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Jun 08, 2021
is that we probably need at least realistically, we really need a three to five thousand square foot building, which is huge, it seems huge, but we plan to publish six books, three in about four months and then I have three. There's more in the works right now that we're working on writing, so if we have six books, six books, we have six books, how many pallets is six times five, that's thirty pallets of books? It was the last time we got it alone. pellets was that in total there were many more no because the box yes, it was eight pallets it weighed eight pounds I always eat at least ten because five fit in the one two three four oh yes, it was ten pallets yes because the printer pre


d books in boxes for us It was ten popsicles this last time and that was actually very useful, so do your calculator how many if you do four times four 16 what is 16 times thirty sixteen times thirty that can't be right 16 times 30 oh wait wait 30 well then if we have thirty and four by four pallets oh yeah how many square feet would we need for a garage?
20 makes 4 dinners with 1 package chicken breasts quick and easy chicken recipes for dinner
I think you're overestimating a little oh that can't be true I didn't completely calculate that well three times 16 is 48 so 30 10 16 will be 80 there's no way 480 square feet if you say our garage has 1200 square feet and we only have 10 pallets of books, we have other things. between them like this, I know there's a basket in the freezer, yeah, but if we didn't have all that stuff, we could put 15 in there, no, I think we could put 15 in there, the way that's okay, so even if we had 15 there at the same time. 1200 square feet is still 3000 square feet.
20 makes 4 dinners with 1 package chicken breasts quick and easy chicken recipes for dinner

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20 makes 4 dinners with 1 package chicken breasts quick and easy chicken recipes for dinner...

We could do the math, measure and figure out how much we think we need, so we need at least 3000 square feet, but that doesn't include if we put the studio in, so I don't know everything. sure, um, Diana, hi Taryn Mike, enjoy your show, thank you. Rita wants to know where Jax is, whom she always has close by. He's in his robotics club for school, so yeah, yeah, oh, someone did it. He was telling you that you are talking about the Bible from before. someone had mentioned that she got one hoping it would say Kathleen Media, thank you all for my beautiful biome.
20 makes 4 dinners with 1 package chicken breasts quick and easy chicken recipes for dinner
I hope I said it in the simplest text, my husband would be more open to reading it with me. It worked, yes, thank you very much, yes. You have only read one King James Version Bible before, please try a new living translation, it is a very good translation, it is very


to read in a language you can understand now, there will be people who will tell you that the King James Version is the only version real Bible translation is not true, sorry it's a lie straight from the pit of hell, no offense to anyone who believes that, but that's what it is, so try a new living Bible translation because they work very good.
20 makes 4 dinners with 1 package chicken breasts quick and easy chicken recipes for dinner
We have a link if you go to our Amazon store it is there how long do boiled eggs last about seven days hmm yes, we pray, we pray, we pray, we pray every time we have a bunch of books, we pray every time it is not snowing or raining and even now God has been good. If not, I don't know, I guess we would stretch a tarp or something to pass between the truck and the house because I don't know what we would do, we would think of something because the last time we received books they told us. you really need a document.
I see people. I guess if we were out, if we had a little bit of acreage somewhere, we could do the loading dock with cider and pick up, and yeah, yeah, okay guys, please subscribe and share, check out. our Dining on Time cookbook Flat $6 shipping right now if you need more than one book, this is a huge shipping savings for you if you need more than one book right now. We also have goat's milk cream and soap gifts from (she has a 29 percent discount for a leap year that she extended because she made the mistake of listing her soap as not included, so you can still get that 29 percent discount.
I think it's the best offer. Yes, you can use the shipping coupon code. - if you have a coupon code from a previous order, you can place the order, we ship it here. I'll just tell everyone that we send a coupon code with every order, but if you really want to place an order right now, just use the coupon code, thank you. and you'll get 25% off and six dollar shipping, that's totally fine, we're having some major issues, so I'm doing this just as a thank you for being patient with our website and patient with things that happen on Wednesday.
Be a Mike and Dave show. Wow, I have a doctor's appointment. I didn't see who was asking about shipping to the UK at the moment. Shipping outside the US is not set for a fairly high amount, which can be $7. it's actually not that high and it's quite high, although the new thing might be discounted more, maybe shipping right now to the UK is about forty five dollars just for shipping if you order from the UK, Canada or anywhere else. outside the US I will give you a refund for overage shipping if there is overshipment ok so Canada I think it's $35 now and I think the UK and Australia all of that is $45 but you can use the coupon code, thanks for the 25%. off in the US shipping is a flat rate of six dollars right now so if you need more than one book it's a good deal that's what happens when you're in big trouble you know companies offer you good deals as a gift to say, please, you still love us, right?
I think you'll still love us, I hope so, and for those of you outside the US, it's unfortunate that we don't really like the fact that shipping is so big, but that's how much the post office changes us Yes, we are working. about a few things to try to fix it, but at the moment there's nothing we can fix, okay, please subscribe, share the business, live on a dime, don't worry, Mike and Dave, see you Wednesday.

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