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16 Pounds At 5 Years Old: The Sickening Case of Cali Anderson

Apr 26, 2023
plan: a baby would bring them even closer together and the already volatile situation would continue its trajectory towards inevitable disaster despite whatever fears Tyler might have felt that he went along with Adriana's plans. The medication was probably the reason she was able to get pregnant so she stopped taking it and before we got married in 2014. So in January she got pregnant. It is not known if Adriana gradually stopped taking the medication. she was supposedly taking under a doctor's orders, it's important to note that suddenly stopping medications prescribed to treat mental health disorders can be dangerous and can cause a sharp increase in symptoms.
16 pounds at 5 years old the sickening case of cali anderson
The first child shared by Abriana and Tyler was born on Halloween 2014. It wasn't a coincidence that shortly after Tyler got home from work to find Cali exhibiting noticeable injuries like her father, you know things got drastically worse over time, although Adriana's story was a little different. The Ugly Truth was starting to look different so if bad mouthing you want to put it in your mouth safe and tell yourself not to answer discipline however you should never leave a bruise on a child research shows that physical punishment such as spanking or hitting has been linked to increased negative child behaviors including aggression that's what you know that's because that's how I was right so I just deviate from how I was raised Adriana is clearly agitated her attitude is confrontational and defensive shows clear signs of discomfort rubs arms, which is a self-soothing movement used by people who are beginning to experience increased anxiety.
16 pounds at 5 years old the sickening case of cali anderson

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16 pounds at 5 years old the sickening case of cali anderson...

Tyler blames the abuse on Averiana as the primary caretaker; however, as her father, he is legally and morally obligated to protect her daughter and remove her from an abusive environment. Tyler wasn't the only one to take note of Cali's injuries, her aunt Maylene eventually contacted CPS, claiming to have observed firsthand the physical abuse and neglect inflicted on the girl who was just three


old at the time she was killed. This particular chain of events began in April 2015 when Tyler returned home from a day of attending classes at the university to find something quite disturbing. It was a terrible sight.
16 pounds at 5 years old the sickening case of cali anderson
Cali's little hand had been badly burned when Tyler allegedly asked how it had happened. the injury Adriana claimed that the water was too hot that morning when she had washed Cali's hands the explanation was completely implausible, it was not an honest mistake, but an intentional cruel act, so she tells me that I have to tell my family that it was my fault, you know that I was the reason because if I don't care, they I already think she means that they are going to think that she is abusive, right? They are too kind. They are too soft with their children.
16 pounds at 5 years old the sickening case of cali anderson
They are too weak. maybe and then, you know, my aunt asked about the hand injury and so I said, I was hoping to go in and put my hand in the water number, no wonder Tyler's Aunt Maylene didn't buy a story at all. A few months later, at another family reunion on Oct. 10, May and other relatives were surprised to see that Cali appeared to have lost a significant amount of weight since they last saw her in July, according to May Lane. She was seen Cali devouring food even eating from dishes that belonged to others. That's when Malene contacted CPS in mid-October 2015.
CPS met Tyler and Adriana at her home true to form. Adriana asked Tyler to take the fall for Cali's hand injury once again. I looked up how to heal a third degree burn okay I did everything I said she's busy doing okay the fact that averiana manipulated Tyler into taking responsibility for his daughter's burned hand and Tyler agreeing to lie to his family and CPS shows the dynamics of their relationship and if true, how he potentially favored his wife over the well-being of his own son, in addition to concerns about potential abuse, Tyler's family was also concerned that Cali wasn't being fed, hey, her people and her family had said that she wasn't eating enough or something and I think that's another reason they called but why would they say that?
I guess because she was skinny, but then that was an extreme understatement. plaque she clearly was not being abused you guys can't judge a book by its cover you know just because that doesn't mean I was abusing my daughter because she is disciplined and that's what I told the people at CPS who talked to her and looked when she checked her of course everything was fine you know i'm just disciplining i'm just a little snap ok you know they're making it look like i'm hitting her or what about me. no no no no family you know they would always be like oh I was abusing her oh she's depressed stuff we need to send CPS there that's how the typical drama went yeah you know two days later , so CPS ended up leaving you, you know what they say, okay we don't.
If you see any signs of abuse that you know of because actually the report described the findings as inconclusive, it also stated that the concern was that Tyler and Averyana were using inappropriate or excessive discipline methods, the report was spot on, but CPS deals with the The Andersons were discontinued, things were building towards a horrible end in the time that followed, but Tyler gives more insight into the terrible things that were going on behind the locked doors of that apartment, of course he refused to blame their own actions. time when Adriana allegedly lost her temper for no apparent reason and kicked him and Cali out of the house late one night, according to Tyler, this was a common occurrence, baby with you of course, it should be noted that Tyler was well aware of this kind of insulting a record of text messages within the lead detective's narrative confirms it he continues with the details of the physical abuse Cali would encounter at the hands of averiana she would use brushes and cones you know she would kiss she would have thought you know i have sovereign you know her as time passed, the cruel acts that averyana inflicted on Kali continued to increase in severity.
Tyler tells of one particular night when he came home from work to what could only be described as a terribly harrowing site, and yet the question of why remains unanswered for now keep in mind that Maverick is the alleged family dog ​​that Tyler claimed Adriana wanted and then left her care solely to Tyler, he was kept in a kennel in the master bathroom in Anderson's apartment apparently this was the alternative to inflicting another physical abuse on Cali, since Tyler supposedly she had told Avrianna not to use her hands or objects as punishment towards Cali, what is she doing?
She's not crying, she's not crying and she's not hurt. The brother of pleasure Tyler seems to hide his eyes from her, which could be an indication of deceit or it could be that he doesn't want to see the detective's reaction to what he is divulging. His claims about Averyana. The behavior suggests that she is unstable and impulsive. This may indicate the presence of a personality disorder such as this extreme behavior suggests that Adriana lacks empathy and remorse and has a poor moral conscience ultimately we see the abusive behavior continue to head in a tragic direction the detectives return to a troubling topic they had passed previously overlooked Cali whereabouts unknown because she would stay with her mother you know things like that contrary to what Adriana claims Cali is known to never stay with Tyler's family things start to get problematic for Adriana they change to Tyler and his involvement or lack thereof in the household. since he's been working two jobs, the fact that Tyler is away from home for so many hours of the day, Cass doubts aviana's claims that he was her daughter's primary caretaker, things just don't add up, when did they last speak? to Tyler today Adriana called Tyler around one earlier that afternoon she just woke up she just happened to be sleeping after her most recent round of coke you asked her where she was no no no she didn't care I mean it was actually TBH shows that I really just wanted to go back to sleep, so Tyler told you to come home. no but the detectives know that definitely wasn't the


as they appear to have hit a wall they light a small fire under Adriana we just got more information we got some information more information um David talking to Tyler , okay, your daughter what she was not. at someone else's house, she was in her apartment all last week and all this time since you moved here, okay?
So what? So yes, she is living with you, right? There are five of you, but she doesn't seem to be in phase despite your questions. The detectives already know that the girl has passed away. What they don't yet know is what caused her death and to what extent Adriana was involved. They also need to determine the disturbing motive behind it. death quickly touch on another important element of the


they are methodically building recently um they got them checked out by the doctor's office for anything no everything recently yes she is five although yes when was the last time went to some kind of physical exam or some kind of thought, of course, Adriana has another?
Excuse me why everything has gone sour, she adds an interesting detail to her account of recent events of hers, which is why she has been absent lately. Do you remember having something? I was there ok no like what is going on in your mind i was just informed of a lot of things ok i feel like i have no one to talk to ok let's listen to you right now because i wanted Coca-Cola ok it's It is possible that Adriana's confession is her way of trying to deflect responsibility or explain her neglect of her children in Cali.
The detective is leaning into Adriana now and has his elbows on his knees. This is done to show that he is committed and that he wants to try to get him to mirror this open behavior. Often suspects will assume this position when they confess. Adriana doesn't confess, but she does explain more about the recent role of cocaine in her life. we used to do that and I felt connected to him, so when that makes me feel connected to my husband, you and Tyler do a lot of coke lately, we've been good, it usually happens after you guys do that kind of thing, um, we talked. as she makes a powerful statement when she reveals the dire condition of their relationship, drug use which she says has recently become a regular habit only adds more fuel to the already raging fire, however this is a common theme in relationships between addicts when they are They do not use, they have nothing to connect them, Tyler's version is different, there is much more to these alleged drug-induced conversations than uniting 20 foreign descendants, these are not the only times that Adriana she confesses her deepest, darkest, most horrible secrets, in fact, she also makes a shockingly damning statement to the police i mean she's not fat they see my four year old son he doesn't ask my kids to see marcus but i think what are tyra's jeans but you'll see us we're both short so i don't know but yeah she had chicken eating normally i would say she would be fine after such a lapse it's clear adriana knows a lot more than she's letting on how much she knows That's the million dollar question but the detectives are determined to get to the bottom, soon feeling it's time to try a different tactic.
This will surely discourage Adriana. he's saying and if we're going to accept what he's saying and just his side of the story, um, that's not fair to you when the detective tries to turn Adriana against Tyler, he's using a selfish tactic meant to motivate Adriana to tell her side of the story, as Adriana and Tyler are the only people alive who know the truth behind Cali's death. Adriana has to wonder if Tyler is really talking and if I'm the bad mom. We're trying to look at you and find out what his sign is. because there are always two sides to a story, the question he asks the detective in response to her statement clearly shows his apprehension and his reaction is definitely not lost on The Detectives, the detective doesn't answer Adriana's question, but changes the subject and asks about how long he's been away they suspect there's a direct correlation between his supposed disconnection and Cali's death you've been offline in the past how many what would you say weeks months or something significant or something you're engaging with your fingers like okay since this time it's been so many months so what's that how many months and then really after I had my son okay okay Adriana and Tyler's second child was born the previous October six months early it seems like those last few months have been quite a whirlwind a new baby plus two other young children to care for and at the same time balance a dark undercover detectives are starting to make some headway Adriana's story has suddenly changed now she claims that in recent months Cali has been complaining about stomach ache andshe was throwing up about twice a month of course they didn't take her to a doctor for any kind of evaluation oh looking at what she ate Tyler brings us back to April just a few weeks before the police were dispatched to the unit Joe's storage room and give him her tally of Cali's recent health issues, you know I can figure it out just fine, so how do you tune out and let everyone else deal with her? her health was not so good lying to me being the reasons for her health I guess the detectives are now establishing and recording Adriana's knowledge that Cali had potentially developed a disease recently and averyana did nothing to help her and obviously there was no home remedy that could saving Cali the detectives apply more pressure as they deal with Adriana they've gotten tired of going around in circles with her so an important question too since we've asked and lost you know I'm going to ask you if we're here I'm going to ask you where your daughter is .
I don't know. This is what you told us. I took her to California that's why I'm asking you to come back here without your daughter why don't you go back to your daughter you come back with you come back but you don't come back to her why we see the detectives use a step of the reading technique known as positive confrontation here when they confront to Adriana with the fact that they know Cali didn't come back from California, she averts her gaze and stays silent if she really had nothing to do with Cali's disappearance she probably would. i have flatly denied it instead of sitting quietly while averiana seems to be contemplating something maybe a confession she raises the next question yes yes and my concern tyler would be if he is saying something that is putting you on that is my concern so I want to understand what you are doing.
I want to get your version and your side independently. The detectives finally make it known that their act isn't working, and like Adriana, they're also privy to some horrendous information. about the bags no no tomorrow me about the storage unit we know about the storage unit we know about your trip there is no turning back at this point it is out in the open now that day or that night whatever you say happened the idea of ​​revealing what happened with Cali seems to show real emotion, but it may be that Adriana is only worried about herself and is aware that she will probably go to jail after this interview.
The latter is a more likely explanation given her behavior up to this point. It is also likely that she is thinking. from hers two biological children from hers, as she knows she risks never being able to see them again, whatever the explanation, we'll finally hear two accounts of the recent events surrounding little Kelly's death. Unspeakable details will be brought to light, but the lack of consensus between the stories will leave you reeling wondering where the horrible truth really lies, please be careful, the details you are about to hear are quite disturbing. WrestleMania five around five Tyler goes on to list the chores he did upon getting home including cleaning up afterwards and walking the foreign dog it was amazing it was complete chaos as Tyler describes it between his attempts to administer CPR the dogs came in In a panic, they barked and the other two children screamed for their parents behind a closed bedroom door.
I told him he's not working now when you're calling an ambulance to tell someone my hands are hurting everyone you know I can't go to prison you know if you call him Angela I'm killing you you know you have to save your daughter you know CPR you know that you're certified you have a card you know you have to save time because because he said he knew CPR he said he knew CPR you always talked about it um yeah I have my CPR card or whatever you called it if someone calls 9-1-1 , family or friends, why not?
So I grabbed my phone. She came out of the pantries or on the wall and there is a pencil, whatever. Tyler later claimed that he tried to leave the apartment to get help. a neighbor but Adriana blocked the door and prevented her from leaving tomorrow although but we had eh when I start to do the hour and a half in those three hours I don't know it was too late but in the end I didn't just put my In the ear of her heart, you know, no I know, there was a lot going on, but she was dead, she said, you know, so you don't cry, it was my fault.
Adriana stepped away and checked the other kids right now uh don't take care of that Let It Be so you wouldn't put her in the bag she told you what she was going to do Adriana attended to her boys while he put Cali in the bag she wanted uh relax there and then she called me there so explain to us what was the game plan or what was what did you guys come up with was there really a plan? plan you know that this year I need help you know even though after a plan from God you know even though Tyler and Adriana allege that there really was no plan to handle the situation initially the efforts to cover up Cali's death began immediately they began to remove evidence from her house, including the rug Cali was lying on during supposed CPR and a sweater of Tyler's that he put over her when she was confirmed dead so I figure things out and throw them somewhere and she's not going to let me stay Why do not you do it. don't trust me you know she thinks i'm going to call the police and she said you have to come with me so i know you won't turn me in you know to make matters worse they have the audacity to leave their little kids and babies alone in apartment;
In addition, Tyler admitted to tampering with evidence by dumping the items in a dumpster. The horror continued in the days after Cali's death. Tyler claims that the day after Cali's death, Adriana had come up with a plan to cover it all up, and because he's about to hear that he's absolutely diabolical under a bridge, he knows that Tyler is rationalizing his behavior, but his claim that he did not feel that he or his children were safe does not fit. with going along with Adriana's plan to dispose of the boy's remains if you find that plan disturbing you will be horrified by aviana's ideas that came next even if we see it right on the trains they can still identify the idea that Adriana allegedly invented such barbaric ways to dispose of Cali's body is beyond comprehension.
She even came up with a morbid plan to make sure Tyler wouldn't abandon her or give her up during the interval between Cali's death and her body being left in the storage units, so if you try. whatever I'm going to be able to call the police and tell them that you don't buy your trunks that's why you keep the body and go to work that's better I guess that's their version of having influence over you correct and not call the police police and ample opportunity to do that's right that's right okay well she's staying home and holding her kids hostage that's how you're looking at it okay Cali's body remained in Tyler's vehicle for over two weeks Al Adriana had apparently poured carpet deodorizer over the receptacles that held her tiny body odor.
Okay, she worked. The disgusting situation was taking its toll on Tyler. through and took the container explains what came next this is trying to buy time and what he came up with a contact someone I know who I know we will know something is wrong with me you know what I said no because we know he could tell something was wrong wrong and I asked him I asked questions that raised a red flag for him to start saying something was up that's the only thing I could come up with and it's a big risk taking you back with me I mean again, I'm not the religious police here, but i'm not happy but what's the plan?
I just had a strong belief that he would. Tyler's story continues down the same illogical path that he has been traveling. The detective questions why Tyler returned to Sacramento the next day. Cali's remains were located in Joe's unit, okay, but what's his reason for going there on the day you guys guard, okay, whatever you call it? He had a strong feeling that he would look at night or the next day because of the bread crumbs. when you write the suspicions i'm raising your daughters worried she's there so wondering what the hell is going on so i knew anyone looking i would really love it so you were counting on getting caught that day. victim of the situation, but it's clear he was deeply involved after famine doesn't happen overnight; in fact, the CPS investigation confirms that there were concerns that Cali had been malnourished


before she died.
The evidence clearly suggests that this was not an accident or illness. but rather a calculated plan In addition to the information detectives gleaned from the CPS report and interrogations, two compelling Witness accounts emerged that revealed the horrifying true story about what really happened to Cali behind the closed doors of Cali's apartment. Aviana and Tyler. It all started when Jayla, an old friend of Adriana's, traveled to Reno for a visit in early December 2017. Excited, yes, except that Tyler left some important elements out of his story. Investigators said she saw her children in the apartment, but she never got a good look. in an attempt to release nervous energy he becomes uncomfortable talking about where Cali supposedly was during this visit, okay, do you ever see the dog because we just got it and she wasn't very friendly at the time?
The family dog ​​is very different. Did you have the children? He's so sweet, but you get the money. Tyler's claims that his dog was kept caged in the bathroom and that a guest at the house never saw or heard him. It is impossible. Detective delves into the question of Cali's whereabouts during Jayla's visit I slept through all hours of the day when I was there but still stayed over yeah yeah chew us out in the morning okay that was about a month later Jayla spoke to the detective about Cali's body being found. The story was chilling.
Jayla stayed in the apartment for only one night, but that was more than enough time to see that things were terribly wrong in the apartment's two bathrooms. She was only allowed in as she is in the master bedroom. The other bathroom was strictly closed. limits as Tyler and Adriana housed their vicious dog, a Maverick, within the confines of their walls, at least that's the excuse Tyler and Adriana had come up with according to Jayla. It's interesting to note that this completely conflicts with Rihanna's earlier statement that Maverick is the little Boy and great with kids. Jayla never saw the dog or heard any noise from it while she was there.
She didn't see Kali either, but she did see Tyler and Adriana's little children, whom Adriana adored. Jayla witnessed the fact that Adriana harbored hatred towards Leiani due to her purity and the simple fact that she gave birth to Cali. Tyler getting custody of Callie wasn't enough in her efforts to deprive Leyani of simply watching her little girl grow from a distance. All honors prohibited posting photos and videos of Cali on social networks. This behavior that Jayla describes is definitely consistent with the idea that perpetrators of domestic violence often display very jealous and possessive behaviors evidenced by their feelings for Leiani.
During Jayla's brief visit, the two also ran into Tyrese, an acquaintance who he had attended high school with both women. The detective caught up with them several months later, in January 2019, and boy did she have a scandalous story to tell. He told officers that he and Adriana allegedly had an affair from December 2017 to February 2018. Tyrese estimated that they had secretly met. more than 20 times in Adriana and Tyler's apartment part of his story mirrored jayla's he was also banned from the master bathroom averiana's excuse at this point was that it was dirty and messy unlike many of his other statements This particular one had some truth to it based on the state of the apartment when detectives arrived to speak with Adriana Tyree stated that she saw the two young children in the apartment during her visits, however she never saw a trace of Calais according to Adriana she was at grandma's house, of course we know this is alive, evidently Tyrese had been following media reports on the case at one point during her interview.
Tyrese broke down and said that she did that, that's too bad, but she did it for so long that she wouldn't let me in that room with these two. With eyewitness accounts in mind there is a strong possibility that Adriana and Tyler kept Cali locked in the master bathroom, maybe they sedated her with medication so she wouldn't cry and Jailer Tyrese couldn't hear her, it's also a possibility that Cali was so sick due to Because she was chronically malnourished, she couldn't scream or cry, and Adriana and Tyler didn't want anyone to witness her. An alarming physical condition as well as neglect, Kali's subjection to cruel and relentless abuse was sadly the only life she knew shortly after the death.
Cali Tyler's death reveals that he and Averyana usedcocaine during which she alleged that Adriana revealed her deepest, darkest secrets and the truth about Cali's death. I'll call him and she said she'd go to her room, you know, and when I called, she'd go in there and come out of it. I would be on speakerphone and she would be telling me the same thing, you know. that she's playing with her brother and that she's eating you know she's watching tv standing around this you have a life especially when we were there savoring where i'm sorry she'll cry for you and she and they were outside and get in there and tell her that you dad doesn't love you you know no one loves you the person who gave birth to him doesn't even love you you know being here with you you know she'll close the door on this this gut -Harrowing account of emotional and verbal abuse would be extremely harmful to a child .
Cali probably felt very isolated as if she was a stranger. You know, when I was trying to lose. You know she fell. She was playing with her brother. she would she would believe you there you know and she would she would lie to me frozen food frozen vegetables she put frozen vegetables to try to make the balloons disappear before I get home but she would cover them up it's possible Tyler knew about the abuse all along , but claims that he only found out the true extent after his daughter died, as he may think that makes him less responsible for what happened, but the detective shows Tyler a sequence of photos which makes it even more difficult for him.
Tyler plead ignorance of the horrors that were occurring inside the house. This was a life situation. It is a week after the weeks after death. Do you think it was not? Yes, so there are all kinds of empty cleaning. The product bottles in the bathroom in front of this are used fantastically with my dogs to mess with all that whitening because I'm sure that's just too wrong. command also give me some time this afternoon there are photos of Cali's clothes and some belongings that have been left in the bathtub that I understand um correct there yes you did not do all these things clearly it is very possible that Creighton's food in the bathroom was for Cali and not the dog that seems to be the scapegoat for some of the compelling evidence, even the existence of a dog is still not entirely clear.
The detective asks Tyler the direct question he's been racking up to get me down. She hated her and he thinks. that she had some kind of scanning machines or even after all these years she always said that she was supposed to have her first child and that I never see myself being with a man who has a baby and I'm not a stepmom and things like that she would that those things should have come first instead of not being right and that finally confirms the motive behind this whole catastrophe and is consistent with the information Jayla also provided that Adriana harbored pure hatred for little Kelly that she had manifested Due to the unwarranted contempt that she'd always harbored towards Leiani and revealed in the abuse he inflicted on her daughter as the interview was drawing to a close, the detective confronts Tyler about what was arguably the most disturbing aspect of the interview.
Cali's condition when her body was discovered as you can recall the response Officers at the storage facility scene referred to Cali as a baby sometimes six months old as pajamas or something horribly so Cali weighed only 16


according to the coroner she was clearly the size of a baby in just a few months before her sixth birthday she died of excruciating starvation which was a protracted process the misery likely spanned three agonizing years with this Revelation Avery in her interview is not ending the way she hoped as you will see there is still an investigation going on ok the detectives had to do our due diligence for the sake of this whole case for the same sake there are still a few things to look forward to for the autopsy and things of that nature but at this point in time now we are going to go ahead and book you into our county jail okay we are trying to Glide for Sean negligence okay that will be your charge okay what what is that i just wanted?
I did it now. I'm away from my kids, what did Tyler say hello? I always said that his detectives are fine because he can tell them that I don't deserve to go to jail for Christmas. Adriana is now realizing that she will face punishment for what she has done. Done everything asked me to put everything you asked God not once in all the hours of questioning that Avery on a show this kind of remorse for Cali this emotion is only for her in the end there was a small semblance of justice for the girl whose life had only consisted of suffering Tyler finally gave up his claims of ignorance and returned to his original story pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 10 years Adriana Enoch formerly Anderson before of the couple's divorce in August 2019 had a different outcome.
She went on trial in late July 2021 after a judge rejected her proposed plea deal on August 5. She was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 20 years.

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