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15 Unbelievable Rock Formations

Mar 08, 2024


have been shaped by the relentless forces of erosion, weathering and tectonic activity over millions of years and although most



look the same, there are some that look incredibly strange and unusual. So today we are counting down the 15 most incredible


formations. Start with elephant rock number 15. If you head to Valley of Fire State Park in the southern Nevada desert, you can see an animal-like rock formation located thousands of miles away. It is known as elephant rock. It has a complete body similar to that of an elephant. With a super long trunk reaching all the way to the ground, best of all it only takes about 500m of light hiking to reach it from the trailhead, making it a great place to visit for people of all ages. fitness levels number 14, the Giants.
15 unbelievable rock formations
The Causeway, unlike most beaches, the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland consists of approximately 40,000 interlocking hexagon-shaped columns that rise vertically like steps and were formed between 23 and 65 million years ago and are They rise to heights of approximately 11 M now, according to legend, they once were. part of a Causeway created by a warrior called Finn makul and a Scottish giant so that they could fight each other however the reality is that they were created thanks to volcanic lava Cooling and fracture in basalt columns number 13 plow better known as Stonehenge plow Swedish is a strange group of stones located in southern Sweden consisting of approximately 59 5-ton B supports placed in a 67 M long boat-shaped ring.
15 unbelievable rock formations

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15 unbelievable rock formations...

It was created about 1,400 years ago to date its historical function is unclear, but according to Lon it may be the burial place of a King's mythical and carbon dating indicates that there may be 5,500 year old bodies beneath the surface; However, some experts claim that the monument was used to observe lunar cycles and track the summer solstice; However, the reality is that no one knows for sure the number 12 of the moraki rocks when you think of a beach, what probably comes to mind is a sandy, golden coast with beautiful blue waters; However, the beaches with moraki rocks on the Otago coast of New Zealand are a little different to most, whether isolated or in groups, each rock weighs several tons and is up to 2 m high, they were formed about 65 million ago of years due to the hardening of the Paleocene shale, and over time, ocean waves gradually eroded the softer stone to reveal the spherical formation beneath.
15 unbelievable rock formations
If you are interested in visiting, get there quickly after all. only 20,000 years erosion will wear them down to practically nothing Pot Island number 11 If you travel to Lake Hon in the Canadian province of Ontario, you can visit the famous Pot Island, home of two large stone pillars that, according to local legends , they look like flower pots. The legend is that they are two lovers from the Waring tribes who escaped to the island only to be petrified into stone; However, the less romantic reality is that they are the remains of a cliff eaten away by the wind and lake water and due to their heavy shape.
15 unbelievable rock formations
After all, they are likely to fall one day in 1903 a third flowerpot that used to be on the island collapsed on the beach below the number 10 Mapuna rock formations often considered the Russian version of the Easter Island moai the Mapuna rock formations are hidden in the northern Ural Mountains. They are also known as the seven strong men. The seven formations are located in a completely flat landscape and have a staggering height of 42 m. By most accounts, they look like the remains of some long-lost place. civilization, but the reality is that despite their strange location, they are likely to occur naturally.
Experts believe that about 200 million years ago, the flat plains where the pillars are located were instead a series of high mountains; However, rain, snow, wind, and frost gradually eroded the mountains and While most of the softer rocks in the area were swept away, the more solid serite quartzite rocks that make up these rock forms remained in place today. day, they have a special meaning for the local indigenous people who have worshiped them since times in Memorial, curiously even outside the mountain. Sea visitors have reported a spiritual experience at the place These tourists have reported a feeling of general satisfaction and some have even gone so far as to say that all desires seem to fade away during a visit to this area now, while its location just below of the Arctic Circle ago They are too remote for the average tourist, they still receive some visitors and, unfortunately, even this small group of people has managed to create tensions with the locals.
This is because many of those who reached the manauna rock formations decide to climb them, which is a problem since the Mancia people see this as sacrilege and a sign of disrespect, so if you decide to visit them, I suggest you take the more respectful route by maintaining a hands-off approach number nine, the Druid Stone, although it may seem modest at first. The stone actually has quite a backstory, it is located in the Nottingham Shear area of ​​England near the town of Blidworth, it is a natural rock formation in an otherwise fairly empty field and measures over 4 m high.
It was formed by a glacial deposit eroded thousands of years ago. but what makes it really interesting is the man-made hole right in the middle, which is 2m high. The passage is cut into the base of the Rock and may have been used to convert the stone into a druidic altar. See, it seems to align with the dawn of May Day, now this possibly hints that there is a link between the stone and the Belan Fertility Festival, which is a large traditional Gaelic May Day festival celebrated between the May Day equinox. spring and summer solstice. There is also quite a bit of local. folklore surrounding the stone according to Legends sick children who pass through the hole in the Druid Stone would be cured of illnesses such as whooping cough or rickets.
It has been speculated that the act of passing through the stone was seen as a symbolic rebirth of a child. removing their illnesses and making them healthy once again, however, it may be the case that the stone is not actually all that. Special Associate Professor Dr Dan Brown of Nottingham Trent University has gone on record to say that, while he believes the Druid Stone could have been deliberately aligned with the sun and may have had a central feature in ancient rituals, there is simply no evidence enough to be completely sure, as it will take continued research to truly discover the origins of the number eight stone in the sheelin forest when you think of a forest: probably what comes to mind is a large area made up of trees, However, the Shein Forest is a little less green than most, because unlike its leafy counterparts, the Shein Forest is made entirely of rocks consisting of thousands of densely packed stones.
Shein spreads across an area of ​​300 square kilometers. Now geological records suggest that this type of forest appeared about 270 million years ago. At this time the area was covered by a shallow sea and it was through the movement of water here that the sandstone was overlaid with limestone. It was formed over time, exposure to running water from wind and seismic activity devoured these limestone pillars, giving them the interesting shapes they have today. Interestingly, this exposure has not only created cool rocks but has also shaped many other natural features in this forest. These features include cars, caves, waterfalls and underground rivers, none of which have as much mystique as the Ashima stone.
Legend says that this stone is the body of a beautiful and sunny girl named Ashima, more specifically after she was told that she was forbidden to marry the man she loved, she stumbled upon the sheelin forest and decided to turn into stone instead. to recognize this tragedy. Local Sunny people still go to the Sheelin Forest every year on June 24 to participate in the annual Torch Festival. This festival is very exciting as it features everything from wrestling to bullfighting and as such it illuminates the gloomy Stone Cold Forest and it is worth noting that the forest has become a massive tourist site that It receives around 5 million visitors per year.
It is easily accessible by road or tram and is organized into eight. Separate sections for easy access, this makes Forest a great place to visit if you are in South China and move on to number seven, Zimbabwe and Dollar Rocks, so if you like meme culture or history Economically, you may know a little about Zimbabwe's infamous currency, after all, in the mid-200s, their Skyhigh inflation made them an example of the dangers of a mismanaged economy. When I say Skyhigh, I really mean Sky High thanks to the reservation of Zimbabwe's decision to overprint money into the crisis PE. inflation reached a staggering SE 79.6 billion per month and year-on-year inflation reached a staggering SE 89.7 million per month between the beginning and end of 2008.
It was from this inflation that they had to creating ridiculous bills like the 100 trillion dollar bill and on all of these bills you could find a pile of rocks of all things, but what exactly was this pile of rocks? Well, it turns out it was something quite significant, known as the balancing rocks, they were chosen as a symbol of development and environmental protection. the independence of the country of rhodesia the balancing rocks in question come from Matopos National Park which is a fairly quiet protected area in the suburb of Epworth one of several rock formations in the area these balancing rocks are the way they are thanks to the forces They have not been moved in any way by human hands, making them a pretty impressive example of how nature can create seemingly impossible structures.
If you want to see these rocks for yourself you can walk or drive through the national park with alternatively, if you prefer a picture of these rocks in hand I suggest you look on eBay after all while Zimbabwe has stopped printing its iconic banknotes The $100 billion dollar bills are still being sold second-hand, and interestingly enough, they have actually accumulated quite a few tokens as curiosity items, while billion dollar bills can be had for as little as a dollar or so. The iconic $100 trillion bill, which was the most valuable bill printed by the bank, costs between $80 and $120 each, the best ever.
The country's 2024 currency has a somewhat different interpretation of the rocks, which means that if you have confidence in the Central Bank of Zimbabwe and want to participate in some Forex trading, you can choose to get some very attractive banknotes in exchange, the number six Spider Rock Rising. Almost 230 M Spider Rock is one of the most impressive geological structures in the United States. It is located within the boundaries of Kenyon Deell in Arizona and appears to be a rather strange outcrop in the middle of an otherwise flat canyon; However, its existence can be explained by the erosion that is seen.
Long ago, Spider Rock was connected to the top of the canyon by rock. Over the years, the slope of this hill and erosion from streams have disappeared on different parts of the ridge and eventually broken it off. Spider Rock remains in its isolated location today and now the area has been evolved so that it stands alone right in the middle of the canyon. Beyond its geology, though what really makes Spider Rock interesting is its relationship with the local indigenous people. You will see that the canyon is completely owned and operated by the Navajo Nation in which they have continuously lived. the area for thousands of years and, unsurprisingly, this extended stay has caused Spider Rock to enter its local folklore.
According to the Navajo, it is not just a rock but the home of a deity known as Spider Woman, while spiders can have a negative connotation in the minds of many Westerners that Navajo Spider Woman was a source for good. After all, she was the one who gave the Slayer monster deity the child born of water and the ability to reach the sun god. This was important because then the sun god taught. He explained to them how to destroy all the monsters on Earth so that the Navajos could live on their lands after this process was completed.
Spider Woman decided to make Spider Rock her home and it was not only a beautiful place but also the perfect place to watch over and protect the Navajo Pueblo. In any case, if you want to visit Spider Rock today, you will have to head to the Nation's lands. Navajo in northeastern Arizona. Fortunately, this area is open topublic and is most accessible via Highway 191. Then turn east on Route 7 until you reach rock formation number five, precariously balanced rocks. Okay, another entry with balanced rocks of all the structures on this list, few seem to defy the laws of physics as much as precariously balanced rocks.
Known as pbrs for short, there are several categories, however by definition they are large rocks balanced on smaller rocks, they are found all over the world, although there are some that are more notable than others, for example in Colorado Springs There is a 290 million old red sandstone boulder known as Balanced Rock, it is naturally perched on the edge of a slope, it is a 635 ton monstrosity and it looks like it is about to fall. Another notable example is Kumaki, located in Finland, this is a 7m long rock that sits on top of a convex bedrock, but perhaps the most fascinating of all.
In Goblin Valley State Park in Utah there are thousands of pbrs known as hudo, their Shake Rock Pinnacles mushrooms that are often several meters tall and usually very strangely shaped. Now not all pbrs are made equal, some were created thousands of years ago when the glaciers receded. placed them where they are today in other cases it was erosion to which their strange Balancing Act can be attributed. Some are also not pbrs in a strictly definitional sense, although many of these structures appear to be balanced, they may be connected internally by a thin column. of rock, this makes them much more resistant than they seem.
Beyond being pretty, although these pbrs are also important due to their scientific value, their crazy positions mean that they will inevitably fall at some point due to either erosion, changes in weight distribution, or human earthquake or other natural disaster such as A result of the fact that one exists tells scientists that its location has not experienced a major disturbance event for as long as the rock formation has existed; However, a widespread problem with PBRs is that it is often not nature but humans that lead to their ultimate demise, that is because there are some people who think that pushing them is entertaining, without realizing or caring that This has implications for scientific research and while prison sentences can be imposed if people are caught.
Doing so in the ACT, its location in rural areas makes enforcement difficult, so people pushing PBRs will likely continue to be a problem for years to come. Number four, the devil's slide, believe it or not, is not a state in the Bible Belt, but the state of Utah, which holds the title of being the most religious state after all, 53% of residents attend services of worship at least weekly, it is likely that thanks to the prevalence of religion one of the state's grandest rock formations is shrouded in a religious tradition first discovered by local settlers in the 1840s near the Wyoming border has A fairly standard geological explanation consisting of two parallel 12m high limestone rock walls protruding from an otherwise flat mountain face, looks like a massive landslide and was probably formed about 75 million years ago.
Long ago, history tells that around this time a great geological episode occurred in the United States. This episode caused the folding and faulting of rocks and created large mountain ranges such as the Rocky Mountains and, by chance, a large limestone bulge in Utah, however, while the sides of the bulge contained hardened, weather-resistant rocks the The medium was a Shiley limestone which was much softer, making it susceptible to erosion and over time the forces of nature wore away the medium. In any case, the slide was discovered by Utah settlers in the 1840s. called The Devil's Slide sometime before 1875 and has been a tourist site ever since;
However, for many Utahns a scientific explanation is not enough; they believe the slide has supernatural origins dating back to Christian traditions. One story claims that when God through Lucifer left Heaven during the Biblical Heaven War he passed through Earth and slid down the mountainside along the route of the Devil's Glide before reaching Hell. Another legend says that a Christian missionary named Father Petro Del Tor was traveling through the area when he encountered it. The devil disguised as a fellow Spaniard, supposedly tried to tempt Del Torah by offering him food, spirits, riches and other material things, however, each time Del Tor resisted when the devil threatened to kill him, Del Tor held up a crucifix and prayed. so that this would weaken the devil. and he made it fall down the side of the mountain, thus forming the Devil's Slide.
No matter what faith or religion you believe in, what is certainly clear is that a trip to Devil's Slide is an incredible experience. Number three: Uluru, few destinations in the Australian outback. They are as iconic as ulum, it is also known as Air's Rock in English and is named after the indigenous community. Now, in essence, it is a giant sandstone formation that measures approximately 348 m high and has a massive perimeter of 9.4 km. Its origins date back to about 500 million years ago and at that time it was part of a giant mountain range, but due to what was probably a complete lack of vegetation, the mountain range quickly eroded.
These sediments flowed to distant areas or created smaller rock formations and from these Uluru formations. It is the largest Beyond being large Uluru stands out for its tendency to change color depending on the position of the sun. Now, by most accounts, it is most striking at dusk as it is at this time that the sun turns it a deep orange-red and perhaps it is due to this effect, several Aboriginal tribes consider Uluru to be sacred since Uluru It was discovered by Australian settlers in 1872, it has captivated the interest of federal agents for around 50 years after its discovery, there were attempts to establish sheep pastures in the area, however in 1920 this was canceled in favor of the creation from an Aboriginal Reserve;
However, despite it being a Reserve Land, tourists were still allowed into the area and soon thousands would descend upon the rock each year and in 1985 the official ownership of Uaru was returned to the local Aboriginal people with the condition that They lease it to the federal government for 99 years, just two years later, Uaru was considered a world heritage site by UNESCO and today more than 250,000 people visit it every year, while this is all very well, an issue that has that continually arises is the tendency of tourists to climb the rock, this has been seen as problematic because the local indigenous tribes refuse to climb it for religious reasons and for decades argued that the continued climbs by visitors were desecrating the site if considered In total, 37 people have died while climbing it due to the strong winds.
It soon becomes clear that it would be much less painful to simply respect the wishes of the local tribes and close the climbing site as such from 2019. one was allowed to climb ulo and although many tourists were quite angry about this, this band was probably the best . Number two, the devil's wall for thousands of years, the toera, known as the devil's wall in English, has been an object of curiosity and according to folklore, it is made of sandstone and in the form of a giant fence it extends along 16 and 1.12 km long through the harsh forland in central Germany, it was formed about 85 million years ago.
It was originally underwater and was created thanks to some sandstone deposits. However, plate tectonic changes caused it to rise to a higher elevation and over time the wall takes on a rather decrepit appearance. There are natural processes behind these holes and in all likelihood they formed as a result of erosion over the Millennium. It is also possible that the rise of the wall due to the movement of tonic plates caused some damage and there is even a possibility that parts of the sandstone were destroyed by melting glaciers at the end of the last ice age. However, local folklore tells a different story, a tale compiled by the Brothers Grim explains that when God and the devil were fighting for dominance over the world.
The devil was given a certain deadline to build a fence dividing the Earth in two, however, he was unable to finish the wall in time and as a result, he got nothing from the Earth. Angry, he tore down most of the wall and to this day the devil's wall is the only part of the structure that still stands. There is also a variation of this legend that primarily involves a rooster. Story that, like the last story, God and the devil. They were fighting for possession of the land and agreed that God would keep the fertile ples and the devil the mountains of Hars if and only if he completed the border wall before the first canto when he built to the edge of Hars. a woman passing by with a rooster ruined the devil's plans when she crowed when the devil was just one rock away from completion in response, the devil destroyed the wall in Rage leaving the small segment that is still there today, but interestingly some of the stories that surround the The wall has nothing to do with God or the devil in what can be seen as a more pagan story.
It has been said that a soldier was once granted attractive land in the area and soon set to work clearing all the trees up there. There were only three left at that time he took a nap but while he was sleeping he heard some small female spirits speaking to him from the branches of the trees who were crying because they believed they would lose their lives thanks to the cutting down of welding trees, however the soldier upon hearing this, He promised them that no harm would come to them while he kept his word in later years, one of his descendants cut them down, which in turn caused the land to dry up and become uncultivable, while today they are only seen as legends, today, the devil.
The wall has continued to captivate public interest sometimes for negative reasons too - after all, in 1833 it had to be placed under special protection to prevent opportunists from mining its sandstone - but it now receives thousands of visitors each year, number one the devil. Tower While Devil's Tower may seem like a rather ugly place, it is in fact one of the most fascinating editions on this list located in the northeast of the sparsely populated state of Wyoming in the United States. The tower has a staggering height of 386 M. when measured from its base, it has a flat top and highly ridged sides, although it is mainly composed of sedimentary rocks, it was probably formed about 65 million years ago when molten rock beneath She worked her way up from the ground as she did so, appearing to have encountered a layer of hard rock and this forced her to spread out into this flat top shape, giving the Devil's Tower its unique shape and ultimately making it look like a kind of villain headquarters despite its somewhat sinister appearance, although the Devil's Tower is full of life. tower Moss and sage grass grow on its top and animals such as chipmunks and birds live on the top.
It also has great spiritual significance to the local indigenous groups, while the stories change depending on the group and are all quite fascinating according to the Kiaa and Lota peoples the formation of the tower can be attributed to a group of girls. The story goes that they were playing outside when they saw several giant bears, the bears began to chase them and in an effort to escape, the girls climbed to the top of a rock. After kneeling and praying to the great spirit to save them, upon hearing their prayers, the great spirit caused the rock to rise from the ground into the heavens so that the Bears could not reach the girls.
The Bears, in an effort to climb the Rock, left deep claw marks on it. However, the sides of the tower proved too steep for them to climb and the girls remained safe on top of the flat area before being turned. in stars by the great spirit. According to the Cheyenne, the story is a little more graphic in their version. only a giant bear that chases the girls, however, manages to kill most of them, fortunately two sisters managed to escape with the bear hot on their heels. Upon returning, they tell two children that the bear can only be killed with an arrow shot from the bottom. off his foot, the children then have the sisters lead the bear to the Devil's Tower and trick the bear into thinking they have climbed the rock.
The children try to shoot the bear through the foot as it repeatedly tries to climb up and slide down. leaving more and more claw marks each time, finally an arrow that comes very close to his left foot and this scares him and since then the bear never terrorized the girls again, as you can imagine, stories like these have madeDevil's Tower is an important Monument to many local indigenous groups and this has led to some pretty major conflicts with the federal government, more specifically, many tourists travel to the tower to climb the Rock and since it is on federal lands, they technically have the right problem with this practice.
Many Native American leaders consider this a desecration of a sacred site and would instead prefer a complete ban on climbing activities. After quite a bit of negotiations in 1995, a compromise was finally reached during the month of June and a ban was imposed. climbing volunteer. that tribes can hold ceremonies around the monument, although this prohibition is not technically legally binding, the vast majority of climbers honor it, allowing indigenous groups to use the tower for religious purposes, but it can be argued that this does not go far enough. and that a legally binding ban would be more appropriate, it is also worth noting that Devil's Tower may be one of the most historically significant entries on this list, because in 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt declared it the United States' First National Monument.
Joined. Thanks to this combination of beauty, history and climbing difficulty, around 400,000 visitors and 4,000 climbers visit each year, making it one of the most visited natural sites in the United States. Thanks for watching everyone. See you next time, thanks to our channel. members

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