique aspects of the interior and exterior. Also a big thank you to Lamborghini Charlotte for providing this opportunity to learn more about the dealership, including contact information and current inventory. The police do not hesitate to visit their website provided. description box below, so without further ado, let's go ahead, turn it on and let it run.
2019 lamborghini urus start up test drive in depth review
There's a lot I want to talk to you about in this video, but before we dive into the active exhaust system and the different driving modes. you can actually get a loud


, what that means is that if you turn it off and plug it back into accessory power and switch it to sport or Corsa and then turn it on, you'll actually get a much more aggressive sounding exhaust note. , so let's go ahead and Boot it into Sport mode followed by Corsa and you can hear the difference, of course, I'll talk about all of this in more


a little bit later in the video, but like I said, we have a lot to cover. so let's get to the point in case you don't know, seriousness is not Lamborghini's first SUV, that honor goes to the lm/w, it was produced between 1986 and 1993 in very limited quantities and was originally born as a military utility vehicle .
2019 lamborghini urus start up test drive in depth review

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2019 lamborghini urus start up test drive in depth review...

It can be ordered for civilian use with all the luxury you could ask for in the late '80s, its powertrain even consisting of a V12 and a 5-speed manual borrowed from the Countach. The Auris is a big change from that, it's a product of modern times, but that doesn't mean it's any less special with the rise of the SUV market, it just makes commercial sense. Lamborghini describes the Auris as the world's first super SUV, as luxurious as it is powerful, it offers a distinctive super sports car personality, but is met with a surprising amount of practicality and ease of use that no Lamborghini before could come close to touching the basic platform that It is shared with the Audi q7 Bentley and the Porsche Cayenne made up of a mix of aluminum and steel, there are some dimensional differences here and there, but with a great


ing point Lamborghini went crazy by instilling its own DNA into the rest of the vehicle.
2019 lamborghini urus start up test drive in depth review
My favorite styling touches are the frameless aluminum doors, although I'm not typically a fan of zhan SUVs with coupe-like rooflines. This one is actually very well done. adds to the character of the silhouette as a whole, plus there are many interesting details on the road, such as the geometric wheel arches at the front, the open air intakes, the feet, a new biturbo V8, while the lower part directs the air to where it is needed to improve aerodynamics and cooling of the powertrain and brakes. The Auris offers easy driving in the city, excellent comfort during long trips and lots of fun.
2019 lamborghini urus start up test drive in depth review
It even has the necessary equipment to make it versatile for off-road use in a variety of different environments. In short, seriousness is multidimensional. It can be specified as sporty or as stylish as the owner wishes, so how much does all this cost? Base price for the


RS is $200,000, that's before a $3,995 Destination V; The sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to optional options. extras and customization options, this example features almost $58,000 in optional extras. I'll highlight the main ones as we watch the video. Total MSRP for what you see here comes out to $260,1839. Lamborghini offers four different wheel styles to choose from.
With sizes ranging from 21 to 23 inches in diameter, all forged aluminum, each is available with different finishes to suit your individual tastes. The 23-inch diamond-cut wheels shown here are a $5,000 $682 option. Each RS is equipped with staggered wheels, that is, the rear wheels. They are wider than the front ones, in this case the wheels are wrapped in two 8535 tires at the front and three 2530 tires at the rear. You can choose between summer, winter, all-season all-terrain tires, and sport tires. They are all specially developed by Pirelli, giving you maximum flexibility of use, whether it's light off-roading, a day on the track, just daily driving in various climates, the Auris handles incredible, the ride quality too It's surprisingly good - it's not as stiff as I expected, but it's firm enough that you won't notice much body roll even when cooking through a tight S-curve, regardless of your platform's origins.
Lamborghini has managed to instill an undeniable supercar quality into this SUV which the Auris uses as the largest front brakes ever fitted to a production vehicle. the rear brakes are also quite large, of course, this being a Lamborghini, carbon ceramic comes standard, the rotor measures 17.3 by 1.6 inches at the front and 14.8 by 1.2 inches at the rear, they are clamped by 10 and six piston calipers respectively, yes, you heard right. The front brakes use 10-piston calipers, although one of the most interesting features is the rear wheel steering system based on vehicle speed and driving mode. The wheels can turn up to 3 degrees in either direction at low speeds.
The wheels turn in the opposite direction to the direction. Front, this virtually shortens the wheelbase by twenty-three point six inches to reduce the turning circle and improve maneuverability at higher speeds. The wheels turn in the same direction as the front ones to practically extend the wheelbase again by twenty-three point six. This increases stability and ride comfort. optimizes driving dynamics the steering itself has an electrically assisted rack and pinion setup with a thirteen point two to one ratio it takes approximately 2.3 turns to lock the overall feel and the steering characteristics can be varied through of driving mountains an adaptive air suspension is equipped as standard equipment along with a multi-link suspension geometry, electromechanical active roll stabilization and adaptive dampers.
Air springs allow the vehicle to be raised or lowered depending on the road and driving conditions. The ride height can also be customized by the


r using a small controller on the center console adjacent to the driving mode selector. Up to this point, every Lamborghini has been powered by a naturally aspirated engine. The Aura shakes things up with a front-mounted twin-turbocharged four-liter V8. It develops an incredible power of 650 horsepower at 6,000 RPM. and 627 pound-feet of torque between 2,250 and 4,500 RPM, this thing is ridiculously fast. I wish I had a clue so I could really explore its full potential.
That said, the Eris is capable of reaching 62 miles per hour. in just 3.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 190 miles per hour, which isn't bad at all for something that weighs just over 4,800 pounds. The transmission is an electronically controlled ZF 8-speed automatic with paddles on the steering wheel. It's almost becoming a ubiquitous gearbox these days, but that's for a very good reason, as it's one of the best on the market. It works a little differently than what you might be used to in conventional applications. To be honest, it's like the Oricon, it doesn't have a shifter on the console to activate it first.
Gear, pull the right paddle, pull both paddles toward you simultaneously, put the transmission in neutral, pull the lever and the center console goes into reverse. You can switch between fully automatic or manual shifting using the button labeled M on the center console, while the piece can be found on the opposite side of the starter button. The transmission is smooth and shifts quickly. A permanent


system in all four wheels ensures the power reaches the ground as efficiently as possible includes a self-locking torsion differential that produces a predetermined 40 60 torque split between the front and rear respectively, can also shuffle a maximum of 70% of the front or 87% rear depending on the situation, in addition to the aforementioned rear wheel steering system, the rear axle even has torque vectoring, allowing torque to be instantly distributed to each individual wheel to improve the traction, the amount of torque distributed depends on the driving mode, your driving style and how much grip the tires have, speaking of driving modes, there are four standard modes including Strata Sport Corsa and Navion, the latter being a snow mode.
Alter everything from ride height, damper firmness, throttle response, shift behavior, steering response and more, by opting for the off-road package you also get Tara and sabi in the drive modes, which are the off-road and sand modes, respectively. The package also includes specific metal-reinforced bumpers and additional underfloor protection for off-road use. The driving modes are directed via the wood or a fancy name for the selector on the center console. The preset parameters are on the left while your Custom settings are controlled by the Ego system on the right. The engine offers a very distinct soundtrack from Lamborghinis V Tens and V12, there is an active sound enhancement inside, as well as an active exhaust system that opens and closes according to the driving mode and your driving style.
It is somewhat tame and Shradha but frankly visceral and sporty and Corsa with a lot. of crackles and pops are too strange when it comes to fuel economy, the serious one comes with a 19-point, eight-gallon fuel tank. Premium fuel is required with mileage estimates ranging from 12 miles per gallon in the city to 17 miles per gallon expected average on the highway. At 14 miles per gallon, the Auris might be the prettiest vehicle Lamborghini has ever developed. It's a stark contrast to anything I've had in the past. Sure there's an inherent sportiness, but the priority here is comfort. The good build quality doesn't even begin.
To describe how nice this interior is, you will find the best of the best in terms of materials, fit and creativity. The first time you sit in it, you won't feel like you're in a Lamborghini. It is silent, ergonomic and friendly. and loaded with the la


technology, it concentrates on the fine details and that UNMISS remains. The Keable Lamborghini character starts to show its face in a big way, especially with the brand's signature hexagonal theme, this is one of the most driver-focused SUVs I've ever owned. Inspired by the brand's current sports cars, the rising center console puts the HVAC system and auxiliary controls within easy reach on a touchscreen, while multifunction switches on the steering wheel let you control the information system and entertainment, car settings, media, phone and navigation, instrument cluster. is a digital TFT display that includes all essential driver information systems, plus additional performance readouts and an optional night vision camera.
The design is fully customizable. The Auris is offered with two seating options. The standard package features 12-position power adjustments in addition to heating. The optional set shown here features 18-position power adjustments for both ventilation and massage. The seat design is, of course, different from any other Lamborghini. Sure they provide great support but are exceptionally comfortable: with four-way lumbar adjustment, a layer of bolsters, a thigh extender and massage these seats are complete, to say the least, when you buy something like this you also expect to have a high degree of customization options Lamborghini certainly does not disappoint in this department the interior of the ER is available in several themes Including leather and Alcantara combinations, there are many different colors to choose from, not to mention the colored stitching and piping on the floor mats and a variety of finishes including wood and carbon fiber.
This example also has the q Citra option which adds distinctive diamond patterns to the interior. Part of the Auris' seating is packed with safety features: there are eight airbags located throughout the interior, as well as a full suite of driver-assist technologies. Some of the standard features include front and rear parking sensors with high beam assist and a precognition system that helps prevent and mitigate collisions, some of the optional features include a head-up display, traffic management systems, view, 360-degree camera and a trailer coupling mode. You can individually select which systems are active by pressing a button on the center console andfollowing the instructions on the Central screen The infotainment system is made up of two high-resolution screens.
It's one of the coolest setups I've used in quite a while. I'm sure many of you have heard of haptic displays, the ones that make a small vibration when you touch them. them, this is similar but also quite different, the entire screen moves, so instead of just tapping, tapping and pressing, it's almost like clicking with a computer mouse, it's extremely responsive and offers a very tactile feel. welcome; You must experience it in person to get the full effect. but it's really cool, the Earnest is offered with two audio systems, an 8-speaker setup comes standard, but this one has the optional Bang & Olufsen surround sound system with 1700 watts of output and 21 fully active speakers, the quality of the Sound is incredible, while the top screen is the key interface for entertainment as well as management functions such as multimedia navigation, telephone, smartphone integration technologies and car status information.
The lower screen mainly controls climate control, seat heating and more. It also functions as a keyboard and a display with handwriting capabilities. The most surprising thing about the Auris is how functional the rear seat is, despite the steep slope of the roofline, there is plenty of room in the back, there is excellent build quality as is the front and, if you haven't noticed already, All four doors are frameless and laminated glass for sound insulation, like I said, there's plenty of space back there. I am 5ft 10 and had no problem getting in as you can see there is plenty of leg room left. quad-zone climate control system so everyone can stay comfortable and plus, depending on how many people you plan to transport, you can get the standard 5-seat configuration like the one you see here or an optional 4C configuration that has a small center console.
If you get the 5C configuration, you get a folding armrest with two cupholders and three adjustable headrests. People over six feet will have no difficulty sitting on this. Heated rear seats are optional, and there are two 12-volt power outlets at the bottom of the console. The optional rear seat entertainment system is shown here. super easy to use, the screens have good graphics, it's basically like having a giant iPad strapped to the back of the seat, as well as being able to access some of the features from the front, it has additional features such as internet access, YouTube, Google Maps And most naturally, it comes standard with a fully electric liftgate, but Lamborghini also offers a hands-free feature, so if you walk backwards with your arms full, as long as you have the key fob in your pocket, there are sensors that will detect that you simply kick your foot under the rear fascia and the liftgate will automatically open inside, you have 20 1.8 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seat, but if you fold the seat down, you can do 40/ 20/ 40 or 4060 split you have fifty-six point four cubic feet.
Another very interesting thing is that with the air suspension you can raise and lower the rear of the vehicle with the touch of a button, this will help you a lot when loading. and cargo unloading, speaking of cargo, there are tracks on both sides with this organizer system so you can move it around to fit different sized loads and keep everything nice and secure under the trunk floor. We have a temporary spare tire. Now let's go ahead and see if she sounds for these clips, I'll leave it in sport mode, well everyone, I hope you enjoyed the in-depth look at Lamborghini hours.
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