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15 Of Our Favorite Money Saving Tips! Best Money Saving Tips

Jun 04, 2021
son doesn't grow much. waist and hips and this is very easy to do and my son never seemed to grow much taller, so next summer I would cut that same hair on my long pants and make shorts out of them. I know if you have little kids and you can make a patch out of old jeans or you can just buy them if you can't so you buy the iron on patches when you buy them a new pair of knee jeans. Some or many children have a certain stain that they wear all the time on their pants, take it on the inside of their pants, not on the outside, on the inside, and glue or iron that patch.
15 of our favorite money saving tips best money saving tips
You can't see it from the outside and it gives more strength in that area so they don't wear out, you know, very quickly and even shoes in the summer, don't buy your kids too many sneakers to wear in the summer and different things if you can buy them. a good, sturdy, inexpensive pair of flip-flops that you know they wore. All the children always went barefoot in the summer. You just did that and put away their shoes for the winter when they went to school, but you can buy cheap flip flops. Let them do it. That allows them to get used to running barefoot a lot, you know how much they can, so start thinking about ways to save.
15 of our favorite money saving tips best money saving tips

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15 of our favorite money saving tips best money saving tips...

You can do it the same way on top if you stain it or put Clorox on it, you know, add an appliqué. or try to make something cute like that thing you know for blouses so that those clothes last all the time. For much longer you own, well, I'm going to quit, even if you have a classic type blouse, but you are the buttons , You know? Remember in the 80s we used to use these huge buttons, but you could do something different if you're tired of a change, just maybe buttons to make it look different or things you can do a lot of things like that, so those are our 15


15 that we have to go over everything to make the 51 buying two together when I did It's not my intention, but I combined two, very good, honey, do you have any last questions.
15 of our favorite money saving tips best money saving tips
Christy said this is a great discussion. Age is just numbers as I watch her videos and do my


to absorb the valuable lessons from her. I wish I knew them. when I was younger I made so many mistakes with


when I was younger well, you know, yeah, yeah, it's weird when people do that, oh no, no, speaking of vacations, you may have already said this, but the Donna's nesco says they love traveling and mountains. who have a golden eagle pass and get into all the parks yeah use the places you have it turns out we have mountains where we are so we spend our afternoons in the mountains moms in Kansas she has nothing so she just We won't go there. but we have lakes, we have a Blake's, we have the river where we used to go play and things like that, you know, but you know, use the recreation that you have where you are, you know, we've been trying to decide. where to go on holiday I think now we'll take a weekend or two and go to the mountains here and keep it cheap and simple so it doesn't have to be expensive yeah we have. we have concerts in the park now it's free in many places where you can go relax for an afternoon or young NIEM and again all this is to meet the goal of paying exactly these are the shoes that you can buy with


and that's it. whatever you want, yes you are really trying hard to find ways to put more money towards your debt, that's where you try to do the extreme


, yes exactly, yes, and you think it's extreme, but in reality, if you could pay your debt in five. years following this advice instead of ten, you would have another fifty sixty thousand dollars maybe in your pocket versus not paying, you know, versus cash, the possibility of joy, yes, that you could get, not only are you paying your principal, but your interests go on the capital. you're paying interest on your interest, yes, ridiculous, yes, it's absolutely crazy.
15 of our favorite money saving tips best money saving tips
Anything else there I don't think, I was just looking to see there are a lot of comments but just general soft marks, big questions or whatever, okay guys, high knees. University alignment. We'll tell Meredith thank you for my fabric box I received, thank you with your ears, oh yeah, we had fun with that so thank you, very good, happy 4th of July, please do the work if you're not really celebrating anything in Australia. you know, having dinner following a diet cookbook, check it out in the description below, visit granny bandana's website or why do I keep saying website, YouTube channel and my Facebook page is Susie ban ba n Danna da na three words, yeah, so check those two.
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