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1v1 LUCKY BLOCKS in BTD 6! (Modded)

Apr 25, 2024
It matters, you're good, you're doing much better than me, but of course. I don't have any money generation other than my Towers, yes these were hard in the beginning of the game but I feel like it's getting easier and easier. at round 95 and kind of crush it still yes I'm at 94 actually I caught up to you oh Saber I have two balloon crushes you can get multiple t5s wait what I need to get multiple knight legends now oh my god I didn't know you had multiple t5s dude that's crazy. I didn't know he had CL either, that's crazy, man.
1v1 lucky blocks in btd 6 modded
I wish I had a hotkey for this supply drop or this box of ly, oh, okay, I'll take it. balloon area denial system, okay, sure, that's really good, uh, I'm kind of struggling with the 98, not going to lie, I guess, well, you guys haven't grown to like my main towers yet either, oh , because I was going to say I'm at 98 and almost nothing is showing up on the screen right now, but I'm also stacked at the beginning, man, I'm stacked, yeah, I'm like reaching out further to get more ooh, what's this that shows up ? Come on, okay?
1v1 lucky blocks in btd 6 modded

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1v1 lucky blocks in btd 6 modded...

I have Mi, that really matters to me, especially where I placed it. I don't know if that really matters to me. I guess I'll keep it. Why not? I'm a friend, I have another one coming out, friend, what oh I have tack? Zone, but it's so out of reach, oh that hurts, it's like it's not even close, dude, I'm just buying and selling, it's actually kind of ridiculous, yeah, that's literally this whole challenge, bro. My whole strategy is just trying to get a helicopter pilot. I can move the towers I need. It would be amazing, brother, if I could get it.
1v1 lucky blocks in btd 6 modded
That's all I need. I think once I do that, that's how you get the ultimate strategy where you can start moving things. I do not do it. I know if I'm going to get it, I'm not getting very good at things or Moab Eliminator, I'll take it, yeah buddy, if you could see my screen right now. I wish I could look at your screen and see what Wild looks like. Dude, mine is so densely packed okay, I have a droid, actually, that's kind of like no, I don't care about that dude, mine is so densely packed from the start, dude, I'm maxing out space right now, oh, I have to be an exclusion zone or a balloon. uh it's not the best option but I'm not going to complain uh come on man give me a T5 oh I just got a Balloon Exclusion Zone come on I'll take it oh well it's within the range of my uh my Alchemist come on and my Village come on , I'm literally out of space bro, I don't even know where to put anything.
1v1 lucky blocks in btd 6 modded
I'm just constantly buying and selling things like that, all I do is buy and sell, buy and sell, buy. and selling, I'll keep all my stuff in storage, buddy, I've got so many villages and stuff I want to keep, yeah, if I wanna keep 'em I'll keep 'em, but most of the time no, I wanna keep 'em, damn, dude, yeah. Well, I'm going to have to start putting things like further, further away, that's a little wild, that's a lot of fun. I have enough money to spam and sell things and oh I also have over 100,000 and I haven't even had some money generation Torres brother like I have some I guess so you're actually making a lot of money actually my Village is me doing 50K apach Prime oh oh I have a balloon solver let's go okay I'll take it yeah yeah actually I have it My monopolis didn't need a farm to do it because it went straight to T5 so it actually made me 50 thousand dollars , not bad, that's not bad at all, actually, even if it doesn't have a banana farm added.
It still just makes money. I guess it's a T5, so it automatically has like a farm inside it. I guess I have another balloon. Master Alchemist. Well, I have a lot of helicopters, but it's not the right level. I do not have a. just one i just need a mid route helicopter like all i'm looking for is a mid route helicopter if i can get it the chances are a bit low yeah but i have an anti balloon gunner and a night legend and still no I got one of these that's brutal bro that's brutal I know we're friends I can't believe we've actually come as far as we did when we started I thought there's no way we're going to make it Until now I thought we weren't even going to make it, oh, I got Ultra Boost.
Wow, I thought we were only going to make it to round 30 like Max bro. I thought we were going to get stuck. I really thought we were just going to get you stuck but no, we're kind of sailing do you want to go all the way to round 140 and then at round 140 that's the cutoff and we can't get any more stuff? I'm down, I'm down, I'm down and then we just see who can go the furthest, yeah it's a deal, it's a deal. I'm at 123 right now so I'm actually almost there anyway, yeah same thing, if that's the case it's time to just go down the towers. ooh, I should actually start with Ultra. boosting what should ultra boost be desperately waiting for a crazy or something like super hoping to get something.
I'm actually running out of money now I have a real sun god Temple you're a real son God yeah I mean he's probably not that good honestly just because he has it he probably doesn't have anything yeah he probably doesn't have nothing, get it, yeah, so it's actually not that good. I'm glad it didn't absorb all my towers, which would have been very sad. Well, I only have 13 rounds left. I really need some t5 dude what round are you in at 20 121? Okay, yeah, I'm at 128 oh, preemptive strike with advanced Intel, beautiful, oh, that's nice, beautiful, I'll take it.
In fact, I'll put him on strongman, stop giving me base towers. I know. right, stop giving me like T zeros or ones or twos, what is this bro? I'm giving good money, give me some more sauce. I just got another Prince of Darkness, come on, that's really so good, oh, Flying Fortres, a spy plane, perfect, oh, that's it. huge, actually, oh my gosh, okay, I only have nine rounds left. Gotta stay, buddy, I'm densely filling this initial area, bro, I still gotta get out of it. I'm milking every possible spot. Know, I can't wait to show you what. my screen looks like yeah we gotta show each other after this bro you're gonna be like what am I oh it's just a dark knight.
Oh, I thought I had a legend of the night, oh my God, oh. I support Nook, but it seems like it's too late to have him. I was about to say it doesn't even matter because I'm putting everything exactly where I want because I have the villages so I've been cautious about it so I don't even need that friend yeah so yeah you want to trade and then you want to give me that, oh yeah, sure, man, sure, bro, sure, dude, oh yeah, wow, yeah, tears, tears, I'll keep it just in case if I want to. move something like that later, but you probably won't want to, yeah, I mean, you have a lot of space.
I don't know about that boss. I mean, I have plenty of space on the other side of the hedges, but not in the starting area. Saber I. I don't have room anywhere, that's your fault, brother S. I don't think you understand how many towers I have down, buddy. Yeah, definitely, I probably don't have as many towers as you, but what I'm missing in Towers I the I I. Make up for the fact that I've been optimizing around my Villages and all that I feel like I'm pretty optimized around my legend Village of the night, come on, it only has super range, take it, oh yeah, mine was the Super too.
Rank one, I'm really glad we both ended up getting a legend of the night, actually, that makes it really cool, makes it a little closer, bro. I know what round you're in, uh 138. I've got two more rounds to try to get some things done. down once it's at 130 but once you get to 138 I'm going to jump in there too, okay, I'm just going to do it. I only have one round left. I'm going to start spamming people. Actually, oh, no, what. wait, wait at 140 or after 140 at 140, okay, I stopped, I stopped, I have an Arch Mage, I guess Arc Mage is near the end, okay, I'm done, I'm done, man, okay, too I'm done, let's do this.
I have to find a place where I can put my Time Master, oh that's right, I have to activate the Time Master, okay, here we go. I'm going to start skipping rounds. Okay, I have to remove a tower to place a Time Master, actually, wow. You packed it in that dense, let's see, oh, the bad guys are getting far away. The bad guys are getting very far away, like extremely far away. A little too far, what round are you in? uh, 160, oh, okay, I beat 160, but I'm at 161, okay? I beat 160 I lost at 161, okay, I'm at 160 right now, so, okay, I lost at 161, okay, I'm using every one of my skills right now, oh man, oh man, I don't even know when, Dude, I do.
I don't even know what I like to use for myself, wait why did my night ledge activate its ability bro what could I have a bug since it drops instantly just the way it works oh my god it's okay yeah Should I have moved? so he should have used his ability uhoh uhoh uhoh okay what you got man I'm actually having a lot of evils at 160 dude I don't know if I can beat this 160. Am I using everything I got here or these evils are getting very difficult, is there going to be a tie? friends oh my legend of the night ability my legend of the night ability activated but I think it might have been two oh I lost at 160 because g g okay.
GG man GG you got it hey guys please subscribe if you enjoyed this challenge let us know maybe we'll do more Lucky Block stuff in the future and see you next time bye guys.

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