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2019 BMW M2 Competition Review - The Best BMW M Car

Feb 27, 2020
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BMW m2 this is the


M car true yes we drove the m3 CS but I would take this one over that one. 405 horsepower 406 pound-feet of torque huge numbers for a small car like this and quickly the difference between the m2 and the m2


you can't get the m2 anymore the m2 competition replaced it and they gave it the m3 and m4 engine so They stuffed a bigger engine with more horsepower into a smaller car with a slightly different body. We'll talk about that later, but first a cliché corner suitable for a m2 competition and I'm going to put a dynamic downshift on M and floor with full confidence.
2019 bmw m2 competition review   the best bmw m car
I love this car so much it rolls sideways when you want and is so controllable. The moment I got really excited about the m2 competition was when Timo Glock was driving in front of us in Portugal, we were the pre-productions m3 4 TIs, yeah. he was ripping it sideways completely I said I'm drifting I'm ok so I guess this is the coolest car in the world and we can actually do the same thing on this we haven't turned the traction off completely. in the second mode which is just a click of a button which is the


mode for this car for public roads this is easily one of my favorite cars of the year because of the confidence it gives me I know exactly what it's going to do when I put my foot on the floor and I step on it and then I roll it with the steering wheel it's perfect the driving dynamics is the best I ever got and it was like I had this car for six years exactly this reminds me of my ISF I was so confident in my Lexus IS-F I knew exactly what it would do, but this is just better than that.
2019 bmw m2 competition review   the best bmw m car

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2019 bmw m2 competition review the best bmw m car...

They just got the car right, yeah, so a lot of cars will say perfectly balanced 50/50 weight distribution. This is the most. Perfectly balanced car I remember driving almost forever Let's almost go back to that ne engine though Zero turbo lag absolutely zero turbo lag so we went from a turbo to a twin turbo. I guess we did. This is for you BMW nerds. The previous one was a N 55 inch s 55 inch. Old LP this pushes you all the way to the red line back in your seat it's the best feeling ever can you find the red light or is it pretty much buried there yeah so the gauges are a little hard to see where it is the red line? maybe at night it's ok but during the day yeah come on maybe add a little red tape or something it's red but it's not red enough. avoiding that for a bit, ok let's play that tribute we did on the m240.
2019 bmw m2 competition review   the best bmw m car
I'm good and we're back good, so we've got a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and it's amazing, it's absolutely amazing, the boats are so fast. The palettes are amazing, you can change here below. up up is down but it's not manual and the manual is similar to the m240 I in that you can't turn the rev trim off unless the drives go off yeah so that's it so even if you had the manual you have to make it be fully in danger mode to match what i would fully trust this car i would fully trust it with everything off so let's get back to this gear stick here okay how do you put it in Drive? right, right, how do you park it?
2019 bmw m2 competition review   the best bmw m car
You turn the car off in gear which is the most retrograde thing ever but you get used to it because if you turn it off and put it in neutral it starts yelling at you so what should you do if? you want to keep the car going while you head out, put it in neutral and pull up on the manual parking brake exactly. it's pretty quick for a rear wheel drive car and we have launch control yeah we do appreciate this car nothing really bothers me that much because the fact that they updated the m2 with the m2 competition normally just like to add some vents add a little bit of glossy black add some sound or something no they put a whole new engine in here I respect that so much now let's talk about a little bit more handling a little bit more handling surprisingly I know exactly what this is going to do like I said Perfectly balanced with the suspension honestly it's pretty stiff but it's called a competition I wouldn't expect. less well, why don't we just hit the sleep button or change the path for you old man?
Because we have a blank switch for that which I don't care because the white switches are because everyone is doing glossy black switches now okay what? Are the switches ok? So our driving modes are controlled independently, which is my favorite. So I have a way to control my motor. I can go to Sport Sport+ efficient. Thus, we have Comfort Sport and Sport Plus again. I prefer sport in this. I like heavy steering so I'll go Sport Plus. shifter exactly but again it's just going to shift faster when you're here at the top of red line and then we also have a traction control button and that traction can be adjusted with our M 1 and M 2 buttons these too they are new to the M 2 competition the way it works is to set the car the way you want it and in your settings you can program it for M 1 or M 2 so if you turn off traction control let's say for M 2 when you click it you'll have to click it again to confirm because car manufacturers may allow you to accidentally turn traction control off exactly so even in dynamic M mode which is the single button pressing it still confirms it because it still it has a pull light off even though its not fully off and these buttons are my favorite b The buttons looked better on the m5 but the fact that we have an adjustable M 1 and M 2.
I love it, it was the m5 or the M 3 CS, the one with like the red buttons you pushed. I think the m5 was the coolest, yeah. yes the steering wheel is slightly less thick than the


3 series we drove recently and i think this is the sweet spot for bmw steering wheels for me people who love thick steering wheels its not as thick as the m3 CS or the new 3 series and before I let you drive today's sponsor Mitchell and Wale Insurance Brokers so they are fans of the show they were watching called us to see if they could get us cheaper insurance and sure enough they did it with more. coverage yeah and just for fun we wanted to see how much insurance would cost us on this m2 competition and compared to an m240 eye which is slower so this is URI $2,100 Canadian and this is costing me $1700 Canadian is it only a hundred and twenty bucks more on both sides than m240 s eyes or is there really no reason to get an m240 eye if we care about insurance yeah i would be stupid not to get this just because and the difference in price is because i live in the city and he lives an hour out of town so they make him regularly safe and secure right hand drive yeah awesome they are one of the only guys that drive right hand drive and they don't make you pass a hard time about it they do so if im looking for right hand drive insurance or left hand drive insurance.
Give these guys a call link in the description too. Mitchell and wild shirt runners. Now I'll send you to the driver's seat. it turns and how controllable it is at all times I have complete confidence in the diff so we have an active diff and it's amazing what it means active diff is a locking diff but it knows exactly how much torque to give to each wheel because it takes input from the steering wheel from the gas and everything Get behind the wheel again, I didn't have the digital speedometer on, no, because I don't care, so I just click on the on-board computer until the speedometer appears. that's a weird button so we have the usual old bmw infotainment wide sat radio stations a bit fiddly not the new one we got on the new 3 series we drove in portugal I think I like this one better especially for faster cars , I definitely prefer this for sure simple Apple CarPlay widgets like the new one but we have wireless charging in the center console and it's actually quite nice and it's nice because it locks the phone and so when you're driving recklessly and fast it's not going nowhere exactly not that anyone would recklessly drive this I get the feeling we've been asking in the comments why I don't like wireless Apple Carplay so I'll show you right now so say it I'm waiting for a f a friend and a bus stop so I'm going to see some wild geese while I wait listen to this delay welcome to a quick


of the Lexus LS 500 I'm going to be driving both hybrids so it should be enough easy to fix. swipe up and just disconnect my wireless carplay problem solved successfully driving experience no it reconnects now what i have to double click maybe go to my settings type in car play because i can never find it go to my bmw forget it for now and then i can go back and see wild geese oh it's a good time to get back in my car so let's get back to the car game and bring this back that's a pain total pain next favorite thing with the interior this carbon fiber pattern like the i8 yeah that's different than the m3 cska i had like a chamois so i guess we can get to some tests like the visor test ok these don't pass I doubt it? this dome cover and i can lift it so technically that's a pass now i think it's already spilled and we have our usb port right there which an engineer told us on the new 3 series was waterproof so we can assume that this is waterproof.
I still don't like its location. yeah now that i'm behind the wheel the steering wheel feels a little thinner i think so or what i like is the seats yeah the seats are pretty comfortable yeah and they light up like the m3 yeah just you can see at night and then we also have adjustable bolsters on both sides because you absolutely need them on this car and we have seat belts yes we do and then we also have M stitching on the steering wheel with M badging and a sunroof I love them summers, a lot of people don't care.
I love the sunroof. I would remove it from this car every time I drive with it. This guy closes the sunroof on his personal car. I always open it, yes, I always close it. I don't want a sunroof and go back to that traction control. I think BMW is perhaps official. Ally the leader in traction control amazing I disagree Do you think Porsche is still better Yeah but we drove an m3 40i on track with traction control and it allowed us to go full throttle Ain't gone crazy on a Porsche yet That true but i know you can but i had to turn the traction off completely on the porsche for camp four oh yeah having it on a little bit didn't drive with me at all yeah but not that much what about mercedes yeah ? why that yeah traction control bmw so let's get to the looks ok what has changed from the m2 the mirrors we have the m3 csl mirrors now i love these mirrors though as we are winter , I discovered a minor problem with that. when you clear the snow it's hard to get into the small corner area, the Kravis, yeah, and how about the front end?
The front end has been widened slightly and basically everywhere so the grille is bigger and the openings at the bottom are bigger tell me it's a competition it's those three little cutouts at the bottom of the front bumper. I agree, it's very easy to tell with those three little slots, yeah, besides that look, it's really a little hard for me because they're always in different colors, but the headlights too. they also look different, they just look better, more aggressive. I really like these headlights, not as aggressive as the new 3 series, but still very good. What is the color of this car?
I like it so much better than all the other grades this year. I like it. I wouldn't say I like it more than the one on the m3 CS. I definitely like this one better. Can I get two? What bothers me. the look of the taillights not the muffler oh the muffler is part of the bodywork on this car it's absolutely huge honestly i think it looks funny because it sticks out so much it looks funny but it doesn't bother me because what do we say? a about the old school plymouth lasers and stuff and the eclipses that cool bulge on the hood for a feature that's awesome yeah but the m2 didn't have that yet but this is the m2 competition i'm sure BMW engineers had to put it like that for a certain reason and to make it go fast I feel like I was cutting costs not maybe but either way cost cutting is still one thing to make it go fast for a certain price I like i prefer the m2 rear and let's talk about that exhaust how it looks and sounds yeah why haven't you talked about the exhaust yet because i don't like it Especially inside the car, but when I get out and you rev ​​it up it sounds because I don't want my ears to hurt while driving. the m2 sounded better but it wouldn't make me buy the m2 over the m2 comp etition this car is so damn good and theExhaust creaks and pops but you can't really hear it in the cabin unless you're driving pretty slow or have the rear and rear of the taillights, they're very plain.
I feel like they did the car so well they can throw the look off a little bit yes the tailor is a super plane they do nothing for me and just like the m240 my favorite part of the look is that crazy body line and the huge rear fenders and my favorite part is how wide this thing is it's so wide from every angle and since it's winter we're on winter wheels we don't have the nice race wheels I really like those race wheels the wheels fit quite nicely on this body though oh yeah these absolutely fantastic winters 19's yes they are and you can see the brakes right through them and the brakes are huge yeah and they work great and the logos and everything look great, Yeah, and one more thing about looks: We've got those fake M2 fender vents.
I like how the full body line starts all the way to the back. I wish they were functional, but they look cool enough. Everyone look at this body line one more time. I remember one thing I complained about on the m240. I have no problem with the steering field of this car when you're going exactly straight. I don't know what the difference is. I don't know what they did. I don't know if it's in my head, but this feels so much better. no no this is so much better and doesn't feel as digital as the m5 so when you do this terrible thing it doesn't try to refocus you it just takes you down the path you're already on and you still haven't shipped it?
I would like you to send it to the cliché corner and talk about understeer understeer uh exactly no understeer yeah there isn't it's just a fun rear wheel drive car and let me explain traction control. system a little more because it's my favorite part of this damn little car so a s Yuri boosted that engaged and if you don't fully engage the car knows you don't engage so if you take the throttle off a bit it will make you back off but if you go all the way in it will let you get sideways all the time yeah i'll let you hold it for exactly how long the car knows when you're committing or not committing and it knows what to do and how to correct it so i guess it we have covered.
For the most part, we both love this car very much, we are going to get seventy-one thousand two hundred for that price. dollar here this is going to be one of those legendary cars like the e46 m3 ok so let's compare this to the competition just the rs3 is the closest competition to this and we've driven it yeah the rs3 felt like a little cooler Golf R, feels like a slightly less cool Corvette. I didn't think I would. I agree with you this is perfect this is as perfect a boat as a 2018-2019 car now let me ask would you get this on an automatic or manual transmission it would obviously be on a manual transmission even though the automatic revs absolutely now i want to ask you another question if you have to have a car you couldn't sell that price no matter what this is or an i8 roadster this honestly i think i like the i8 a bit more but it's such a hard decision and considering the difference in Price which is insane, honestly I wouldn't even consider eating after driving this one.
I've probably driven all year for this price and even overall it's obviously like one of the best yeah old school style this is straight up legendary if you have the means to buy this car buy it because I want to buy it used in 10 years when I can potentially afford it with warranty yeah that's how I'd spec it no sunroof manual transmission that's it so on that note don't forget to subscribe hit that notification bell visit intensive yes call them get a quote area one final seven please I'm Yuri I'm Jacob let's give a break don't forget my surprise subscribe right now subscribe even we didn't. that

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