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1000 Clones VS Slogo & Jelly! (Super Smash)

Jun 06, 2021
today we're back with the ball Super Smash is basically like a stick flight simulator, you know that game where six fighters have five sticks, but it has weapons, that's right, weapons and it also has a lot of really special weapons. Now I heard that if you press the like button. one of those special weapons will shoot him, try it now. Oh, anyway, let's see if I can beat alien Josh in Super Smash. There is a person I am going to call. Oh, look at them. Hey guys, you're right, you want to devour yourself, Jilly, well. It already killed me I guess I'll buy this oh my god hey come on are you kidding me with a gun?
1000 clones vs slogo jelly super smash
Oh, weapons B, okay, be careful, bugs are unpredictable, yeah, we don't know what that guy's going to do when I think he's on the sword, he's breaking news, dude, playing Minecraft, okay, guys , let's see what guy he's playing, Mike, wait, where is he going? His God is going to kill everyone, just keep hiding what, oh, keep hiding the screen, he does it well, it's all my animes, you're kidding. In fact, I died, someone tell me what guys bought in my life. You know what hitting rock bottom also means, guys, yeah, I think I can round, we have to focus on killing the bottle, yeah, Kelly, no crater right away, you had to hit.
1000 clones vs slogo jelly super smash

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1000 clones vs slogo jelly super smash...

I'm not going to be just heads okay I'm not a threat to anyone Josh oh my gosh


that's over the top dude but the dog should fill the map yeah I think that was me I fell of the bat like this okay so we can't kill each other until we get the bomb oh you're right that's a long time ago so I see the bad days next to Jelly yeah he's c4 wait no now He's next to Josh, okay? there somewhere I see I don't see it I'm going to kill it so I'm here yes, what's going to hit with my fish, take the box of gelatin, you have your robot, where is he?, where is he going?
1000 clones vs slogo jelly super smash
Come here, come here, hey, Josh, that's not a holiday: today, oh my God, it's everyone being proud of myself. Oh Abed, wow, I think I just slide guitars or cranes or, no, just seafood, basically Josh is still alive hiding us. You, oh, Jimmy, can you stop him, buddy, the sniper. It's really hard, come on, go up and fight him like a man, okay, okay, my god, okay, it's my fault, you suck at the game, no,


, well, you told me to get up and I was up there like a man and the cat, you can. Don't blame me for that money I'll beat you up jelly I'll beat you up I don't even care anymore you've already lost just give up wait what do you mean wait no blue boy first Josh? breaking, yeah you broke the rules of the game, John, help all the blue boys, Josh, yeah, they were all going to die, you too, robot, Josh and I'll never forgive you for watching, I got emotional with the fan, okay, We will return, there are no chosen fans. oh that was really good I'm proud of you okay I finally made a good joke anyway I'm not oh god freeze I met a simple friend we're up we're the team hashtag I know I'm just saying that.
1000 clones vs slogo jelly super smash
It was mine, okay, so if I take this one, I have nothing now I have a K and the blue ball, could you seriously stop with the smoke? weapons, a whole team, I don't care, you cheated on us, you cheated, I've killed this, we work together, okay, yeah, but you killed us first, if that was an accident, you're the point, we work together, let's take all the weapons also in the same breath okay Josh very cool don't worry I have this I have what are you going to do wait you killed you killed the robot Josh oh he will fly under the map leave the guy behind blue hey wait oh blue robot the robot is here jose he's going to live he's up here he's angry okay pack up i'm not doing it on purpose josh josh josh blue boy first yes i am it's the crater the one that still seems to be failing Juicy EV Oh, what does that mean? a couple of little ones oh that was me sorry guys seriously that's crazy that could have been a good thing thanks Craner no problem let me do it myself everything my friends Josh does it on the floor under here oh okay everything he's huffing and puffing you can't hit me yeah I didn't just kill myself I'm big Josh what are you going to do about it shoot yourself in the face okay I don't trust him in fact mom always told me not to trust him in the kids, not in Bo BLT, but that's called BOTS Bob and also BOTS I.
I guess, oh, sorry, I didn't mean cheese, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, jelly, hey, how Are you doing? Hey, Jelly, I have something to show you, Josh friend, I'm not trying to kill you, Hey, Jelly, I have something to show anyone, all this, the blue boy. actually I'm killing SD yo Josh the kid purple things we live in Riley jelly jelly you were surprised I don't know you shot them you have to come down oh no way that's the bar that's the robot creighton you're breaking the law okay I don't Whatever it is, it's a bug, okay, I can't go show my character, I'm sold on the color purple, oh, green, why did you get there?
Okay, there you go, okay, now take it out on him, Jill, oh wow, I really suck at this game, don't I? I know I'm coming up here and I'm going to get a gun. I'm shooting them all. I don't even care, it's usually you, this one's pretty hot, no, I don't expect, oh, look at the robots, yeah, get out of here. he took out the book oh oh how to use that gun how to use this oh oh Oh look at this HA she's trying wait is the robot falling to the bottom look at this guys Oh Oh look at this guys ready I'm going to get Josh, now don't you want to know haha that was close, how did that get you?
I'm going to say hello to my little friend, hey, I understand you Josh, oh, you have gelatin. I think, oh, you just got a sniper, guys. Oh, Josh, is the blue there? the guy is still alive no he just fell why not kill him with a shotgun ok i got this what is it he died no yeah the barn ready the robot died he tried to get up but i can't really get up here, he's going to commit suicide, come and mess with him. No, I died for oh wow, okay, I was working on a team, oh, this one is really really complicated, oh, it's time to bounce, oh, thanks Josh, hey, 114, I forgot what this session was.
Why didn't anyone die? Oh why did I die? You know what this does, yes, it makes you bounce and things that weigh. Jelly. Wow, you have a sword and you're not using it. Wow, yeah, but you didn't even use it once. Jelly, but you still want. Oh, look at this, Josh. kill the ball, come on Josh, come on, make it easy, he's going to kill himself. Oh, who's going to commit suicide? Jelly, you just jumped off the edge. I blew myself up, it's embarrassing, multimeric, a minigun, what Scott Meghan, but he's dead, oh wait, look at this guys, I have. a computer jumps so fast you're going to do it oh hey so predictable guys no no we all die Josh it just happens well why am I still me guys?
Me without a chasm just before jello, wow, that was right, pop vs. Jell-O, Oh. What is the auspicious bar? I guess I showed them to some guys. I am going to kill her. How are you worried about that jelly? Yeah, how did you do against the jelly robot? It's going to happen job so you got me Josh Wow now it's just you against the robot your cipher is actually oh that's a good shot It should be a quick explorer no no there wasn't Oh look at this oh this is done , we are a prime minister in emergencies Hey, for me, no, I lost it, you just ran out of bullets, I didn't do anything with it, oh, that's beer, this is Reno, hey, can I ask you a question?
Yeah, I remember this one, you gotta go upstairs, huh, okay? I'm at the top now I have to go down there are no weapons here guys I'm here with but I'm alone with the guys bought I got it I got it good I can't come back here stupid goods BOTS are going to come back here stupid robot let's hit the bottle come back here it's stealing Jell-O I got it I got the bottle the link I see the mines Oh my god how are you going down guys let's go down I'm dead Josh it's just me against you wait?
I don't know anyone, what I mean, I thought about all the weapons, yeah, how about you show up? Josh, it's jelly, come on, Josh, are you worse? I will stay here forever. I could actually look at Josh, oh God. God, he's got all the weapons down there Josh, wait, come on Josh, look at me, oh you're classy, ​​let's do it, that works, oh my god, Josh, whatever it is, what did I do with the walls? I like this, this bouncy bounce, well, no. I have to do anything that's what Cranley and I what you say dead what's your view spell book oh you smell like a box oh yeah, I don't have any weapons bad buttons oh oh okay, I'm trying to make it smooth God, it's okay Great, what's up, what did you tell me?
We'll have to be before Josh, uh, I mean, you're going to kill yourself, what did you tell me before? Oh God, oh hello, did they ruin your life? Oh no, I know, buddy. Oh

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