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1969 Chevrolet Chevelle For Sale

Jun 04, 2021
Welcome to Vanguard Motor Sales, we specialize in buying and selling high quality sports and classic cars. We get new cars every day, so our inventory is constantly changing. If you want to visit our website right now we have over 150 cars in stock press this button at the top if you want to watch a video about us press this button at the bottom now let's go out and see what we have for you today we are out now and we have a Beautiful gift for you today


Tru SS Chevelle and that's it. Splore time baby 454 Merlin motor and this baby dual quads drives amazing you will love this car and if you want to see about a hundred pictures of it visit our website at Vanguard Motor Sales Comm we are a stick baby on the lifts you can see the beautiful underside, we're going to pop the hood, look at that Merlin engine and that fan, we're going to show you the Custom Interior, we're going to show you everything you need to see so you can make a very good decision about your investment in a muscle car, so go ahead, let's fire up this beast.
1969 chevrolet chevelle for sale
Look at this beautiful car. The chrome looks very good. The grill looks very good. The paint job. it's out of the woods it has this ripped look on the paint it's all painted and that's under the clear I think they said seven coats are clear on this baby you can't feel any of those graphics at all the blower shop blowers polished the Demon carbs have gauges under the hood, look at those special billet wheels, Wilwood Brakes, drilled and slotted rotors, all the emblems look good, that tear goes down the side, look at all the highlights in the paint, this paint job It's out of place, super straight. the body has all the chrome looks good look at the door edges here nice attractive rubber looks like the latch was off when they did the restoration which tells me they really cared about what they were doing they took the thing apart door to do the paint, love the wheels and tires, it has great looking chrome on the rear bumper and look at those giant exhaust pipes that engine Merlyn wants to breathe baby and she will breathe through those, look in this trunk haha, we have amplifiers here. we have subwoofers here looks like there's a CD changer there we have some nice upholstery here nice paint on the bottom of the deck lid new rubber all the paint here and the gutter system looks good look at the side of this baby look how nice and straight is that blue paint that just pops up in the sun, the metallic and blue just shine and look at those reflections, the door lips look great here again, the rubber on the door latch looks great now


s Vanguard Motors were not consignment dealers, that means we spent time reviewing these cars before purchasing them.
1969 chevrolet chevelle for sale

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1969 chevrolet chevelle for sale...

We have over 180 cars in stock and we own each and every one of these cars. Now when we return them to the shop, we put them through an inspection process that allows us to answer all of your questions when you call two four eight nine seven four nine five one three now let's take a look at the inside of your custom door panel. This baby, did he take some time? What beautiful work you have, custom rug. we have a tilt column which is an aftermarket column, all polished, custom wheels, custom seats, beautiful console, we have a custom rear seat backrest, there we have the SS stitching, look at the headliner, man it's a suede headliner , looks beautiful, dome lights work, has a custom dash in ER, dash panels in excellent condition, this is just a beautiful car inside and out.
1969 chevrolet chevelle for sale
Now that you've taken a quick look at the car, we'd like to give you the opportunity to jump straight to our website. You can click the right button. top on your left here to do it, if you want to subscribe to our YouTube channel, click the subscribe button and you can see a lot of hot rod videos. Now let's go back and check this car out okay let's take a Chevelle for a ride listen to this baby thing man it's got an awesome exhaust system you can hear the fan singing out front Louie the brakes stop us nice and straight , incredible, drives nice and straight, drives nice and comfortable, drives us well, that car.
1969 chevrolet chevelle for sale
I'm driving to and from work every day, look there's no hands on the wheel accelerating, she's amazing, the throttle response feels completely natural, plus a thousand horsepower, now down here on the dash I have the fuel gauge, voltage gauge, miles per hour, oil pressure, water temperature. the blower motor is running we'll see if the throttle works the throttle works man this is sweet you hear that recap right now. Wow, fantastic now. Vanguard Motor Sales are shipping experts, we can ship this baby anywhere in the world. just call us at two four eight nine seven four nine five one three sorry I'm looking for traffic here to get picked up now Tommy answers his phone seven days a week and practically 24 hours a day that's all you have to do. is to call him he will tell you all about this car now if you get his message be sure to leave him a message he returns all your calls this is just a sweet custom Chevelle interior custom paint obviously custom engine and her.
It drives like a dream and you'll get some attention with this beautiful paint job and that blower sticking out of the HUD. It's about 1/4 throttle. There now we saw about 90% of our cars unseen, but I love visitors so come visit us, give us a call to make sure we have your favorite car here at our main location at 15 100 keel Street. Now stay because we are going to do something you don't usually see. Let's put this baby up in the air so you can see the bottom. Also okay, now we are under this 69 Chevelle. As you can see, the gentleman and build put their heart and soul into this car.
We have a bottom sump here for the tank, we have our air gear lines and pom filters all for the fuel system and it looks like that tank was powder coated and now the frame was powder coated it has a hammered finish like It can be seen. the exhaust system was jet coated and it's three inches guys they look great a hair BFGS we have Wilwood disc brakes here in the rear even the rear ends have that hammered finish it has a big old Moser aluminum cover . Here, these bolts actually put pressure on the main caps to help make everything much stronger.
This is a twelve bolt and has about a 373 gear. Now we have Flowmaster mufflers. Here the Hotchki swing arms, the bottom, the straps and the top, a big old one. stabilizer bar here to keep it nice and stable, as you can see the car was under plating, there is no evidence that any work was ever done to the floor or anything on the car, these are all original floors to the car, you can see the electrical dumps, so if I want to open this baby and open the heads right here, hit a switch under the dash and you're opening the heads.
We have new brake lines that run from front to rear. There are those fuel lines that run from front to back. The battery cable goes from the front. Back here, the two inch tube headers have a transluminal turbo 400, let's see there's a Merlin engine up front making all that power. Wood breaks on the front, drilled and slotted rotors. The war control arms are all hammer finished and we also have new bushings. up front here also on the lower control arms big sway bar up front big aluminum radiator on this baby I transcooler up front here too it's a beautiful car you can tell they really poured their heart and soul into this baby what a beautiful job they did built this car, let's look at the wheels and tires next to that thousand horsepower in the front, these Billet Specialties wheels are probably the best thing about this car, look at all the machine work there, it looks like a gem.
I love you, you are served. They are highly polished, absolutely beautiful, you can see those Wilwood disc brakes. Now we've got some BF G's up front and there's the teen size 245 48 up front, let's check out the rears, same beautiful wheels, same beautiful Will woods. and the size we have more meat back here 285 48 teenagers back okay it's time to look at the horse in front let's lower this thing and take a look at the Merlin engine here you are guys there's the gem of this car right? here and sitting on top is this blower from the blower shop, it's an 871.
I've got a couple of 750 demons sitting on top putting in the fuel. It has some aluminum valve covers and a chrome alternator. You can see the hammer finish on the frame. It's lovely. paint job on the inner fenders here the firewall looks good there's an aerodynamic system here feeding fuel to these monsters the Merlin engine we have all the specs we have a ton of receipts on the car it's cast iron heads on it 2 inch headers beautiful radiator a good setup here on the cooling fans are all electric the car has power steering she has manual brakes and this thing will stop on a dime she actually has a I forgot we have a power brake system from a late model car so What you have power brakes on your MSD looks like a distributor and a coil that is putting the spark into it.
This baby is a beast. You've seen us drive it. She drives like a Sunday. driver but she will rip out the back tires. What you have to do is step on the accelerator. It's a blast to drive, so call us at two four eight nine seven four nine five one three and let Vanguard Motor Sales put this on. monster in your driveway, okay, we've made it super easy for you, click on any of these five images here and it will take you right to whatever your interest is. We'll give you about 30 seconds here to click on them. images if you need more time just go back to the video and click on the image you

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