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2004 Virginia Tech vs #1 USC No Huddle

Jun 09, 2021
welcome to espn college football saturday tonight the



hokies take on the number one ranked USC trojans the black coaches association football classes all season long espn saturday night college football will be broadcast in high definition presented please More than 5,000 more seats have been added to FedEx Stadium and they are full tonight, so we should have nearby, if you look at any royal, about 92 thousand people present for tonight, Eddie Royal, Player of the Year in the state of Virginia last year and they really like him and he is what the coach calls electric he makes things happen Brian Kelly will start for the Southern California Trojans and we are almost ready to get this going steep two yard hill taken to the 25 another 27 yard line that has had what started all 13 games last year, not that this is his first rodeo breath, the only setback behind This is Rick Hughes, who was injured in the spring and started the two tight ends we reviewed in the lineups after this.
2004 virginia tech vs 1 usc no huddle
The first play possibly in Ottoman in the first down action, no one was there, the hit comes with pressure and the wise thing is that this is how the Hokies will line up, they are Hyman and Clifton, the wide receivers, Humes and John Kinser are the running backs, Jeff King is too tight. in one of the three tight ends we will see tonight Martin Butler Montgomery was a guard, they moved him to center James Miller is the right guard and John Donne is the right tackle for Virginia Beach Virginia is actually on first down the case of The first nerves here starting this ball game when the tight end king sets up with a slide to the left side, they make a move over here, there's an option for the short side of the field.
2004 virginia tech vs 1 usc no huddle

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2004 virginia tech vs 1 usc no huddle...

Randall has five pests and rejects the tackle, but it's going to be a gain of about 50 and again Randall goes from the seven-man shotgun formation at the line of scrimmage is that the corners had moved up the plate hitting the Trojans steps toward the pocket could go long Prevage Boulder of the throne and completely and here the starters on defense Rucker Paterson Cody and Jackson Shawn cotija preseason all-American in practically the list of all the great linebackers of Ripa brother - well - to poo and sart are the three , there will be others who will play on the very active sides and none of the cornerbacks will be there and it leaches the secondary and you will notice these corners and Mike will talk about that tonight how they emerge in the jam lines as a fullback here comes a bombardment from very far from the left side of the diems nothing then faced the hook has faced the toe injury It didn't seem like it on that play, although now here comes an alignment of flags also of the linebackers.
2004 virginia tech vs 1 usc no huddle
Your wife Lag is downstream of the 4045 theorems and is going to go out of bounds approximately in the lumpy illegal formation of 46, only six men on the line. number 79 was lined up in the backfield the penalty is five yards from the previous point repeat go down even further behind the change, so to speak, as they have a third chance at 20 yards to pick up the first of the play humans right on the middle 35 out of the 40 and almost back to the original line of scrimmage vide burns he is a senior from New Orleans another flag is down spiral this one spinning that will be the bush at the 6 yard line pushing in the other side I I'm on the 15 touches back to the middle to the 20s, just six men screaming, only the office was open, stay tuned for FIFA's plan.
2004 virginia tech vs 1 usc no huddle
Southern Cal missing first until he's blinded has to say it's one of the most important Heismans of the preseason. Trophy candidates and they're going to start with both running backs in the backfield Lindale White and Reggie Bush with no defense in this one maybe they have a special play in mind, my goodness we'll see, that's Bush coming out on the right side and now it's inaudible from Leiter extremely fast pass screen now we go with 1 runner and it is Libya 1 we will receive the handoff on the right side he puts a hit in the hole he runs over a defender who continues running and it has to be a team of eight guards in the play near the FC starting lineup Steve Smith and Chris McCoy wide receivers Linda White and Lee Webb art running backs Alex Holman after missing all of last year is back in the idea baker Drake Khalil left side at center but for uh and the guy on the right side is looking at e and they just call him a devil are the starting lineups get the handoff again hit in the back here still fighting traces of tackle flexor memories 45:23 yards from scrimmage that's exactly how they ran on the Trojans' number one defense the pitcher is going to Reggie Bush turns the corner, the stiff arm is going to be pushed out of bounds inside the 45 to about the 44 and let's review the starters on defense, but let's encourage the coordinator you have. four shet Jim Davis and the pros love him, he's really good Jonathan Lewis at left tackle and Darryl Tapp is the left defensive end linebackers Anderson Warren and Bakke and in the secondary and this is where we've had a lot of changes and flipping Jimmy Williams is moves from safety to corner Vincent Fuller and linebackers coach second and seven passes thrown that could be a back pass Busch gets it on the rebound he turns it up, they call it a back pass and quite alert he picked up the ball the first jumper chipped it back to himself on in the pocket goes over got a man is out of the playing zone facts is in full Chris McCoy about to warm up 11 minutes to play in his first quarter three wide receivers sent and on the left is Duane Jarrett applies freshman and passes to him in a zone behind them Virginia Tech four linemen down and now Landok doesn't like what he sees but a flag drops, it's a delay of game, but this time they need about 15 yards instead of wide time in deep sets in the pocket, protection right in the middle, he almost got his offseason, said to be even more selected for the kick and there's a peach right there, he can still having kicked it too far. he went five yards deep in the end zone and Josh Hamilton checks in as running back for the Hokies and again Randall will go from the shotgun formation but they didn't do it on Hamilton, no, it'll keep him out.
I will break your partner. take it out near the 25, you have gained about five yards on the play and a quick pass, but the ball is on the ground, since it is a backward pass through a forward pass, the line to make is the line of 30 yards. the corner arrives 52 blitz now comes the fullback picks it up he's going to line up at Brandel has the first attempt 3035 towards the 40 and he's going to go out of bounds after taking everything he could get, which is up to the 40 Union this in the moment when Kendrick returns to the ball catching the fullback he is moved to the right he tries to block everything there is nothing it is a wide receiver they moved him back the running back Ray the pressure from the corner left a man completely open the De Titan is there The gain Jeff King's 19 looks audible at the line of scrimmage by Randall with the play action escalating in the middle, got a man out of the sky, put him in the wrong spot, right on the numbers, Lipton - hello to the Manns in At the bottom of the screen, two wide receivers from the top mark receive a check from the protection players, then it is intercepted in the middle so that Temple retreats to midfield and is tackled at the 46 yard line, like this Let's see if the poison that Troy can generate. a response after the turnover play action when lining up left a man wide open right under center and that's Duane Jerry, put an asterisk next to that because there's talented freshman Scott Virginia Tech doing gymnastics at the line of scrimmage on the second jump and short and keep going.
Up front, Lyndale White, but he's the big boom, like it's the first time and the second time tonight that the Trojans have been inside Jared's 40-yard pass rush point. Good job on an open field tackle from the key. throws with his right arm instead of his left two out of six his number so far here's the white guy, do they hit him hard at the line of scrimmage and knock down Reggie Bush the only setback remember he catches the ball extremely well there's a screen center for Push and has a path from Bran Randall's interception. Kaleem with the extra point attempt is up and it's good and if the 559 mark we have someone on the scoreboard and this preseason number one ranked Southern Cal seven to nothing as you take a closer look.
Reggie Bush 35 yards for the touchdown we'll be right back you'll get them there over 700 pounds second kickoff it's good to get deep into the end zone this one's not going to be returned by the real Cedric Humes the running back starts Richard Johnson got in motion and left each set at the bottom of the screen and the option goes to the open side of the random route 1015 after 20 and will take it out at the 42 yard line. He has four carries for 65 tonight. Pete Carroll won't like those credit numbers, even at halftime for the Blues right now from the 41st option again, this time for the short side of the field and they'll have second at eight.
Here comes a barrage from the right side, complete pass. at the 45 yard line, they are down, randal incentive in a scandal, he got the first down and more at the forty yard line and he has a limit that will say at the 37 yard line, Hamilton, the running back takes his hand away, he will take these pizzas with him . kickboxing again Trojans in the top seven to nothing, but the Hokies are threatening Hamilton right in the middle, the first tackle flag is down, he will have the first down, but he likes the illegal formation against the offense, so the second attempt at 9sc shows they stayed. at home pass right up the middle that is incomplete intended for the Medaille team Josh Hyman comes down from behind the line of scrimmage and we have a hard hit on the passer first of two 21 Hamilton waffle in front killed at ankle level here is the hit by two to feed number 58 1:22 total yards for the Hokies 94 for the Troy men but they led 7 to nothing Randall simply went to produce he left at the 11 yard line Brandon pace will come in and try the field goal It will be directly on the brand.
It's a 35-yard attempt. He is a redshirt sophomore from Virginia Beach. He has a lot of length but he also has accuracy and the Hokies are on the scoreboard, so we'll take a timeout with 142 left. in the first quarter and our new FC score seven to three as jared develli prepares to start the game for Virginia Tech 7-3 our new school first picks him up on the team, the short drop puts the fade in his boat for this cut out of the limits by Gerald now they Dale White that a 21 enters as a runner short fall pumps it up the middle got a completion that will be stopped at the 25 yard line well, he completed two hundred and twelve passes in a row are not directly the passes without throwing them in a section the last year, this time I depress him that if he had done it and established it and now there is a fitness Divac 217 and a personal foul on the defense grabbing Jim Davis in a gigantic personal foul against Virginia Tech. on the play action, the back pressure now moves away and is incomplete at the 45-yard line, the last throw reaches Bush, he cuts it again in the best he receives, a gift at the 45-yard line, which is the end of the first quarter.
We'll talk more about this in a moment and as we move into Southern Cal seven and Virginia Tech three, at the end of our first one, you spoke up right after this, the last time Virginia Tech was part of this PCA, we didn't . to play the game he had a storm and he had to cancel it to talk more about it right in the middle is attached Alex Holmes, the senior from Sherman Oaks, so it's like it was a good decision, in this room appears Steve Smith. Movement look. I tried to get his receiver to improvise, he picks up the ball and it gets sliced ‚Äč‚Äčinside the 20 yard line.
He is the runner. Virginia Tech comes with a blitz. You can see it at the bottom of the screen. Leinart is going to be hated for The second time tonight he gets fired, it's Jim Davis, he started the whole season, but as we mentioned, this sorry lie, the skeleton again in Xavier Adibi number 11, the redshirt freshman, He's going down the line to make, he's just inside the tail, this is the tenth move. of the drive, his lineup retires his Busch, this is a play scored on the center screen looking for a place to go and this time he won't be able to break it since Chris Ellis, his longest length is 45 yards, it was against Arizona State and This will be an attempt to climb 35 yards from the bar.
My ball went wide just in the last few minutes. Well, you had to deliver the early knockout blow against the underdog team and I think Brian was random to disappoint and pass human highlights. In the background you could see and see the kids go out and make other mistakes, they are going to get a defending national champion and they have a good team offootball, probably not good enough to beat USC and his same qualities will go on third down. They need to get it to the 30 yard line, we'll review it to speed up the game and one more question for you.
Jim on the flag got a full, that's fullback Binger and he'll get the first down, but I. I'm not going to play against LSU next week that game was changed 207 Randall Doehner Haley pressured pass by one will not pass by the second number 99 or last year very alone during the last five they fell and were badly defeated in their bowl game pass it in the half caught for the tide on King and King will have the first down the ball inside the 45 yard line on three receptions 47 yards which is a personal record for him ground game Hamilton right in the middle turns and enters the 40th in gains by The purchase of these bracelets goes to the United Way in Southwest Virginia, guys, okay, thank you very much.
Aaron went through the middle and completed that one too. Richard Johnson Johnson still standing inside the 25 yard line inside 225 Hamilton moves on Randall's going to continue in play the action goes outside breaks the The tackle goes inside the 15 yard line and they will move the chains on Kyndra back of the play Randall's full ball down 8 carries for 96 yards hand it to Hamilton and he'll try left guard and there's not much to do on the 10th play of the way and keep an eye on the 90 man Jeff King the tide in a time and excitement back to throw off the floor compl a fireman in the attack of the five forgiven and with 619 left to play this first half we will take a Time's up, but it's Virginia Tech, the silent loser in in this case, who achieved the 80-yard dry run and ended up scoring and put a 10-7 lead.
Jared Develli will start for Virginia Tech. He went high. finish Reggie Bush of Virginia Tech coverage nine minutes 20 seconds in time of possession on the 14th running Virginia Tech Showtime Mrs. Push turning in his direction, this doesn't have to be first out, a short drop, the first man was covered, now no one has lined up, he's going to run, he'll make the first try and keep them alive while the clock ticks actually: 4 minutes and 40 seconds left until halftime, when the pressure in the middle caused this pass to go in and out of Dwayne Jarrett's hands, it reached ten Steve Smith, the man in motion, but they left with a running play, Linda, good second effort, here it goes. has a very close eight yard game in Blake goes Ellis making the Steve tackle Smith averages almost 19 yards per catch SC four of six on third down conversions and anova Glendale White has the first down turning people back and still accepts to the women good hand from Bay bar xaviar red shirt Hampton freshman oh look this plays a game it's just inside the 45 and he's closed to ten yards first in ten seven cows go less than three minutes to play push take away the hand that will be hip behind the line, suck them, they need to get it down to the, they deliver it in reverse, nothing there, Steve Smith and they still can't get it up on their third try, we have to take it just inside the 33, this is the La 10th play of drive pressure arrives right at the halfway line, drills past completely before first down, Steve Smith, but they're going to try to pick some money, their course of movement is a short track just over the minute in and out of the Ticket catcher's hands, Joe, when they hit him, don't look for something bigger, when they're satisfied with running the clock, if they're just going to try to run the clock, Cedric Humes, go straight, they're going to take a shot and then They'll head to the locker room and he'll walk a couple yards and we're at halftime in this party house at Jigna Tech.
The fans are on their feet and making a lot of noise. Our halftime score. Virginia Tech ten and Southern California seven now here's Rece Davis with the Pontiac halftime report Xavier Adibi tore a muscle in his right arm, he won't be returning to the lineup tonight for Virginia Tech Xavier Adibi and let's check on the sidelines, there's a DB right there you see the eyes behind that torn muscle hit behind the line of scrimmage Linda White who broke the first inning and ends with a gain of maybe a line play action pressure and will flex laterally about 15 yards in the way. pumpkin what is going to go up follows the ball is almost intercepted by Eric green turns pash gets his kippa this is not a Goodman in Dover within the limits inside the 50 yard line and you will get no return from this so aesthetically he had left a little to wish for time and excitement and they gave the smoke up the middle boys option to play hide and seek, and they were required a move, they could have thrown their hand, the boy to see Southern Cal coming with the Blitz flag is : He's still on one finger, so will you stop before you reach the 50-yard line?
Reggie Bush is the deep man and here's the left quarter kick, the high wobbly spiral, don't turn around at the running cat at 18, good bloody wine tonight here in our nation. capital no back full bald and that's going to David Kirkman the bull bang look at number 82 post McCoy he's a Chino Smith sophomore on the move and they throw it to McCoy and that's what they plan to do a lot of the quick throw to catch a runner on the first down, it's exactly three, they want to beat the handoff and he just slides down, you could see young Mikkel attacking on a third down just on the other side of the 42, now Danilo Smith makes the catch and was hit by Vincent Fuller, she was not a fake kick off the sideline to hit the ground and Johnson has to flee with the power inside the ten yard line in the six access tonight to the ACC fabric or the zoo Virginia Tech should be with UVA they thought they fired me and maybe I suffered too many concussions but I think most of them realized the entire Commonwealth of Virginia was running the game this is Hamilton and it's close to a game 8 yards from that random set play in the pressure pocket. he moves away and is smarter Jeff swagger we are about to reach the five and a half minute mark for this third quarter he has gone quickly the quarterback draws the rainbow and is the first to try at the new line of scrimmage only the 44 of the Trojans' 98 yard run to Brian Randall I see the safety show approaching in the Blitz, he's going to go long on the far sideline and the boilers on this play Conte, Virginia Tech coaches, look at your hands , so all hands, but I don't think I think they get a bag now.
Option 225 plays no role here. Best job on option. The field position up to here and where that play would have ended up. That's over 50 to be sax at the 35 yard line. Lauren Jackson and Ramba. under pressure again just throw this away Reggie Bush is the deep man left feet make this a long kick ketchup bush has to come undone on the first rebound on the fire twenty-five incredibly knocked down Smith on the move yells from the corner shot to a and the kickback He leaves the 45-yard line for the 47-yard line that Reggie Bush took out, let's go up, that's who they got the isolation, Jimmy Williams, they toasted him with a negative four-point lead and he got it, he got it, he threw it. photo, but Mike shows us seeing the 22 and some good kickers in this ball game tonight, having kickoffs and also field goals, one missed, but this kickoff here 8 yards deep for the zone Scoring, special teams, coaches love it, no one invests in it, pressure I guess.
It wouldn't hurt to run for his life and this time he was caught after a gain of about a yard. It's a real emotion. Well, they would love to have the ball in his hands, but they took the smoke away from him and he's going to do it. being timid with the first attempt illegal move against the offense they were not prepared for a second shot two men coming in Jeff being the tight end turns to the left side he hid behind the line of scrimmage actually takes it out to the other side so they could get It's time to think about the big third down as we head into the final 15 minutes and they're standing there cheering here at FedEx Field 14 to 10 number one Southern Cal on top, see Southern Cal showing blitz and they come off the edge throw it in and Johnson completes it in a square and here is the puck from the Virginia Tech boy, it is not a good kick on the side of his foot, it was a rebound, now he has received a great rebound from Virginia Tech and that is good to die in the 25 -yard my action throws him into this tide on an atoll and he's going to be tackled after a short game, that's why it was 300 pounds of pressure, he hit his hit, his last six passes are now seven in a row, that's Steve Smith. on the receiving end of that one with his wife hit at the line of scrimmage by Vince Hall.
I don't think you have to do a line at Dover now the bounce with every turn is dead on 229 Hamilton back on the ball the play hit him - line of scrimmage this time that's nothing Darnell B had 20 in the first game the last year against Auburn second the blitz of 13 coming out of the corner Randall will be Vicki hiding the line of scrimmage and they will miss two of maybe three more third downs and 15 lies to make is the thirty-nine and a half yard line whistle on the middle the ball tilts not the way there is a cloud holding the defense 24 Churchill is a pass across the line to an eligible receiver is a teen yardage penalty put an automatic first down from the 35 yard line first and ten Kings Jaden I mean tight ends have caught 80 things almost up to 48, that's a career high for King in catches and yards Randall here comes the pressure. the stack is now gone and incomplete, it's a big effort, I'm frank, staring at the clock, he's not his enemy yet, but he's behind by four, a quick pass got him right down the middle that put himself on Johnson Richard Johnson . opinel Bing dead ball automatic personal foul first time pins on the ball is now within 30 hit behind the line of scrimmage and is going to be caught may have returned to the line but Southern Cal's number one is about to go down of the eight minutes to play in a ball game he got into the flack, that's Hamilton to hit immediately and then hit again for the second tackler, he'll play eight names that aren't in Virginia Tech's top 30.
I'm not sure if Frank wants to participate in this internal stone, it is not reality. for him, if not on TV anywhere and open Richard Johnson and this will be a 42 yard attempt Lance garfish the holder gets the pass gives direction good distance you have a one point ball so let's take a timeout 755 Trojans remaining 14 and the Hokies 13 the other national champion toe the belly will kick him good boy Bush was going to take the hit from a yard deep Reggie Bush before we got to the 15 but the pass was rejected on the track yeah really while move forward, who can catch him?
That day, you know, you see the numbers online at 16 and 25 and white, the big running back was going to take him out close to the first down, but he's not there, wait, the clock is down to five and now it's down to four and he. I'll go with a sneak quarterback and he'll get the first down as he'll take it to 25 Lyndale White. The loan was sent back to Genesis. He will work as a fly runner to try to reach the top. He places the mayor in the district. He has a man. Smith Steve Smith inside the 30 yard line at the 29 yard line tackled by Eric lighter or looking for push and no one comes Reggie Bush aptly nicknamed the president, he's getting a lot of bounces here tonight now we're standing football player we take him back to the other side the middle extra point attempt is over and it's good by Colleen, let's take a timeout Reggie Bush three touchdowns here tonight and right now the number one in Southern California is losing the game, but warned he tripped on his feet , didn't trip him up and it turned out he did. almost a double screen five yards deep in the end zone will turn, this is real and the Player of the Year, Virginia State last year, hey Aaron, thank you so much first down ten for the Hokies and now the clock He becomes an enemy of Frank Beamer. a short yardage, okay, I think everyone knew he was substituted last to go too, boy, while the tight on his descent tonight third in line to the creators of the 40, then the steps towards Zildjian in this room, too good a fit by Pete Carroll.
The left feet of the police powers team will be caught running at the 31 Bush again and Reggie will take a short on the Southern California first down 40 yard line, the ones will immediately tip for perhaps a loss of yards, this is white. Take it as a win of three, maybe four, 21 on the 13th, since we have 305 to play with. He is 6-for-12 on the third-down conversion on the steep snitches rocket up the middle. T Smith topped the batting rate and returned to star back to Richard Johnson's super cover from five yards. While he tried 27 yards with a pig, I'll see the worldof Honda in this tavern, another flag is down, he drops it and this thing is going to die, it better be against Southern California, a big game, it's going to strangle someone, well, they're going to do it. do it again, this was a 59 yard kick, the first one is from '51, this time back at the 17, the student is close, it doesn't fit, the ball was not fumbled, the catch is made at the 26 and Johnson finally pushed a defender's runs, now he drills the ball and Those will be incomplete athletes in action are plus two from the SC campus and I thought they dreamed about this football game since that pass is incomplete and two minutes and nine seconds left Randall is sad Paterson Patterson with the SAP where he has had a great ball game coach one of them came up to talk to this quarterback after the turnover and then Del White is moving on right now the only 75 yards in the second half they allowed Virginia Tech, it's a great effort, White is pushed back here and they will give his forward progress in Phillip Rivers at NC State Carson Palmer - Trophy winner at SC and now has another when a cookie headed to the Heisman Trophy It was Reggie Bush is the ball carrier here so Killeen will attempt a field goal, this will be on the chip just above he got it and a top job on the offense is Southern Cal took advantage of the situations that arose with Bush scoring the nets the difference in the ball game well, this is high, but who will return it and reach the 15-yard line almost intercepted by two a cou.
I think he also had to give a star for that with his lawyers. Things that happen that didn't go well near the sidelines, but his time with Crowley, a sophomore from Delray Beach, that will be very, very early in the morning, they will be happy where people were screaming for a turn there, but now runs to Southern California, who's off to a good start, got a little scared by this man Frank Beamer's baseball club. but they come from behind and win at 24 2:13

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