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105.1 April Fools comedy 2019

May 10, 2020
Come on, let me catch a giggle, please, with a by your side, they ask me, come on, wait, wait, what are you going to say, you're not upset, you're upset, run away, look at me, well, guess what it is, Lord, answer to your prayers, because you are next. Damn, you guys look like the weekend on a weekday, the ladies and ladies are doing something sexy when we get here tonight and a couple of crackheads watching you, you know mine ain't gotta be good. I also like me, no, we never fight and then it comes. the top for China apart from you you have to speak like your damn president not always as a leader call my country your country your mother Shifu and even javi proposed it to my ex I didn't do it with what I have Maura, now they will deport you sign this prenuptial agreement, take my $80, my two coats, are you trying to build a war like Mexicans can't cry?
105 1 april fools comedy 2019
Try again when I fought, he's trying to get rid of everyone except that slacker of his, he should go to the barbershop homage here. Okay, I want to see my teeth. I'm not going to take the opportunity before we decide. Unlike my women who drink alcohol, I don't think I like these women. All from the great Pedialyte. A few months ago, someone brought a The husband threw this piece of furniture he was in because they wouldn't. One in Kelly's bed. That man fills himself with urine when I'm between us, what big chunks that piss me off.
105 1 april fools comedy 2019

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105 1 april fools comedy 2019...

Now these are on you. I try to have an order with three of my chips on top. You can't hold your ass and let your platinum be on me Ishika you're full of making my cheerful game of America ready quick enough I don't want to make fun of anyone else anymore we can't call no more what was a lot of The Gorillas with us They came from Katie Bordeaux. Be the only place in America. United States is free. Doodle your work so far. Africa. America every year when you come out. I don't want to be dead.
105 1 april fools comedy 2019
Sorry, I just don't want to suffocate. Put about 10 years on everyone ooh, you want mom to branch out with you, we are everything to you, the first day's problem, president, mr. gentleman give it up for the first dead president of the space nagas America cock and balls don't worry I'll do my best for everyone after my inauguration having a big party everyone can't come with me thank you and they leave after Morgan Freeman I did it, how does he do this in his thousands, the manly Gasol returned to his age, he will die after the age, is it a new year?
105 1 april fools comedy 2019
I'm not bored Academia, if you ever dream, talk about 350 sense, this is a moron 50 type of I'll tell your mother to give her a video of you crying at six months. Always a bastard had six months and again the judges. Many countries of us will talk more about how the 10 launches sleep with money for them forty years ago. India. all decided, remember, was to dig and swim, so I thought you would dig deep, dig, I would know that the drawers I dig this with her every time he personally put on a new sweater, honey, a big sweater worn out, every old lady in a man can light Amiga woke up in a grave just asleep he said well, whatever you remember, she said deacons back in 1994, when I started doing tournaments, I'll give jurists 3 p.m. every throw was feet after bill what's in the pudding as soon as he was in the bathroom I said weaker this is going to see you his eyes take a new shipment of sweaters today pink with short sweater why Peter sweaters I wake up I'm going to You too, You're coming, the door just opened, hurry up, who's sweaty cock is so hard?
Because you take this wrap on the sweater, one takes two balls, one sweater, at least. Friend is here, she dives with a needle. She wasn't doing anything. She wasn't trying. wake up hitting for you yeah yeah a fallacy with and you're good it's the beast switch dicks with me please do this all the time this is my first big sweater event I can't beat Chuck but I have my together by Dennis on stage dressed as six members of the five husbands who only talk about people my mother tried to abort me when I was six abortion at week 19 I see what that has to do with me, she said it's easy to be too late I'm In my 95th trimester my mom told me that I am the longest miscarriage so kind speech that she is the grass, feed me shades on mother, are you doing dr.
Schaefer, look at me, I'm sorry, your tits, look at me, my girl broke up again this time, stop showing up before you come, son, stop doing it, I'm doing it, stop checking my phones and looking at naked pictures, they're for my. her own nude photos please ladies, I'm not old enough to be a dying piece of the 80's. I'll take it up in my life. I thought they wanted to give me a tough decision, no, I'm ready for all three and a possible me. I'll be hitting three wait I got discouraged when I concentrate now always take my lane anomaly you know you're ugly you were two steps away from you we got you baby you're not ugly to say it no one's trying to concentrate and all my friends we see a lot of girls, not yet I need a fight, I love it, it's for this money, yes, take a cabin with both left legs, this scoundrel takes it for the team.
I took them ahead when I talked about the machine, ugly, when you two smile at how beautiful it is. a long road that is four exits talk about beauties inside I don't have I've let it slide, you're one, two, three, come on, zoo card, what are you coming back now if the FaceTime, get out of my face, face, you have the text face talking about her is bad, no, he just does it. It's bad and I'm asking you that a girl's ass is a fat ass I love a fat ass oh girl I wouldn't ask myself it's a male brother built a Mr.
Mirabeau. lady Niigata Tatiana I love big girls, the first thing in the skinny girls because people did this, you were too big, but the skinny girls put the air in your vagina like it was love together, you know, for the skinny girl on you , you left me now so I should be so cute the man who broke up copies all the kool-aid hello chocolate mansion cocoa puffs a little doll eater elbow Denzel Massachusetts after we broke up my girl told me I look like the last hot dog in a road with a gym membership say your mother I'm finite just like you Tony making love I came in 45 seconds how he came to say yes to the wrong house I said it was 45 seconds it's not a joke in the front I'll do it all these shackles me doing with her trying to be a threesome why are you telling me this?
A very hard job with the tits together. She would do it with a bull's face on my face. I put it together, we lick each other right now. Oh yeah.

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