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1911 vs 1911 A1

Jun 06, 2021
Haycock 45, what are you looking at? I think you are looking at a pair of beautiful


s and they are beautiful. The better question is if they are really from


. Well, let's talk about it, let's photograph one of them first like this, it actually is. a 1911 I'm going to shoot where it says 1911 or try that lens, okay, now if it still works. 1911 interesting, ok 1911 vs 1911 a1, well first of all what the heck is a 1911 when you hear someone mention a 1911? What could they mean? They could mean several things well or when you use the term obviously or I use the term, I tend to refer to a firearm like this, 1911 design and whatever size, when it was made, you know, depending on the discussion, okay but yeah a person could refer to 1911 versus 1911 a1 someone could refer to a full size government model every time they say 1911 you know they could just refer to an old 1911 that was made between 1911 and about 1924 a antique military firearm that was made within that time period, you know, yeah, who knows most people, I think they refer to these farms as just some kind of 1911 style pistol, although we don't say style, you know, gun, maybe, so we want to clear up some of that and the other thing is you.
1911 vs 1911 a1
You could go the other way, you could be at a gun show or somewhere and I don't know, you're asking about a 1911 there or you're showing someone here a 1911 and you're going to trade for something, maybe it's a new one. Spring Flood Gun Shop and you're talking to someone about trading up for a firearm he has and he goes super purist, nasty, nerdy on you and tells you it's not a 1911, thank you, don't listen to him, a 1911. he has It has to be an old military pistol from a 1913 or 1912 or something, so it runs the gamut and most of us who have studied these firearms extensively, the 1911 style pistol, we don't know all of them, but we know it existed. the real gun. 1911 that came out and was modified in the '20s, 1920s and that's mainly what I want to talk about here because there weren't many changes.
1911 vs 1911 a1

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1911 vs 1911 a1...

Look I took this shot with all the master, yes I did, okay I pulled the trigger, this one has no ammo in it, so what are the differences between 1911 and 1911 a1? Many of you already know this, but many of you probably don't know the differences and I could go deeper, there were also real transition weapons. as they normally are when changes are made in the production of firearms it is not as if one day they made one like this the next day they are exactly like that you have leftover parts I have an ar-15 that is a transitional ar-15 is also an egg, come on it looks like a mix of 1 and 18 for the same reasons yeah so what are the basic differences between now and when I say in original 1911 I mean the first ones that were made? 1911 and then until about 1924 1924 was kind of the beginning of the a1, okay, but again there were transitional weapons, there was a period of time when they were working on some modifications and then about 20 were made for most of them, I think Colt made about 10,000 of them that year were like that, okay, so the difference is four or five differences and there may be some other subtle differences that you're aware of.
1911 vs 1911 a1
I'll go over the main differences, the biggest one, the one you can see. and see the flat mainspring housing on the originals well they are both original well this is the original cut but on the first 1911 flat mainspring housing and then when they came out with the a1 they did what they know , they put a raised mainspring housing and it's a little serrated there, well that was a big change, there was criticism that people were shooting them from below and mostly new shooters I think, but they were shooting them from below and they put this there, as I understand it, to force you to hold down. the gun up a little bit and it wasn't as likely to shoot low that's the theory, that was the plan for me.
1911 vs 1911 a1
I prefer the flat spring housing and it's actually funny because I think most people now prefer that most not all Depends on your hand size and all experience but most competition guns have spring housings flats and it's one of the first things I do in any 1911. I'm going to shoot a lot, no I won't because it's a real world war. 2 gun, how am I going to start changing it? I love a flat mainspring housing, but they went to that and your WWII government model, you know it's going to have a raised mainspring housing like that. Okay, you notice the trigger too.
The trigger on the originals, the early ones were a longer trigger and when they made the changes around 1924, they went to a shorter trigger and you also know it's not as rated, but it's got bumps, there's serrations there, okay, get a bit. friction, so a shorter trigger, okay, that's another thing I don't like. I like the long trigger. This is the configuration. My favorite long trigger. Flat mainspring housing. This gun feels better. So when they fixed it they didn't fix everything for me. This seems much better to me, this firearm is fine, so the mainspring that houses the trigger, the long trigger, is fine now again, this is not to say that you buy or see a bunch of 1911s, go to any gun store and there's about 15 or 20 of them they'll all be different configurations, new, you know, there's whatever the main factor puts on them, okay, another change was the beaver tail, well, it's the actual safety spike, the we'll call it C, the safety of the grip safety the Tang is not very long on this thing and you notice that it is longer on this a1 ok, this Colt destiny 1 both are Colts, it is an a1 and it is a little longer now it is not yet what we would call a true beaver tail.
I guess what you see in a lot of competition guns are just new firearms, it's not as comfortable with some of them, but the main thing is that you don't get the hammer bite that you get with this now, that's an improvement for sure . It's because you have a pretty big hammer spur and you can see your skin crawling there. If you have normal sized hands you can get a hammer bite and I don't look like God. I guess I didn't understand it, maybe a little. About that, those few shots I fired, but if I shoot this thing with three or four magazines, it's going to hurt right there.
It's as simple as that and that was a major criticism. There were many people suffering from that hammer bite or pinch. There you can see now it doesn't look like there's much room there, but you see when the slide comes all the way back and pushes it down, pushes it, yeah, like that against your skin and it catches. a piece of your skin there, okay, I don't know how you can design this God and not discover that before. I also read that what's that guy's name, John Browning, he was actually involved in the design changes on this and helped with that even though it was kind of a field issue resulting from criticism of the field and cavalry from different people , but he was there at the Colt factory, you know, helping with that, you know how true that is, so it was a big improvement.
Right there I like that improvement, something else a little more subtle, the cutout where they alleviate this, look that on the A1 you don't have that cutout in the early 1911, now this is a replica from the beginning of 1911. This is the Colt replica, it's like them, it's not original so it's more squared off on both sides you see so they went ahead and started machining the frames on both sides to make it for comfort and also if you have hands Small ones, essentially, you know, shorten the distance to the trigger; think about it, so if you have very small hands you know you're not reaching that big 2x4 there.
I guess it's not a problem, that's another thing. Which isn't a problem for me I guess maybe it's a little more comfortable there, it's cool looking so I don't know to what extent it's an improvement but it doesn't eliminate or cause any problems. I know it makes it look cool, so that cutout in the frame, so we've got the mainspring that houses the cutting trigger, we've got the extended safety tang, what am I forgetting? Well, the sights are slightly improved, not much really, most can. I don't notice any difference, the rear sights are a little higher, it has a slightly bigger cutout, you probably can't see the changes in the sights, even a subtle change is a big difference of course, and the knot on the a1 on my right. and my right one has a little bigger opening there so that's good, the front sight is supposed to be a little bigger but it's a little better attached as I understand they lost some of them, they would come off and so That changed the way it was attached, I think I made it a little bigger.
No, it may be a little wider. Okay, I don't think it's any taller, maybe that's why the improvement in eyesight was subtle and it wasn't until years later. I know cold launch and other manufacturers, a real view that you could actually capture in a combat view like most of us liked, but you know, it serves the purpose, okay, so what I leave out is the mainspring, the trigger, the tang, the cutouts on the sides there are five. One of the biggest differences is the grips, a little different of course when you get to World War II.
Now, in 2425, in the mid-20s, they still used wooden grips, but I think they stopped putting diamonds on them because, not to be mistaken, there was a different design there. I think another subtle difference might be the sliding stop there. I think it was a little bit different, there's not a lot of different sales so some of those things aren't as important and that's basically the biggest thing, the biggest changes and that's where you explain why. You see, most of the 1911s you see are fine, they are basically the a1 and unless someone is making one with these features and generally the only reason they make it is like Colt did with this one.
I had this can for fifteen years, whatever they came out with this reintroduction we call a replica because it's made by Colt. Just as they were one day, but like a reintroduction. It was a limited edition World War II model. it's more of the 1918 World War I model and that's a good reason to do it right because that's what you're doing: you're making a World War I model, a real 1911, a pure 1911 and so Also, not having those safety pins extended is a bit annoying. because you're going to bite a hammer, I'm telling you if this wasn't an exact replica and such a nice looking firearm, I'd be tempted to put a commander hammer on this thing or shorten the hammer because if I had a commander hammer that's shorter and it wouldn't be a bite on the trigger, you know, with it, a hammer bite discipline, this farm would look like a million bucks to me and it would be my favorite full size government model, you know, full size, 1911. it would be my favorite, it's one of my favorites as it is and I'm going to shoot it and every time I pick it up, it just, that thing feels good if I hold my hand right.
The hammer doesn't bite me if I stick my thumb in. so I can shoot it. I've been doing that, but I can. I could shoot it without having to grab the hammer, but if I get some kind of grip like that, I'll get the hammer to bite me, so I can see why. there were a lot of complaints about that, and that's the difference and I'll shoot the feds a little bit here. We appreciate the feds providing the ammo and the support we get from them and Bud's gun shop so check out the people supporting us folks at the federal level and why don't I photograph this?
I know you want me to photograph a set of false teeth, let's give it a whack. I took a couple of photos, okay, this is a gem, this is from World War II, vintage nineteen, 143 and it's a. one of my favorites of course Colt the first day okay oh my gosh I can't believe I'm dirtying both firearms for all of you let's put a couple on the a1 parts there I can go and they both work they both do the job because the 1911 is a wonderful piece of hardware, whether or not you want to carry something.
I mean, these things are beautiful, so much history. I consider them a bit like a Colt Single Action Army in a way, just the masterpieces feel great, the ergonomics are wonderful. I feel a little sorry for people who hate these things to the point that they will never have one that you don't have to carry, it doesn't have to be your favorite gun, many firearms involved in our hobby, which many of us take into account that we're not necessarily going to take the fight, okay, just for the history, they're just wonderful vintage 1911 firearms, so if you're in an argument or an argument with someone, hopefully, that helps you a little bit. 1911 might be that one on the table pretty much ok 1911 in 1911 a1 again most of us are just referring to a 1911 stop pistol and we know what we're talking about so I hope that helps make life good since I'm still here.
Let me thank SDI for all their help. SDI is a fully accredited online gunsmithing school. Check them out at SDI dot edu. We would also like to thank Bud's Gun Shop andFederal Premium for all your support. You can find us at full30 now too. You can find the links to our Facebook pages and the other YouTube pages and the description of any video, so I invite you to check the description and each video, where you will find what you need to know and you better do it. he

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