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15 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD! (Part 2)

Feb 19, 2020
What is not a regular interest in many children's lives is cooking let alone being


of a cook-off and being criticized by Gordon Ramsay himself! The chef has quite the reputation of being a harsh critic. But some kids in Masterchef still have a knack for the culinary arts: they pick themselves up and cook dishes that many adults wouldn't dare! That's why we rounded up a bunch of moments where these little chefs really impressed Gordon Ramsay with his cooking skills. Quani Cupcake For the Mystery Box Challenge, the children of Masterchef Junior had a difficult task. They had to make a delicious dish out of canned goods!
15 times gordon ramsay actually liked the food part 2
So, in addition to the difficulty of cooking a great dish, they had to put together a meal from scratch, with the ingredients they found in those cans. Quani decided to make a vanilla cupcake, with pineapple filling and cherry-peach frosting. Quite a task to do in just under an hour, especially with a big head start on the line. But Quani's audacity paid off, and he was the first to step forward and have the judges evaluate his dish. Quani was very happy about that. We're going to have to agree on this, as always. They looked amazing. The frosting looked great.
15 times gordon ramsay actually liked the food part 2

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15 times gordon ramsay actually liked the food part 2...

Quani used cherries, peaches, and the juices to give it a little more flavor. Gordon took a bite and loved it! Chef Ramsay was impressed by the level of finesse displayed by Quani. In closing, Quani even high-fived Gordon! But before we go any further, show us your appreciation! Hit the subscribe button and never miss a new video from us here at BabbleTop! Now, back to the show… Evan's Pumpkin Sweet Potato Ravioli During the same canned goods challenge, Evan wanted to cook something close to his heritage, since it was


Italian, and also redeem himself. During the last challenge, he fumbled the dumplings at him.
15 times gordon ramsay actually liked the food part 2
Now, it was time for some redemption. When the judges called him, Evan was ecstatic. This was the first time he was in the top 3. He sure looked appetizing. First, Evan received criticism from Joe. He said the ravioli looked authentic, a great compliment coming from him! Overall it was quite a complex dish. After some rave reviews from Joe, it was time for the big leagues. Gordon was next. First, Chef Ramsay wanted to know about the pasta making process. Then he took a bite. Since Evan didn't have the best track record during the competition so far, Gordon was really impressed.
15 times gordon ramsay actually liked the food part 2
Beni's Cocoa Rubbed Filet Mignon For this challenge, the Masterchef Junior competitors had to work with chocolate. And they had a lot of chocolate to work with. Lots of chocolate. The stakes were also quite high, considering that the winner would have a guaranteed ticket to the semifinals. The little chef opted for a savory meal. Beni certainly didn't mince words. He said that he wanted to do something that would please adults, like the judges. When the time was up, Beni looked confident. She also called her first, which was a good sign. The little chef was happy with how the dish looked.
Beni presented the plate to Gordon. It looked better than most of those fancy


s you can find on Instagram! Beni wanted the steak to be medium rare. Even Joe went in and took a closer look. Testing it also drew a strong reaction from Gordon. Olivia's Cocoa Rubbed Steak For the same chocolate challenge, Olivia decided to take a chance. She took the tasty route. She was going to make a chocolate brown sugar rubbed New York strip. Not bad for a 10 year old! While she was preparing the dish, things were not going well for Olivia. In fact, she was fighting quite hard.
Unfortunately, that seemed to put the boy on a downward spiral. It was a bit heartbreaking to see the young little chef struggling to cook the meat on such short notice. Olivia was racing against time to finish it all. Even Olivia herself admitted that she was starting to break down. Who could blame her? With so much at stake... and without a sirloin done. Christina went to lead Olivia, who seemed to be on the verge of tears. The moment of truth came when she was summoned by the judges. Olivia said that she wasn't sure if the steak would be well done.
It looked beautiful. Quani Flourless Cake Quani was pretty confident in the chocolate challenge. And her challenge gave her the opportunity to cook with chocolate. Is there anything better than chocolate? With that, she fully believed that she would be able to impress the judges once again. After all, the golden apron was at stake. When she presented the dish to Gordon, the chef


the look of her. So basically the little chef wanted to flex a bit. Show his skills, you know? As it should, as the cake was quite tasty. Everything seemed perfect! Quani also nailed the garnish, and the mix of white and dark chocolate was excellent.
Sammy's Skillet Steak For the mystery box challenge, the boys had 45 minutes to create a dish inspired by their family. A difficult task for such a short time. Sammy was making a grilled steak with Parmigiana polenta, fried brussels sprouts, and compound butter. Maybe that's why Sammy was so successful with this dish: having to satisfy two very different tastes at home. Sammy landed in the top three. Sammy was delighted to be the first to call. He was also happy that his family was also proud of his dish. He really did it - it was beautifully plated and everything looked absolutely delicious!
The sprouts were fried which is a great way to make something more delicious. Sammy cleverly used the polenta to tie it all together. Gordon said that if Sammy could keep up with this pace, he would become a serious threat in the competition. That must be a nice confidence boost. And no wonder he left Sammy quite happy. Remy and Anthony's Dish Remy and Anthony were part of a team, chosen by Sammy. This could be tricky, as Remy was a self-proclaimed bossy person. And Anthony didn't seem to want to be bossed around much. The challenge? There was a lot going on, and it was quite complex, as Gordon explained.
Just as he said he would, Remy barked many orders at Anthony. They were in constant disagreement, especially over the egg rolls. Gordon noticed that the team was running a bit slow. Worse, Chef Ramsay criticized the egg rolls! Fortunately, after Gordon's guidance, the team seemed to be a better fit. Anthony managed to find his voice and work well together with Remy, much to Joe's surprise. When the time for criticism came, they were called first. They were quite nervous about it, due to their difficult start. Fortunately, they made it together. He loved the colors! The duck was beautifully glazed.
Anthony was anxious about the potstickers, because he thought they would burn. While the egg rolls continued to be a point of contention, this duo did a great job overall. Remy's Donuts As always, the children had a tough challenge ahead of them. For this mystery box, the kids had to make desserts without using processed sugar. Remy decided to make two different types of donuts. To further add a healthy curve to the dish, he baked his donuts, not even fried them! It was so impressive that he landed in the top 3! She was excited and really wanted to win.
She made some donuts with matcha glaze and toasted coconut chocolate ganache. As well as with the baked donuts. Remy said that she wanted to make donuts that were almost like cakes. After a bit of suspense... It was time for Gordon's critique. Chef Ramsay said they looked impressive. Gordon really loved it, he even called it innovative! Ramsay said that many pastry chefs, including Cristina, would likely be inspired by Remy's recipe! What more could he want her? That's a pretty big accomplishment for people of any age group. At only 12 years old, he's that much more impressive to Remy.
Because of that, Remy even won the challenge! Maria's puff pastry For the same challenge, Maria decided to make a puff pastry. She decided to use coconut as an alternative to processed sugar. With that, she landed in the top 3, despite being one of the youngest chefs in the competition. Maria made a puff pastry plum tart with a coconut drink! In general, she really looked great. Maria said that she was an avid cookbook reader, including Gordon's own books! Gordon was impressed that, in addition to the cake, Maria even managed to sneak a drink. She had coconut juice, a little plum, and a little cinnamon in the bottom.
Gordon was also impressed with the seasoning! Maria put a little molten salt, pepper and a little spice. That was really impressive - such a bold combination of flavors. Overall it was a great job, especially for someone who was only 8 years old. She was cooking like a young pastry chef! Cooking Tilly Ramsay Burgers is a great activity that can bring families together. For many people, the meals their families cooked in their childhood are among the best they have ever eaten. Imagine how lucky Gordon's family must be, with the famous chef cooking just for them. And the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree.
After all, one of Gordon's sons seems to be following in his footsteps. I'm Tilly Ramsay. At just 15 years old, she already has her own cooking show and cookbook. Having Gordon criticize her


since she was very little was probably a double-edged sword. She was learning from the best, but Gordon probably wasn't any easier just because she was his daughter. Now, Tilly seems to be aiming for the throne. During an episode of Masterchef Junior, the young Ramsay descendant appeared with her famous burger recipe. There's no denying that she looked quite delicious. Tilly also showed the little chefs how to recreate the complete burger, which would also be her challenge for the night.
Her process was quite thorough, accompanied by perfectly made French fries. With some pesto aioli, mushrooms, and a mozzarella cheeseburger, Tilly's burger left everyone pretty hungry. Gordon, of course, had to take a closer look. He cut the burger in half... You can hear how proud Gordon was of his daughter. Mikey's Burger After Tilly's impressive demonstration, the little chefs had to recreate the dish in just under 45 minutes. During the process, Mikey already seemed to be doing a good job. After all, Mikey had a lot of experience cooking burgers at home. Maybe that's why Mikey was the first to be called.
Not that there's anything wrong with a regular cheeseburger! But Mikey sure was sure that he reproduced the burger perfectly. From the outside, he really did look beautiful, just like Gordon said. He said it a couple of




. When he cut a slice, the burger was perfectly pink in the middle, and the cheese was oozing out too. Both Gordon and Tilly were really impressed. What must be a great feeling - to impress not just one Ramsay, but two Ramsays at the same time! Mikey's fries were also very well done. Mikey, of course, seemed to be very happy with the result.
Evan Mikey's Burger wasn't the only one who did a great job of recreating Tilly's burger. Evan was pretty sure he was doing great, since he said so during the burger preparation. Being from San Diego, Evan was used to a great burger, both at home and in restaurants. So things weren't just smooth sailing. When they called him in for his critique, it seemed like Evan was in a good place. Both Gordon and Tilly noted that the burger was juicy, a great first sign! The moment of truth arrived: time to see how the burger was cooked. Evan was apprehensive, wondering if things would work out.
You could see how happy Evan was to receive that compliment. The bun was also nicely toasted, and the mushrooms were also cooked beautifully. Gordon took a bite. A pretty big bite, we might add. The seasoning was on point, the pesto with the mayonnaise too. The French fries? Evan listened to the criticism and cut it down to be more uniform! The only problem? When the only problem with his plate was that there wasn't any more, that's a big problem. Ayla and Jimmy's Sushi Boat Ayla and Jimmy had to create an entire sushi boat in just under 60 minutes.
It is not an easy task at all. But they were pretty sure they made it. Joe called them to give his critique. From a looks perspective, the sushi boat looked amazing. He complimented them both, saying it looked like it came straight out of a restaurant, not made by an 11 and 12 year old. When Gordon went to give his critique, he wanted to know one thing... It seemed true, since the two seemed to work together. Jimmy looked like he was holding back his enthusiasm. After all, who wouldn't be excited? Beni Steak For the first season 6 mystery box challenge, the chefs had 26 ingredients to work with: A to Z.
A for asiago, b for bacon, c for chocolate, and so on… The judges wanted see the chefs on a plate and they had an hour to do it. The competition was great and it was not going to be easy to stand out. But Beni felt great- This was close to home for Beni, as it was inspired by his grandfather, who always cooked steak for big events.relatives. During the criticism, Beni was the second to be called. From the beginning, he was receiving a great series of accolades. Beni really wanted to be called and fulfilled her wish!
Bene smiled from ear to ear. He was very happy to be in the top 3, and he showed that Beni really knew how to cook a real steak. During his critique…he praised the browning of the steak. It was bright, pink and incredibly juicy. Gordon said the meat was amazing! A big compliment from Chef Ramsay! Avery's Unique Burger Tasting From the very beginning, it looked like Avery was going to get some serious criticism from Gordon. After all, the chef asked him to describe "that delicious burger." For the burger, he used pork and venison. Avery explained that venison was a lean meat that would go well with the fatty nature of pork.
Gordon even called the little boy smart, for putting together such a cool combination. Chef Ramsay asked where Avery was going with regard to meat. Avery wanted the meat to be red in the middle. Avery even let out a big sigh of relief. Then Gordon took a bite. Chef Ramsay also loved the coleslaw and fries. In general, everything seemed to work very well together. He looked great too, as can be seen on camera lovingly displaying the plate. Would you like to make any of these dishes yourself? Tell us in the comments! Stick around and enjoy more BabbleTop videos by clicking on them.
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