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107 Bob's Burgers Facts YOU Should Know | Channel Frederator

May 30, 2021
Hi, I'm Dan from Frederator and we're telling you 107


about Bob's Burgers. Number one of the original Bob's Burgers character designs had quotes about big penis noses, but as we all


, it's not the size of the drawing but the movement of the animation. Number two, the show was originally intended to be about a cannibalistic family. Making ham


out of human meat, but was rejected by Fox. Fox already had too many shows featuring cannibalism, including Cops and The O'Reilly Factor. Number three, the concept of cannibalism led to the plot of the pilot where health inspectors accuse Bob's family of being cannibals.
107 bob s burgers facts you should know channel frederator
It was like The Simpsons meeting Jeffrey Dmer. Number four in the opening credits, the sign on the building next to it. right of Bob's restaurant changes in each episode the building signs in season 1 in the order are PFA trots all-natural fertilizer reduced rent crime scene methi can special method Clinic synths synths synths extra moist yog the horse renderer tried crepe School of French Cuisine STD Go Free Clinic Rocky Refuge Raccoon Sanctuary Drum Base Emporium Magnum GI Colonoscopies and Chris's Brises Number Five The only female character in the Belur family who has a female voice is Louise Beler.
107 bob s burgers facts you should know channel frederator

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107 bob s burgers facts you should know channel frederator...

Tina and Linda have male voices, but the gender swap goes both ways. The male pesto twins are voiced by Sarah and Laura Silverman, who, like their characters, are siblings number six. In the show's pilot demo, Tina Beler's character does not appear; Instead, Belur's eldest child is a son named Dan, although Dan's appearance is different from Tina's. Dan Mintz voices the two characters identically. The story of the character change is detailed in the documentary The Emasculation of Dan Mintz number seven the cast records their dialogue together for each episode some of the cast live in New York City while the rest live in Los Angeles, so They record through an ISDN line number eight the daughters who bear the name Tina Louise the actress Tina Louise better


n as the original Ginger Grant on Gilligan's Island number nine Tina is the only beler so far whose middle name has been revealed is Ruth Number 10 Bob Mort's friend runs a funeral home at the Crematorium Mort actually means death in French and several other languages ​​Number 11 The Beler children attend Wagstaff High School, named after Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff, the character played by Groucho, marks in the film Horse Feathers number 12, continuing this nod to the Marks brothers' classic, Louise Logan's nemesis attends Huxley High School, which takes its name from Huxley College, over which Professor Wagstaff presided. , number 13, Bob appears in the first episode of the fourth season of Archers, fug and riff number 14, coincidentally, Bob is voiced by H John Benjamin, who also voices the main character of Archers, Archer, the Venture Brothers teacher and variety. of characters from Aquatine Hunger Force number 15 there is a real Bob's Burger's restaurant in Westminster California on Beach Boulevard number 16 in the episode snakes in a town the characters are revealed to live in New Jersey number 17 Kevin Klein, who voices the eccentric owner of Bob, Calvin Fish Oder occasionally gets picked up from recording sessions by Merill Stre, she is his friend and former co-star in the movie Sophie's Choice and Merill Stre was in River Wild with Kevin Bacon, two boom moves number 18, the most important aspect of the show is to give the Burps cite small victories Show creator Lauren Bashard and writer-producer Jim Doe say the family will never travel to space with all the Simpsons because it's little things like getting a discount on rent that make them the number 19 identifiable within 15 to 20 years Gan and Tina. will be quoted fighting in a gang creator Lauren Bard says Kristen Shaw's voice Louise thinks her character will probably be quoted in some sort of Jason Bourne situation number 20 some episodes have taken up to a year to produce from start to finish their creators are willing to sacrifice the kind of topicality of a show like South Park to focus on the small details number 21 Benjamin thinks that Bob's Burgers are really just a mediocre bastard, on the other hand he emphatically believes that they are really good he is an artist, he says yes , but are they better than Five Guys number 22 according to Roberts?
107 bob s burgers facts you should know channel frederator
Linda's favorite karaoke song is Evergreen by Barbara Strand. Sha says Louis is Welcome to the jungle. Murphy says Teddy is Bob Seager's night moves and Benjamin says Bobs it would be. some Neil Diamond and offered a brief but pretty good rendition of America as an example #23 Bob's Burgers John Roberts cited funny, false


at Comic-Con misinformation that confused many #24 Bob's favorite burger pun tre is quote cauliflower is cumin inside the house Hamburger number 25 the inspiration for Tina's moan came from Bard's wish quote the sound of not responding when 911 says what's your emergency Tina now, come on number 26 Dan Mince actually makes the same moan as Tina when driving his car number 27 Bob's Burgers creator Lauren Bashard dropped out of high school, let it be a lesson to all aspiring animators math is not necessary number 28 The first Bard series was called Dr.
107 bob s burgers facts you should know channel frederator
Cat's Professional Therapist and ran for six seasons from 1995 to 2000 and is fantastic number 29 Dr. Cat's Professional Therapist also featured H John Benjamin as the voice of Ben Katz one of the main characters and Son of Dr. Catz I'm Obsessed With That Show No. 30 Bob's Burgers won the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program in 2013 No. 31 The Bard's Favorite Burger Pun Day is a Quote: The Child Molester Comes with a Candy No. 32 a Series comic book based on the show published by Dynamite Entertainment began in September 2014 a soundtrack album is planned to be released on September 25, 2015 issue 33 a creative fan Cole Bowden has been preparing real-life versions of Bob's Burger of the Day for almost 2 years and documents them on his Blog, Bob's Burgers' 34th experiment, after noticing the aforementioned Bobs Burgers themed blog, Bashard decided to partner with Bowden on a The new cookbook is titled The Bobs Burgers Burger book Bashard is married to a vegetarian, so he has yet to try any of the burger recipes in Bowden's 36th blog after the script is published. complete the actors do a couple of takes strictly following the script, but will then be allowed to improvise lines in subsequent takes, the editor and director ultimately deciding which lines make up the 37th final cut.
Each episode features at least one special diary that we have mentioned. A couple already usually involve some kind of pun that has to do with the ingredients that come in the burger, but this pun is usually too complex or obscured to really qualify as clever number 38 on January 6, 2011 some of the locations of the restaurant chain Fat Burger became Bob's Burgers for the 39th day for promotional purposes John Roberts, the voice of Linda, stated that he often, during partially improvised takes, tries to make some jokes about Linda's period and they never make it to the Final Cut, which leaves it. really misogynistic and disgusting sentiment quote number 40 According to Lauren Bashard H John Benjamin was a great friend of Philip Seymour Hoffman whose children were big fans of Bob's Burgers and had promised to have him on the show at some point, but before it could happen, the acclaimed actor passed away in 2014 number 41 Dan Mince wishes he had Tina's sexual confidence number 42 H John Benjamin says that acting as Bob is much more difficult than Archer, which some may find strange because he doesn't change his natural voice to play any of characters. number 43 when Tina participated in the ice bucket challenge, she nominated Paul Rudd Chris Harrison and Scott Van sik of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team cite all of whom would look good in a clean, wet number 44 Paul Rudd jersey in is actually killed off to appear in the show's next season as Jericho's imaginary horse friend number 45.
Tina, Louise may be interested in the goth subculture because her room is decorated with creepy stuffed toys, animal skulls, and Tim Burton paraphernalia. 46. ​​Louise prefers Bob to him and has done so since she was. a baby number 47 Louise slaps people as a form of affection number 48 Louise is ambidextrous but prefers her right hand number 49 Louise only poops once a week but makes it count number 50 Louise hates Canada number 51 Bob and Jean are both allergic to shellfish which is strange considering they are both animation number 52 Jean has a phobia of snakes but that's where the Indiana Jones parallel ending number 53 Jean has been hiding a cat under her bed for at least 8 months number 54 Jean is a Sagittarius number 55 every day at 4:30 p.m.
Bob has a business meeting in bathroom number 56. Bob has a tattoo of a cartoon of his own nose and mustache on his lower back. I wonder if the tattoo is in the shape of the original penis. Noses number 57. Bob has hemophilia number 58. Bob potty trained the children. because Linda couldn't stand the smell number 59 Bob has sexual biceps number 60 Linda has a favorite bathroom and is at the Royal Oysters hotel number 61 Linda wore braces as a child, but later got rid of them, revealing the stunning beauty that everyone we know and love today number 62 The voice that John Roberts uses to play Linda is the same one he used when he was making fun of his mother when he was growing up his mother Marge serves as a source of inspiration for Linda and is Roberts' biggest fan number 63 Linda is shortsighted number 64 Devondorf's bakery is Linda's favorite bakery and she often goes there with Jean, unfortunately she ends up on the do not feed list for quote abusing the free samples number 65 Teddy appeared in every episode of season 2 number 66 Teddy he only has one testicle number 67 Teddy is allergic to peanuts number 68 Teddy wasn't fully potty trained until he was 14 number 69 Gail can only fall in love with men she thinks Linda is in love with number 70 Gail invented her own board game called Gail Force wins that involves doing strange tasks all day number 71 has a bedtime ritual where she pretends to be the only survivor of an apocalypse to help her sleep alone that's good advice for all of us thanks Gail number 72 The name Mr.
Fisher's is a pun on fish oder what number 73 Mr. Fish's odor brother, Felix, poked out his eye number 74 Linda's father, Al, has a balloon fetish number 75, the secretary main, Miss Schneer is a martial artist number 76, Bob's father, Big Bob was first played by John Benjamin, but is later played by Bill Haer number 77 Louise is the last of the family to have her name in the title of episode number 78 Bob Louise and other characters have appeared in episodes of Family Guy and The Simpsons Bob appears in the episode of Family Guy Louise, the boy from The Simpsons appears in the episode of Family Guy bua D bad and a variety of characters appear in the credits of episode homerland number 79 of The Simpsons Linda does not have a passport but she does own at least one pair of underwear that is more than 30 years old number 80 Bob and Linda The anniversary is the same as the creator's anniversary Lauren Bashard and his wife #81 H John Benjamin, the voice of Bob also voiced a can of vegetables in the humid Hot American Summer #82 in an interview at this year's Comic-Con that revealed the cast and crew. that in the hundredth episode of the series someone will get stuck in a toilet, it's not exactly who shot Jr, but the television story is nevertheless number 83.
Dan Mince hopes Tina finds true love someday day somewhere, but it probably won't be with Jimmy Jr. number 84. Kristen Schaw says her favorite episode is the Jaws episode The Deepening because, quote, it was in the court of the animators to make that joke work. Number 85 in an interview, Eugene Merman stated that the cast often records and then, quote, has a big sleepover they can have. I've been joking, but the cast seems like a big family. Because you do that? We're going at number 86. The band Sler Keeny collaborated with Bob's Burgers for their single A New Wave.
The music video featured them performing for the older children in Tina's room number 87. In a similar style to the credit jokes of The Simpsons, the credits for Bob's Burger have changed over time in the first season, remain the same in each episode of the second season, began to feature jokes and elements from the episodes and are now They have expanded much further. kitchen number 88 the show has never used a word that needed to be censored by the network, sothat no mother number 89 in Moody foodie Bob is surprised when Mr. Fishy Smell compares him to a tumor with hair and teeth H John Benjamin is voiced by such a tumor in the animated comedy Lucy, the devil's daughter number 90 in the transporting food, tinina mistakes randy for the carrier Herzog ry voice actor paulp Tomkins is known for his 91st hertzog impression in eat spray Linda, we learn that Linda has giant hands. as H John Benjamin's other animated love interest, Lana from Archer issue #92, after fan theories that Bob did not have ears, supervising director Bernard Derman created a diagram to illustrate the location of him under the hair of he.
He takes that ear, conspiracy theorist number 93, though the name of the city. It is never officially stated, the actors refer to it as Seymour's Bay behind the scenes, the show's editor's name is Mark Seymour and they spend a lot of time editing it. Bay Number 94 Hawk and Chick is one of the only episodes in which the writer and director worked with the casting director to attract someone outside of their usual group of guest actors. This was for the casting of Kasuki Huashi as Hawk number 95. Some of the writers considered giving Belur a pet, but it was decided that would be too much. much like dating adding a family member, which is never a good idea.
Tyrie Dillah says Bob's reasoning for this would probably be No, we're too broke, we can't do it, sorry kids. Number 96 Dan fibble, the writer of the House Trap episode states that it is based on a true story. Number 97 eats spray. Linda was initially supposed to be a Mother's Day story, but they were afraid. it wouldn't actually air on Mother's Day 98. There is footage of John Roberts singing the song that the hotel pianist sings about Linda doing her BM on PM 99. Tina is a member of Thunder Girls Troop 119 , number 100 in the episode itty bitty. Diddy Committee, two different songs were drafted for Jean to sing when she realized her musical dreams would not come true, but neither made it to Final Cut number 101.
In that same episode, there were also many drafted versions of Armpit Hair Linda's number 102, the reason bastard and son of a are used so much on the show because anything worse than that will be censored by the network number 103, one of the show's writers, Wendy molanu, voices Jen, the babysitter issue 104, Benjamin talking to his vegetables and fetus has inspired writers. They think maybe they


get Teddy to talk to her hammer. NE number 105 actors Dan Mintz and John Roberts wrote episodes of the show number 106. The show's writers had many different versions of a Bob's Berger school election episode in the first draft.
Zeke was supposed to compete against Tammy number 107 now there is a website for women he inflates the balloon he sits on it and pops it all he does is play a video Clip loop guys thanks for watching the video we had a lot of fun making them yeah like video don't forget to comment, subscribe and check out every week a new tuned episode of 107 where we cover all your favorite TV shows and movies. Thanks for watching guys and don't forget that Frederator loves you.

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