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2018 FJR1300 Gets The Fix, Now What Should I Pack?

Jun 04, 2021
Hello friends, this John with the Ozark back roads, we are in the Ozark mountain cave here today and we finally got our bearings for our junior, they showed up. I have about three days until we are ready to embark on our trip. to Arizona and I got a little nervous. I was wondering if they were going to show up, but they finally did, so we're going to put this wheel back together, install these bearings and put it back on the fjr and then we'll see.


we're going to carry with this thing, look


we need to take with us for a two week trip to FJ, so stay there.
2018 fjr1300 gets the fix now what should i pack
I'd love for you to come for a walk. Put a little grease in here to help this bearing slide down into place, not a lot, but a little. Ideally I would use a vise on this, but I don't have one like that. Let's turn it around. Install our sleeve with a little more grease. Gotta have that dream centered for my shaft to go in, man, gotta pay attention, okay, I'm worried we were there, see if we can line this up, oh yeah, okay, I've got the sleeve lined up for my shaft to go in, I will go. go ahead and hit it hard, yes both bearings are spinning.
2018 fjr1300 gets the fix now what should i pack

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2018 fjr1300 gets the fix now what should i pack...

I think we've got it, I've got my spacer stamps here on both sides, we're ready to put this bad boy together, at least I'm ready. I'm going to go ahead and put my spacers in put some grease here they are running the seals the wide one goes here on this side and the narrow one the thinner one goes here on this side now the fun part we have to get this holds the sensor wheel speed is tight to go in there and it has a notch here that fits into a notch here on the inside of the leg, so it has to go in a certain place like that, put a little grease here, help it slide so that nothing rotates. but it will help it slide through the bearing sleeves a little, maybe at least it will make me feel better.
2018 fjr1300 gets the fix now what should i pack
She's inside. I think I even have it on the knobs like she


cool down easier than I thought. get them both, open the brake pads all the way up, they both have four pads and four pistons, so spread the four apart, see if I can put this back in here, it's a very tight fit, not that bad, lift them up. up as high as possible, about 30 foot pounds on those, we have a higher for this according to the manual, we'll do it in a minute and they'll put this other clamp on. Okay, now we're going to install our new bolt here. the end of our axle, the pinch bolts on both sides of the legs are loose, they are open so the legs can move on the axle, we're going to tighten this nut, come on, it's going to pull the bearings that were attached to this paw throughout the whole. but the axle will still be loose on these legs the books are very specific 66 pounds right here I'm holding it on the other side okay now before we tighten these bolts we have to do something else there is a measurement for the depth of the hole it mounts into this wheel speed sensor right here we have an important one that every time we replace the wheel bearings it says to measure the depth of that hole and it gives you some specifications on how deep it can be or is supposed to be so We have to do that to make sure we are centering our wheels correctly, in other words we have our bearings correctly.
2018 fjr1300 gets the fix now what should i pack
I'm going to use the depth gauge on my sheet metal pliers here and just run this until it hits the sensor, this has to be flush against where the sensor mounts here and then we'll just go in and see how deep the sensor goes to the ring from the sensor inside, so I'll set this up. there it hit the sensor ring one hundred and forty-five thousandths of an inch. I'll walk it down and we'll see what we're supposed to be here, okay, we're supposed to be at a point 135 to 168 where we're at. 145 so we're right in the center of the measurement we're right on that good indication we've got the wheel bearings seated correctly and everything is installed correctly so we can go ahead and put our since you're in now it's not gonna hit the inner ring, it's the correct depth now we're ready to make our tightening bolts here, everything is loose on the shaft and we're supposed to weigh 15 pounds to make the outside or sorry, the inside. one, then the outside, the inside and the outside again and that's why it


tighter and tighter, so here we are on the right side.
This is our last set of pinch bolts that we are going to tighten. I'm tight here. I wanted you to see this, this leg here has loops on the shaft, if you look, you see it's loose, I can move it back and forth so that the tube, the tube, is where it needs to be, it's loose, it's not under lateral pressure, it's just hanging off the fork leg here with no pressure and that's how we want it, we want both tubes to be neutral so we don't wear out the bushings up here, so we do the same procedure here in or out or in or out or 15 lbs I think we just installed our front wheel correctly and there are no loose washers, no extra parts that cool well.
The last thing I'm going to do here is take out my front brake calipers and place the pads against the rotors. I just want to bounce the bike. and down and making sure the front suspension is for newbies working properly if there are no bindings nice and smooth and it's as far as I can push it, but I can tell it's soft, so I think we did well on that. I received an interesting email. The other day I thought I would share with you all that the old FJ is my 2013 that I used to ride. I changed it and the dealership for this one is 20s


that I have here and I received an email from the new one.
The owner bought my old bike from me and contacted me and sent me an email and told me that he and his wife were enjoying the bike. He is in Texas and has a son who also has an F jr. He sent me a couple of photos of him riding a bike. I thought about throwing that up, but the guys name is Dale Phillips. I thank you, Dale, for sending me your photos and I'm glad to hear from you. I hope you are enjoying the bike. It sounded like you were, oh, the next thing we want to do here is I thought I'd go over some of the things that I take with me when I go out on a two-week trip that we're planning.
I always wonder what people carry with them, so I'll go over here what I carry in my saddlebags and what I carry with me. I'd love to hear from you guys what you take with you when you go on a trip and stuff, so we'll go over that real quick and see what we take with us here when we go on a big trip, we'll look at some things that go in the side bags. I guess first this is my tool bag. all my tools that I carry with me and tools and stuff go here, we'll get to this in a minute.
I carry a foot pump in case I ever need to inflate a tire if I have to plug a tire or something, so this is pretty big but it's a type of job I've used pumps on a few times. I've never had to use them on my own tire, but yes. I've helped other people a few times and they are really nice. It's going to work for you. I carry a voltage meter with me in case I have any electrical problems. It is small and does not take up much space. I can put it in my tool bag or whatever I have in there. a jump


allows you to jump start a jump


so you can jump a dead battery on a bike or a car or whatever you do whatever it's a pretty good thing to have to make sure it's charged and again.
I have used this to Help other people. So far I haven't had to skip any of my stuff yet. Then the other thing that is kind of important. I think it's the tire plug repair kit, so I have a bunch of plugs here and the little tool. to do it I even have four of these bottles here I don't know why I still carry it but I carried them before I had to pump now they are there what else take a cap for my head keep the sun away This is a lot for my helmet. I can leave my helmet in the side case.
Pass the strap through it, hook it to the rail and close it. I can leave my helmet outside. I don't have space to put my. The helmet goes off anywhere when I'm loaded and riding, I just have to secure it on the bike and when I go to lunch or any disc lock, I carry one of those. I'll keep my dislike when I'm in a hotel just for safety, so I hope my bike is there when I get up in the morning. I carry a tire pressure gauge, a little digital gauge here with me. I check my tire pressure every morning.
A flashlight. It's always good to be patient if something happens. Look, at night this may be the most important item I carry, it's the bottle of ibuprofen that keeps me on the bike all day, if it hurts, wear sunscreen when you're out west or you can't. I have to do it. I have Western European skin and it just doesn't sunbathe at all, so I carry a lot of sunscreen with me. The other thing I carry on top of the case, on the top rack, there are three, four or five of these and a bottle of Windex to clean the bugs off the windshield or whatever when I stop for gas so I can stay where I can see through that and have a lot of bugs when you travel and then of course I have a thick coat.
I always travel with a thick buffalo leather jacket and then I liked the mesh jacket just to protect me from the sun and heat. I'll wear it during the day when it's hot and then if I'm in the mountains or whatever and I need more, I have the leather and I also have a liner that I can put on before the jacket so I can stay pretty warm that way. There will also be a game of frogs, some raincoats will go in the side cases. On top of all this, everything else in the top case is my camera gear.
I'll have like three camera bags placed in there and then these cheap things will be placed around it so that it takes up most of the top case and the laptop is on the bottom. and then I'll have like three camera bags on me. We can go ahead and open up the tool bag here and see what kind of tools I mean, it's very easy to just keep everything in here and whatever you need. I have, but what weighs a lot when you're carrying all this stuff can get too heavy very quickly, so I try to be as conservative as possible.
I always carry tire wraps with me. I don't know how we survived as a group. species before they were invented, but somehow we managed it, but I'm not sure how, let's see. I will carry a metric socket rail with me, ratchet and extension. I mean, you


have your allen keys because everything on these bikes is pretty. These largely work with the ratchet and then just a set of wrenches, they are a pair of pliers for serious work, quite useful, a couple of screwdrivers, probably something like that, a straight one, the Phillips and a small, thin one, straight, there's another game. of pliers there's a longer extension and then enrich the box in metric inches and just the sizes that are used on the bicycle eight tens 14 17 then the other one the other thing that I'm going to carry here in my toolbox is going to be these big islands to take Remove the front and rear wheels.
I'm not going to do this. It's heavy. I'm not taking all this. I'll just take the two islands I need, one for the front wheel and one for the rear, just the two parts I need. I'll throw it in there and then the stuff I can't use will stay at home so that's pretty much all the tools I carry in the tool bag and then the only other thing I'll have in the back is my dry sack that I put in the back seat and that it's just my clothes, you know, just jeans, shirts, socks, underwear and stuff like that, if I go out for two weeks, I'll probably do the laundry at least once and probably twice, so I'll have like four days of clothes that I can wear and then wash the clothes and that seems to work pretty well for me.
Most motels now will have a laundromat where you can wash your clothes so it's pretty easy to find so it looks like four days worth of clothes to work out for me alright folks now we've got the fjr back together and ready to go function. We went over some things that I will take with me when I travel. I would like to know from you what all of you carry when you go on a trip. I think the next stop will probably be Moab Utah, we'll catch them there. Maybe I'll do some footage going through Colorado or something, but I think on my return we're going to go up and down the Colorado River there and some really nice canyons just north of Moab.
It's just amazing and I'm looking forward to it and getting the drum up there the first time I was there a couple of years ago. I knew I wanted to come back with a drone because it's just amazing, but we'll be in Moab and then we'll go west from there, so I appreciate everyone being with me today and I invite you to come back and we'll go out west and see what's shaking there. out so until I catch up with you again everyone take care of yourselves and we'll catch you later

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