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20 PlayStation Games You Must Play In 2020 And Beyond!

Jun 10, 2021
Hello and welcome to PlayStation Access and welcome to another big look at the year ahead with the launch of PlayStation 5.


is already going to be a big year, but in this video we're going to focus on the


themselves and with that in mind, here it is our list. of 20 PlayStation Games You Should Play in


and Beyond, First up is Last of Us Part 2, in which Ellie takes center stage as she continues PlayStation's most compelling story. Every naughty dog ​​game is a great occasion. The studio always delivers technical brilliance. Complex characters. and movie-quality performances, but the last of us fans participating in next year's follow-up has left us quiet and impatient.
20 playstation games you must play in 2020 and beyond
Part 2 is a sophisticated evolution of the game


that made the first game easy to define with elegant improvements to movement. animation that filters into travel and combat and, in turn, into the constant tension that runs through the game world. The Last of Us part 2 will be released on May 29, 2020. Another big PlayStation exclusive on the way in 2020 is Sucker-Punches Ghost. Toshima's Sucker Punch have a great history on PlayStation with a back catalog that includes Sly Cooper and Infamous, but this is something very different, a cinematic revenge story set in a heavily researched recreation of a 13th century Japan, an act of open world recreation that the game is about.
20 playstation games you must play in 2020 and beyond

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20 playstation games you must play in 2020 and beyond...

Bringing to life the fantasy of becoming a samurai in a gloriously detailed Japan, full of bo trees and glistening grass, with hero Jin Sekai learning a new style of ghost-fighting to make amends for the massacre of his people, also elegant but in a less Obviously, it is the sequel to Doom. Eternal to the untrained eye this might look more like Doom, but there's something else going on here. Well, the 2060 reboot worked hard to capture the flow and feel of the original Doom in a modern FPS. Doom Eternal builds on the best parts of its predecessor to come.
20 playstation games you must play in 2020 and beyond
With something faster and cooler, still Doom, but timeless, it leans towards resource-scavenging combat that sees armor ammo and demonic enemy health as gold coins, encouraging


ers to engage in spectacular showdowns. and aggressive that make the most of the game's complex destructive arsenal. Doom Eternal is ready. For its release on March 20, 2020, the original Dying Light was an underrated gem that landed big among gamers and made itself known - one of the most anticipated


of 2020, this time we have a new protagonist in the eighth place and Coldwell, who in case you were. Still concerned with using parkour with the game's updated expanded movement system that now includes a paraglider along with slide mazes and the grappling hook.
20 playstation games you must play in 2020 and beyond
Our new location is a city 4 times larger than the original map, but the real change is in how Aiden can affect it. The open world, siding with or against different factions and carrying out objectives in certain ways will change not only a story but also the physical state of different parts of the city, giving weight to your decisions and also giving you will give many reasons to play Neo again. favorite here in access a combination of soulsborne progression and exploration with the team of ninja developers characteristic combat full of complexities and challenges neo: gives us an even deeper role-playing game thanks to the creation of custom characters and new yokai powers superimposed on the existing and already existing of the game. sophisticated weapon and skill system, there are also new weapons, new enemies and of course new boss battles with a horde of macabre and outlandish creatures waiting to be discovered once the game launches on March 13, 2020 with the story on the big screen now concluded lego star wars the skywalker The saga applies the Lego formula to all nine episodes in an all-new, all-encompassing adventure.
It looks incredible. Hey Hub World makes all nine films accessible at any time and each features planets and characters throughout that film. It's like a giant, complete toy box. Everything Star Wars related, which is exactly as it should be, you heard it here first, we're going out on a limb and saying we think Cyberpunk 2077 could be pretty good, there's the incredible pedigree of CD Projekt RED studio, the perennially favorite creators of Access. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and there's the source material, Mike pon Smith's pioneering tabletop role-playing game that provides the rich and vivid world of Night City.
We've seen it working twice now and it looks like CD Projekt has achieved something incredible with a game that captures the seedy world of tech-noir packed with meaningful options and variations that still looks and works wonderfully. April 22 arrives with our superheroes proving that it is absolutely possible to deliver brilliant comic book video games and the Avengers themselves at the top of popular culture like an armored Hulk that Marvel's Avengers do. It makes sense that the story would be set in a timeline where the opening of a second Avengers headquarters has gone horribly wrong. We are now five years in the future with the superheroes gone.
Lord and Cameron are focused on trying to get the team back together and uncover a possible conspiracy in what that translates to are two basic types of hero missions showcasing specific characters and their abilities that form the single player campaign and zone missions. war that can be played and replayed with up to four players in total. If you log in, you can reassemble Marvel's. The Avengers of May 15, 2020 return to technology-filled dystopian futures that are largely the basis of the intriguing FPS RTS that combines the disintegration that takes place in a future where human minds have been placed in robot bodies to solve the Earth's resource crisis just for this. to be exploited by bad guys who might have seen that luckily your robot body plays a character named Romo, has a gravitational cycle and all the game's action takes place from this elevated position as you direct your ground troops to to move around the battlefield.
It plays a bit like a hero shooter with added strategy elements, and aside from the story campaign, it looks like the multiplayer will have legs, but not on the ground. The tech-heavy open-world blockbuster watchdogs return in 2020 in the form of the heavily revised Legion. In the hacking series set in a dystopian, not-so-future version of our own London, as an authoritarian regime uses a surveillance system to control the population, it's up to you to help the dead resistance movement disrupt and resist. the authorities and you here. means that potentially all players switch control between different civilians, anyone can be part of the resistance and everyone can be recruited to the roster, taking on different class specialties and affecting the game in different ways following the success of Asymmetrical Horror Friday the 13th developer ill chthonic is In 2020, with Predator Hunting Grounds, another take on the one-versus-many formula based on Arnie's original blockbuster.
The setting sees a team of human soldiers of up to four cooperative players undertake missions against the NPC militia that are interrupted by the arrival of the Predator. It is single-player but with enhanced abilities such as heat vision, invisibility and large space weapons, The replayable magic is that, while one-on-one, soldiers stand no chance, efficient teamwork gives advice to their opponents. Predator Hunting Grounds will launch in April. Capcom's 20th remake of Resident Evil 2 was a big access favorite in 2018 and the publisher hasn't kept us waiting long to further confirm the existence of a Resident Evil 3 remake and a release date of the third month of April during December .
Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera attempt to escape Raccoon City in a timeline that unfolds alongside the events of Parenting with the pair solving puzzles, escaping zombies, and surviving several encounters with Nemesis, a near-invulnerable biological weapon programmed to destroy the Stars team, good luck continuing with the superhero. theme Marvel's Ironman VR is simply a very good idea, play as Tony Stark with his suits flying and fighting and head-up display within the immersive space of PlayStation VR, a perfect combination of technology and concept with a story to match, feel yourself in the era of Ironman. With Stark's arms days behind him, the game sees Stark confronted by a ghost, a figure from his darkest past who uses his own repurposed technology to remind him of his past sins, what a time to be a fan.
JRPG. Trials of the Manor comes to PS4 this year from the ground up. a remake of the 90s classic and a spiritual successor to Secret of Mana that we all enjoyed in 2018, seriously, JRPG, you're spoiling us. The trials look absolutely beautiful, a vivid and colorful art palette gives the game a joyful vibrancy, while the faithful recreation of both characters and the classic battle system is sure to be a hit with fans. You also don't need any prior knowledge of the series to enjoy Trials of Mana, so everyone should be looking forward to its release on April 24.
I can not believe it. I'm writing this, but by the time you see this video the Final Fantasy 7 remake will be less than three months away, March 3rd is the date when humanity's heart skips a beat and this iconic gang of beloved characters returns to our lives looking better than ever cloud eros Tifa and Barrett seem straight out of a dream with the dirty steampunk metropolis of Midgar a stunning setting with character that we can't wait to immerse ourselves in this is everything we wanted for a reinvention of my personal game of expanding forever the story recreating memorable moments a battle system that feels modern and also evocative of the original ATB system we loved in 1997 an incredible score that elevates the original soundtrack with epic orchestral grandeur give it to me now Square Enix I'm ready if you're an overwatch Fan, you know we've been begging for a story mode practically since the game launched, so imagine the pure joy of Blizzard announcing that they've improved and done Overwatch too well.
We don't have all the details yet. Pappa Jeff has already promised us three of the biggest things we've been asking for for PvE story missions, an update to the Overwatch story, and many more heroes. We also know that the game will look and feel better than ever with makeovers and new abilities for existing heroes' intro and outro cutscenes and huge new maps that will be twice the size of what we're used to. Interestingly, Blizzard has also confirmed that there will be a crossover game with the original Overwatch with players from both games competing side by side. in multiplayer, frankly, I'm more excited than a main Hanzo destroying a perfect team composition.
Wasteland 3 feels like something brilliant resurrected from the past, an immersive old-school RPG with deep tactical combat and an even deeper post-apocalyptic story, it's set in the frozen wilderness of Colorado decades in the future, a wild place. and authoritarian led by the patrician and his family through which your Ranger, the last surviving member of team November, we will try to eke out a living and find ourselves to help some justice, there are tons here to be excited through branching dialogues drop-in and drop-out campaign co-op using Numenera's fantastic storm surge system, the addition of vehicles and the return of the Ranger base and, above all, a developer focused on delivering what its community wants from the game Wasteland 3 is ready to its launch.
On May 19, 2020, the Tom Clancy universe will receive a new edition next year in the form of Rainbow Six Quarantine, as you probably guessed that it is part of the Rainbow 6 franchise and came to life after the brilliant outbreak in Siege of the Last year, Borrowing Operators from Our Quarantine of Six will be a three-player tactical cooperative shooter with players squatting to defeat an invasion of mutated alien parasites. You know, it's just another day at the office and since the team has pointedly mentioned that parasites can infect your environment, you can bet. We will see a lot of environmental destruction that we know and love the shotgun termite please what a decade it has been for the Yakuza series.
Sega's epic open-world crime saga won over a generation of fans thanks to a wonderfully immersive story. Over-the-top gameplay Yakuza as a dragon heading to ps4 in 2020 is breaking new ground for the series, thrusting new protagonists Ichiban Kasuga into the spotlight, if by spotlight you mean 18 years in prison for a family who then He abandons and betrays him as soon as he leaves, this is where the story of a dragon begins. Ichi Ban has hit rock bottom andHe'll need your help to navigate Yokohama's criminal underworld. The Chinese mafia, the Yakuza, and their former friends create a melting pot of violence and corruption in a beautiful setting.
We've never explored the Yakuza series as a dragon before, it looks amazing and we can't wait to dive into one of the most unique titles to learn next year. February 14, to be exact, is Dreams, the latest release from Media Molecule that brought an outside look and LittleBigPlanet is essentially an incredibly powerful game creation engine that offers you the opportunity to unleash your creativity and generate wealth on almost anything, whether you're a musician artist or a level designer. Dreams has professional level tools to help you create your masterpiece if you're a beginner or just want to experiment, don't worry there's a brilliantly comprehensive tutorial that will show you exactly how to get started, of course if you prefer to play games rather than make them, You can simply enjoy the impressive variety of amazing levels designed by the dream community, the possibilities are literally endless, whether you want to shoot through space or do parkour in a platform game, someone will have made exactly what you are looking for and That's it for our list of twenty PlayStation games you absolutely


In 2020, please note that all of the release statuses we've mentioned are subject to change, but let us know which of these you're most excited about in the comments or if there's anything you might have missed, and of course, please leave a like if enjoy the video and subscribe so you don't miss anything from the world of PlayStationfor gamers

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