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2008 Ohio State @ USC One Hour

Jun 03, 2021
The numbers don't lie the legends don't fade and there's no need to go overboard with this kind of story the story is in the contrast between the heartland and the coast and the fury of the new wave in the back to basics approach at the Colosseum, Proud traditions clash with the legacies of those who lift their teams with every blow and bring back memories every time they lead teams whose national title hopes may well put this game to use, don't do it justice, all you need to hear. are the names Ohio State USC in Saturday Night Football you're watching live at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where tonight two of college football's traditional powers face off in a highly anticipated early season showdown on Saturday Night Football on ABC presented by Southwest Airlines tonight USC Trojans featuring the five Ohio State Buckeyes and their first matchup since 1990 and when they bury the sword play, welcome everyone.
2008 ohio state usc one hour
I'm Brent Musburger, you know, it's hard to believe it's been 18 long years since Ohio State and USC played a football game. In fact, in Woody Hayes' day, it seemed like these two schools played in the Rose Bowl every year; in fact, they met four times in that Bowl in 1969 and 1975, so it's really a pleasure here tonight that we see an Ohio State. Come back to center stage and it's always a pleasure for me to see my teammate Kirk Herbstreit has been working overtime, you saw Beany Wells isn't playing tonight so how can the Buckeyes pick up the slack?
2008 ohio state usc one hour

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2008 ohio state usc one hour...

I think it's the most important thing they have to do. Now it's up to some running backs who haven't been in this type of environment, especially boom Herron, the number one will get a chance to see what he can do and run the football. Brandon says a sophomore also has to step up, but the most important thing is Jim Tressel. he has to stop the tendencies to have any chance of moving the ball against this talented rookie quarterback of the USC defense, Terrelle Pryor, did he realize it all tonight? Well, I just talked to Coach Tressel on the field and this is breaking news, there has been speculation now that we know Terrelle Pryor.
2008 ohio state usc one hour
He will be heavily involved in tonight's game plan for Ohio State. In fact, the first series seeks to insert the number two. Now he won't be asked to take the series and drive 80 yards down the field tonight, they will look to insert him. he within a series to take the weight of the world off his shoulders to see how he will do if he performs well he will play throughout the game in difficult moments this is a great USC football team I think when the dust settles nod this could be Pete Carroll's most talented team and the deepest team he has offensively.
2008 ohio state usc one hour
The firepower is there. Mark Sanchez is an angry quarterback and they always have defensive ability. Wait until you see this team, they fly and they are going to put in a lot. pressure on Ohio State 94,000, but 20 minutes after five o'clock along the Pacific coast there will be some sunshine here for the next 30 minutes or so and it will dissolve westward eight years as head coach of the same way Jim Tressel causes so much history between the


i/o USC the national championships 18 including 11 for the Trojans when it comes to hardware seven Huysmans each Rose Bowl wins 23 for USC and 6 for the Buckeyes Jim Tressel with Aaron now, so let's go back to Erin, well, coach, hat, well, not playing tonight, best for him for the young men and you know he may never talk to me again, but he'll be here doing everything he can.
You mentioned Kirk Herbstreit, we're going to see quarterback Terrelle Pryor early tonight, which gives you so much confidence. A key rookie to handle an environment like this, but you know Tyrell is a competitor and we're not sure how much we see, but we'll get him in there and get a wedge right, coach Nate will send it to Lisa Salters thanks to Aaron with all the drummer playing, not playing like he was going to play, the fact that it was like that didn't put him in the game, so we're not worried about that in everyone comes in L Fryer, they were backup, he's not the starter, but you plan on seeing him How do you plan the game for very different situations?
You know he's a running back, so we take care of that first, what to see, you know how much they want to play. on board ready for it, you come back again and again it's been 18 years since these two schools faced each other. The Trojans lead overall having won the last five games, the last being Ohio State when they returned to the 1974 Rose Bowl, playing seven times. at Deer Park Pasadena and the Trojans lead by one are ready for tonight David Peeler putting the ball on the tee at the 30 yard line scores crazy and boom Herron is back deep so there you see two of you but guys boomers there number one right, two of the running backs were going to be seen as Street told us they will use all three, see what they have running behind a very talented offensive line coming off their poor performance last week against Ohio.
It's evident from a special teams coverage where Pitt isn't backing down. I'm senior Becca Mattis, he brings a lot of maturity to the position, of course, what we talked about, Terrelle Pryor will eventually be inserted, but Todd Beckman is especially the leader of the offense. With Beany Wells down, they need to look at No. 17 tonight as a guy you know is going to make good decisions with a football, but look for Ohio State Brent, no matter who the quarterback is, to extend this USC defense and try to throw the ball. to set up the run Karen is the starting runner, he is the first runner of the game, a couple of yards towards the heart Ellison, the safety comes over and talks to us about these runners, now it's happening well, Maurice Wells has been there, it's a kind of constant race. back for Ohio State, but I think you're going to see more of the number one boom, Herron, who was right in the lineup there to start this game, electrifying his comeback with great speed and Brandon Sain has the fastest hundred-meter sprint in the history of Ohio State is a high school track star, so there is a lot of speed with Sain and of course with Dan Haren, boom, Herron in the backfield, Sampson Bucer brings the play in his number 12, Going to the top of the screen, they overload three wide receivers, put in Beckman.
Back to the gun, let's see if the pressure gets there, slide it to the right plane, it's one more run and features the first third in this game when Ray mom Luka shows up with her first time, see, that's what Ohio State will have to do. do even though it didn't work, they are coming out on second chance, four wide receivers inserted into the lineup just trying to distribute the speed and creativity of Pete Carroll's SC defense, no juice, no pressure, and they bring it, we are shorts. It's three o'clock and Ellison comes out making another stop while the pressure was closing in s-see, the Blitz arrived with the two linebackers, but Kevin Ellison, as much as we talk tonight about tailor-made, the free safety, the leader behind is the number four.
Kevin Ellison near the line of scrimmage like Herron, it might look like he could go through a seam, but Ellison makes a good play to set up the punt, so here's Trapasso, the kicker, but the important thing is that McKnight is the man return of the Trojans. and he's standing at the USC 43-yard line. He is the most dangerous all-purpose back on this Trojan team. He didn't call a fair catch and is now out of bounds. A very dangerous hold there with a check wall approaching the defensive back on top. He and now we will see Mark Sánchez make the best start of him.
He's been waiting for this game and this kind of opportunity. His whole life, growing up in Southern California, he had to pay his dues sitting behind John David Booty and Matt Leinart before that. but he's been patient now as he slots in under center in a game that could put him on the map when a USC quarterback CJ Gable gets open as the running back is in the empty backfield against the incomplete four-man Buckeye attack in the first pass how about the impact players for Coach Kirk's offense, as we were watching this, it's very difficult to pick three, but we'll start with Joe McKnight because they have so many McKnight kids that you'll see him move all over the lineup to try to find opportunities one to one Damien Williams, the No. 18 transfer from Arkansas elevates the entire wide receiver group and Ronald Johnson leaves Michigan with the excitement of facing the Buckeyes tonight.
He's really matured and gives SC's offense a deep downfield threat. what night check, he tripped, that was Malcolm Jenkins for sure and if your


is going to stay in this game early, this is exactly what they need for their defense to make plays. Malcolm Jenkins unblocked showing quite good acceleration on his account. true, his McKnight had some room to run, but watch out, quick, Malcolm Jenkins comes down to make the play there for the IO State defense, first third down for the Trojans. Sánchez returns to the gun and leaves the backfield, they throw short incompletes and there are three. and both teams feel each other here, both three and two big defenses tonight they're going to play some FC football and they decide to go with the screen and they realize that at Ohio State they might put pressure on, but the pace It just doesn't exist.
The offensive lineman's heifer on the field gets in the way of McKnight Boyd's neck and returns and then retreats deep. Now the Buckeyes will let this die and it will take a Trojan jump, but the 18-yard line, so the Bucs will come out with their second possession of the year and the Los Angeles Coliseum had a beautiful night for a football game Maurice Wells makes a fake trailer Beckmann rolls to the right throws the bunk high and reaches the first down is Brian Hartline, so that's the second first down for the Buckeyes. We're starting to move the ball on this US CD.
It's interesting here the bootleg and again Jim Tressel breaking trends and just showing a variety of things the bootlegging. I want you to look and see here how many different receivers Todd Beckman has started. a pick of three different receivers trying to change the trends of eight months of film study right now, like a call is what Jim Tressel is trying to do for VAX in and out here before he throws his first pass and it's complete for other. first to Dane Suns and Bakker, how much to think when two come in, look for the quarterback keeper here early in this game, you're seeing Terrelle Pryor showing the ability to throw the ball downfield with the confidence that Jim Tressel has. him to put him in the corner with an easy read a simple throw to get his feet in position place him under himself get out play Todd Beckman returns to the lineup choji with a five-man rush trusts the heroine in the rush and he backs up to make a good profit a tremendous effort die boom Herron drives the ball inside the young power 30 the quarterback's drawing is very elusive he slides the first time serious crimes to the 25 yard line what is happening here right now for young Tyrell before is He's starting to settle in and he's starting to play football, he's forgetting where he is and he's starting to relax more with every play he makes, you can almost see it in his slightly arrogant eyes as he walks back to the sideline. ready for his next play, second is six and the Bucks are driving the ball in this very deep talented Trojan defense, here comes Herron looking for another first down, he ran into his own man and Kirk still got it.
I think you're right, that guy's got some meat, I think for those of you who haven't seen the boom hair and that's what he brings, versus the explosiveness of an undersized running back that weighs around 510 and weighs 195 pounds, runs with a lot of passion and has the acceleration to be in this. field tonight with this first USC defense team in the red zone since Beckmann under center on the sly we made my plea The Buckeyes got on the scoreboard first reminds me of Steve Spurrier when he was in Florida rotating quarterbacks every play Ohio State every play you're looking at a different quarterback and yet the pace of the offense and the pace of the offense is not affected at all, in fact it's getting better with these two quarterbacks playing in snaps alternatives, the four-man run that reaches Clete just inside the 20-yard line. -The Biscay, SC burrow yard gives the outside receivers a cushion and we have seen it two or three times on this Drive where they have given both Todd Beckman and Terrelle Pryor the opportunity to hit a quick and easy five or six. yards moving the chains trying to move the ball down the field now it's about executing once you get into the red zone can you hit it for a touchdown?
Leave Beckman on the field for this second in ten apparently try to take her down feel a little, the South can hand it to boom Herron, but the Trojans were ready, this will present Ohio State with a third and prolonged Mao Eluga, we will hear those names all the night. The number 10for the Trojans is pressure and, of course, the number. 58 Mahwah loser It's hard to find a football game that combines two college football teams this year, where you would have better linebackers than these two teams in prison, so here is your 13th third play of this long haul keeping the ball out of the hands of USC Beckman.
I'm going to throw that center screen, there's a penalty flag. Heron crossed the first down line on your screen, but there is a penalty flag and that's a first and goal, yes, what was called is an illegal man on the field, but to score the ball was trapped behind the . line of scrimmage and I think that's what confused the referee was the ball was caught behind the line or beyond the line and boom. Herron was two or three yards from the line of scrimmage and so I was surprised to see a flag and thought maybe it was something else, but a good challenge with no decision on the part of the officials to raise the flag.
USC has to be aware of this young man who is now back there, war he can lead. The quarterback tied it on the first down and here is the tying play and the coaches were ready for it, they came together for a loss of back to 10 yards myah myah, Hawaii's 43rd senior said we won't be fooled by that, says Nikko hyoe. Spread the entire USC defense out of the box, the area between the two tackles, but you saw the speed and closing speed of the USC linebackers coming in, that's why tonight you're going to have to see more and more from Terrelle Pryor. than just running the ball, which again we've seen on this front, seeing if Buckeyes tight end Jake Ballard falls into this past pattern, being on the right side when in trouble, another loss and a broken game of ugly look, Mallamma, what We're saying again if you see Todd Beckham, anything, your feet worry, you think, okay, he'll hand it to you, he'll throw a screen, he'll throw the ball.
The second time in this series, we have seen football with a shotgun option. from Todd Beckman trying to give a different look so Estie's defense doesn't have an indicator based on who the quarterback is and what play might be coming, he said a tough, tough run against this USC defense here and that's exactly what they're setting up Aaron goes to the middle of the field and the field goal drive will come out three minutes, just over three minutes left in the first quarter. USC has had the ball for 55 seconds in its first quarter, which interests Ohio State's best defender so far, Pitt. in their own offense, that's one way to slow down Mark Sanchez, all the great athletes that USC has in their offense, is to keep them on the sidelines exactly when Pretorius was attempting a 29-yard attempt, so Ohio State on its second possession attacks first with a Field Goal that USC's three favorites lead, nothing you're watching Saturday Night Football on ABC, players on the tee at the 30-yard line and the kickoff man is Aaron Petry, so Pretorius kicked the Field goal.
There you see USC's deep men, Ron Johnson. is number eight and CJ gable is number two Johnson, a wide receiver gave him a small running back USC had the ball for only three plays in this game if you joined us late 306 to go a time consuming drive for a goal field put the Buckeyes ahead, they kick I turn it off again and Gable got it at the 8 yard line to the 25 yard line, there it will be seen. Ashley. The kick-off team goes down. No. Mark Sánchez has not completed a pass. He's going to try it to see what he does. can do and he hits Williams and Sanchez and the whole time it's now and he says he's ready for the big game this is exactly what I signed up for this is what Coach Cal promised, you know, I mean, that's the only promise he They will What I give you during recruiting is that the games are going to be amazing and now is my chance, you know, I don't want to make a big deal out of it.
I want it to be a game, but you know, I'll be very excited. I'll take a second read before I start taking it all in, look around and okay, refocus so I can't wait for it to happen and I'll be smiling feeling great. His first finish tonight was Damian. Williams, they transfer from Arkansas, that's McKnight dancing at running back in the first city and that's the Trojans' first try of the night, they moved it pretty smoothly, the different wrinkle there was Sanchez in the trunk on the right, he tends to be a little more mobile and what they I've had a quarterback the last few years so I think we'll see Sanchez retire just like you did, you didn't do it even once, yeah, and running the ball is the key to be able to set up the USC action game, I think.
It's probably the best play action in the country over the years with Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart John David Booty, but it all comes down to USC's ability to run the ball and then they can start spreading things around now that they brought it the target. he runs out of the Huddle, so this will be a straight shot McKnight juggles, runs straight here's the Trojan, another first down, so what McFadden popularized at Arkansas hurt so many schools that are now using the straight shot, the runners, Carroll. he says, okay, if you're going to play the young freshman, I'll put my young sophomore in the lineup and we can demonstrate the ability to do the same.
One thing he has is so much quickness and Steve Sarkisian is the offensive coordinator, he is very, very creative and very aggressive with his plays, Gable is the running back behind Sánchez Williams is on the move. Sanchez looks downfield, throws underneath sliding the running back out like the wide receiver, that dime, so CJ gable with the catch and that's the The beauty of being a quarterback at USC, one of the things What Mark Sanchez said he really wanted to work on this year is that he has so much confidence in his receivers' arm if he's not there rather than taking chances on the field he knows he has. be willing to find your way out and just check it out because think about who you're throwing the ball to Jo McKnight CJ gable Stephon Johnson those guys in the open space can make a lot of people miss Blake Ailes, the talented young freshman who is the tight end on the move Sanchez is looking downfield throws to the sideline incomplete tip hua was the defender on that side and Patrick Turner was the target blood pressure of my property it's time for his second-year linebacker Ross Holman to get enough pressure and get faced Mark Sanchez, goes right through the heavy Lee goes in for X-ray, CJ Gable, goes in there and I think he forced Mark Sanchez to throw the ball a little bit before he wanted to define his hopeful receiver there, Patrick Turner, third and four for Sánchez and the Trojans that we are going to launch. that's why there's a penalty flag before the first down, but there was a penalty flag for Jenkins with Patrick Turner's defense coverage and I just saw both defenses jumping with little hands and feet a little eager there, especially on the third I tried when I saw that it was important to take that first step.
Being so fast, they try to penetrate the offensive line and have not received the ball yet. Damian Williams, who's at the bottom of the screen number 18, and I know you'd like him to hit me with that earlier pass that came in from the corner, they go deep Stanly, her husband Lee, takes it to the house for the first touchdown of the game. He lost one two weeks ago against Virginia, but he's a favorite target and he was a year ago with John David's haul and here tonight with Sanchez able to hold his own. For this, keep your balance and take it to the end zone for USC.
It is his family that really makes us see that threat where they can sneak him out and in the selkirk dating area the Trojans with their excellent march through the countryside with which they are not satisfied. a field goal, score a touchdown and lead the Los Angeles Coliseum by 73 and this aerial coverage for tonight's game is courtesy of the Outback Steakhouse blimp. Had a Koran scene up there tonight get back to the end zone Sanchez kneels in the mouth on the 20th let's get to the replays perfect look Stanley has barely moved out right here and what he has working for him here if she has his tight end works one on one against the post which draws Jenkins' corner mouth and confuses him and he is one on one right on the sideline with linebacker Marcus Freeman, the ball is thrown well downfield allowing him to run under him for a touchdown.
I love the way they move Stanley because he has such good hands as a fullback looking for those one-on-one opportunities. Beckman is the Ohio State quarterback starting on this Drive for a couple yards, it will be a second down. and eight and Pryor stays on the sidelines this time very impressive, a response from USC after Ohio State controlled the ball, brought a link down the field and scored three points. Mark Sanchez, USC came back and put a touchdown on the board. We'll let the final seconds of the first quarter pass, so the Buckeyes had the ball twice early and settled for a field goal.
The Trojans the second time tend to score a touchdown. Saturday Night Football presented by Southwest Airlines returns after this message to work ABC Station at six o'clock along the Pacific Network with Kirk Herbstreit on Brent Musburger, a USC-leading Ohio State seven free throw below, before the first try and it's boom, Herron, the running back, loop route and Brian Cushing number 10, the linebacker there Kirk What USC is trying to do now when Todd Beckman enters the game. I think they feel more of a threat from Ohio State's passing game and Drupal's receivers and what they're doing is keeping two other defensive backs, two safeties back. preventing the ball from being thrown downfield and forcing Beckman to throw it underneath and then crowding together to facilitate the tackle in front of them.
Nick Holt, the defensive coordinator, sets up the Trojan D for this third and six makes the throws from the high inside flyer and The entire Buckeyes will tell you, they have had some success with that shotgun counterattack that returns to boom Herron because the USC defense he moves very fast, a bit of a counter attack many times they have delivered this time, play action Brian Cushing lowers the bull right there on Todd Beckman, but still receives a catchable ball thrown by Brian Hartline, but Josh Pinkard advances step by step there and can knock the ball down.
McKnight is back again, we welcome him to Los Angeles if we take a look. the summary of the Pacific Life game, the Trojans of course lead it with that excellent second drive even though they have only owned at 3:28 at the line of scrimmage, a handoff from Sanchez now to McKnight and McKnight chooses his way and then fight for another one, now let's see what's been going on on the sidelines, we start with USC and Lisa Salters Lisa well Brent Brendan Carroll Pete Carroll's son, the tie dance coach, wanting to keep his offense going after that last touchdown, He went to the office and said there is no limit in this game, we are going to try to score a hundred points if we can because they can't stop us now for more on Ohio State, let's go with Erin Lisa, the Buckeyes here on their wing are very, very calm.
You know, the only interesting thing is that every time trial before entering the field, the whole team gets up from the bench and comes over to watch them, the stars get excited with each other every time they don't sit down when they're at it. tight size line Backman on this side with the receivers throwing flyers all over the place Brent Williams is going to limp back to that sideline coming down the Trojans who were running his pile slide pattern so obviously Lisa has someone heading over She'll get some medical attention there. Kirk finds it interesting with Erin Andrews just reporting and then two cameras showing him for a true freshman playing on the road for the first time, not only have we seen him play pretty well on the field. but he's on the sideline being an offensive or defensive leader, he's kind of a competitor on third down and six Johnson gets going, there's Turner and Turner in the midfield on a Trojan first, this in many ways is a very, very important series for Ohio State.
The defense gave in on that last drive. Hey, this time they're coming with the Blitz with Freeman and laryngitis and you see Mark Sanchez has enough time to go right where they left the area they were able to vacate. there and it's about spacing again and finding an opportunity there to get the ball to a playmaker on that quick counterattack McKnight on a foot race and the talented Louisianan is sent off by Anderson Russell, but the Trojans again threaten to its external speed. 24 yard game, they can attack you in many different ways, this is a zone game and it's about having patience, vision and then an explosion.
I look like a little mask at the end, look at the post here of McKnight Dray, he dives downfield next to the receiver. Turner McKnight, every time he touches a football, holds his breath wondering if he will take it the distance of ten yards and he averaged it was in an all-purpose game of 200 yards against Illinois on the first down of the Rose Bowl and 10 Ofili to blockthe pass. Sanchez stays deep and now Haveli escapes like a safety valve at the 14 yard line for another first down, he was blocking the pass, there was all the time in the world, there is a penalty flag, however, let's see what happens, that's more or less. on the pencil, so a big penalty here at number 87 but a lot of patience from Mark Sánchez and how about this?
Everyone talks about USC with an inexperienced offensive line, there's about six or seven seconds and then once he throws it too far, look at the linemen trying to go down the field to pick up a block, this is not a design screen , this is just, hey, find my way out and look at the linemen trying to help. Have Ely go down to the field to pick up a blog. CJ gable number two, you control him in the backfield, a team. on the field two weeks ago, Virginia, where the night he drove again against the Buckeyes after trailing by a field goal.
Sánchez changed the play and in the zone and stopped a couple of yards from him. Laurinaitis and Gable, very tough to take down, kept moving that pile in the In the end, this will be a second try and Trojan Joe McKnight's goal gets most of the attention when you think about us, he sees talented running backs, but look how fast and watch the footwork up here, Gable, there are new white jerseys, he gives them a little squeeze. he cuts it inside to All-American James Laurinaitis, but it's that imagined quickness on the inside that I think makes CJ Gable probably the best running back the Trojans have right now, Stephon Johnson, and they used the fake fullback Sanchez.
Landing over the heels of Blake's talented freshmen from Orange California, he's six-five and what a future he has as a bound Trojan. Everybody remember Fred Davis is coming down the road now it's Yemen right there as offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, this quarterback would be a call to go. he plays action there and finds an open target behind the safeties and behind the linebackers. He attacks him very awkwardly from the beginning, but now he trains in the middle of things and he loved this play. Sarkisian worked on this several times this week, a 15-yard penalty. on that extra point, a personal foul against the Trojans and now they will start it from the 15 and it will move the Buckeyes deep men to their own 15, so this could be a break for them as they are now behind the 14 to 3 here st. in the Aaron they are back deep and the dealers are ready saying he laughs, he falls, he picks it up at 12, he doesn't get further than 23, so small it divides widely, but the guys who are looking for a big play before are the fan of the trigger, Hiren, who flees, has a great game. eleven yards and we talk about little things and the comment he had here at Ohio State, they teach you to be a better man.
He has been recruiting prepared. He said it's all about football and he's finding out how much football is about here. All I can tell you is that both coaches do a great job winning football games and you and I know these guys very well, they both do it in different ways. They fit a big job of raising youngsters within their program and the Trojans show a blitz. and Beckman, those again, incomplete pass and down, goes there bringing heat to number 17. Cushing. It'll be interesting to see as this game goes on when Tyrell Friars in the game you really feel like Ohio State has more pace and they've shown it. the ability to shoot the ball and I think Pete Carroll is doing a great job of focusing when Todd Beckman is back taking the shots.
Pryor comes back here again on second-and-10, so Josh Picard is in that right corner again. Pinkert advances. the line of scrimmage toward the top of the screen before keeping it down and Lisa, what's the situation with Brent? This story really rocked us late yesterday afternoon. The incident occurred over the weekend. It is described as a party that left For example, Cherise Wright was at that party, four people were arrested at that time and at that time Wright was only detained, but the police said that they were going to continue to investigate and during the course of that investigation They finally decided to arrest Segura, he ate rice and has been charged with a felony for resisting a police officer Pete Carroll hasn't talked about his own Trojans touchdown plans with Dick Butkus walking here tonight now look what's at stake his claim to be a finalist for the Butkus Trophy awarded to the best linebacker in the country and they could not push the big guy out of bounds while destroying that farthest sideline there.
I think you stayed within bounds here, boy, what a great job reading the quarterback's sighs. Oh, it's close right at the end, right at the end it was deep inside 2:5 it was close here comes Peeler who's on another three touchdown extra point tonight one of them a defensive variety you look at it number 58 as he gets back to that zone he intervened wonderfully and the ball is thrown late not to mention Todd Beckman's ladder and playing hardline all the time once he threw it late that gave Mallalieu a lot of time when his instincts and his athleticism to get in front of the path and then becomes a running back, watches the force get rid of the heart lines and then takes it to the end zone that defense the defense attacked Todd Beckman suffered an injury after the interception he received hit Denis inside the 5-yard line yards from what I've seen, I don't think one guy can do different serves - this is a very effective yes every year, we seem to say this could be the best USC team, it's a team that last year lost ten players before the NFL, you think they are going to fall this year and the next wave of The player steps in and can continue to hold that bar and maybe even raised a bar from where they were in previous years, all thanks to that man, right, and they will go to the house behind 21 three, let's go down to Erin, what?
Are you doing the second half to stop? We have to stop having penalties. You have overturned touchdowns and overturned big plays and you can't have consistency when you have penalties. They have a great defensive front. They're putting a lot of pressure on I think our kids are hanging in there it was a great play at the end of the half for us our guys are going to keep going coach thanks Lisa we sent it to you thanks Erin Pete obviously offensive you're doing the right thing yours. I'm picky a little bit on defense Terrelle Pryor is having some success, what do you think?
Yeah, just a couple of calls, we made a couple of sticks in the dugout, the coaches did, so we'll clean it up so it doesn't have as much room for hurried sideline reporters that time, stay tuned folks for the halftime report Bud Light John Saunders Craig James and Doug Flutie right after this Mark Sanchez and the USC Trojans lead Ohio State 21-3 and Kirk I guess the question is if you were Jim Tressel, would you do it? use the young throughout the fire a little more here in the second half. In fact, I said that in the first half and I would say even more now in the second half, down by 18 points, where you have to be able to pressure USC's defense time for our Southwest Airlines PlayBook on the net Kirk three touchdowns for the Trojans, yes, they have been big plays in the explosiveness of the USC Ohio State offense, which owned more than ten minutes in the first half at USC, but they have been big plays and, of course, no.
I only struggled against the offense, but Ray Mallalieu and the SC defense got involved with a big interception return for a touchdown, so exploit USC's explosiveness and great playmaking dominated the story in the first half, so You see the start of the second half and our summary of the Pacific Life game. Like this curve, you can see that Ohio State doesn't have a huge lead, but it does have a five-yard lead on an offense, but thanks to us it sees six ten-yard plays, four more, three of them rushing, three of them on the air, which Joe McKnight has been on. shows the great playability of him and I look for USC.
If you're not familiar with this team, don't expect him to just come home and try to work the clock in the second half, you'll see more of the same and bigger. ability to play unless the state defense makes some adjustments to slow it down cosplay and here comes McKnight McKnight with a big hole near the 35 yard line, let's check it out below with Lisa, it will be fixed when it gets a chance to do so. I talked to Jim Haycock coming out of the locker room, he said the most intensely he emphasized to his guys from a calm moment, calm down because when you panic you're not executing your tasks, he thought they did a good job with that towards the end of the first half He said he was happy with the stop there, but that's something they're going to emphasize all night, just calm down, Sanchez returns his hands to the runner.
McKnight rebounds and runs out of bounds after gaining a yard on that. play Erin Andrews talking about calming down and you're right about your mindset and getting too nervous, but at the same time when you play defense you have to have a reckless attitude and you have to fly into the football and if you ever once it has been. present for Ohio State in this game down 21-3 with USC getting the ball to start the second half is this possession what happens on this possession for both teams could be a big help in deciding which direction the second half goes here comes the Blitz the corner sucks it at eight from the field and they throw for a first down against Jenkins.
Patrick Turner with the catch and the late flag getting there right on Patrick Turner will be a mask for Malcolm Jenkins, so they'll have 15 more yards. here until the end of this piece I rent you and me Launch game here you are and I love CJ gable he is I think he is the most complete runner watch him move to the right a blitz from safety Kirk Coleman picked up perfectly allows Sánchez to enter in the pocket and then he has a one-on-one opportunity with a much bigger receiver and Patrick Turner, hands down, Malcolm Jenkins, old school, grabs the mask and puts down the burner for 15 more yards first and 10 here.
Kirk looks for USC here to go for the jugular with the only downs in this series here is McKnight even though he got into that play, he already gave 97 yards on the night Laurinaitis stops it if you have such an advantage with field position and this is a great indication that you could see that Ohio State owes much of this game has been caught deep in its own territory, head coach Pete Carroll, eighth year here at USD, second down and ten Metheny, the fullback, scored the first touchdown of the game, primary block on the throw, plays his choice of McKnight.
I walk past him a hundred yards still standing and showing you why he's one of the most dangerous escape threats in the country. Your Joe McKnight thinks he's playing a VA Sports NCAA 2009 video game a little bit of what that little circle button jump is. spin, spin, he's got 11 white jerseys trying to keep up with him, he needs a new Reggie Bush, folks, I remind you a little bit of a bush when he was here with the Trojans to fill in a little bit, he's that big top speed that allows him to Johnson. back to the action here's a third and two with haveli finding it for the league's first power try v here's McKnight Burke he's been all over the field tonight you mentioned Brent he's over a hundred units with 105 right now he's stuck le they motioned to the ball, they just want to continue moving it to get the defense into a guessing game, that's why you see the move and because of his versatility, not only is he a great runner, but he can slide as well.
He has great feel at wide receiver, so they could put him in the lineup along with the other running backs like Gable and Stefan Johnson. Stephon Johnson steps up the middle and picks up nine more yards on a lineman's second attempt. through the 25-yard line, this will be a third down, they need to get to the 14-yard line for a first down which we have in mind in the second half that we talked about before this broadcast on Ohio State because of their effort against Florida in the big stage and the championship game two years ago and then last year against LSU and now tonight against USC many fans want to see Powell Ohio State this year can compete with the elite teams in college football and plan much more here than Solo I'm trying to get back into this football game in the second half, two linemen down on this run.
Sanchez Middleton played a touchdown, USC attacks with Williams in the middle of the transfer from Arkansas, as far as I can tell there is a big difference with this USA. This year's team can get the ball down the field and that's 24 yards on third and 10 and that for Sanchez is his third touchdown pass of the night and while he's off to a great start this season, Kirk because he goes back to that first game he pitched. Three TVs against Virginia, so he doesn't have six on the year and that was a laser. He picked up the pace, did it perfectly, and was in perfect sync with his favorite target.
Damian Williams is the route in the Coliseum where the Buckeyes will fight. Will we see more young freshmen? Well, theyellow flag will stop flying. We'll find out there's a big night for the cars that travel down that field after touchdowns. You know, the torture of the loss to Penn State in '96, but since then. They've gone 700 points this far and in those eight games they've outscored the Big Ten 296 to 94 against the Big Ten they juggled at the goal line now to about the 20 yard line, let's get back to the score, she breathless, you spoke. a lot about trying to get the ball downfield and you'll see that right here from Damian Williams where he splits a seam here and when you split a seam like that that ball has to be thrown between defenders and it has to be thrown in a line, look at Mark Sánchez putting this ball on a line and the timing was perfect with Damian Williams, but you can't hang that ball in the air, you have to have the arm strength right there to be able to squeeze it. between the linebacker and a great safety throw and a good moment between Sánchez and Williams throws it to the right picking up about three yards on the play Williams has his first touchdown receptions at USC, we verified with our Frenchman, Jani, from OSU.
The sideline, you know, when the defense came back to Speights, the fact that they had given up 28 points, they gathered very tight, everyone was fired up, attacking each other, but when the offense ended on the sideline before they got into the field. It was almost like they were lethargic, no one was sitting next to each other, they really looked almost defeated, I mean no one was talking, they were just sitting alone without saying a word. Osuna accelerated the speed on second and six and that's it. saying you take the first try and look at how many closes the offenders were knocking him down and including Brian pushing Aaron.
I think the reason you feel that way is because of what this team and their program have been through over the course of the last two or three years, I think they felt a lot like the LSU game last year, this time it's going to be different and It was not against LSU and here they had eight or nine months to prepare, this will be different and they are down 28 to 3 winner's tails between their legs the young man and the quarterback the same the line of scrimmage is essentially irrigated the number ten has played a great game and that's why Beckman returns and the Buckeyes are 22 and two in the Big Ten but against the SEC they have lost two championship games are Notre Dame and the other VCS conferences four and one and of course these two teams could have faced each other a year ago in a Rose Bowl that feeds in Missouri or West Virginia, they had one of last week, Missouri's second regular season, West Virginia and pitching. away with the left hand is the penalty flag that could be intentionally landed on the tile more forced than the essential penalty, base number 17 in the offense curiously places the baldest friend father who sends him down from the first half that was against Beckman in the USC game they don't care about Ohio State's abilities, they put their ears back and attack Todd Beckman every time they see him there, the only thing that slows them down while Mark Sanchez is excitedly watching the video board, he the only thing that stops him. is when Terrelle Pryor is in the game, there is Beckman again on third and long high to see a slurred screen, let's see what USC does when they see him again under center, that means he moves away, but he can't escape, we we rushed for Everson Griffin, the sophomore. from Arizona 93 and he... that's a huge plus and Beckman is now starting to feel the pain of this protean defense.
They are men and boys right now in the trenches between Ohio State's offensive line and USC's defense. They know what is coming. They are capable of doing it. Be aggressive and again a tank Todd Beckman Terrelle Pryor who wants to be on that field helping the team he's obviously getting frustrated with the way the results of this football game have gone so far. The man coming back for the Trojans, these are the cars, as well as McKnight. has balls out of bounds I'm on Mark Sanchez and the Trojans looking for more tin to very mealy pitches.
I must say, let me pronounce it right. Let's talk to our Lisa under Oberon after that last touchdown. Mark Sanchez came to the bench and addressed everyone on the offense, every skill player, everyone on the offensive line and said the same two phrases that he painted, we haven't finished as friendly, you know, at least I think there's been a lot of talk. about the energy he has, but I said what I know he has the energy they said the fact that he came in with Mal Logan and Brian Cushing everyone wants him to succeed and cable gets another scoop now you were talking about Mark Sanchez as a starter coming here as a starter The member of the quarterback, John David, was left without injuries, three and one as a starting quarterback lost only to Oregon, there was his first touchdown pass, honey, and then, on a fake play, he has his freshman tight end and finally to Williams, and that's his first touchdown pass reception.
As a Trojan, you had Kirk with Arkansas sent last year after he transferred, of course, coming here with the highly touted Mitch Mustain, who was one of the backup quarterbacks for us, faded the game experience that Mark Sanchez was able to receive last year. past with John David's injury was invaluable to the


season. You're seeing the confidence he's playing with leaving him now. Bradford Allen Bradford is number four on the running back list and he has talent. He is one of the young people who played the role. de Toro earlier in practice manhandling the passer fifteen or two first downs demon of frustration yes, sorry, frustration took over Ohio State's defense.
Marcus Freeman got to Sanchez, but a second or two late he gave him a little push at the end of the play. is the fourth string running back for the fight or for the Trojans in a minute Roy Allen Bradford takes the ball and gains momentum 230 pounds running downhill in that red zone after the penalty at the 17 yard line the coaches have been very efficient in coming in wide with his Williams his second touchdown tension tonight and someone ruined that coverage they were alone putting ugly people very ugly well designed Brent Beach he's on the inside it's man to man it's a bit of a difficult route and it's confusing to Ohio State, puts Damian Williams alone in the end zone and it's an easy, well-executed throw by this Trojan offense and Kirk, the ridiculous Chief Johnson, good pickup, that's dealer ads in another one, let's take another look at This, this is a play. looks like they've been waiting here and then they type in the end zone look at the confusion with the Ohio State secondary look at the man-to-man coverage Damian Williams moves to the outside confusion pressure on a pressure on backside reporter Mark Sanchez, but he had his man just looking at Johnson, yes, big failure, right on Johnson's part, there Larrin, the Trojans are a little late, really, that's how good, they won a lot in Virginia, Richmond, big problem, well, I think You'll see it tonight. a coach's trophy from a pretty good football team, give it away at the BCS National Championship game, they'll play it in Miami, Florida, some representatives of that great ball game are here tonight watching, maybe we'll see how it all works out, lots of photos.
You never know in this game, that's yeah, then the Astros with a home game in Milwaukee, maybe if they cook up phase zero and there's Maurice Wells on that field completely unrelated, by the way, those of you wondering if the injured will be okay on their knees with their The USC defense is like a frenzy right now, they are attacking downhill against the Ohio State offensive line, now another third down, let's see if Pete Carroll chooses to be fresher with four here this time to try to contain him and make him divide within the defense. The sponsors hold and fire, he finds an ally, but he doesn't get much out of it.
Eighty-four on defense again for the projects. Pryor wanted to throw the ball. This is an outstanding piece of work coming out of the right Malu and picked up by Ballard, but right. there Josh picker 36 forces Terrelle Pryor to drop back to where the rest of the defense is instead of allowing him to use his speed to the outside. He had a partial line open breaking second in that area on the right, oh man fills our house. that tape I'm telling you right now is more than part of being a true freshman, get 50 hurdles, you're just trying to survive well, third quarter comes to an end, USC dominates ESPN Saturday Night Football presented by Southwest Airlines , we will return.
After this message and a few words from our ABC stations, I can tell you that Rafer Johnson did not light that cauldron at this time. A couple of Olympic Games have been here at this Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 1932 and 1984 and here the Trojans dominate another Big Ten fair team catches with Brandon Carswell's 31, who is back hitting back and that's where Sanchez takes him He will be put back in place and has four touchdown passes and one interception. Hey, how the twins are still here. Here's another one time. He told me that Ohio State was going to win and so I asked his brother.
I told him now what do you think. Oh, you know what? and he said, I'm not so sure he was sure the Buckeyes could win. these guys see there locked in their t-shirts and they're going to hold on there they're going to take the long straight flight home here will be the pickup in Bradford now that we've talked about the big 10 it wasn't a pin or a day either for the fact You look at what Oklahoma did, Oregon didn't come back and double overtime in Purdue won that game. Marilyn California got a wake-up call midway through that game.
Oregon State won. Arizona State still hasn't escaped UNLV, but look at what BYU, UCLA did, I mean it was huge and edgy and New Mexico could be beating Arizona today so big 10 PAC 10 wasn't a really exceptional weekend like Bradford, which was the 31st in my opinion and we thought maybe Oregon or maybe Cal maybe Mark Sanchez, his night was over, but we thought maybe who's going to push. You always want to see someone put pressure on USC because they just dominated this conference plan like this. If I'm watching this game and I'm in the SEC, I hope people nationally are watching and watching USC and gaining more respect for who they are because they're going to be there at the end, it's a matter of if they don't self-destruct, who's going to face you? and you'll see in the championship, this is Aaron Corp, a freshman from Villa Park, California, who basically beat Mitch Mustain by the fact that Bradford broke out.
They're very tall on Corp's purpose, six, 495 pounds and that's a 12-yard gain as he looks down the sideline to watch Steve Sarkeesian's play. Why was he asking me? Mitch Mustain, who transferred from Arkansas. All the students they just selected have USC as Saudi, but he remembers that you don't have to start at USC. Should I start right now? You're right, pressing Bradford patiently towards midfield. Jason O'Mara as Modern-day NYPD Detective Sam Tyler finds himself dragged back to the tumultuous times of 1973. New York City's good cop at the wrong time, life in Mars, the series will premiere on Thursday night, 10 Nights Home right after the new Ray's Anatomy ends.
Towards the last five minutes Tyler Wendell is marked here. Tyler's son is now at running back, another very Valle who prostrates, he is number five on that list of running backs, we have talked a lot about this offensive line, how young they are, they feel that number 70. True freshman Tyronn Smith, who only weighs 270 pounds when he arrives as a freshman and eventually gets to 290, maybe 295 pounds. Look at his build, he's going to be the next dominant offensive lineman at USC and as he progresses this year, he's going to get a little bit more. Acclimated to this game, you'll see him not only add depth, but also push for playing time for USC's offenses.
He had the offensive linemen on target, but Coleman Goodman broke it up beautifully that time. It was the intended goal that time Sánchez took off his knee pad the medical staff will check it a couple of times he simply gave me the scenario he said the cameras giving stage fright leave this one for the 22 yard line they are watching Saturday Night Football on ABC well, USC with the big one here, right? I didn't notice interesting that Alabama rallied 41 7 and we had them against Clemson with the fig when they were slow last week, but it's here tonight and we let them loose again on first down and 10 now it's real fire and as we watch it and they throw and it was a beauty, they ran the option for nine yards at a time in the kill before we got to my question, the excellent aerial shots, courtesy of our friends at Outback Steakhouse, proud sponsor of the Outback Bowl, the blooming onion, the favorite ivory of aircraft fans, us from ABC's ESPN college football broadcast, but look ahead a little bit at what this means specifically for the Buckeye offense.
Will we see more of Terrelle Pryor in the coming weeks as they get deeper? younger veteran playing lesson conference whats thewhich path you think he will take this they conspired against him that's all. I think Terrelle Pryor gave Ohio State a chance to move the ball tonight because of his ability to improvise and get out of it. He slowed down and neutralized SC at least in the first half, but it's a big picture. I think Jim Tressel stays with Tom Beckman. I think he'll continue to spread Terrell Fryer around and I think you'll see some type of combination if that's the case. every other play, but I think Beckman and Pryor will continue to rotate them.
My question, this was a lot coming this year. 20 returning starters from a team that has experienced a lot and also dealt with a lot of depression in those championship games to lose this. game, how does Jim Tressel go around the wagons and get his team back? The rest of the season he picks up the loose ball and throws a completion for a 1st and 10 so Terrelle Pryor can create plays. That's the only thing he could do using Race Small for the first down, he put the ball on the ground, he was able to pick it up and create a first down, that's the only thing a mobile quarterback can give you, it's kind of a blown play if You haven't seen much of that tonight. but I have seen him throw the ball very, very well and the more confidence he has throwing the ball in these types of situations and the more Jim Tressel has, his ability to throw it would be a good complement to his range on the run. small again at the 40 yard line.
I really think that's the challenge for Jim Tressel. There are so many veterans who have so many hopes for this game to regain credibility and what happens looks like a 35-3 loss on that big stage again, back in the Midwest. with your tail between your legs in shame, can you regroup and prepare them so they still feel like they can have a successful season in a big year? I know they have a road trip to Madison the blade broke this key was covered Thomas was so there They have Penn State at home. You mention how you think the Nittany Lions are going to be a force in the Big 10.
Purdue and Penn State are there and then that tough trip to Wisconsin on October 4th. I think oh. Man, it's going to be tough going to Michigan State, it's going to be tough going to Illinois to take on the Fighting Illini team to beat Ohio State a year ago, it might be tough, but Penn State playing on the field in Columbus could help to decide who finishes. win the snatch on any show, I think Water View and you mentioned it before, it's the big 10, the big 10, the last two years have been in Paris, you travel all over the country, you get out of the Midwest, the big ten has been turned into a kind of punchline. to people all over the country when they talk about how overexposed, overrated and a little fraudulent the conference in general is, the team captain of that, of course, is Ohio State because of the last two national titles, three crushing losses to USC leaves everything and concludes. on the ground, the 14 yards, now the Trojans let's talk about their schedule because I think it's made for a trip to Miami, I think an Ohio State here W Oregon Arizona State California qualified the way California falls Washington Notre Dame all here on a road now Oregon State Washington State Arizona theStanford will be the favorites, a big favorite and every one of those touchdowns from the Road couple is easy, but let's say they always have a game in the conference in the last three years .
Think back to the Stanford game last year, when they were supposed to dominate the Cardinal. here and losing to Oregon State a couple of years from Corvallis and losing to UCLA a couple of two or three years ago and losing all those seats, the teams in the conference seem to play USC obviously a lot better than the non-conference ones. conference because they're more used to Looking at their scheme, is there a team like that this year that can challenge to see if they have that bye week that again they've had the last three weeks for the last three years?
The coaches have begun to celebrate the last minute. Mitch Mustain is the mop. up man right now so take a look at the Arkansas transfer engine as I have reported time and time again that no one runs a practice like Pete Carroll, you would think he was one of the players and not the coach that is there out. is part of the team is a quarterback works against linebackers and defensive backs comes to the field during kickoff coverage kickoff drills spends a lot of time with the defense come on Steve Sarkisian runs that offense is very different the way in that he operates a program that almost everyone else was around and just because he smiles and trains in Southern California doesn't mean he doesn't have discipline, doesn't mean he doesn't do a great job of affecting people who go through this. program thirty-two points victory thirty-eight in total and Jim Russell has to be a little depressed because he heads to the locker room there are the two big linebackers how about that scene there, friends, what a picture, let's go to Lisa with what hero of the night, thanks Brad, he scores one great play after another, how could you exploit his people so thoroughly?
You know, like you said, the big plays really helped us tonight, it was a testament to our offensive line, showing it in another back-to-back game. I know they did it in Virginia, they did it at home, the receivers made great catches, the offensive game plan going into this matchup, I felt like we'd played this game a million times already, we had Donna mostly in practice and those things. They look great, everything is clear when you got a 28th grade, you went to your boys and told them what we wanted. This is a dangerous team, a highly ranked dangerous team from the Big Ten, a tough team and we knew if we let them. if they stay 28-3, they could come back and make this a game.
I still think we left some plays where we weren't 100 percent tonight. I don't think we're firing on all cylinders, there are a couple of plays I want. behind, but the scoreboard looks great and we will take the victory. Thank you very much, congratulations Greg, okay Kirk, your final thoughts here. You have to go back to 1989, the last time Ohio State lost a regular-season game this way and by that score. it was 42-3 for this team right here USC, so it's about bouncing back for Ohio State and it's about not getting ahead for USC and trying to get to the championship game, so for Erin Andrews, Lisa Salters and Kirk Herbstreit, I'm Brent Musburger says see you later to the Los Angeles Coliseum thanks for watching ESPN on ABC

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