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20 Dollar Store Organization Hacks & Ideas

Feb 20, 2020
Hi, I'm Megan, welcome back, this video is about storage and


for $1. These are


and tricks that I legitimately use in my own home, so I really hope this helps you or someone else, which is why Dollar Tree sells these ring phone holders that work great on your phone by the way, but There are so many uses for these things so a few months ago when I first found them I grabbed them and put them on our bedroom remotes using command hooks and then did this in the kids room in the living room. be. room and the guest room, it's just a great way to


the remote so it doesn't get lost next to these cabinet shelves which are always a Dollar Tree plus for organizing your cabinets, but they're also great for the wall. storage, so if you just fold the legs up a little bit and then use one of the hanging tool kits too from Dollar Tree, attach two small hooks to the top of the cabinet shelf, hang it on the wall and then this It is an excellent way to


wrapping paper or adhesive paper and, as you can see, you can also store a lot and then the little legs at the bottom you can hang your bag and I like to store my scraps like ribbons and portals to decorate my gifts and make them a little more elegant.
20 dollar store organization hacks ideas
Dollar Tree sells tags that are always great and these Universal Tool Hooks are the most underrated Dollar Tree storage item. In my personal opinion, you can bend the little hooks however you want and they actually hold a lot of weight. and these are great combined with similar zip ties, so what I do is I hang the dirt Devils, all the brooms and mops and all the holes don't always match up well, the dirt Devils didn't have holes in the beginning, but with the zip ties. and twine, you can hang whatever you want and like I said to vacuum cleaners, that's what it holds, it holds a decent amount of weight.
20 dollar store organization hacks ideas

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20 dollar store organization hacks ideas...

I also use them in the garage for shovels and extension cords, they are great in every way, back to the


. Tree shaped phone holders, if you grab one of these and grab one of the basic old trash cans, put it on the back, you can use it to hold cleaning or anything else for extra storage. I just put a little nail on the side of my On the wall put a little label that says garbage bags and if you guessed I put garbage bags there, you're right my friend, and this works great, seriously, so hang in there a decent amount of weight, so I have two garbage bags full. here and have had this for a few months, it has worked great, the trash can itself has a low profile and the hooks hold a decent amount of weight.
20 dollar store organization hacks ideas
I don't know exactly how long they hold, but they are more than basic


trees. The little command hooks would hold and this is also great for toy storage so I have it in the kids play room and by the way to avoid too many holes being put in my wall. Home Depot sells lumber for $0.98, it is 8 feet long and will cut. I open it for you and that's what I have these containers hooked to. I just spray painted it black. Dollar General also sells a ton of great $1.00 items like these hooks and then Walmart has rods for a dollar or less.
20 dollar store organization hacks ideas
The second largest size is 5./8 inch and costs only 97 cents and then Walmart sells spray paint for 98 cents, spray paint your rods and hooks black or you could skip that step entirely as a matter of personal preference. Dollar Tree also sells these hooks, they are in the garden. In the section you get two for a dollar and they fit perfectly on the rod, so it's really great vertical storage and very economical. These binder rings also from Dollar Tree and then a flower and garden ttyn also from Dollar Tree, optional, spray painted in white. I painted mine white, use a few more of those telephone rings, attach the binder rings to it and then just to cover the flowers and the garden area like regular old black cardstock, wrote the word color on there and saw that this fit perfectly, so I'm using this for kids storage, like crafts and crayons, but it will work great for craft storage, cleaning, storage, kitchen storage, and these three small glasses are also from the Dollar Tree in the office section and they fit here perfectly in this whole little area.
Right here I'm actually doing a much better internship than I expected and it's very functional. Another idea is to grab one of the trash cans from Dollar Tree. Hey, by the way, I just bought these, maybe a week ago, they're definitely smaller than they used to be anyway. take the trash can and like a fish run the hook through there and then that's another way to give you more vertical storage so obviously I'm putting paper towels in here because I always think it's a great idea to have it as a storage room. games for children. and then this is right above the trash can toy storage so it's pretty cute but it's definitely 100% functional and then another idea or tip is if you have kids or you guys like to play puzzles because puzzle boxes are the worst ones out there, so what I do is I cut the front of the box and put the puzzle in a big bag.
I think I'm super smart for that, so it's like it's changed my life personally and by the way, this big piece of wood that I have. I'm using it, it's only 13 dollars, it's four feet by eight feet. Home Depot will reduce it for you and I actually didn't have to buy a new one. In fact, I'm reusing what I had leftover from this horse. Another great


. The Dollar Tree item is these clear plastic containers. I like that they are plastic for the kids' playroom so if they drop them they won't break. I bet they can be great for crafts too and let's move on to another trick or idea, then these paper towel holders from Dollar Tree have a million on five purposes, take your hand and push it up slightly, plus the hanging hardware set , hang it on the wall and this is great for storing a wreath.
I mean, it really is great for a lot of different things, but you can store five to seven wreaths or many more shapes of wreaths. I also use them in the garage to store outdoor wreaths during the season and then here's another idea, so if you have spices everywhere taking up bottom cabinet space, grab some taller trees. The hooks place two of these on the wall again slightly upwards and this really works great for spice storage and organization and frees up space at the bottom of your cabinet. I actually need to go back and get one more paper towel holder, but my dollar.
The tree is out of paper towel holders, which is so tense it's strange, like the comments always say that my Dollar Tree never carries, that mine has a hard time stocking up on paper towel holders because I've Been waiting about two months and still don't have any, well, and then the next. I don't think it's any secret that Dollar Tree has a million and five storage containers to choose from that are great for storing in your pantry, but they can be hard to find. any style or color you want or all of them the same color, so know that Rust-oleum makes spray paint that adheres to plastic.
Now you don't want to use this on anything that has direct contact with food and for the best. Hold scrub in containers before spraying, let dry for 24 hours before touching. I sprayed paint, the top of the lids protected the bottom and then when it dried I went back and rubbed the bottom again. It makes sense, another idea. for pantry storage using velcro and labels so the velcro hoe if you have similar containers in your pantry has been a lifesaver for me so the bottom cabinet is where I keep snacks, food and children's breakfasts, and they were always pushing the containers. and they knock you down but if you put velcro on the bottom you know it stays in place but you can still take it off to clean the bin if you need to and I think it's pretty obvious why dollar tree tags are awesome.
I mean, I don't need to label my pantry. I know what chips look like and I know where they go, but it really helps the humans who live with me to put the groceries back where they belong and then there's no excuse to say I didn't do it. I know where that way my family doesn't sound like that I don't know I just did that but I mean I think you get what I'm saying okay so earlier this month I saw this refrigerator a place to store soda cans . I'm excited about how it's like leaning down.
Did you see what I was talking about? I changed my old containers for these and I like these better because now I can fit four spaces so I can eat my tuna, my tomatoes and beans. and my soup, I mean, that's it. I liked carrying cans. I highly recommend them for storing refreshments. You can actually only store like six, so yeah, I think they work great for storing cans. Another great article. Dollar Tree are these heavy duty suction cups. I used these bad boys all Christmas outside on my windows to hold my wreath and they never fell off, I never had a problem with them, they are also great in the sink if you use one of these other little storage containers from Dollar Tree and then If not you want your basket to go nowhere and just use some zip ties make sure your sink is dry and clean and I'm telling you it's not going anywhere so when we prove you can pull it it will be legit to stay. in your sink, okay, Dollar General, not Dollar Tree, sells this dry erase contact paper for only a dollar, it's 14 by 18 inches and I put it on my refrigerator because I want a dry erase board on my refrigerator it doesn't slide around because it's magnetic, but to show you the difference, Dollar Tree sells a magnetic board but it's much smaller, so here are the dollar trees and then there's my huge Dollar General dry erase board.
Now another idea is that Dollar Tree sells clear contact paper and this is a free printable I made. but I'll link it below if you're interested, just a very basic shopping list with lines, a great idea I had or I think it's a great idea anyway, is to cut this in half, just use old masking tape or masking tape . tape to put the paper back together. I'm so sorry for stumbling over my words here. I taped it to the side of a cabinet between my refrigerator and my pantry, where guests won't see. Put the contact paper in there and it works like a dry erase board, I mean really any contact paper would work and then I just have a little dry rice pen with a command hook and I see that you can go up perfectly and these don't It's my hairy hands, that was my husband and then it's erased.
Okay, so what I was doing was taking a picture of my list before I went to the store, but then my family was still sending me about 50 text messages to get things, so now they can type in there and I can access all of them. the time. the ultimate diy storage, i'm in love with these candle holders and then you could use a bamboo board. I'm using the last piece from my DIY horse photo. Would I have any left over and are you just going to glue it? your napkin rings to your board and then another one of these flower and garden tones and more phone ring centers.
I told everyone I love these things, there are so many uses for them, just mark where you want them to go and Then another great thing to add to this is that there are more basic target command straps from Dollar Tree. I like to cut the bottom off because I don't know, in my personal opinion it makes it look cleaner and nicer, and this is what we have. So far, this is where I'm really proud of myself, so one of these napkin rings from Dollar Tree and more of our hanging tools from Dollar Tree as well.
We're going to use three of the little hooks to hang and connect the napkin holder to the board and again you can use, you know, dollar trees, little wooden bamboo things, but I mean I had this for free so it was more cheap and this is what we have so far so this is going in my daughter's room now, these many little cups in the plastic party aisle at Dollar Tree fit perfectly in the napkin rings and the hair brushes fit in here. she's afraid to let the iron cool there and then you know she's a teenager so she has a million five bracelets that she made that your friends gave her and her hair is all fly, all her face items work great, perfect because she didn't have an area in the bathroom to get ready, she was really messing up the counter.
That's all. Thank you very much to all. I'll cut them next time.

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