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15 People You Won't Believe Exist

Jul 21, 2023
It's easy to think that the world we live in is normal, but if you've been an Internet sleuth like me, you know that this planet is home to many things and


that perhaps not all of us can explain sometimes. The main consequence of the size of our planet is the fact that it is also home to some really strange


, people who have characteristics that you may not


. In this video, we would like to share a spotlight on some of these people you wouldn't like to


. I don't think they were real until you actually see them number 15.
15 people you won t believe exist
Runa begum Runa begum was born in 2012 with a rare condition known as hydrocephalus, essentially the condition caused cerebrospinal fluid to build up in her brain, causing a massive increase in size of his head, according to reports. Roona's head swelled to a circumference of 94 centimeters, more than twice the size of a normal human head. When she was born, she had very little chance of survival and, due to the size of her head, it was almost impossible for him to even hold her. The unusual size of his head also put a significant amount of pressure on his brain and the skin on his head was even pulled so far that it literally covered his eyes, making it impossible for him to see anything, however, he managed to live Against All Odds, just listen.
15 people you won t believe exist

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15 people you won t believe exist...

In addition to how proud her mother Fatima was of her ability to recover after several operations and procedures performed in a hospital in India, Rona was able to progress even further with her condition, the doctors themselves were able to reduce the size of her head to approximately 58 centimeters, number 14. Jackson Buell follows the trend of people being born with rare conditions. Say hello to Jacksonville Jackson was born in Florida in May 2014 and his parents were excited to welcome their bundle of joy, but his happiness soon fell apart when they were informed. who was born with microhydronacephaly, a developmental disorder that left him with about 80 percent of his brain missing essential parts of the brain, such as the cerebellum, which controls movement and coordination, which were especially affected when Jackson was born, the In fact, they told us to just take him home because they expected him to pass away, but we saw a strength right away.
15 people you won t believe exist
Doctors believe that Jackson's brain had stopped developing just weeks after his conception, while his body continued to grow normally. The boy could barely speak or move, but his parents explained to him that somehow they always knew how he felt or what he was trying to communicate. 8. Jackson's story eventually gained nationwide popularity and he was even given the nickname Strong Jackson because of his ability to defy everyone. Expectations: The boy was not expected to live even a few weeks, but he did live to be five years old. They had him hooked up to every machine in the court in line and everything they could think of because they thought he was going to need all of this.
15 people you won t believe exist
Sadly, Jackson finally passed away peacefully in 2020 and to this day his story continues to inspire millions who continue to fight against all odds #13 Muhammad Kaleem, remember WWE's Great Khali? His signature move was a big slap to the chest. opponents, well, if there's any person I think could pull it off, it would be Muhammad Kaleem Muhammad was born in India with a rare form of gigantism that caused his hands to grow to an abnormal size. Typically, people with gigantism tend to be quite tall, however. Muhammad's case only affected his hands and, wow, they were huge. Muhammad's entire arms had grown to a size of approximately 33 centimeters from the wrist to the tips of his fingers and, as expected, Muhammad also had to endure a lot of ridicule from his surroundings, however, Muhammad learned not to. worry about scoffers and jesters as he grew up.
Muhammad found it more difficult to complete daily tasks such as dressing and eating, and since his parents lived in an impoverished part of India, they could not cover the cost of properly caring for him. salaries of only 15 pounds a month but things finally got better for him, his story would go viral and medical experts would reach out to offer him help to reduce the size of his arms now his parents hope he can live a normal life number 12. Pauline Potter Pauline Potter is a woman who was so determined to become the fattest woman in the world that she went to some pretty extreme lengths.
She became popular in the early 2010s when she appeared on a TLC show called My 600 lb life fans. We were surprised to find someone who weighed 643 pounds, but there she was. Pauline was born in California into a family of relatively chubby people, many and her family reportedly had an obsession with food, so it wasn't a big surprise that she grew up to be big, however, Pauline took things to a completely new level to the point that in 2011 the Guinness Book of World Records would recognize her as the heaviest woman in the world and, as you can expect, being that heavy has many side effects.
And the health challenges for Pauline is that she could just get me up, take a shower, get dressed and walk out the front door. I wonder if I will ever have a normal life and there were also challenges for the people she loves, having my son take care of her. The bad thing is one of the worst things I have ever seen. Dylan is 21 years old and his full-time job is taking care of me. He has to help me put my pants on my legs because I can't bend over to do it, although strangely my legs are too big.
Pauline is said to have started a rigorous weight loss journey in 2019 and is said to have made 11 significant progress. Shalini yadav Shalini was born in India in 2001 and at the time she was diagnosed with ichthyosis lemelier, a rare genetic disorder that caused his skin to grow too quickly, dry out and then fall off due to the disease. Cellini's skin literally sheds every six weeks and, unsurprisingly, this would leave her body scarred and disfigured on top of that, although she has had to live with significant physical pain. Cellini's condition. This led to many people at her school harassing and insulting her and, because her parents were too poor to pay for treatment, she had to live like this for a long time.
Fortunately, in 2017, doctors in Spain learned of her plight and then decided. to treat her for free there is no permanent cure for her condition, but Shalini is sure that she lives a much more comfortable life than before she wanted to become a doctor so she can help other people living with similar conditions number 10. Ralph buckles now many of us have desires to modify our body in one way or another, I personally love a few tattoos and piercings here and there but there are those of us who also take things a little extreme and in that sense I don't think anyone comes close to Ralph Buckles at the moment Ralph has the title of having the most body modifications in the world, literally, even the Guinness Book of Records has recognized them.
The man has had more than 500 modifications including 453 metal piercings around his body, 278 of which are in his penis now. I don't know why I told you that, but I found it and now you'll never be able to stop listening to it, plus all the piercings. Rolf also has a split tongue, tattoos on his eyeballs, subdermal implants and even magnetic implants this guy can literally attract coins when he walks he just talks about a nightmare for airport security very big I like it and that's why the horns the horns are big The German currently has around 90 parts of his body covered in tattoos and isn't looking to stop anytime soon, so yeah, this is one person I don't think I'd want to wake up next to, suddenly, number nine Adam Pearson Adam Pearson is probably the most popular person on this list, the British actor and television presenter burst into the spotlight in 2013. and it's easy to see why, interestingly enough, Adam is actually a twin, but when you look at him him and his twin brother Neil, you'll easily notice that they don't look anything alike, huh, so what happened?
Well, the brothers would be playing outside one day when they were only five years old. years and Adam received a blow to the head, the resulting bump continued to persist rather than heal, so the family took Adam to the hospital and it was there that he was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1, a condition that causes non-cancerous tumors to grow. The nerve tissue in his head, both Neil and Adam have this condition, but due to Adam's accident it became significantly exaggerated over time, large lumps of flesh began to grow on his face. In Neil's case, he also has challenges rather than facial disfigurement.
His condition manifests itself in the fact that he has short-term memory loss despite the disfigurement. Adam is persistent and never wants to feel bad or be defeated. This is partly why he has worked hard to be on TV talking about being normal and it sends shivers down my spine. and to fight the stigma surrounding people who have physical disfigurements number eight Deepak paswan born 2004 Deepak paswan is a small Indian boy who was born with a major defect that left him with another body growing out of his chest, this essentially meant that Deepak had four legs and four arms the limbs come from an identical twin that did not form or completely separate from him while they were still in the womb as a result of this incomplete separation the little one would be forced to literally carry his lifeless brother everywhere To be fair, he could walk, play and do all those usual things like other children do, but as expected, his appearance attracted a lot of unwanted attention, opinions on the boy were reportedly quite mixed.
Some in his village. He worshiped him like a god While others thought he was a son of the devil, I can't even imagine living in a city like that where everyone feels that way towards me. Fortunately, his story would change in 2015 when a specialized hospital in South Bengaluru got in touch. his family and then offered to remove this parasitic twin for free after a grueling four-hour surgery, the separation was complete and Deepak has now been able to live a normal life since John Quinn's number seven. One of my biggest personal fears is getting caught. in a fire, I really can't stand the thought of a burning inferno enveloping me and being defenseless, it sure gives me chills, if you know what I mean, our next entry is someone who is very familiar with destructive power.
Fire meets John Quinn, a burn victim who looks nothing like he used to be. John was born and lived his early years as a normal child in Tennessee, however, everything changed in November 2003 when he became trapped in a shed with his dog and the little Pug's tail accidentally knocked over a lit candle. Four-year-old John was unable to escape the shed. In fact, the only way he survived was because his older sister, Leah, bravely ran into the burning fire to pull him out, sadly despite the damage. It was done and Jon suffered burns to over 90 percent of his body with a fire that also removed his ears and most of his fingers despite the constant bullying and insults he had to endure.
John continues to live his life and has learned to accept himself. He now focuses on appreciating himself more and also seeks to be an inspiration to other people by encouraging them to feel comfortable in their own skin. He spends a lot of time in the gym and has even learned to make fun of himself online from time to time. To be honest, it's about as healthy an attitude as it gets. Number Six: Dede Kaswara Didi Kaswara was born in Indonesia in 1971. She lived a relatively simple life until an injury around her knee developed warts. her at the age of 10. soon those warts would expand to his limbs and even begin to cover his face.
Dede was eventually diagnosed with a rare disease that causes uncontrollable growth of the human papillomavirus and the development of warts that look like tree bark because he was poor, he could not afford proper treatment for the warts, however, since they were not that bad , he decided to live with them and try to live a normal life, but the warts never went away and his life finally turned upside down. He lost his job, his wife and his children and literally had to join the local carnival as part of his strange show. Dede eventually gained enough popularity due to her condition that she appeared on different television shows and by 2008 she had undergone nine surgeries to remove about 95 percent of the warts, but after a while they simply started growing back and her health worsened. a lot.
He finally died in January 2016 at the age of 44 due to a series of complicated health problems. Number Five Eli Thompson When you think about the human body, you know several organs that pretty much just have to be present, however, when it comes to the case of Eli Thompson, scientists seem to havebeen very wrong. Eli Thompson was born with a condition known as congenital arrenia, this means he was born without a nose, the condition is incredibly rare. Some reports even claim that less than 100 people worldwide suffer from it, according to Eli's parents, Brandy and Troy, as the pregnancy progressed, they hoped to end up with a completely healthy baby.
In fact, the doctors never noticed anything wrong. With her development and scans even showed that she had a nasal bone, but to his incredible surprise, Eli was born without a nose to help him breathe. Eli's doctors would give him a tracheotomy to help him breathe while he eats, but as you might expect, this can be difficult. Eli's parents have to clean his breathing tube several times a day and then there is the fact that Eli doesn't make a sound when he cries, so his parents literally have to watch him 24 hours a day, however, his parents they love He dies even with all the imperfections of him.
I think the fact that he doesn't have a nose is what makes him so cute. The number four of the Deepak genre. One of my favorite comic book characters is Black Adam. He has the power of lightning and is a relatively strong guy. Dwayne The Rock Johnson plays him in the movie so that Shirley can't hurt If there is anyone who can play this character in real life, it may well be Genre Deepak born in India Deepak is a guy who has become incredibly popular for his ability apparently to conduct electricity, that's right, the guy can literally be the electric man, as Deepak explained that he accidentally discovered this extraordinary ability while fixing his mother's heating.
When he was young, he unknowingly touched a live wire with a screwdriver and was surprised to discover that he was not affected. All the while, Deepak continued to test himself with different voltages of electricity, to the point that he climbed an electric pole and touched a high voltage wire without any protective equipment, despite having as much energy as 11 lightning bolts directly. , he didn't even flinch today. Deepak works as an electrician, I mean, except Rolling Asgard, what else would he be doing? Watch out Thor because someone is coming for your job number three Zara Hartshorn for most people it's pretty easy to give an estimate of someone's age just by looking at them I mean.
I know plastic surgery has changed the game a lot but you can still easily guess someone's age range, at least if you study it right, that's not the case with Zara Hartshorn, this South Yorkshire teenager was born with the cutest laksa, a skin condition that causes. losing its elasticity and practically speeding up the physical aging process when she was only 12 years old Zara already had the face of someone who could be in her 40s being a teenager can be a challenge, you are going through one uncomfortable phase after another and it can be quite difficult to deal with With all that, but I don't think anyone can imagine what life would be like for Zara, whose aging process has accelerated significantly after enduring a significant amount of ridicule that she and her mother decided to travel to the United States for the surgery they were essentially supposed to have. the procedure would help her look her age again and at first it was unfortunately a success although Zara admitted to having been negligent about it and did not attend the necessary follow-ups when she was 20 years old and told journalists that since she discovered that she had kudosloxa, literally she hadn't done anything about it the last time she saw a doctor, it would have been in Texas, which wasn't good and her health did worry her. but only when he thought about it most of the time he just didn't realize it, which is not good, yeah no joke, because of this his sagging skin eventually came back and he even developed a couple of health problems along the way while she was still alive.
He looks like he's in his 40s even though he's only in his twenties and when you combine that with the fact that his condition is now affecting several of his internal organs, it's easy to see why he may not be living his best life now. Despite initially not caring much about her body, she chose to accept her condition and love herself and is also determined to help others who are going through the same thing. Number two. Julia Vins. If you're an avid comic book fan like me, you probably know Ella. -Hulk, the female version of the popular Incredible Hulk, the character has become quite popular and recently even got her own TV show, although to be honest, she's really terrible anyway.
Next entry is Julia Vins, a young woman who could easily pass for Ella. -Hulk, the Russian fitness enthusiast, has become quite popular for obvious reasons, nicknamed Muscle Barbie, she has the face of a Fenty Beauty model and the body of a UFC fighter to be fair, her body is not the product of some genetic disorder or something else. She had a normal body in 2011, however, as she explained, she wanted more for herself and after discovering weightlifting at the age of 15, she virtually never looked back since, becoming a two-time Congressional champion. weightlifting world championship and has even broken several weightlifting records despite turning his body into an instrument that would make even Henry Cavill jealous.
Julia has refused to give up her supermodel look. She deliberately works out with makeup and her hair up and, as she explained, she just feels confident when she looks beautiful like she does when she's pumping No. 1 iron. Natalia Villegas Natalia Villegas is a teenager who was born with idiopathic multicentric osteolysis, which is a very rare condition. and dominant which causes the body to absorb calcium from the bones, eventually the bones become brittle and slowly disappear completely. The disease is so rare that it only affects a few hundred people worldwide and Natalya has been living with it since she was two years old.
The disappearance began with the bones of the hands and feet and eventually spread to all other parts. of her body listening to her explain this condition can be quite exhausting literally this means that I am very tired because since Natalya has already lost her carpal and tarsal bones there is only severe deterioration in her knees her shoulders and her elbows are basically held together only by the soft tissue surrounding her, the nerves, she has had a motorized wheelchair since she was in first grade and although her parents do their best to ensure that she lives a normal life, it sure can be very challenging considering that she even has than live your life.
She lives in a lot of pain as there is no cure for her condition as of yet, all she can hope for is to stop losing her bones somehow, seeing many of these people can make you put a lot of things into perspective for yourself and too. It makes you think about the many people with conditions that the world hasn't even discovered yet. Do you know someone around you who deserves attention? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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