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$12,000 vs $4,000 Transmission Upgrade

Mar 17, 2024
I spent $4,000 on parts to


my superx's


and I spent $112,000 on parts to


my Subaru WRX's


. More expensive means more is better. Let's find out, in case you don't remember, we bought two almost identical Subaru rxs. and I updated them to be fun daily drivers as well as cars you can take to the track until we can't look, man okay come on it wasn't my fault it wasn't my fault guess what happened if you look. In that episode you would know that Subaru made really weak transmissions mainly because they have to include an all-wheel drive system in such a small economy car that creates weak gears so when you add more power they tend to explode, yeah, and we've failed. three of them up, yeah, at least they're consistent, right, yeah, pretty consistent, so consistent that we decided we needed to do something about it, so that brings us to today, in a real low car craze and we're actually looking save the most money. as much as possible, so we are going to fix the old five-speed transmission, but we updated it, we have helical cut gears, they are much stronger and they don't have synchromeshes.
12 000 vs 4 000 transmission upgrade
I see we are only replacing the third and fourth gears on the interacting components. with him, everything else is bone, so here's the original third gear, his third gear was the third gear that has nothing left, what's left of the third gear, uh, and then here's the new one, oh yeah, big difference, it's hard to say since none of the gears left in this, that's true, but here's the fourth gear, so here's one that didn't break as much and we're also improving and you can tell the difference. It is made of stronger material and should be able to handle. more power, more consistently, unlike this, yes, those tiny teeth.
12 000 vs 4 000 transmission upgrade

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12 000 vs 4 000 transmission upgrade...

I hate the tiny ones, yes, but it will make it a lot tougher on the street, okay, it's a race car, well, it's supposed to be whatever you get. That's it, let's see my part if I break this immediately. Okay Justin, you might have gotten some nice new pieces for once and I have some used pieces. Yes, this is not clean enough for a high bar, but that's okay. Enough is enough, we have spent the most money possible and got a full six speed STI for WRX tall and not only is it one more gear but it will make me much faster than you guys but it is much stronger, but you don't just need to buy the transmission, you have to buy all kinds of peripherals, the driveshaft, the differential, we also have a clutch and steering wheel shafts, our shifter and linkage, and a button so we can modulate the quantity of power that goes to the rear or the front, which is a lot of fun, they are really nice pieces, we spent $122,000 on all this, which is crazy, but the important thing about this is that the installation should be easy, everything What I have to do is remove all the old stuff and just add the new ones.
12 000 vs 4 000 transmission upgrade
How difficult could it be? It should be pretty simple. I've done something like this before on my personal car. Yes, I don't have to touch any gears. That's very true. I'm going to do it. taking my time, it's not as hard as taking my sweet sweet time, the first thing I'm going to work on is getting the rest of the original stuff out of the tall car, which roughly means the rear differential and the axles, and then From there we'll be pretty much ready to start putting things back on two nuts. I could have landed on my toe with our shaft busted.
12 000 vs 4 000 transmission upgrade
I'm going to use my official approved work here, which is clearly a plywood trash can. and lower the car basically until the differential is resting on this, then I'll take out the last bolt, then we should be able to lift the car and leave the differential behind now that all the weight of the car is supported by the trash can. It's very safe, trust me, just kidding, I'm just kidding, voila, the old differential and it's okay, I mean, it hasn't blown up yet, but it's certainly not meant to have as much power as what we're putting in and it's. an open differential that is not great for handling and definitely not great for fun.
Before we put in our new transmission, we have to install a new clutch and flywheel to match the STI transmission, so it is very similar to what we had. in the car we had an act and we are reinstalling an act but you have to change them because of the different transmission uh and by doing that we are going to get a greater holding capacity of almost 600 feet PBS of torque in the new clutch and flywheel setup, which It's pretty good, they're very sturdy, have great holding power and feel great on the pedal, so that's all exciting and we're almost ready to get the drivetrain moving.
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I'll walk you through everything, okay, let's assemble. some shafts are fine, so this is the shaft, the input shaft, which is the input shaft that will hold the third and fourth and then the upgraded gears will go on top of this, right, well, it seems simple, I doubt it will. be. even the right way, uh, backwards, there you go, I'm learning, I'm learning, this assembly will only go one way, look, it's very hard to screw that up, it's very difficult, uh, yeah, like that, your turns are they clean and then this or release I have to make it very clear sometimes you have to press them well that's lubricant that's a lot more maybe I should do a little more on this side no, you're okay, that's good, that's okay, great, I'm so unsure a little technical with this one, oh that's an aggressive technique, okay, fifth gear is slipping, how does it lock into the other? oh oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, there it should explode, so in theory all our problems of a weak third and fourth gear are now behind us, I say in theory because we are now running a SL Synchro hybrid setup for dogs and I don't think anyone has done this before.
Additionally, these parts are no longer available. They were manufactured about 20 years ago. These are the last ones on the shelf. so let's see what happens, stop this man, stop this man, this reminds me of home, I sleep like a baby on a exhaust, that's our transmission cat, don't make fun of me, so obviously we're going to change this 6-speed STI transmission. mainly for its strength so that we don't exploit more gears, but we are getting an additional benefit that I wanted to take a second to talk about and that is that the STI transmission is a six-speed, the top speed on the STI 6 and the original 5-speed are very similar, but the big difference is that each gear is a little bit shorter, so first gear is shorter, second gear is shorter, third gear is shorter than the five-speed components, which is really good. for a turbo car, especially on the track, because it means you can stay in the power band, you know, you say you're turning a corner and you have to downshift, now a gear in the 5-speed, which could reduce the Enough RPM to take you out of boost, but on the six speed it won't take you down as much RPM, so you can stay on boost or at least closer to it so you can power off a little quicker, it will make you faster on the track , so that's another way the high car will be faster than the low car six is ​​better than five, okay you get anything, there are too many guys down here, too many cooks, yes, many hands make light work, but It's hard to get them all. in the same kitchen, oh there you go, the transmission is officially bolted into place, so now it's time for things like dipping the rear axles and the SLA driveshaft.
It took me about 10 minutes to push it in, which isn't bad. I'm at cruising altitude right now, you guys have so many things to do, you've got a billion pieces on the table there and I'd like to install a dip, so that's what happens. I love it. I can get used to this just a little bit. a little bit of grease on the splines to help the medicine go down and then I'm going to hang them on the buckets, hang them up, get my trash can back, put the differential in there, put them in the differential and then put it all together.
Now where is my trash can, the right tool for the project? Oh gosh, there you go, come on, yeah, that's what our rear differential and our axles have installed, so now it's time to connect the two with this driveshaft. God this is an awkward time to put the downtube on like and glove now I'm going to start installing the front axles let's put this thing in there a smart edit and you set it so they don't separate wait for that yeah I do i did ex H, that interaction is exactly what you said not to do after we press the counter gear 34, you want to check all your tolerances with the transmission, you want a little bit of reaction or play, uh, because if everything is in contact with each other yeah it won't work properly it's just going to tie us up so while we were checking we found out that the second gear is touching our reverse gear and that's not good we keep having these problems because we are mixing aftermarket parts with oem parts so now we have to undo All of this to make sure we can get the tolerances right, we may have to reduce some tolerance.
I would know all this if I didn't have an expert here, all these gears would have been immediately destroyed as soon as we tried to drive. the car, it really takes a lot of knowledge to make these things work properly, especially when you're trying to keep a book on hybrid system spare parts in Parts, here we go again, there's nothing I can take off here, I mean, technically you could trim the back of the teeth a little bit mhm and it wouldn't interfere mhm oh god please no you know this is the point when you are polishing your $2500 gears to fit inside your original transmission could you have I been wrong somewhere, this is when you know there is at least one professional doing it.
I don't know, the next part of the kit that we're going to install on the tall car is this, this is from eyewire and it's called their DCC D controller, dccd brackets. for the driver controlled center differential and that's a big benefit of doing the six-speed STI is that it has a center differential that you can control and it's super easy, this is going to be a plug-and-play kit and basically how it works. It works in automatic mode, sends approximately 65% ​​of the power to the rear and 35% to the front and has this: it is an accelerometer that is mounted in the car and that monitors what you are doing and how the car is moving. car.
It will automatically send power forward or rearward depending on what it sees, but you can also click a button and then turn a knob and lock the center differential, so it typically sends 65% rearward and 35% forward, and That's not always what you want. Sometimes you'll want to get closer to a 50/50 split, so turning this knob gets you closer until you get to that 50/50 split so you can lock the center differential, send equal power forward and rear and really rip. Should make this super fun on the track. I'm going to install the button and knob right here in these two blanks and I think it should be pretty easy.
We have to run some cables around the car. We have to set up some things. do it by getting rid of the poverty cubes no, I'm using them oh, I'm putting buttons on them oh, you're going to drill them open oh, that's even cool, yeah, although I'm going to have to cut a bunch of this off Yeah, you hear that, let's start with these, do you hear that noise cutting a new gear or yes, what do you mean it's polishing them? There was not enough tolerance, that's normal. Yeah, well, he knows what he's doing. Yes, clearly.
Well,good luck. Fun little task What is the best tool? Let's just observe it. I guess so, that's pretty focused. Ooh, yeah, baby, there's no drama. We have an on/off button and a knob to increase the front wheel drive time. Let's blow this up. It sounds a lot better, it doesn't touch, that's fine, this is the sound you want to hear, you want to hear a little bit of Wiggle, if it doesn't make any noise, that means everything is touching each other and that will just generate heat and create a lot of heat. of bad problems so we're good we're good we're good good to move on that's complete beautiful good job time for step two now let's put it together then we close it yeah we're all lubed up coach all lubed up you hear all that, it's not supposed to be one like that, you're just not supposed to do that, what we have to do is get rid of that interference that we're currently having so that all of this works well together.
I'm not excited about that. I'm not excited about any of that. It's not really something I like to do, but it's what we have to have to make it work. This is something I would never do on my own and apparently the low car is far, uh, incomplete, our man Ron chiseled a little bit of the teeth off of these new gears and now we don't have any interference, just a little bit of clearance, a little free space in It will work pretty well, it will work for a while, okay, the moment is here, we are finally going to put the two halves of the case together, all the intricate, important and really specific things are inside these two cases, like this that we are kind. of going at an angle and then going straight down, how do we know if I did it right?
Okay, the last thing we need to do is add the transmission case reinforcements. What they do is stiffen the transmission case so it doesn't flex which would cause our gears to interact with each other in ways we don't want. Some people say it's a myth. Let's take what we can get here. $250 under. Why not, let's do it? It's time to put the intermediate casing on the holy smokes. It looks a lot like a transmission, right. W this baby is the center differential and all we have to do is feed it back into its mom, reverse, bird, here we go, this is the last piece of this damn transmission that has caused I had two days of anguish and headache, It even stressed the professional too much.
Never buy non-original gears. Do not do it. Do not do it. They finally got the transmission, which is a big step and all it took was polishing. Downshift a bunch of gears hope everything works grinding gears and shedding tears we're getting pretty close all the parts are on auto high I'm just adjusting the exhaust and then it's time to put fluid in the differential and transmission Meanwhile Justin hasn't checked in up from the table, he hasn't even started working on the car. Yeah, you're gonna have that thing in the car today or yeah, actually, actually, yeah, it's gonna be in the car today and we.
I'll probably be running right behind you, right behind you, way behind me, seriously, I'm going to leave you in the dust, man, this is going to be so fast, it'll do a donut around you, yeah, you can do it now . I'm sorry, you know. I usually don't have time to talk so I just wanted to try it out okay buddy it's about time you know yeah I'm testing for NASCAR oh that'll be fun for the quickest installation of the wheels wait bad start , bad start, no, it was. I just thought I wanted to see if you were ready, you know, shut up, okay, the moment is upon us.
I think everything is done, so it's time to try to get started. It hasn't been started in a while, so there are many reasons why it couldn't start, but it came across. fingers waiting to die hey baby for the first time ever sixth gear breaking sounds terrible thank you so my engine is moving thank you thank you thank you all oo Bab it'll be Subaru it'll be up in no time I felt like was sliding in work car L it's time to fill it up woo The final touch is done, let's see if all this work on time has been worth it, see if the Caron starts again woo boy, okay, first gear, okay, this is it a second gear, all good, moment of truth, third team woo well well hey, okay, one more, one more, we replace the fourth, here we go and that's the dog.
Gear out of sync, it will make that loud clicking noise every time, but everything seems to be working, so let's catch up on work. in the mountains, why did it take you so long? I've been here for 2 days, two days, yes, I had to eat grass and weeds, no, no, dog, how are your dog's gears? I don't know, listen to this, okay, yeah, it's kind of like that. a race car sounds a bit like a race car doesn't feel like a race car does it feel bad? It feels weird? It's a big hit and I was like yeah, it's like I'm turning this around okay, so what do you think so far, buddy?
Well, he's driving, you know, there was a moment a couple of days ago. I wasn't sure if this was going to happen when we had to take everything apart again, yeah, and start grinding gears, literally, well, luckily, our pro, yeah, hit it out of the park, yeah. yeah I'm just not happy with the amount of money we spent $4,000 on just two gears and that's crazy right, we didn't get a new clutch, we didn't get new axles, we didn't get limited slips, it's a weird feeling. I made the smart play, yeah, okay, yeah, sorry, you know, a little bit of Notch getting into gear right, the descent is tough, yeah, so I guess you gotta match the reps, well, hey, on Overall, I must say you did a good job, car.
Drives well, feels like it should, you saved money. I did it. Hopefully you made it so that this transmission doesn't drop any gears in the future and you know, while this feels good, I have to tell you that I think the tall car feels even better, yeah, it feels great, it stays on the Power Band, yes exactly, the gearing is much better, it's perfect for the Canyons, so I hope it will be great on the track and you will always be in momentum, yes, because That was the problem with this car, Bo fell and then it's like yeah, but now you're always in the Ah, that's the mode you want to be in the best part, it's all OEM exactly, I don't have. any worries, oh this is just here and I like to trust that it's going to work.
I'm not worried, I bet you're paying a little more attention to every sound, every feeling, literally, yeah, it's a little crazy though. that this cost $122,000 basically three times what you guys spent, but it seems like that's the price you have to pay if you want to make a lot of power in this platform without blowing up gears Dude, that feels so much better, I know and it's so smooth and , aside from the gears and the gear ratios and everything that differentiates the limited slip, it's amazing, this car used to understeer much worse and much easier and now it feels super grippy, it feels like you want it to feel good and we I have control of the center dive, yes, so I have this knob here once we get it to the track, dialing that will surely save seconds, yes it will, if not minutes, off my lap, it really is the transmission, it seems like that. it was meant to have it, it really does, but that's why you buy the STI, that's true, but we didn't do it, so now we had to do this, man, what a great transmission, yeah, my goodness, well we did it .
Both cars are back on the road and They have stronger transmissions that hopefully won't blow up, hopefully they will, and for once in the history of highs and lows, there is a clear winner and I think it's the high car. , it really is, although we had to spend more money to do it. I think it's the best update and the low car is pretty much back in the same place, yeah just a little stronger, it's like it worked but this thing had a lot of plastic surgery. Everything is different, yes, this is much better. I hope you enjoyed watching us. do it, leave a comment below to tell us what you want us to do next and like the video, subscribe to the channel and we'll see you next time, check out our merch, check out Zoomies, goodbye everyone.

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