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1985 Rose Bowl #6 Ohio State vs #18 USC No Huddle

Jun 09, 2021
Pasadena California Big Ten Champion Ohio State Buckeyes Meet Pacific Ten Champions USC Trojans Steve Jordan Will Kick Off Southern Trojans Fires California, number 41 is a safety along with John Wooldridge 25, the other running back, and will enter the end zone for the touchdown top ten loudest entertainers Beck the center Lachey the guard and Kira clever the tackle all the top 10 celebrities Keon Maggs round out the front 5 Mike Lenise all big 10 wide receivers rookie Chris Carter and tight ends lead Taggert with Tom's act the quarterback's snaps and Barry Walker behind him on first down from the 20 Tomczak to throw the first down and a lot of time on the paddock, these defensive backs give you extra space there and Tom catches the throw again on this side, the buyers are a friend will be Luft Colorado and more Del Rio 52 an all-American and Vic on the other outside linebacker number 80 all Americans but Hope in the middle leads the team in tackles Biggers the other inside man Jackson and Haines at the corners and Tyler and McDonald at safety McDonald considered the best of the four deep backs second and short, but the guys in their 45 shots first carry doing a great job blocking Tim McDonald saved the touchdown this is Walker the fullback and he's two yards in on the Iowa dead ball, will they follow procedure on the second offense and the goal kicks are fired inside the line 5 to 4 yards and Walker is behind on the move, he wants to throw, he's in trouble and he's incomplete, so the Trojans have held on and put in, is he healthy now? we will see him run today rick spangler 20 yard field goal he kicks it immediately and that one is gone Ted told him the Trojans coach applauds a defense after a 50 yard run by the buyers and first and goal for the Buckeyes who have to settle for three, a rich Spangler has taken a lead of three nothing and now SC receives the ball for the first time by n on Spangler's N and has to be too clean for Elbert Watts, recovers the touch of 20 Tim Green. brings SC's offensive unit up front, Cox at center, Briegel and Halleck are the guards, and Fitzpatrick, Rutgers and All Pac-10 tackle wide receivers, Norman, who has caught a pass in 22 consecutive games, and Speed, Timmy, where it's tight.
1985 rose bowl 6 ohio state vs 18 usc no huddle
The ends will be used for me and Boyer Green at quarterback, pola, the blocking back or fullback and Prechter, the 1,000-yard rusher, pressure on the first down, one yard, Giuliani wins in nose morale and growelius completes the front three. Leigh Johnson pepper Johnson 98 leads a team. in fulfilling tackles, freshmen and komuro. Rogan and White are two freshmen at the corners. Hill and Gordon at second safety and through 27:11 it's supposed to be luck, but it may be unlucky for one of those gentlemen, today here's the 11th brain pitching for the first time. pressure breaks a tackle in for a first down I went to Blair High School, Crutcher here in Pasadena Green play action up the middle Norman should hit that drop First down pressure is when he crosses the 35 yard line holding Pola this time behind green and a pass to the tight end chokes Cormier, that's Cormier on the move, it's a 51-yard chance from Jordan, so USC's all-time record kicker Steve Jordan, the San Francisco senior, has a 51 yard attempt and we have a tied game 852 left in the first period is two Woolridge at the three and avoids disaster after the bobble is tied at three balls at the 15 at the 50 and gets a yard or two at best cases the second leaves buyers wide open on this The side is Carter, the freshman, out of bounds in the 20-foot third and one shoots fighting for the first down at the 26 Woolridge in the game and has traveled 613 yards this year, an average of 5.8 falls again for short yards to the 45. party UCLA 39 Miami 37 developed and throws the ball Mike Lanisha one of the great days in the United States, I think I made a lateral, that ball The mud took hold at the 45-yard line and they came out with a revival on first down at the back 33. of the game the 29 yard line second down five brings the crusher here our first good back is 31 and the movement and pressure goes to the right and has blockers it is tied at 3 420 remaining in the first quarter the Trojans on the drive here it is the full pole- back, a small detour that certainly makes an exceptional player second out of ten for the Trojans, a situation, but they are going to run to the pole and the big rowers ten because the pressure has gone down.
1985 rose bowl 6 ohio state vs 18 usc no huddle

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1985 rose bowl 6 ohio state vs 18 usc no huddle...

The official is a mixed team only four times through the air raids in the first quarter of the Rose Bowl, okay, he looks at the gymnastics boy above him. Jordan was trying to get the point. Ted told him more that please, the Trojans have the lead for the first time, neither team has been here in five years, so it's a new experience. For everyone on the field today, Woolrich won't run him to touch at the 20-yard line, now the buyer will try to change that, but he draws a crowd again and it takes three or four tacklers to take down his fellow Roman number 28. the game for first time running for Ohio State, but they are the buyers with a call and he is again surrounded by 92 Colorado in times that completed more than 58 percent of their throws this year nine of the protectors eliminate the pleasant excitement that 27- A la yard line will be missing a first down as the first quarter comes to an end.
1985 rose bowl 6 ohio state vs 18 usc no huddle
The score here in the 71st renewal of the Rose Bowl classic SC 10 Ohio State 3


games right now, although not practiced, is not a good kick. a line driver aims for 28 30 and leaves the


lines now with that long 50 yard run by fires that run by USC and pass the Trojans, but they trail 10 to 3 and green on the first down from the 37 throwing four long conscious actually cutting in front of where it's second and 10 from the interception SC 37 New Hope led to a Trojan drive for the only touchdown that was scored on a pass from Green to Cormier and Green to throw up the middle has a man at the Ohio State 42 the throw to the cruncher I am not able to turn the corner second and five US to the 36 yard line and call it five green overtakes his man up and over the center penalty called against USC the has forced to go back to third and 22 it's all about a field goal face mask over two extra defenders it's a good play and USA, so today's nation that's been here, what a great day, this is starting with a longing.
1985 rose bowl 6 ohio state vs 18 usc no huddle
I'll be making miniatures all day today, with Tomczak handy, now him. throws long Fork writer with a book shoot gets first his end zone short again not a good kick sticks up the Buckeye 45 and down at the 42 u.s.c leads Ohio State 10 310 22 left in the second quarter first down after of the punt and pressure with a ball Spielman trailer to play that game with Washington and Oklahoma Aaron is forgetting Washington in that photo - Richard at best, if the buckets put some pressure on one of the tight ends, I think It was boyer, the rains emerge with a decisive third attempt for USC and the drive continues this too far, very similar to the one who scored the second and three touchdown without errors and there is the error in the transfer and it occurred to me to compare a verse from Lenise on the back for our luck. or twice in that little inside reverse the official looks worse than the long tomczak buyers, so it's third and 19 he runs away desperately and that will get him back, that's better, aim back to the 18 yard line, always be on the strong side. from the line balance of betrayal second and two just under five minutes left in the half USA with ball and lead of 10 to 3 where 46 doug flutie and boston college defeated houston 45:28 in the Cotton Bowl pretty good hole for 2008 under the 41-yard line, second down and four at the 41-yard line, 39-yard line graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, wow!
Oklahoma and Washington Gun Law area and a first attempt at getting Tomczak buyers hit by the Dell Gallery. Oh, all in all, you know about an All-American, you saw the 55 sacks behind the tackles behind the line, he had another one right there. Quick pitch and completion to Ed Taggart, the tight end forgets third and a short to Fyers. Don't you have Tomczak from USC, a good leader and see what he can do, here he goes with the fifty-two footballs, the Jack Del Rio series that creates the bumblebee. in green with 150 left in his own fighting


Spielman again single pass formation back returns bulletin board fodder for opponent up the middle this benefits his girl when it's a fair catch at the 10 yard line liars second and ten Zach intercepted by Tommy now a Hanes interception USC has the ball inside the 25 Buckeye Brecher driving inside the 20 a gain of five green throws for Timmy where touchdown 19 yards for number 19 anywhere USA goes up 16 to 3 Bob Tucker and his Ohio State defense bet came with Flitz puts man-to-man pressure on the secondary right in the first half today Steve Jordan adds the extra point in the first half Jordan to the buyers and buyers hoping he would get out of the end zone to the 30 but lands in the end zone Tomczak to Carter out of bounds at 43 15 seconds left first down from there 43 I'm Zack eluding the run like an open man Woolridge at 41 of us see there's only eight seconds left and no more timeouts for Tom Zack looking for Lenise, he's got it, he's out of our three seconds, in fact, Lou Groza was one of the great kickers, trailer tutored him for two years. 40 second shot attempt, that's the most emotionally straight, only it's points on the board straight to the high bar. and falling over the uprights 46 yards to Spangler, which is the end of the first half, the Buckeyes can celebrate two field goals, but look at the score they are down 11 as they head to the locker at halftime and kick it with a line drive low USA and look at the 30 nice little inside move by Watson and two interceptions in Ohio State territory led USA two touchdowns we are ahead Cola bird assured in his pressure will be very close as Spielman again another great kick from Richardson and Lenise right at their 17 yard line led the tight end his tiger Mary Walker and Zach in John Woolrich speed runner for the Buckeyes and Tomczak catches him and throws him again and completes the marking, he is not the type of start they wanted for this series.
Believe me under pressure, but very open is Carter and I think the dead yes in the 44 in the 44 for the Buckeyes, here come the buyers, not buyers, standing, but the guys win with a statistical battle but they are behind 17 to 6 seconds and 10 no. win by throwing back and wide open is Mike in and the smart freshmen are at the 21, first down at the 21 and there fullback Barry Walker second down and seven pounds from ACK and looking for six he has Tiger, the sixth , a flag is ready, thanks for getting the offense 15 yards Lenise on the right Carter with six receptions in 125 yards is out of your image to the left of the sideline and appeared to be Taggard the tight end who gets inside the 35 line yards he missed in his career 52 yards is enough it's great by rick spangler so the direct kickers can kick Spengler admiring the new ranks full record 52 yards 3 more points for the Buckeyes ole kicks Tanner and Watts Elbert Watts no he will run it on first down in the 20 485 yards running this year backing up Freddy Crutcher but this is Kennedy pole two try to find a complete running uniform to put pressure on at 4318 seconds and who fell as if he was shot and there he is again Chris Spielman his third and one it seems that he crossed the forty-five minutes and six and a half remaining in the third quarter 17 to nine us leaves rain on first down State Territory for the SC in the quarterback's time SD ran out Yardies for the first time with a Buckeye 43 yard line first down 17 to nine USA King to turn holds 40 runs as a fullback to play with the second two short Green will simply give it to Ryan and they drop him for a loss pepper Johnson found him in the full hole has that broken by Spangler's 52-yard closeout, we're sure we know he could hold up, it's good, isn't it something in 70 previous Rose Bowls no one kicked one over 47, we have 350 more yards ends for the buyers, 22 yard line, Mike Tom, sack the quarterback who is it? 15 of 22 but two passes intercepted today just under 200 yards throwing the ball takes over 22 is the team down by 11 number 46 who gets the call we have to try to try it this way Ohio State uniform on Zach immediately by neo hope If you're not going to study my stop, I'm going to do that, okay, two deliveries and what a kick to the 20-yard line and out of bounds at the ten-yard line for time, with the fans making a lot of noise right now. end of thefield only two strong sides are next to the tight end if there is only one end in this case there is pressure on him but he leads the defense playing with spirit and a fumble apparently they are marking him on third and six Green to cultivate critical first down short peak and that's the end of the third quarter twenty that you come back after these messages lubricant for the closeness and comfort that you want in a shadow and by Wang Wang puts people well in front of computers unless we open this fourth quarter I can see the Buckeye defense tighten up as Anthony Giuliani drags Ryan Knight to lose, it will be a third down and 11 talk about mixed in Moses Green needing 11 for a first down, it's been interesting and we've been a part of That's almost a flock of life.
Liesel Lenise lets it go on Richardson, who has been a very pleasing factor for us, sees the buyers coming in on the past pattern and his fellow winner short to the 33rd intercepted by USC's Tommy with sore hands at the 50th and tackled. at the 48 on the Buckeye sidelines, they want interference just before he gets to the sideline. He is hit by Tommie Haynes, who hit his leg. His teammate fell to the ground and Haynes came up with the ball on the trip to the Buckeyes' end and they tried to The rebirth beyond Nick Norman is deep before some Buckeyes and Julia takes them down on San Diego Green, a quick pop and can't hold on while Cormier Richardson takes a good kick.
Lenise returns. This one is short through and through. It's going to take some good rebounding and Richardson has done that all season, but the Buckeye future looks to be very bright, especially a first-year Spielman, the way he's played today, a lot of things are coming back. I'm Zack again forced to go deep, too far for Carter's buyers. a tie play that makes its way through almost the entire Jack Del Rio farm team making that five the throw is complete and a first city to tie up the attacker you see the influence in the National Football League of the players of the Southern California program Tomczak back to Taggart for short yards hit at 31 here, but we had already secured the Rose Bowl bit, this is the UCLA area, my ears again, buyers now, the old California events, now fourth and one this could be the game and the fires have the first down looking for more finally we had a report earlier that he was over a hundred yards from Tomczak drilling tula.
Good thing, it's snowing again and the next one will be Oklahoma in Washington, number two and three of the Orange Bowl. Tomczak needs something big and there's Carter first, Anna. for the Buckeyes, it's Zack again, it's their tight end, the Tigers, held by the immortal Don Hutson, one hundred and sixty, born Carter, just go as far away from the yard as they can and grab something that should be inside the line of 20 US yards, except red. t-shirts four yards running tomczak getting away from pressure then they get a fumble yes no incomplete they say his arm was going forward from the other side he will come back all the way now he may have started that throwing motion well that's the end zone cutter one hundred and seventy and one I think Beaufort now plays from the end zone throwing an excellent pass through coverage and that Chris Carter has shown us great concentration on fencing skills our record center is open on the right Lenise on the left with richer in the backfield with Tomczak they will run it in two points from the spectator it is against Southern California it is good for two Ohio State 17 once again alive and excited Watson Tanner is deep in Spangler let's name the person who was marked against SC in hip hop lowered Val that second and four beat Stanford 49 to nothing and now game number 71 of the Rose Bowl SC leads 20 to 17 six and a half minutes left Green complete to immediately pressure him at the 35 yard line, look at 15 tackles For Spielman, that's not official. at 7 and 5 game for Pola right here five long rain dances until Cola thing b5 they thought they would get a pretty good field position baixa they know how the state is a thousand covered very quickly they talk about Charles White in SC taking the ball in the final minutes to beat them 17, but here let's see how Ohio State does and Keith Byars trying to write the same script now has 100 yards.
I'm Zack, a lot of pass completions, no, they say that, but it's a big loss for the Buckeyes on third down and Tomczak full length. colonies for the 47 year old wide receivers on the left with Carter on the side of the bar and Lenise on the move their buyers break it, it's average, but the fires and ten floors to this file get it again 17 16 and 18 17 buyers first down clothes they took it out backwards, that's all American 65 225 and missing the first time Tomczak speaks forward to see Carter on the other side multiplied by x-1 and is also looking for Lenise's block.
He now he says there are 118 left. I'm Zack, did he pitch? full ball to buyers out of bounds third and five southern beauty I'm Zack low times no timeouts for Ohio State Tim Green presented to official Rane for Ohio State freshman Chris Carter each player will receive a special trophy in honor to today's team event to the general scholarship funds of the two Universities three-two-one Oh 617 California success of the Rose Bowl and the postseason continues, they win by three Ohio State with record performances but they come out losers and we have another great game in front

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