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#11 Texas vs #3 Alabama Highlights | College Football Week 2 | 2023 College Football Highlights

Sep 10, 2023
thanks, you let him bounce after you backed off 303 receivers stacked Goleta to get to CJ Baxter, the true freshman running back who was knocked out last with an injury, but the 100th back makes a stack of quick-hit receivers to the right Now don't put pressure on yours, he has some space, can he get there with his legs? Yes, he climbs and dives, that's through athletics, you lose about 20 pounds, we'll give it to Brooks, he dives down the right side and picks up some, but also shorts, no Obama quarterback . had done that in a game ended up in the middle again and McClellan lost the chains rotated several guys to stay fresh inside back two look at Riddell Williams joining the offender they flipped him instead of the lead and that's McClellan showing his versatility first down Mill Road evades the pressure shows that the speed has room and will gain about 13 and a first down.
11 texas vs 3 alabama highlights college football week 2 2023 college football highlights
He is very dangerous for this offense. He comes so fast, but he makes a hole. He is intercepted today. Baron makes the kind of takeout Texas needed. the type of mistake that Saber was worried about with the inexperienced quarterback he just didn't see it yes and we talked about command of the offense, it's one thing to have command of the offense and another thing is to be able to read and recognize the coverage, great job. bait type on this throw, I think he's anticipating it's move worthy and they're running to the right again trying to physically challenge the Alabama front, he's right near the scoreboard mirrors on the move, he flips it over, short catch The first attempt was converted and Sanders was knocked out. on the long throw from five spectators to the end zone from the hands of Xavier Worth, who had a touchdown, it was a beautiful throw.
11 texas vs 3 alabama highlights college football week 2 2023 college football highlights

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11 texas vs 3 alabama highlights college football week 2 2023 college football highlights...

Bert Auburn, who is a solid kicker, could have been the game winner if Bryce Young hadn't taken down Alabama. the field for the starting field goal on the first pick, although he has to Keep it on the edge makes a good cut ooh, it's very close to the balance point, cheaply tackled McClellan, so the bells ring forward , so he's running hard tonight into Texas territory at 49. They come after Milro takes him out and the catch is made by going up and grabbing him. Malik Benson rotates some new bodies on this field and we're running some tempo here McClellan has a crease and they're going to take him down, but not before they move towards James again.
11 texas vs 3 alabama highlights college football week 2 2023 college football highlights
I love to atone tonight. Good player. Mill Road backs off and throws him in at the last minute. Incomplete. This is 42 to tie the score. Yeah, he picks it up really quick and hits it into the top of the net. for 43. It's no fun for opposing offenses a rush, four spectators have time, complete it and a first down. Jordan Whittington made the catch, absorbed a hit and moves the six and it's worthy, it's a back pass, he can throw it and throw it down the field. Contested balls are a flag, yeah, fast interference, defense number three, some Texas back in Bama territory, spectators from the pocket, now he'll throw one down, a ton of air running underneath, word that's got him for a touchdown, the deep shot this offense has been desperately looking for. attack from 44.
11 texas vs 3 alabama highlights college football week 2 2023 college football highlights
What a troll of the viewers and a great read. He's looking here to read the safety key and if you bite this lower path, he'll shoot. You can see how it feels. Good. I have it where. I want him, let's put him in the air one-on-one against the freshman and he goes to one of the best receivers in the country. It's worth fighting to think about running now. He hooks it in the middle and gets caught at 40. in heavy traffic Jermaine Burton and they put some pressure on and they'll take it back to 32. He was looking that way and he bowls but it's full in the middle and it's Big Jatavian Sanders making an impact here in the first half there. in the middle playing quickly Worthy on the edge has a couple of blocks Stutter Step bursts through a crease they are moving the sticks in a hurry inside the 40 to the right of the spectators in this third and four different looks they throw it at him creative ways of gets number one, the two-man bouncing bull gets his first drop to 22.
Look, Bama lines up, they couldn't get fresh bodies there, right? Because of that, Tempo Baxter only has powers and muscles for another first descent to 13. pressure spectators escape make a move and stumble forward they will be stopped at 10 22 before this 29. and it's still perfect at night , so Texas is a play from 14 82 yards Drive well 405 before halftime can Mill Road get something going on with the passing game and said he takes off fast this is what he does best he makes a cut and quickly runs 20 yards and walk some pressure, show it and then rescue milro, prepare the scan, think about taking off and it will be shot down. well below the score, he fakes and a decent high shot couldn't come out, so one just slipped out of your hands or it's short and intermediate, it's the intermediate reception that made Francis still lose the premise of Kobe will be dragged down, but a huge play until the 31. to place the ball 28 yards on Third and eight Mill Rowe escapes again the man completely opens his Apprentice they have forgotten about him a man ago miss noro feels the pressure again escapes touched the ball now thinks about throwing to the Arizona tips and Carter the carrier for a touchdown Jermaine Burton off the deflection there's a flag down lineman downfield number 71 five yard penalty third down yeah, I mean, what a push, by the way, Brown right there, somehow, fights his way out of it. keeps his speed alive, Sorrell dives and makes the throw to the downfield lineman.
He gets his way. Jalen Ford should have had an interception still in field goal range, but that's what they do here, trying to get a little closer, they threw for the end zone again on the move, he went too far to run, he sneaks with five seconds left it's still his best drive as a passer, it's four for his first four, they're moving 50 yards in seven plays and Reichert Ultra reliable cuts him off. to a seven-point lead at halftime the old man throws out of the pocket goes downfield looking for Bond and Isaiah Bond makes a diving catch throws the ball well D is the best thing he does as a pitcher against the Texas defense a year ago the 81 yard touchdown on Austin Mill Road the chased flag is out as he rushes and now throws the ball, is it beyond the line of scrimmage?
The catch is made by Burton, there's a lot going on, he's going to score, but let's see there was a flag a long time ago. in the holding area the flag came out early I thought he might have crossed the line of scrimmage showing pressure up front they don't bring it it's just a three man rush and milro still has to escape the pocket he's going to be dragged down so that they dropped eight in cover, he picks it up, my God, he hammers it from 51. poor Rush Ewer comes up, throws it, it's just over the head of Whittington, who had some space, low shot, milro He picks it up, looks down the field and had McClellan come out of the backfield wide so that the spectators can take care of the ball down there, we're going to throw it on the first attempt, they throw it one by one and they go up to make the catches.
Adam and Mitchell throw the ball in the air and over the corner great work going at its best TV yours oh there's like a man wide open and it's Sanders eludes a man oh he just stumbled pressure pickup worthy goes up in the end zone and no was able to do it Bert Auburn tries to stay perfect on the night he's hooked and he missed the pocket collapsed and they have him Anthony Hill Jr that's fresh Speedy for making an impact tonight and a big stop for Texas and they're going to try to sneak away with a push . the ball she goes to the books, he juggled it held it and they moved the sticks, you have Brooks, who looks down, but he never had it, he never had the soccer ball to discuss if he was down before the ball, how can you be down when he?
I didn't have it I didn't have the ball head coach putting it on the line and Brooks fighting I don't think he got there Dallas Turner wrapped him up milro escaping the pocket he tries to get there with his legs and makes him skipper for a first down in Texas territory, Millro again has to duck pressure throws downfield and it went for a touchdown, but his senior Burton finally waited three quarters for this Alabama passing game to really come to life. 49 yard strike for Mill Road to Burton and Bama has his first major spectators, he takes a shot downfield and the ball falls to the ground, there is a flag and like I said, it's been an up and down night for Tyrion, that's interference, the defense has poor attention, three for Alabama, yours still has it and finds its tight. ending Sanders, the big man breaking free with a bang, gets a block with a stiff shoulder bar, what a run after the catch for this athletic tight end from the Texas play.
Faith's spectators make a touchdown slant. Mitchell, what a response from Texas. Bama scores the first touchdown of the night. Texas Trails for the first time three plays 75 yards how do you regain the lead? Caleb Downs The freshman who is going to be a superstar has his eyes on the backfield what I love here is watching the spectators wait for the right moment, let him punt to the freshman and he throws it right behind him for that touchdown some streaks on the line here Bama hasn't lost at home since Joe Burrow the biological Bengals come here in 2019 on display tonight fighting in third year Bill Rowe the letters right into the longhorn's hands intercepted by Jared Thompson, his second error, goes out inside the 10-yard line.
That's a disastrous play for Millro, their second pick tonight, worthy on the move. Brooks fights to the end zone in Texas quickly. He takes advantage to build the advantage. What an incredible change in the last one. few plays Mill Road tonight the impression a lot of times another cheap shot where he has to take a good throw up the middle and this time the catch is made by Benson Malik Benson with a great catch that the Texas defense desperately needs 27 in Third and 17. Miller looks at the shot again, controls it and that's serious krantus, being a leader, another cheap shot.
Melrose picks it up, has time and throws it up the middle and the catch is made by nyblack and he is reaching the end zone somehow eluding the tacklers. in Alabama not yet made a quick hit it's not the best time for the Texas defense tonight let's get back to the fact that it's their balls on the ground again I mean he loses you're thinking oh no what's going to happen composure eyes downfield and back on the field teeth of that Texas defense to tight end Nye Black, who is a tough, athletic tight end type that scans Mill Road and just throws it in the air and the catch is married and the conversion is good, now it's the Isaiah Bond's three-point game. empty backfield against three man attack yours froze in the middle and has Jordan Whittington and he's still going to Whittington breaking tackles and diving into Alabama territory with that in mind, 300+ yard spectators, not the left side , Baxter comes forward and it really shows tonight.
Marissa in the pocket looking down the field Mitchell touchdown Texas aggression run 39 yards is reading this safety Downs has receivers under the impact, the safety so you know again we saw this before on the left side this time they go to the right create a- One-on-One Matchup Unrealistic Expectations Mill Road backs off and now enters young Anthony Hill's pass rush. Welcome to



. This guy is going to be a nightmare for Texas opponents. Leaving the field here at Outlet Texas. they change and shoot the clock but they do it on first down Jonathan Brooks drags Blackshear tick tick tick Texas or as soon as they hand it over and pick up the first down and maybe in the game Brooks with a burst and the Texas offensive line three miles third and seven run it again yeah it's Brooks and it's time to get dragged down a couple yards early and start kneeling, that's a fitting ending right there, the shark knows that's what he's going to do, wow, offside in defense number 17, wins. in the neutral zone causing a reaction from the offback that results in five yards and a first down.
Texas is 2-0, we're not going to say anything more than that, but they look like a contender tonight, quack.

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