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18 Acertijos de viaje para agudizar tu mente

Jan 02, 2022
and I isolated myself they are best friends they decided to spend the summer holidays together in italy they were very lucky to buy cheap plane tickets their flight was the sisa m unfortunately when the girls arrived at the airport they realized it was not the right one now they have two options number on 100 dollar high speed train to go to the correct airport or stay here and buy tickets for a 400 dollar flight they should choose the second option on the wall clock it's 955 am boarding for your flight is over no they will make it even if they take a high-speed train from me they bought new tickets for her they went to the airport restaurant for coffee but a strange detail scared kim she suggested they leave the place asap what kim saw this woman over there is a zombie walk how he got past security when it finally came time to board the plane it turned out that there were no more seats left in economy class kimi and giles were given she offered to fly business class there the girls saw three people when the flight attendant served her fresh juice she whispered kim and haha ​​they were very lucky they were about to travel with a famous italian billionaire can you guess which one of these passengers is the billionaire this glamorous lady is a good candidate but a billionaire is highly unlikely to wear a 100 polyester coat this guy's business suit is very smart but look at his shoes they look pretty cheap and worn this funny gentleman must be the real billionaire though letting go is quite a bit casual her gold watch looks very expensive the glamorous lady started chatting with kim and so she told them that she recently visited an exotic sight with her friends then she showed the girls some pictures when the lady went to the bathroom ashley whispered to kim this woman is a liar photoshopped this image how ashley knew it was through the shadows all they look natural except this one the glamorous lady took a sip of her juice and started coughing she suddenly passed out and fell into the billionaire's arms he was about to scream for help but who stopped him saying the woman was faking like she found out look at the contents of her bag it's full of pictures and magazine articles about the billionaire she also has a tattoo of his portrait on her leg this woman is obsessed with going to lunch and the billionaire offered her not to play here a set there were three boxes one of them contained food there was a note on each box but only one of them was true can you help kim find out which box has food inside if the food is in the first box there are two true statements and if the food is in the third box there are also two true statements but only one statement is true that's why the food can only be in the second box that opened the box for me and a food d eliciosa and a bank card the billionaire said congratulations you won five million dollars enjoy your trip kim and so they landed in rome and went to get their luggage resolved that ashley had a suitcase the same as two other passengers and they had a little fight you can help distribute the three suitcases among these people the first suitcase belongs to this woman it is covered with her dog's hair the second suitcase has traces of a star-shaped sticker you probably noticed it before in the asia bag and the third suitcase belongs to this man like kim and ashley now they were very rich they decided to find a real estate agent who could help them rent a luxurious villa they wanted to spend their vacations there the agent showed them three houses you can help the girls choose the best one there are cockroaches in the first one house we were very nice neighbors the second house is too old there is a crack in the wall that does not seem safe and the third it was home it looks pretty good as for the pool it can be cleaned easily kim and hassli left the villa and went sightseeing when they returned they found that someone had stolen their passports from the safe the young women called the police who questioned three suspicious the boss was too busy making dinner for kim and ashley the cleaner took care of the pool all day and the gardener said he had been planting flowers outside i didn't notice anything suspicious who is lying the gardener and he planted the flowers where the police are he returns their passports here i isolated myself and arrested the gardener the next day the girls went shopping the vendors wanted to take advantage of the naive rich tourists and offered them expensive souvenirs only one of the three items is a good deal can you guess which one throws a look at this venetian mask it says made in china which means this mask can't be real this magnet is very low quality the word italy is written with a mistake it cannot cost 100 dollars this blue cheese does not look fresh but it is normal for this type of product this delicacy is the only thing that chemists can buy you here for a fair price the girls went to a local museum and they got lost in its corridors they found a strange basement with three doors there was a time portal to the middle ages behind the first door behind the second door there was an evil mummy she cursed anyone who bothered her finally the third door was protected with a alarm system the laser cut everything it touched the laser beams which door should the girls choose the second one the mummy sleeps peacefully inside his sikkim sarcophagus and so they are quiet and do not approach they can simply walk past him when the girls came out they saw a crowd of reporters around the museum someone had stolen the most expensive painting police questioned three suspects giovanni the cleaner said o that he was washing the bathroom when the robbery occurred luca the museum guide saw a suspicious woman with a large folder not far from the crime scene and bianca the suspicious woman was just drawing sketches as part of her art school homework who is lying luca has a rolled up canvas under his shirt kim and ashley went to a restaurant to enjoy the local cuisine but noticed a vampire among the visitors so the girls decided to leave which visitor is the vampire this old lady is wearing sunglasses for the night also has no shadow after mine took a boat trip a local photographer took a photo and printed it on two similar t-shirts then offered the girls to buy these souvenirs but who noticed three differences between these images you can also see them here are the young women arrived at a bakery that prevented a salad and coffee while ashley wanted to eat something sweet the barista offered her three options s help ashley make the right decision has anyone already tried this cupcake ants live inside this donut probably not very fresh but this croissant is safe the color green is pistachio frosting gnome at night and i isolated myself they arrived at the mansion they found the landlord and he was furious he hadn't received any rent payment because kim's card already presented by the billionaire was blocked suddenly they heard the latest news on tv some scammers had robbed the billionaire all his accounts were empty three people com


d about the situation the billionaire's driver said that his boss had many enemies the billionaire's girlfriend complained that now she could even afford a new haircut and the personal assistant said that they would try to return the money soon let her know for sure that one of them he was hiding something but who the girlfriend if she had no money because she left the bo Utique with so many purchases the owner of the mansion offers Kim a deal and so if they manage to prepare my favorite cocktail I will forget about their debt the girls had no other choice so they accepted the man gave them the recipe but the last ingredient was coded you can guess what ingredients if you mix blue and yellow you will have green so the ingredient must be green grapes the next morning kim and so they woke up locked in a room with two doors as the only way out if they chose the wrong door they would stay in the room forever and if they chose the right door they would end up with a lot of jewelry money and designer clothes that would suffice for the rest of their lives two guards stood in front of them one guard always lied while the other always told the truth kim and ashley didn't know their identities the girls could only ask one question that they should ask and the question should be if he asked the other guard what ue which door leads to the treasures he would say if they ask the guard who always tells the truth he would say the other guard will point to the wrong door and if they ask the liar he will also point to the wrong door in any case both guards pointed to the wrong door then kim and ashley should choose the other door
18 acertijos de viaje para agudizar tu mente

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