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100 Riddles That Can Get Your Brain Juices Flowing

Jul 22, 2023
Let's start by testing


attention to detail a little. Take a look at two friends, Ariana and Brooke, can you tell which one is richer? It must be Ariana. Look, she has an original Louis Vuitton bag. Cameron and Dean went fishing at a lake in the middle of winter, here are photos of them. Cameron poses with some clothes when it's really cold and Dean poses with a big fish he cut up. Which one of them is less intelligent? It's Dean. Look, the ice on the lake is cracking. It's dangerous to stay there Everly and Jasmine are in a hurry to get to work.
100 riddles that can get your brain juices flowing
They come late. Everly is on her usual path and Jasmine has taken a shortcut. Which of them is in danger? Jasmine looks, she is walking near some buildings. There are icicles. hanging there it is very dangerous to walk under them Noel and Nash are walking outside which one of them is in danger is Noel even though Nash is blind he has a stick and will know that there is a hole Noel may not notice because she is too Concentrated on her phone for her wedding anniversary Charlotte received a diamond necklace the next night she was having dinner with her friends and showed them the necklace she let them see it and went to the bathroom when she came back the necklace wasn't there.
100 riddles that can get your brain juices flowing

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100 riddles that can get your brain juices flowing...

Friends told her that she had taken it. Look at the before and after photos and say where the necklace is. Look at this woman's glass of juice. It looks like there is more juice in the second photo, but it's not true. She only put the diamond necklace on. the glass and the level of the juice Rose Esme was taking a walk in the woods and got lost she came across a witch's house and asked her to take her home the witch agreed on one condition there were three cars two of them said to stay and one of them said free, they were face down and Esme didn't know which one it was, if she chose free she would go home, otherwise she would have to stay with the witch, there was a hint that a stay card was not in the middle, the second stay card was not next to each other, which one should Esme choose?
100 riddles that can get your brain juices flowing
If one of the rooms is not in the middle, it will be on the left or right, otherwise, if not, the other can be next to it. then it's definitely not in the middle but on the other side, so Esme should choose the middle card, it must be the free pass that Ava needed to sneak into her mother's computer to delete an email she had accidentally forwarded to her, but the account required a password which she didn't know fortunately there was a clue and this is what it said what do you think the password is? the second number is the number you get if you multiply the digits the first consists of three times five is fifteen two times eight is sixteen four times five is twenty similarly four times nine is thirty-six and 7 times 8 is 56 so the password must be three six five six Gianna owns a factory that produces cars three workers can assemble three cars in three days how many cars can one worker assemble in one day, if three workers assemble three cars in three days, then one worker assembles a car in three days, so in one day a worker assembles a third of a car.
100 riddles that can get your brain juices flowing
Eloise woke up in a dark dungeon with only some torches illuminating her, there was a door. but it was closed, there was a panel with buttons of different colors and a plate with the word grow written as it can come out Eloise, the word is the clue and the letter that composes it are the first letters of the colors of the buttons Eloise has to press accordingly in order they are green for G, red for R, orange for o and white for a w five people wake up in a huge room none of them remember who they are or how they got here they see a giant closed door people look around the room and notice something strange what is it? these figurines are hidden all over the room there are five people in the room but they find six figurines this must be the key a man says we have to find out which of the figurines is the odd one can you guess which one his eyes are different from the others people try to use the Odd figurine as a key it works the door opens and everyone enters the next room but when the man who suggested using the figurines looks around and sees that he is alone there, suddenly the ghost of a woman appears in front to him, if they want to go out, each of them must solve my


, he says, but they will definitely fail, she disappears.
The man looks around the room. he finds a strange symbol and a cipher decoder on the table. Can you find nine other symbols? These are the 10 symbols. The man begins to unravel the message using a decoder. Can you figure it out? He says page 52. The man opens the book on the table. on page 52 there is a riddle written in an ancient language if you have me you want to share me if you share me you don't have me what am I? The man immediately guesses the answer, can you? It is a secret the man is surprised that he was able to read the riddle written in an ancient language the answer is the password to the door he writes it and the door opens suddenly he remembers that his name is Thomas he is a linguist and cryptographer meanwhile in another room a young man finds a beautiful place full of plants there are three flowers on the table they laugh maliciously the sign in front of them says flowers lying down the first flower says you will never get out of here and you will never get rid of us just give up now the second says I don't remember how you can get rid of us, he was cutting us off or uprooting us.
The third says that uprooting and uprooting us are appropriate ways. What should man do? Cut the flowers, pluck or pluck them. the correct answer these flowers only tell lies so the conclusions we can draw from their words are these one there is a way to get rid of them two is neither cutting nor plucking three and there is only one way to eliminate them the only thing left is plucking the boy plucks the flowers and notices that bright letters appear on their petals the letters must be put together to get the answer what the word is basket the boy examines the basket and finds a note folded at the bottom he unfolds it and reads this riddle in a pond there is some flowers with bees hovering over them how many flowers and bees are there if the following two statements are true one if each bee lands on a flower one bee will not get a flower two if each two bees share a flower there is an extra flower can you help the boy to solve this riddle? there are four bees and three flowers suddenly a sunflower bud appears on the table the boy uses it as a key to the door and it opens and then he remembers his name is John and he is a gardener in another room a girl finds herself surrounded by beautiful crystals and gemstones on the wall there is a board with the names and images of different gems some of the gems are the answers to these


Did you know? That the queens and kings of all time really enjoyed that pretty purple color of mine 2. My name is like water I'm as blue as the sea Can you guess what I am and in which photo I'm three? Hey, I'm from the water like well, they see me in ropes and they find me inside a shell four, you know me very well, come on, get excited, I created the city where a magician resided five, I sound like danger, but please don't be afraid, I have stripes like a cat and the name of its look you can match the riddles and the gems the correct answers are one amethyst two aquamarine three pearls four emerald and five tiger's eye the girl hears a noise and realizes that the box on the table has been opened, she approaches the box and reads the following riddle the queen went to the king to complain about her lady-in-waiting in the morning the queen put her amethyst necklace in a jewelry box to protect it from sunlight it is not No wonder this stone tends to fade in the sun.
She spent the day in the library reading books. At one point she looked out the window and noticed her maid of honor who was sitting in the garden wearing the Queen's necklace. The maid of honor. She began to cry and said that this was not true she would never steal from the Queen the king He opened the jewelry box and found that the necklace was still inside. Who is lying? The girl soon realizes that the bridesmaid is the liar. Have you noticed that the amethyst is now much dimmer than before? That means the bridesmaid actually wore the necklace. necklace outside the girl solves the riddle three precious stones appear at the bottom of the jewelry box citrine garnet and alexandrite there is also a note that says calculate the weight of each stone without using scales this riddle will help you can you calculate the weight of each one?
The citrine stone weighs 10 ounces, the garnet weighs 4 ounces and the alexandrite weighs 2 ounces. Suddenly the girl remembers that her name is Melissa. She is a jeweler and collects crystals. In another room, a woman finds six glasses on the table, three of them are empty. and three are full of water the woman sees a note she moves only one glass to make a row of full and empty glasses alternately how can she do it to take the fifth glass and pour the water into the second suddenly the glasses disappear instead of two different games? ingredients appear and a note on the table the note says find three differences.
Can you spot them all? these are the differences the woman takes the ingredients and throws them into a cauldron but something shiny and beautiful is missing the fear of a werewolf we need to get more of it for our precious Queen coins and mirrors trays and tea sets that the nobles were buying while they got into debt it's silver the woman adds some silver and gets a potion that can melt the lock when she opens the door she remembers her name is Lauren and she is a chemist an older woman is in this room she sees four photos on the table all of them photos appear to have been taken at different time periods the note says is there a person present in each photo?
Can you help the woman find out? She is, despite the signs of aging, you can see that this is the same woman's look. She has this mole above her lip. A mirror appears in front of the old woman. Wait, is she the woman in the photos? The mirror shows her with a boy in a suit looks confused there is a maid on the left and a girlfriend on the right don't listen to her I'm


wife the girlfriend says you're lying I'm his wife the maid cries can you guess who's lying the girl on the left is his wife because she has a ring weddings on the finger wait she also has the same mole above her lip is this our old lady when she was young the letters appear in the mirror ivtcboe what does that mean I'll give you a clue, try to think outside the box, it's the husband, each letter This word is replaced by the next letter of the alphabet and suddenly the woman remembers that her name is Brienne, she is a witch and this is her castle.
Brienne opens the door that everyone else has already done. gathered outside I'm your mother she says we know Thomas replies another witch tried to steal our father she erased our memories and put a spell on him I deciphered the recipe for the potion that can help him remember but I'll need your help there There's a big cauldron in the hallway everyone uses their knowledge to prepare the potion now Brienne must cast a spell solve the puzzle to discover the magic word is Memory the potion is ready suddenly three doors appear in front of the family behind the first door A hot desert but there are some fruits in the trees that grow there.
The second door opens towards the middle of the sea. Behind the third door is an endless forest. What should the family do? They should use the trees to make a raft and collect the fruits. so they don't starve now they can cross the sea meanwhile Brienne uses a spell to chain the witch solve another puzzle to learn the spell she uses is sigulum who is wanted the girl on the right has the same mole as the girl above the sign who is an identity thief is the man on the right his real ID is sticking out of his backpack which means he must be showing a fake ID who is an imposter the girl on the left the script he is reading is backwards it means she she just pretends to be an actress, who is the real thief.
Both men are thieves while one man distracts the girl, the other prepares to steal her phone. The last will of Mr. Wilson, a wealthy businessman, was stolen. There were five people in the house at the time Mr. Wilson's wife his cook butler maid and gardener they all told the detective what they had been doing that night Mrs. Wilson was sitting by the fireplace embroidering the cook was preparing breakfast the The butler was supervising several workers in the living room. The maid was sweeping the floors in the hallway. The gardener was watering the plants in the greenhouse.
Immediately after this conversation, the detective arrested the thief, who is the culprit, and how the detective discovered it. He said he had been preparing breakfast, but the crime occurred. By night, Lily owned a flower shop. One day she received a call from the police and they told her that her store had been robbed. When she arrived, there were shards of glass on the ground near the store and pots and plants inside were broken. The police questioned. three suspects Jacob Lily's ex said he was in a hurry and I didn't realize the windows were broken when I was passing the store I only realized what had happened when the police called me Camille Lily's friend said Lily told me He asked forI helped her with something in the store when I arrived everything had already broken.
I called the police immediately. Matt's ex-coworker Lily said he was walking nearby and saw someone breaking a window and sneaking into the store. I left my phone at home, so I ran to the store. police station can you guess who is lying? Matt is lying. There were shards of glass lying on the floor, which meant the criminal had to break the window from the inside. Let's take a little break. Now you have to think fast. Mary's mother has four daughters. A daughter she is. Her name is April the second daughter is called May and the third daughter is June what is her name the fourth daughter is Mary of course who does not belong on this list Napoleon Bonaparte Queen Elizabeth William Shakespeare Sherlock Holmes Aristotle Christopher Columbus Donald Trump foreign homes he is the only fictional character in the list eight girls are in the house and each of them is busy with something the first one is cooking dinner the second one is lighting the fireplace the third girl is playing chess the fourth one is reading a book the fifth girl is making a drawing the sixth girl is cleaning the house the seventh girl is watering the plants what is the eighth girl doing foreign chess? with the third girl, a woman turned 40 in 1850 but in 1860 she was 30, how could this happen?
This could only happen if 1860 was before 1850, meaning the woman turned 40 in 1850 BC. C. and 30 in 1860 BC. C., an artist was walking through the park when it suddenly started to rain. She had no hat or umbrella to cover her head, nor could she hide under a tree because the downpour was too strong and yet not a single hair on her head got wet. how can that be? It so happened that the artist was bald now let's go back to our detective riddles Robert won a million dollars in the lottery he decided not to tell this to anyone, not even his wife at home he put his money in a safe hidden behind a painting a day Next the money disappeared the police invited all the suspects to question Emily Robert's wife said that in the morning I went to my husband's house to clean there the safe was open and there was nothing inside James Robert's business partner He said to call Robert, he always wanted to win the lottery.
I stayed home all day and watched TV yesterday and Mark Robert's friend said I was at the gym last night and then went home. I can't imagine why anyone would do this. The police arrested the thief. Can you guess who Robert's business partner was? did this Robert did not tell anyone that he had won the lottery his wife noticed an empty safe when she entered the office but did not know what was inside Mourinho was participating in a figure skating championship she was a very strong competitor and many people believed they could win when the warm-up time was up all the participants began to prepare for the performance Marina was the first she was amazing but suddenly she tripped, fell and broke her leg, which made her unable to continue the investigation revealed that someone had ruined her skates the police interviewed three suspects Anna said I didn't do anything but I saw Jacqueline and Kate going into the dressing room before Marina's performance they were the ones who ruined her skates Jacqueline said yes, I actually went in to the locker space to take my things but I didn't see Kate there and Kate said yes, that's because I've been practicing in the gym until my turn came, plus Anna is lying.
I saw her in the locker room. Can you guess who is lying? Kate. She. She couldn't train in the gym because warm-up time was over when the competition started, this is what happened Kate walked into the locker room and ruined Marina's skates. Jacqueline entered the locker room behind her and that's what Anna saw. Jane is afraid of having a stalker. She brought some photos of her and her friends to the police. The police immediately found the culprit, who is Jane's stalker. Jane's friend Mike is the only one present in all the photos and sometimes he even tries.
To conceal his identity, the investigation did not have enough evidence to prove that the suspect was guilty. Detective Reed decided to investigate his house in hopes of finding some clues, and sure enough, he found something. He discovered a secret room however it had a combination lock and the word idea written above do you have any idea what the code could be? 9451 the code is the number of each of the letters of the alphabet the door opened to the suspect's secret office at first glance there was nothing suspicious inside a table with a book in the middle some dusty furniture and a painting on the wall the detective examined the box and found a safe with a three-digit code behind it next to it was a note with a clue p270l7-8 can you guess what the detective should do?
Next stranger the detective realized that the note meant page 270 lines seven to eight he should check the book on the table the detective found the necessary lines on page 270 they read after wandering in the desert for four days and three nights I I met a couple of Travelers who fed me and gave me one of their camels. This is a clue that can help you decipher the code to the safe. What is foreign? Four days and three nights are seven. A pair of Travelers is two and don't forget one. camel the detective opened the safe and found evidence proving the suspect was guilty in the middle of the night someone stole a unique artifact from a museum the museum guard claimed it was a thief detective ridd arrived at the crime scene immediately and questioned him The guard the man said I was walking through the museum suddenly I saw a dark shadow I called them but they didn't answer but Detective Ridd noticed something was wrong with this story Can you guess what it is?
There is only one person. footprints on the floor if the guard and the criminal were in the museum, shouldn't there be two pairs of footprints? Detective Ridd asked the guard what he did next, the man said I ran after the thief and saw them break the glass door and steal. the device the alarm did not sound because it had probably been turned off it is the guard telling the truth the door is broken but it is also open it can only be opened with a key it seems that someone opened the door to prevent the alarm from going off and then broke the glass to hide the traces the detective asked the man what had happened next the guard said I ran towards the criminal and tried to stop them but they sprayed something in my eyes and I lost consciousness when I woke up I immediately called the police if he was telling the truth his eyes went dark.
They could see perfectly well the robbery happened just a few hours ago if the guard was telling the truth his eyes would at least look red he must be lying the guard turned out to be the thief and they were arrested, two best friends, Emily and Luna, went to a popular hair salon and expensive. At first, the manager told the girls that they only had one stylist available, but after making a phone call, he happily announced that he had found another hairstylist. Emily and Luna could have their hair done at the same time, but in the process the girls realized that one of the stylists was fake and one of the stylists was using normal scissors, but instead of hairspray, the one on the left was holding a can of bug spray, yeah that's a big clue right there Mary and her younger brother Alex were hunting mushrooms in the woods and they started fighting so Alex got angry and ran away after several minutes Mary ran after him, she was still furious but also worried, soon the girl came to a small river a man. he was sitting on the shore, did you see a teenager here?
Mary asked, yes, he just took a boat and got to the other side, but Mary didn't believe the man, why was he strange, but the pedals are next to the man, how could the boy cross? the river without them three prisoners are sitting at a table having dinner but one of them is rich can you guess who he is? He's not the guy with the steak and shrimp. The little tag on his shirt reveals that he's a chef and likes to prepare a special gift for him. The guy with the jewelry shows that he's rich, but in prison the jewelry is basically worthless.
He is the third type, rich people try to keep a low profile in prison so as not to be the target of others, that's why he doesn't show anything valuable. possessions or their status It is Friday and all the students have gathered in a large conference room to take the end of semester exam. The teacher has been informed that a student is going to cheat. Can you tell which one pays attention to every detail? He is Student C. He looks like he is trying to remember what he read but he has all the answers written on his hand.
Marta was walking in the park near her house at night, it was dark and there was no one around her, suddenly someone grabbed her from behind her and they ran away. Marta went out after them she was pretty sure that this person was a woman but she couldn't make out her appearance or her clothes when she Marta ran in she saw three teachers the girl looked at them carefully and soon figured out which one of them he had taken her. In the back you can do the same. The woman in the middle couldn't run away with a cast on her leg.
The one on the right has nothing in her hands. Where would she hide Marta's bag so quickly? But the woman in the back on the left has a big shopping bag in her hand. shoulder, a real teacher wouldn't need to carry it to the classroom, so she was definitely the one who took the bag. Jonathan snuck out of the house late at night to meet his girlfriend, the teen thought. He was extremely careful and quiet, but his entire family knew his plan. They knew the guy would be back at midnight, so they decided to make a bet, whoever would see Nathan first when the guy started climbing the fence would be the winner of the prize. there would be no option for them for a week not to fall asleep Nathan's father turned on the television the teenager's grandfather settled in the living room to read a book the grandmother went to the kitchen to make a pizza and Nathan's mother went to her room He sat on the floor and began to ponder who will be the first to see Nathan when the time comes.
Nathan's mother, her eyes will be used to the dark and she will see better than others. Look at this image closely and try to decipher. Find out who is from the future, well I'm pretty sure there were no lanterns in the Stone Age, so it has to be this guy here in the Sea Kingdom. Stacy met Neptune. He was sitting on his throne surrounded by three mermaids. Neptune asked Stacy to come back. the pearl necklace to his wife who had recently lost it. Luke found the necklace on the shore. Can you guess which mermaid is Neptune's wife so Luke can return it to him?
She is the third. She is the only one wearing an engagement ring. Lisa was a famous Top Model, she was found unconscious in her dressing room during a photo shoot and taken to a hospital. The doctors said that she had a severe allergic reaction, but when Lisa came to she insisted that she had not eaten anything all day. The manager was very concerned and questioned everyone who had been close to Lisa. The stylist said that she had done Lisa's makeup and in fact had not seen her eat anything. The cleaning lady said that she had cleaned the dressing room with organic, non-allergenic products.
Lisa's main rival, Nora. She said that she had been watching the filming all day and that she had not noticed anything suspicious. Who is guilty? Stylist lipstick was the only thing Lisa could have swallowed that day in the middle of the night. Dennis woke up due to a loud noise one of the children must have been outside but they know they are not allowed to go out at night the man went to see the children the three Catherine Ruth and Larry seem to be sleeping peacefully I look at the children and try to find out who ran away from the foreign house it was Ruth there is a dirty sneaker hidden behind the curtain and several pieces of potato chips under her bed Brenda was traveling by train it was scorching hot in the carriage the girl took off her gold bracelet decorated with diamonds and placed it on the table in front of her several minutes later the train entered a tunnel and it became pitch black when the tunnel was left behind there was no bracelet on the table Brenda was surprised because someone had taken my bracelet there were only three other people in the compartment Helen said she had been sleeping Rachel was reading a book on her phone and Gregory had gone to the bathroom even before the train entered the tunnel the one who took the foreign bracelet was Helen At first she was rolling up her sleeves but Now they cover His arms up to the wrists and hide the bracelet.
Sarah bought ice cream on Saturday but she kept the flavors a secret when she woke up on Sunday, all the ice cream was gone, she asked everyone in the house if they knew anything about it. James responded that he had gone to work early that morning and hadn't seen anything. Mary said that she wanted to have the new caramel ice cream in the afternoon. She felt bad because she was going to miss it. John didn't even know he had ice cream there. the house but he was eager to try it can you find out who knowssomething?
It's Mary the flavors of the ice cream were a secret I couldn't be sure there was a caramel flavor among them can you tell who is a real mermaid here the second one? he's a boy so he's definitely not a mermaid the girl on the right is relaxing in the sun and she's out of the water mermaids wouldn't do that because they dry out in the sun so the real mermaid must be the one in the left there was some thefts in the supermarket there were three cases in total in January April and June the security camera recorded these videos the security officer tried to look closer and suddenly noticed a detail after that the identity of the thief became clear what he did happened Realizing that she was the pregnant woman, the attentive security officer noticed that in January she seemed to be six to seven months pregnant.
In June, she looked the same. Hmm, it seems that it is the mysterious case of the belly that was actually a canned ham one day. thief decided to rob the local bank. He came up with a brilliant plan: disguise himself as one of the bank tellers and try to sneak into the vault. As he approached the vault, he saw a security guard standing right in front of the door. The thief. He had not anticipated this so he hid and watched the guard carefully when one of the bank tellers approached the door, the security guard said 12. The worker answered six and walked in, then another teller approached the vault when The security guards hit six.
The person responded three and was allowed access. The thief nonchalantly walked towards the security guard when the guard said 10. The thief confidently answered five. He was immediately arrested. So why was the thief's answer wrong and what could he have answered instead? Stranger, the answer has to do with the number of letters in the word 12 has six letters so the answer is six six in turn has three letters so the answer is three well you can see that the thief should having said three it seems that he was not as brilliant as he thought at first you will be a Sherlock's apprentice look carefully at the photos and pay attention to the smallest details to solve The Riddles which of these students has three mothers it must be this boy here who has The three sandwiches the A boy with three glasses bought them in the cafeteria.
He must be really thirsty, but it's not a sign that there are three mothers, but this one definitely brought sandwiches from home, so I bet it's him. If you don't agree, let me know. Let's move on. One of the girls has a pet at home, can you guess which one is the girl in the middle? Look, her hands and arms are scratched, she must be living with a cat, okay, look at these three people, who is a vampire, is this one? Dude, look, it doesn't cast a shadow, something like that? wrong Chastity was at a party and she met three guys, they all claimed to be pilots, but one of them lied, can you guess who is not a pilot?
Pilots must have perfect eyesight, this guy wears glasses so he's not a real pilot. Look at these three students. One of them is left-handed. Can you find out who exactly this girl must be? the outside of her left hand has some ink stains. It happens when she writes since we write from left to right. her arm covers everything she just wrote. the three best. friends met for coffee in the evening, can you tell which of them has a pet? Look at this girl's bag, there's dog food in there, so she probably has a dog at home waiting for her.
This one is super easy. Three sisters came to visit them. The parents one of them got engaged while she was away Can you tell which one is this girl wearing a ring? Three men came to a job interview. The company didn't want to hire parents because they needed full commitment for the first year. All the men said. They were single and had no family, but one of them lied and actually had a daughter. What is this type? Why would he wear a pink scrunchie on his wrist if he wasn't doing his daughter's hair right before the interview?
Well, now let's go. and look at the people's houses here are the bathrooms of Darold and Tiberius which one of them has a girlfriend it must be Tiberius look there are two toothbrushes in their bathroom Nevaeh and nicolene are students they both live in a one bedroom apartment with their friends to divide the rent their mothers once came to visit take a look at nevaeh and nicolene's rooms can you tell which one of them is dating her roommate? it must be Nevaeh in nicolene's room there are two single beds and in nevaeh's room there is only one big bed Look at these three friends, one of them is not really a human, but which one?
Look, this guy here only has four fingers perfect. We train you well. Now let's solve some cases. Citibank was robbed and Detective Callum was on the case after a long time. During the investigation, the police managed to track the thief and found the money hidden in the nearest desert, in a cactus bush. They couldn't see the thief's face, but there were three suspects. Take a look at the guilty people. He is this man. Look, he has many. scars on his arms and hands he must have gotten them when he was digging for money in the cactus bush a group of friends asked billiam if he wanted to join them on a hike that weekend he said he couldn't because he had broken his arm The next day at school Billiam actually showed up with a broken arm so he stayed home and his friends went on a field trip On Monday the friends met again at school William said he had just stayed home watching TV his friends told him about the walk and asked him why he had lied about the broken arm why they decided his arm wasn't really broken last week billiam's right arm was broken on monday it was his left one he must be faking it Mr.
Tucker called the police and reported who had been robbed Detective Callum arrived home and found Mr. Tucker tied to a chair. Mr Tucker said he had been sleeping when someone wearing a mask burst into the room, pulled him out of bed, tied him to the chair and then took all the savings he kept in the closet when they left he managed to call the police because His cell phone was in his pocket yet Detective Callum didn't believe him why Mr. Tucker said he had been taken out of bed, but the bed was perfectly made. I doubt a thief would care enough to make Mr.
Tucker's bed on the way out. Detective Callum was spending the winter holidays at a ski resort with his friends. In the morning they were going to go skiing on the fresh snow. He fell down at night when a local police officer called him and asked him to go to a nearby hotel to solve a case, so Detective Callum had to go, someone robbed the checkout counter and there were three suspects. The interrogator said that she was in his room all night sleeping. Egbert said that he was partying at a different hotel and that he had just returned about an hour ago.
Fenton said he had been watching a show all night but he hadn't stolen anything. Who is guilty? It was Egbert if he had just returned. He would have left his footprints in the fresh snow, but there were no footprints leading to the hotel as Detective Callum walked there and the name Egbert will make anyone suspect that there was a car accident in the suburbs and the police arrived to investigate the case. on a cliff just where the road was taking a dangerous curve, the car spun and was pushed off it and got stuck nearby. He had his cell phone with him so he could make a call, a police officer helped the driver out and asked him to show him what was in the truck, the driver gladly opened it with the keys in the trunk, there was his suitcase, some instruments and A spare tire cop said the accident had been staged because the driver took the keys out of his pocket.
If it had been a real accident, the keys would have been left in the car. Mr. Grayson called the police and said he had been robbed. Detective Callum arrived for the investigation. This is what he said. It was almost midnight. I was in my room upstairs, painting, suddenly the power went out, there was no light or electricity and I could only see the street lights outside, then the landline phone rang. I was afraid, so I didn't answer it. I stayed upstairs and in about 10 minutes the light came back on. I just went to Dormi and now in the morning I found out that someone stole my grandmother's diamond ring.
Detective Callum didn't believe him. Why if the lights and electricity were cut off? What would a landline phone sound like? This lady is making things up. Gavin drove to do some shopping. and he parked his car in front of the store, of course, he forgot where he had parked and couldn't find his car. Luckily, he had taken a photo of his parked car and opened it to look up the parking lot number. The problem is that his parking number is covered and the number of nearby lots doesn't make any sense. Can you find out what Gavin's parking number is and where to look for his car?
The numbers are simply backwards in the photo. 86 to 91 and his car is parked at 87. Now I have a quick logo quiz for you. I'll show you a logo and you have to tell the company. Here is the first one. You recognize it? It is Honda, a Japanese car brand. It's super easy, what is it? This is Pepsi of course, what's up with this cute crocodile? Does it sound familiar to you? this is Lacoste, a French clothing brand, another easy one, I bet you have it on your phone, yes of course it's Spotify, what's up with this one, yeah?
Nike, this is a very stylish brand, what do you think Louis Vuitton is like? Okay, another one is more difficult for you, but you have this one, what is your call? This is Reebok, an American shoe company, do you recognize that this bowl is a Lamborghini logo? familiar yellowish rectangle where is that from is that the National Geographic logo Porsche and vinette live in a country where postal services are very unreliable everything that is sent by mail is stolen from the package how can Porsche send his wife vinette a ring of diamonds if both can buy it? locks but they don't have keys to other people's locks.
Porsche can close the box with the ring and send it to Vanette when she receives the box. She must close the box with her lock and send it back to him when she receives it. He can open. lock it from her and remove it from her and send the box back to vinette with the lock from her just so she can open it once she gets it again. There is a box full of balls of different colors, five red, eight blue and 11 purple. The ninja has to choose balls blindfolded until he is sure that he has at least two balls of the same color.
What is the minimum number of balls that the ninja must draw to be sure of the worst case scenario? He will choose balls of a different color each time. There are three colors, so if he chooses three, they may all be different, but if he chooses four, then the additional one will surely match one of the existing colors, so the ninja should choose four. Taxi driver Bobby was moving in the wrong direction on a one-way road, a police officer was standing nearby and noticed the driver, but he did not stop or find Bobby, because he was a foreigner, because Bobby was on foot. .
We never mentioned that the taxi driver was driving the cab, so this makes a lot of sense, Bobby. He arrived at the local car service and decided to give his car three coats of paint. Can you guess which layer would be applied first and which second, since it is the only layer that can be applied to the first? The mechanic told Bobby, hey brother, I'm going to give it to you. You get a discount if you can crack my riddle, so listen carefully. They are the five precious gems of an everyday sword and they can all be found on a tennis court.
What are they? Can you solve this mystery? And the correct answer is the vowels a-e-i-o-n-u. Bobby was. having a cup of tea when he called the waiter and told him that there was a fly in his tea, the waiter took the cup from him and brought another one, but two seconds later Bobby called the waiter again and said: hey, that's the same one cup of tea that Did you know that Bobby had already put sugar in his tea? Bobby's friend Bill joined him at lunch and offered him a bet: if you solve my riddle, I'll pay for the meal, but if you fail, you'll pay.
Bobby liked riddles and agreed. Bill puts some matches on the table and said, "Okay, here's the homework." I have arranged the matches in a grid so that the first and second rows, as well as the first and third columns, contain 12 matches each. Can you remove the entire matches and rearrange them all? the remaining ones, so we still have 12 matches left in the first row, the second row, the first column and the third column. Can you help Bobby save some money? Here is the solution. Bobby went to the bathroom after lunch. Unfortunately, the door closed automatically. Now Bobby needs to enter a password to log out.
He found this clue hanging on the wall. A word. I know it contains six letters. Subtract only one and twelve is what remains. One. Can I crack the code? The foreign answer is dozens. Bobby was visiting a Historical Museum he entered through the wrong door and got stuck ina creepy dungeon there he found a enough supply of buckets full of food, medicine and drinking water for a week, but Bobby didn't want to stay there that long, he looked for an exit and found these three doors a hungry bear and a cub are hiding behind the First door The second door leads to a wall of fire and the third door leads to a lake full of crocodiles Can you help Bobby choose the correct door?
The foreigner will try to protect the policeman. Even if you offer them all your food, swimming across a lake with crocodiles is also a bad idea, but Bobby can distract the crocodiles with food and use lake water and the bucket to put out the fire, so you should choose the latter. door that Bobby found. He found out that his favorite rock band was playing a private concert for VIP clients in a luxury club and decided to sneak inside the club through the back patio, but unfortunately Bobby was confronted by a strict guard behind the door and was He refused to let Bobby in without a password.
Can you help Bobby? he figures out the password, he looks at the guards shirt, it's a Revis, the password is to infinity and beyond, Bobby's friend Mike is an expert in paranormal activities. He invited Bobby to go ghost hunting in a spooky old hotel. His equipment indicated strong signs that a ghost was hiding behind one of the four doors. Each door has an inscription. The sign on door A says it is behind B or C. Door B says it is behind A or D or C says it is here and door D says the ghost is not here.
Mike's psychic powers have told him that three of the inscriptions are false and one is true. Can you guess which door leads to the ghost? is behind door B then A and D are true if the ghost is behind door C then a c and d are all true but if the ghost is behind door d then the statements about all other doors are false , except for the one at door B, this one. matches the rules Mike was standing on a 100-foot, 30-meter ladder. He slipped from the ladder and fell to the ground, but after the fall he was absolutely fine and was not injured, how could that be?
Mike was standing at the bottom of the stairs, a foreigner brought him in. to a round desert island by helicopter and left him there. Bobby wanted to spend some time alone but something went wrong. He came across a lone lion. Bobby and the lion are standing on the island that measures one unit of radio. Both can effortlessly run the same distance. maximum unit speed Suppose the lion is very hungry will he be able to eat Bobby and if so, how long will Bobby be able to survive on the foreign island? There are two possibilities: if Bobby decides to run around the perimeter of the island, the lion will eventually catch him and here's the second possibility, Bobby won't.
If he doesn't run around the perimeter this way, he will use an escape strategy that will work for an infinite amount of time, so Bobby should probably choose the second strategy and just wait for the helicopter to come back and pick him up. Bobby and his friends went on vacation. to a country house but unfortunately it was raining heavily and it continued to rain for 13 days when it rained in the morning the afternoon was beautiful and clear and when it rained in the afternoon the next day was blessed with a clear and pleasant morning overall the boys experienced 11 nice mornings and 12 nice afternoons can you find out the total number of days they spent in the country house abroad and here's why let's call clear afternoons X clear mornings Z and no rainy period?
Oh, this equation represents the number of days with rain X plus C equals 13. and here are the days with clear mornings plus o equals 11. and this equation represents the days with clear afternoons plus o equals 12. solve these three equations to find that x is equal to 7 Z is equal to 6 and o is equal to five, so the total number The number of days is 18. Bobby started his morning jogging in a park near his house when he returned He was faced with very unpleasant news that someone had stolen his taxi He questioned three people who were nearby Henry apologized for your car brother I have been playing the video games for 24 hours I have not seen anything suspicious because I did not leave my basement Rosie said that I am a gardener.
I've been planting daisies in the public area all morning. I think I saw a suspicious man who opened the taxi. using a knife Jack said I saw your car when I went out shopping but when I came home it was gone who was lying Rosie said she planted daisies but there are only rose bushes in this area police officer Frank received an anonymous text message that revealed a address where Frank could find one of the most dangerous criminals. The police went to check the area. They didn't know what the criminal was like, but they knew that his name was Dirty Jack and that he was inside the house.
The police broke into a carpenter. a truck driver, a mechanic and a firefighter, they were all playing poker, without any hesitation or communication of any kind, they arrested the firefighter, how did they know he was the criminal? The foreigner was the only man in the room, the rest of the poker players were dirty women. Jack wanted to escape from the prison and found three possible exits: the first exit is guarded by hungry dogs, the second exit has a complicated trap, a cage will fall from the ceiling and trap anyone who steps on the floor in this room and an angry guard is standing. hiding behind the third exit no prisoner can escape from him which door should he choose thanks the second one he can throw his boot to activate the trap and then just walk around it dirty Jack left the prison and found himself in the middle of the ocean, he landed in an underwater cave and was trapped.
There are stones hanging above him and he has only two options to escape. A huge jellyfish is waiting on the first path and a hungry shark is waiting on the second path. In which direction should you go abroad? Jack should choose the second option, look closer, this shark has a vegan tattoo, therefore it will not harm a human, although it can easily climb through the hole in the cave above and escape, what would be the resulting figure if we fold this cube open. foreigner the correct answer is Bella and Shelly are sisters and best friends one weekend their parents went on vacation before they left they strictly forbade Bella and Shelley from having parties at the house but the sisters did not listen and they invited all their friends so soon as her parents left after the party the whole house was a mess so Bella and Shelley hired a cleaning lady to get rid of any evidence of the party when her parents got home her mother Jessica started screaming I told you There are no parties in this house, how was it?
She knows there was dust on this glass vase when the parents left, but now it is fresh and clean. Jessica asked Bella and Shelly to mow the grass in the backyard. Neither sister wanted to do this annoying task, so Shelly offered an easy way out. She put two. cards in a hat and said: I wrote Mo on the first card and relax on the second, draw a card and choose your destiny. Bella wasn't that naive, she suspected Shelley was cheating and she put both cards with Mo written on them, but no one did. Believe her if she was just trying to expose Shelley and no one would look at the other card once her fate was decided.
What should she do when asked to draw a card? Bella should choose any one and destroy the paper without looking at it, in this case to decide. her destiny will have to look at the other card that also says Mo and this will mean that Shelly should mow the lawn while she has a cup of tea. Bella bet Shelly ten dollars that she could turn hers fifty dollars into a hundred dollars, you think? Shelly should accept the bet, there is no logical reason to accept it, if Bella can't convert the money she will lose the bet, but she only has ten dollars to lose, in the meantime Shelly is supposed to give her fifty dollars from her wallet.
Even if Shelley wins the BET, she will still lose forty dollars. Bella and Shelley have a certain amount of candy, if Bella gives a candy to Shelly, they will have the same amount of candy, but if Shelly gives a candy to Bella, then Shelly will be We keep half the amount of candy that has Bella. Can you find out how much candy they have now? Let's use some math to calculate it now. Shelly has X sweets and Bella has Z sweets. Now we can summarize it in these equations. X plus one equals z minus one, so Z minus x equals two, also two conclusions we will obtain the following X plus two. is equal to two x minus three now we know that x is five and Z is seven, therefore Shelley has five candies and Belle has seven candies.
Shelley was doing laundry and discovered that her favorite t-shirt was torn. Can you count the exact number of holes in it? your shirt means the answer is not three or six, which most people must be guessing, the correct number of holes is 10. one hole for the neck two holes for the arms one hole for the torso three holes in the front and three holes In the back Bella went to the basement to find her old books, suddenly the ball burned. Bella took the new light bulb to replace it, but the wires are very tangled. Can you find the correct switch that will turn on the light bulb?
The best way to achieve it. The answer is to start from the ball It's been a long day Bella finally went to sleep but when she saw her room she screamed and ran away Can you tell what's going on here? Did you notice this zombie? Bella ran into the living room and closed the door. Is he safe here? No, look in the mirror. There is a stranger inside the room. Bella and Shelley went on a hike with their friends. Four of them went to a completely empty lake and then eight people came out. How is it possible that a stranger was sitting on it?
Four people were sitting. the shoulders of the other four when they were entering the lake the boys stopped to have a picnic they began to play soccer during their game. Bella's boyfriend Rob broke his lips and ears and broke a couple of ribs and thighs, but he still managed. playing a professional match the next day, how can that be possible? Rob accidentally hit his plate of food while playing he had pig lips, ears and ribs along with chicken thighs when he hit his plate he broke his food on the way home the boys They crossed a field and saw a cow, he walked 30 feet north, 30 feet east, 30 feet south and finally walked 30 feet west all this time, where was its tail pointing?
Can you solve this mystery? Foreigners, of course, the guys rented four scooters in four different ones. places and hit the road they agreed to meet in a cafe at the gas station here is the map can you tell which scooter will reach the destination first? the third Bella and Shelley were trying to get the perfect gift for their father's birthday they finally found this beautiful antique watch but they couldn't afford it the seller offered them a deal solve my riddle and I will give a 90 discount the sisters agreed the seller He took out a 50 bill and asked what is the easiest way to double my money, can you help me? they solve this mystery they should put the bill in front of a mirror the sisters decided to have lunch in a small and cozy cafe the cook offered them tomato soup mushroom salad chicken wings octopus and mushroom pizza can you help them choose the safest food they is there a mirror?
The bits in these chicken wings are probably not the healthiest option. I'm pretty sure those mushrooms are poisonous too. This octopus is still alive and this soup must be several weeks old, so Bella and Shelly should choose the mushroom pizza after lunch that the local barista offered to the sisters. Free coffee If they managed to solve their complicated puzzle Here is the name of the task A 10-letter word in English that can be typed using only the top rows of your computer keyboard Can you help the ladies get their free coffee? The correct answer is cool typewriter. job Shelley got a job in a restaurant one night a cook, a shoemaker and a doctor went to dinner together and they asked Shelly to divide the bill equally between them when the bill arrived it was for four people, how can it be possible ? the fourth person was night it was just misspelled as night Shelley and Bella were walking down the street suddenly they saw this Creepy Shadow can you guess what's going on here?
Should they be worried? No, it's Halloween, the guy is just walking around and scaring people with his witch costume. wearing slippers Shelly and Bella saw the mysterious sign of a magic shop and decided to go get some tarot readings. As soon as they entered the shop an evil witch closed the door. I said: I will make your biggest dreams come true if you crack my code, but if it fails, you will stay here forever so she gave them thenext clues a 981 a number is perfectly located B 924 everything is wrong c093 two numbers are part of the code but are in the wrong places d-147 a number is part of the code but is in the wrong place e 783 a number is part of the code but it's in the wrong place, can you help?
Shelly and Bella from Clues A and B we learned that nine is not in the code, it also means that eight or one is in the code for sure according to clue B we know that 9 2 and 4 are not in the code from clue C we know that 0 and 3 are in the final code clue e tells us that 7 and 8 are not in the final code because we already know that three is and clue D tells us that one is also in the code because four and seven are not like that that the correct code is three zero one the witch has fulfilled Shelly's wishes and Bella wanted to thank her and decided to prepare her favorite drink from a recipe book unfortunately the last ingredient was encrypted can you help them decipher the code?
They should add a tear of Triton after visiting the witch Shelley met a handsome boy Tom, they had a perfect date Shelley couldn't believe he was real she thought it was an illusion created by the witch's spell so she decided Test the boy's logical skills. She showed him this list and asked him just one question. What do these words have in common? Can you help Tom if we eliminate the first letter of each word? and place it at the end you can read the same word from the beginning and the end. Can you discover the next number in this sequence?
There are two to make the puzzle seem more difficult. All digits are separated. In fact, the sequence consists. of two different sequences the first is two three four five and so on and the second sequence is 9 18 36 72 and so on now it is obvious that the next digit should be two there was a robbery in the great Museum of Art a very valuable and a important painting was stolen, a detective investigated the crime scene and managed to find the person who had stolen the painting; However, when the detective asked the thief to return it, the criminal gave him three copies of the same painting and refused to tell the police which one. one was original but the detective immediately realized how do you think he did it?
Do you see that each painting has a different frame but only one of them is similar to the frames of other paintings in the museum and since this museum is known for using the same style of frames this is the original painting Jeremy was accepted in the best School of Magic and Wizardry one of the classes he had to take was about transforming into animals three teachers taught that glass and each one of them specialized in transforming into a certain animal, can you tell which teacher turns into what type of animal you see that The first teacher has a forked tongue, should he transform into a snake?
Have you noticed that the second teacher has a lion's tail? His animal must be a lion and you know? he sees bear claws that the third teacher has so he must become a grizzly bear Tony was going to study abroad for a semester he flew to another country he found his new dorm where he was going to stay and unpacked his things then he called his parents to report When he arrived, they asked him what time it was there. Tony was quite tired and jet-lagged, so he couldn't immediately tell what time it was. Can you help Tony calculate the time?
See views of the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House. just signs, but you can actually see Mount Fuji through the window, so Tony is in Tokyo and it's 8:45 there. Carly Zoe woke up one day and found herself in a strange place that looked like a prison, which one of them will she be able to escape from the foreign can? escape because the bars of her prison cell are made of wax she will be able to use the candle on the floor behind her back to melt them Zoe can also escape do you see several rats in the corner that are chewing on the bars is it because the bars of the girl They are made of salted breadsticks and she can eat them and escape.
Isabella was a princess and the heir to the throne, one day an evil witch lured her into an enchanted forest so she could take over the kingdom. Isabella got lost but luckily she had a magic pendant that the king's wizard gave her some time ago claiming it would help her find her way back if she ever got lost, she used the pendant and three spirit animals appeared, the first spirit animal was a owl, the second was a butterfly and the third spirit animal was a hawk, only one of them knew the way. She returned to the castle, but if Isabella chose to follow the wrong animal, she would find herself even further from her kingdom.
Which spirit animal should she follow? Have you noticed the kingdom banner in the throne room? He has a butterfly, so he's the official one. symbol of this Kingdom Isabella should follow the butterfly Toby was a rich businessman one day he returned home from a dinner and saw that someone had broken into his house and stolen his expensive watch from his safe. He called the police and they investigated the crime scene. and found three suspects Gordon said he had been home at the time trying to put his teenage children to bed Danny said he had been up all night at a party with his friends and Matt claimed he had been at a movie theater watching a new movie. superheroes between 12 and 2 a.m. m.
The police immediately realized who had broken into Toby's house and stolen the watch. You have realized? It was Matt when Toby got home it was 11.30 pm. m., so it doesn't matter where Matt It was between 12 and 2 in the morning Elliott was a mad scientist who was obsessed with the idea of ​​parallel universes he dedicated his entire life to discovering how to create portals to other dimensions one day he finally managed to build a portal machine when he tried to test Three portals appeared in front of him and then the machine simply exploded and since he had meddled with the laws of physics, the universe where he lived began to collapse, the scientist had to choose one of the portals to escape and speed up the first portal. it opened to the universe where Elliot was a supervillain the second portal opened to the world where man was a ruthless king the third portal opened to the planet where Elliott was an underwater creature which portal should I choose do you see the machine from the portal?
The super villain that Elliott holds is the same one that destroyed himself, apparently the super villain Elliott is a scientist and could help the real Elliot get the original universe back from him by making a better portal machine. Sally was in a crowded moment. At the concert, she suddenly felt someone reach into her bag and take out her wallet that only had the credit cards inside of it. She couldn't see who the person was, but after reviewing surveillance camera footage, security guards were able to narrow it down to three suspects. Joshua said he had been sharing concert videos on his social media and that he had nothing to do with the robbery.
Jennifer said she was super rich and she didn't need anyone else's wallet with credit cards, she only used cash when she went shopping, Penny said. she had been singing the song the band had been playing so she didn't even know what had happened, the security guards immediately figured out who the thief was who stole Sally's wallet, no one told Jennifer that the wallet only contained credit cards, but somehow he still knew, he must have stolen it. Mary found a new job in another city, so she had to move. The real estate agent found three options for Mary to choose from and took her to see each of them.
First he took Mary to apartment number one, which was centrally located, secondly, he took the woman to apartment number two, which was within walking distance of a subway station, then he took Mary to apartment number three, which It was next to a grocery store, which apartment should Mary choose since a rat lives in apartment number one? and apartment number three has a crack in one of the walls Mary should choose apartment number two Miss Sanders took her students camping for the weekend she wanted to talk to them about forest plants during the trip one of the students left and He got lost in the forest Hours passed but he couldn't find his way back, the guy was very hungry but he had no food with him, that's when he saw three different bushes with three different types of berries in front of him, only one type of berries.
He was safe to eat and the other two were poisonous, which Berry should he eat while he waits to be rescued? Remember the sign that was in the classroom said that these two types of berries were poisonous, so only these are safe to eat. driving across the country to visit her family she was tired of being on the road and wanted to take a break she saw a restaurant and stopped there to eat something and rest the restaurant looked empty old and dirty the waitress told her there were only three options of food to choose from and I asked him which one he wanted to eat, so which one seems safe to eat.
See the fumes coming from the first meal? They're green, that can't be a good sign and the third meal has a little mistake, so Sandy should eat the second meal and get out of there. Audrey won the award for best actress at a film festival, but when she left the stage and went to give an interview to journalists, a police officer stole the award from her. The officer arrived and found three suspects, the first suspect was Grace, a cleaning lady, she said she had been taking selfies with her favorite celebrities backstage and that it had nothing to do with the award, the second suspect was Gabrielle, a reporter, said he had stolen the award. award because she had been with other reporters waiting their turn to ask Audrey some questions, the third suspect was Catherine, an actress, she said that she was not the one who stole the award because she had been among the guests watching the show, plus she already won the best actress award last year the police officer knew who was lying and if you look closer at the selfie adorned hook you can see Catherine behind escaping with the award three friends Ashton Emma and Louis went skydiving together these are them just before he jumped out of the plane which of them is in danger Ashton is carrying a normal backpack instead of his parachute Amelia is running away from a group of zombies and comes across three doors behind the first there is a raging fire behind the second door there is a deep lake behind the third door there are poisonous bees that bite everyone who enters what is the safest way foreigner it is just a lake Amelia can probably do it Esme was walking in the woods and got lost it was late when she finally found the house of a witch and asked the woman to help her get home.
The witch recently gained access to the Internet and was shopping online, but there were many fake items on the Internet and she only needed to buy original products. Unfortunately, she didn't know the correct logos, so she needed Esme's help. First of all, she wanted an iPhone whose iPhone logo is the original, of course, this one. Next, she needed a pair of sneakers for her morning runs. whose logo is correct here. The next thing is that she wanted to get a stylish bag whose Chanel logo is correct abroad. In this one, the witch also wanted a BMW motorcycle, but what is the original logo.
Yes, that's how it is when the witch needs gas for her motorcycle. Which 7-Eleven should she go to? Is incredible. Now Esme can come home. Evelyn went to a company. party with her husband at the party she suddenly fainted when Evelyn woke up in a hospital she couldn't remember anything there were two men in front of her and each of them claimed to be her husband but which one is telling the truth since Evelyn and her husband were in a corporate event they were both dressed accordingly the guy in the hoodie doesn't look formal enough so her husband must be the one wearing a suit Miss Lodge was going on vacation, cleaned her office and left taking the key with her when she returned two weeks later, she immediately realized that someone had been in her office while she was away, how did she understand that?
When she came out, the window blinds were closed and now they are open. A group of friends gathered. at night, for a game night, according to the rules of one of the games they played, each one had to draw a card with a number, they soon realized that the number six was missing, since it was a new game of cards, it was strange that he had already lost it, everyone revealed their cards and indeed there were not six, suddenly one of the friends started laughing and said that he had found the missing card. Can you see it too?
The player who has a nine actually has a six, but he has the hand. In reverse there are only eight cards and the highest number is also eight. Another civilian was reported to have invaded Earth. Detective Callum had a special mission to find everyone who wasn't human. He entered a cafe looking for invaders and noticed one of them. Can you tell which customer is not human? He's that dark-haired guy over there. Look, he has six fingers. Take a look at this busy street. Canfind an imposter here? Foreign. He is this guy. His clothes are super warm, but he looks.
His face is blue. now we're going to the mall we're trying to find an intruder here look this woman is glowing she must be from another world we have a few more intruders to catch detective callum found out one of them was at a local college so he drove there which student isn't human strange look that girl is floating just a couple of inches from the ground but she is definitely not an ordinary student after work the detective went to the gym but even there was someone from another planet, can you see it? the guy on the treadmill is running too fast he must be an imposter Arya called the police and reported that her friend Violet had been poisoned the girl found her unconscious on the floor this is what Arya said I was walking by Violet's house and I noticed the lights were on I thought she was home so I decided to go in and say hello, the front door was open so I walked in and I saw Violet like that, the police officer asked her if she had touched anything.
Arya replied that she had only knocked. Violet to check her pulse and then her cell phone to make the call the police detained her for further investigation why thank you the lights in the room are off but Arya said it hadn't been dark in the room that's why she came in if she didn't touch the switch so you're lying now It was a sunny spring morning on Sunday the whole family was home when Hannah returned to her room after breakfast and noticed that someone had played a prank on her and stolen all of her clothes from her closet. she questioned all the people in the house.
Hannah's mom said she had been busy rearranging her room. Her father said he had been shoveling snow in front of the house. The girl's sister, Serenity, said she had been playing video games in her room, and she took Hannah's room. clothes were his dad there's no snow outside it's spring he couldn't have been shoveling snow so he lied Tyler came home and found a love letter in his mailbox it was very sweet but the center didn't write his name instead a code at the end. Can you find out the name of Tyler's secret admirer? The alphabet is the key.
D plus one means the letter after D, which is e or minus three means three letters before o, which is l, two letters after G is iz plus zero is actually Z and C minus two is a. It seems the girl's name is Eliza. Cara likes to travel but she's terrible at packing, so your task is to go through her suitcase and find something that Cara doesn't need to take with her. She's going camping with her friends. What's that extra thing she packed that she needs to leave at home? There is no electricity in the forest.
This time you can leave this electric kettle at home. Cara is packing for her vacation to Mexico. She and her boyfriend have booked a room in a beautiful hotel right by the ocean, what won't she need there? She probably won't need the towels. Hotels usually provide these and replace them daily with fresh towels. This time Cara is going on a skiing trip with a group of friends. The task is the same as what she won't need there abroad but it is not likely that she will need this swimsuit and finally Cara will go visit her grandparents, they live on a farm and she will stay there for a week.
There's no electricity and no running water, so it's going to be a little difficult for a girl from a big city, so doesn't she need to carry with her? I think it's this hair dryer. There is no electricity. Remember that Weston Jones, a young businessman, was found poisoned in her office. Detective Callum arrived. to investigate the case he had three suspects, Mr Jones, cousin Leah Jones, his business partner Kenneth Brown and his girlfriend Emery Leah said she had not seen Weston for a while Kenneth said they had had an argument but that he had not poisoned to his partner and Emery said he loved Weston and would never have done something like that.
Who should arrest Detective Callum? Foreign look. There is a lipstick stain on one of the teacups in Mr. Jones' office. The color matches Leah's lipstick, but he said he hasn't seen his cousin lately. he must be lying Ariana was poisoned and Detective Callum was on the case one of the main suspects was Jake Ariana's sister's boyfriend someone saw them together and Detective Callum visited him good afternoon, I'm sorry to tell you this but your girlfriend's sister Ariana has been poisoned. Do you know anything about it and maybe you have a photo with her? Jake said oh poor Ari.
I have never met her but my girlfriend loves her very much. Yes, I have a photo of her family. The detective looked at the photo and made the arrest. Jake, why is she looking at her? Jake is also in the photo, meaning he must have met Ariana, so why would he lie about it? Esme was walking through the woods, yes, again and you know what she missed, she had been wandering until she found the Witch's House. she saidHello, I petted the cat and asked the witch to show her the way home. The witch had a task for Esme.
She needed several magical artifacts for her new spell, but she only knew her ways and Esme had to figure out which artifact the witch needed. The first set, those are magic crystals, which one is the one the witch needs? Here, okay, here are several plants. Can you identify the one the witch needs? Yes, here it is now there are several types of insects which one is the right one the witch needs something foreign, here it is and the last crystal, how do you think it is there? Esme is free to leave this time, thanks for your help, Detective Callum arrived at a jewelry store because the owner reported that someone had stolen a diamond that he did not let out the customers or the cleaning man, so it was the main suspects.
They all denied having stolen the diamond. No fingerprints were found. Can you help Detective Callum decide who he should arrest? He must arrest the man and woman who were wearing gloves, since there were no fingerprints left. It must be one or both of them. Olivia snuck into an old mansion to explore it and was trapped inside. There are three exits and they are all dangerous. Behind the first door, the ceiling and floor are made of magnifying glass and the sun would burn anyone who enters through the door. Second door there is a dangerous doll with knives that can come to life at any moment.
Behind the third door is a room filled with poisonous gas that makes anyone's skin melt. How can Olivia escape safely? She can leave through the first door. It's nighttime, so the sun doesn't shine, so the first exit is safe. Detective Callum was abroad traveling by train when he heard two men arguing, one of them. Hendricks was blaming the other Brian for trying to steal his suitcase. His suitcases looked exactly the same. and Brian claimed that he had just confused them both by accident Detective Callum asked both men to open their suitcases do you think it was an accident?
Hendrix's suitcase is full of clothes and electronics and must be pretty heavy. Brian's suitcase is almost empty with only a pair of jeans and a book inside it must be much lighter and although the bags look similar, Brian surely knew that the bag he took couldn't be his, it was much heavier than he thought. Luna found her cousin Mia poisoned when she went up to her room and called the police. Detective Callum asked Luna what had happened and she said she was passing by Mia's house when she saw the light in her room. was on, he walked to the window to see if Mia was there and saw her on the floor. she had a key so she went into the house and called the police she didn't touch anything so they could investigate what had happened detective Callum arrested Luna why he said he saw Mia in the window but look the blinds are closed yes Luna he hadn't touched anything, he couldn't have seen what was going on in the room, he must be lying about something while Mrs.
Virginia Dell, a rich lady, was on her three month business trip abroad, her mansion was robbed, Security was notified and Detective Callum began the investigation, there were three people caught on the security camera and he began to interrogate them. Charlotte Nisdell's cousin said she had visited several times to pick up mail. Camilla, her housemate, said that she had come three days ago to clean the house. Ismail. The gardener said that she came every Wednesday to take care of the garden. They all denied having stolen anything. Detective Callum arrested one of them, who was a foreigner. She said that she had cleaned the house three days ago, but she looks at the house, there is dust and dark stains.
It doesn't look like the house has been cleaned recently, so she probably lied. Abigail stayed late at the office because she had a lot of work to do, she left the room to get some snacks and a coffee, half an hour later she returned and discovered that someone had stolen her wallet so she called the police detective Callum questioned three people who were still in the office Noel, the cleaning man, said he had been cleaning another floor and had never entered Abigail's office that day, but Sonia, the accountant, said he had. She had been on the phone with his mother.
Sean, a regional manager, said he had been in his office swamped with work, that he stole his wallet, no one. Detective Callum realized that since Abigail went to get snacks and coffee, he must have had her wallet with her. he only recommended that she get some sleep and stop working too much. Elizabeth and her daughter Ella went on a trip abroad. They were walking and shopping in a remote town when Elizabeth noticed that Ella was missing, she called the police and they began searching for the girl. There were three. people nearby and were questioned Layla said she had not seen the girl Madison said she had seen the girl with her mother but that was all Amelia said she had heard someone screaming but she had not seen who it was who should be arrested foreign look she carries Ella's bag Gideon had a girlfriend a sister and two cousins ​​find out who Gideon's sister is if the cousins ​​are telling the truth and the sister and the girlfriend are lying Chloe he is his girlfriend Ruby Chloe is lying Skyler Ruby is lying Lily Skyler is not his sister if Chloe is telling the truth then Lily is lying then Skyler is her sister who is also lying so Ruby must be telling the truth which contradicts Chloe being telling the truth then Chloe surely is lying so Ruby is telling the truth and Skyler is lying then Lily is telling the truth two liars are Chloe and Skyler and they are Gideon's girlfriend and sister Lily says that Skyler is not her sister so Skyler is her girlfriend and then Chloe is her sister Scarlett just moved into her new apartment three days ago one night She was reading before going to bed when she heard a knock on the door, she opened the door and there was a confused man who said "Oh sorry I just moved here today and I thought it was my apartment oh once again I'm sorry and good morning nights then he left Scarlett didn't believe it was just a mistake and reported the man to the police because foreigner the problem was that the guy had called if he had really thought it was his room he would have tried to open it with his own keys.
Nora lived alone on the outskirts of the city. She called the police and reported that someone had burglarized her house and her savings that she kept in a pair of socks on one of the shelves in her closet. Detective Callum arrived with the police, took a look at the room and closed the case claiming that the lady was lying, why did she think the room was squeaky clean? If someone had robbed the house, they would have made a mess while looking for money. whoever took the money must have known exactly where it was, which is unrealistic.
Ms. Ledger is a high school history teacher. One day she started a sudden oral test by asking students questions from the back of the book. If the students figure out the order in which she asks. can you find the answer to her question beforehand the first three people she asked were Atlas Eleanor and Graceland left Zoe Luca Sienna and Victoria left Can you guess who will answer what question Mrs. Ledger asks the students in alphabetical order, like this that next is Luca? then Sienna then Victoria and Zoe another day another test once again Mrs. Ledger is asking the students this time the first to respond were Zoe Luca and Atlas in what order will she ask the remaining foreign students this time she started with the people with the Shortest names there are three letters in Zoe, four in Luca and five in Atlas, next is Sienna who has six letters in her name, then Eleanor with seven letters, Victoria with eight letters and Graceland with nine.
Ellie found herself locked in a dungeon and couldn't remember what. happened, she looked around and saw a door that could have been an exit, but it required an access code and she didn't know it, luckily there was a clue 1-802-3004-0803-2611, you only have one chance and if Ellie doesn't does it right, the dungeon will be locked forever. Can you help her decide which password is correct? Take a closer look. Some numbers have faded a bit. This is probably because they were used more. They are one, two and six. the only code that uses all of them isthe last one two six one one must be this Aurora came home after a long day at university and was excited to eat the mint flavored ice cream she had bought in the morning, but when she opened the freezer the ice cream was gone Aurora asked her three brothers who ate her ice cream and they all denied it Dawn said I'm on a diet and I haven't had ice cream and stuff for a week Everett said dude I ate my fries, there was no need to eat your ice cream this time Phoenix said first I don't like mint ice cream and second I was in my room all day and I didn't even come down once until now, who ate it? ice cream was Phoenix Aurora never mentioned the flavor of ice cream but it still tasted foreign Brothers like sisters but each of her brothers has only half as many brothers as sisters how many brothers and sisters are there in Vicki's family the correct answer is four sisters and three siblings the key to solving this is to keep it simple just count the sisters and brothers in total and in terms of your own number of siblings Becky is a music teacher one day she came to her student's house to give him a lesson.
The door was open so Vicki brought her student up. Mr. Green was lying on the couch with the flu, he was very weak and Vicki decided to call the three best doctors in this city, since Mr. Green was very rich and influential, many people wanted to get rid of him. That's why his bodyguard had to register with the doctors before starting any treatment. It turned out that one of the doctors was a criminal. Can you tell which one is foreign? Why does he need an axe? Mr. Green recovered and returned to his business duties. He commands. a small company that produced expensive diamond rings On Friday, when the work week finally ended, he received a call from his bank.
Mr. Green discovered that someone had stolen all the money he had. He suspected that she might have been one of his employees, so he asked. each of them what they had been doing that day Helen the jeweler said she always made two rings a day and showed all the rings she had made that week Jesse the sales manager said he had been busy meeting customers and Amber the cleaner she said she had been cleaning the office every day as usual and didn't notice anything suspicious who lied Helen there are five working days in a normal week she said she made two rings a day but she only showed eight rings it means she missed a day of work Vicki He was walking through a shopping center suddenly he heard screams looking out the window and saw two women in big trouble.
Can you tell who has the best chance of surviving? Look at this lady's hand. It is made of metal. Is a robot. We are more likely to survive this adventure abroad. Vicki was walking through the park and noticed a sign for a missing cat. Can you help her find the cat in this area? It's hidden in this old lady's bag. Vicky explained to the old lady that the cat was missing but the old lady refused to give the cat away so easily first of all Vicky had to solve her riddle I can whistle I can howl I can scream and I can whisper but I don't speak What can I help Vicky ?
The correct answer is. wind after carrying the cat Vicky went to her owner's house, she walked through this beautiful park. Can you see what is wrong here? Stranger, this bench has no legs, it is literally flying in the air. Vicki took the cat to her owner Diana, she was very happy to be able to get her pet back and invited Vicki to dinner. Vicky was very hungry and she agreed. Diana served these four dishes with various foods, but only one of them is safe to eat. Can you tell which one? The coconut cake is dotted with some human fingernails if you look closely.
In this tomato soup you will notice some metal nails. Something is moving inside this burger. So this pasta is the only edible dish here after dinner. Diana made a confession that she was a real witch, but Vicki didn't believe in magic at all. That's why Diana offered. she this deal if you solve my riddle I will use some magic to fulfill your greatest wish I am beautiful in the sky I am magical but I can't fly for some people I bring luck to some people's wealth what can I do? you help Vicky find the correct answer is rainbow Vicky always wanted to become a famous singer received an invitation to a singing competition Vicky sang beautifully and won first place after the performance she drank a glass of water backstage after that Vicki he felt very bad the pageant director called the ambulance the doctors said someone had poisoned Vicky the police questioned three suspects and searched their bags Lily said she was crying in the dressing room this pageant was so condensed for me Jessica said who do you think that I am a singer I should represent each other The other and Rose said that she was outside the music hall with Lily she was crying because she had lost this competition who poisoned Vicky Lily said that she was in the dressing room while Rose said that they had been outside for So one or two of them are liars but only Rose carries toothpaste but no toothbrush in her bag, which is quite suspicious when Vicky got better, checked her mailbox and saw three messages from different music producers.
Tom offered him a tour of Europe. Ryan offered Vicki to work on her first album at her record company in New York. York and Joanna sent out this invitation to be on a TV show, but only one of these offers is real. Can you help Vicky make the right decision? foreigner Joanna's message is spam, it doesn't mention Vicky's name anywhere and the text includes a suspicious link that Ryan sent. Vicky a photo of her record company but there are palm trees in a tropical forest outside the window she's clearly not in New York so Vicky should choose Tom Vicky was walking home from a rehearsal and stepped into a magical corner She fainted and woke up in a enchanted forest suddenly an evil witch appeared out of nowhere and gave Vicki a choice: if you solve my riddle I will let you go and if not you will be lost in this forest forever here is the riddle.
They can turn me over and break me, but I never move. close and open and sometimes take off you can seal me with your hands what am I? Unfortunately Vicki couldn't figure out this riddle and what about you? The foreign response is a deal. The evil witch left Vicky alone in the forest. Vicky searched the area and found three paths. leading to the nearest village, the first path passes through hungry wolves, giant mutant plants are waiting at the second step, they eat all the mammals, including humans, and the third path is covered with a lot of insects and worms, in which direction should Vicky become a foreigner, although the insects are? disgusting, they are the least harmful to humans, so Vicky should choose this path.
Vicky was very hungry and decided to look for some food in the village. As she approached, she realized that the doors were closed. Can you help her guess the correct code? Take a look at the screen requires a four digit code someone decorated the doors with this symbol is a clue if we divide this symbol into four parts we will see that it is made up of four two so Vicky must enter 2222 and enter the foreigner The Village a angry pixie stopped her and said: not so fast, lady, first you have to solve a riddle. What should you do when you see a green man?
Vicky ruined this puzzle right away. How about you? You must cross the street. Vicki solved it so easily because she was standing next to a foreign traffic light, it turned out that it was not an ordinary town, several magical creatures lived here together. Vicky entered the local club and asked for some food, but the owner, the werewolf, Fred said If you want to eat you have to work now. Vicky's job is to check the guest ID cards, she must not allow suspicious people or people under 21 years old to enter, take a look at these three ID cards and find out who should not enter the club.
The foreign vampire is already 21 years old and nothing seems suspicious about his identification, so Vicky should leave him. he came in and this werewolf seems fine too. This elf's ID card says she was born on September 31, but that date doesn't exist, so Vicky shouldn't let health in after work. Vicki went to the local supermarket to buy some food. she saw two attractive young women eating street food. Can you tell which one of them is not human? Take a closer look at this ice cream. Raw meat. This lady is definitely a werewolf. Vicky liked this town and she decided to stay there.
She met love. of her life and two years later they got engaged. Today is their wedding day. Can you guess who her husband is? A foreign guy wearing a tie, which means he attended the wedding and is also wearing a ring. Lucy and her best friends Lily Joy and Rhonda were having a sleepover they decided to watch a movie in the living room Lucy went to the kitchen to get some snacks when she came back she saw Lily lying on the floor unconscious Rhonda said she was on the phone talking with my boyfriend suddenly Joy hit Lily with a pillow and she fell I don't know why Joy said Rhonda is lying, she hit Lily with a pillow very hard on purpose, who is lying.
The two there are no pillows in this room after the movie, the girls decided to play with a Ouija board which they called The ghost of a famous singer, suddenly the pointer on the board started moving by itself and wrote this evil Lots yard 3 Eva Today, can you help Lucy and her friends decode this message? She says you have three days to live, the girls got scared. came out and interrupted the session Lily offered everyone to take some photos they took a lot of cute photos but when they scrolled through the gallery they got even more scared why are there foreigners in this photo but then who took it Lucy told her friends that it was time After going they slept a little, but as soon as they entered the room they ran out screaming why are they looking in the mirror, it reflects a creepy shadow greeting them finally Lucy offered her friends to sleep in her parents' room and she opted for the couch in the room. living room, the television.
It was on and it calmed her down in the middle of the night. She heard a noise coming from the bedroom and rushed to see her friends. They all seemed to be sleeping. Can you guess which one was wandering outside? Lily, next has leaves in her hair. The day Lucy Rhonda and Lily met in the classroom they were very worried. Why is this Joy's desk and it's empty? She didn't come to school or tell anyone. Mira Lucy is carrying a coffee mug with Joy's name on it. Joy didn't show up. and she didn't answer her friends' calls Lucy Rhonda and Lily went to visit her they found the girl in bed under a blanket the friends were very scared can you tell why the foreigner Joy has covered the window with an opaque curtain and the way of your ears? and her teeth have changed, she is turning into a vampire.
Lily decided to stay and take care of Joy, meanwhile Ronda offered Lucy to visit her aunt Vera. She had a magic shop with different potions. When Vera found out what happened to Joy, she said, "Okay, I need three ingredients." to cook a healing drink here is the first one when it comes to me you go when you see red and leave it in green can you guess the ingredient is watermelon? To get the second ingredient Vera took Rhonda and Lucy to her cherry orchard Rhonda picked eight cherries Lucy picked 13 and Vera picked 14. How many apples did they pick together?
Zero apples do not grow in Cherry Gardens. Vera gave Lucy and Rhonda a clue about the third ingredient. Here it is. Can you help them decipher this Rebus? It's mandrake. The mandrake grew near the The Creepiest House in Town Vera gave Lucy and Rhonda the task of finding it and bringing it to her shop while Rhonda searched the garden. Lucy decided to take a closer look at the house and saw a sign with a strange name that she went to. The huge door and silently opened it after Lucy entered, the door slammed behind her back, tons of vampire bats ran towards her.
Lucy started pulling the door like crazy, suddenly she saw that there was something written on it, she changed the order of the letters in seoman. eprique, she shouted the answer and the door opened. What did the girl say? The real name of that place was creepy. Mansión Ronda found three tubers in the garden, but only one of them was mandrake. Can you figure out which vegetable Rhonda should pick even if I have never seen a mandrake, you can eliminate the other plants, this is definitely a carrot and this is a beet, so the remaining one must be the mandrake.
Lucy and Rhonda prepared to leave the creepy house, but suddenly they stepped on a trap hidden in the grass. and they fell into a deep pit, they looked around and found three tunnels that led to Freedom, a fire-breathing dragon was waiting in the first tunnel, he was very angry and didn't like people, there was a portal that led to a black hole in the second tunnel and huge cacti. were growing all over thethird tunnel its juice was poisonous to any human which way should Lucy and Rhonda choose foreign look? Those cacti don't have thorns and no one is going to force girls to drink cactus juice.
Vera prepared the potion for Joy Lucy and Rhonda took it to the girl's house but when they entered her room it was empty. Joy's parents said that Lily and Joy had left together. They were both acting very strange. Ronda said oh no. Both have become vampires. We have to find them first. It's too late, can you help them find any clues in Joy's room? He looks at her laptop. It looks like they bought train tickets to go to Las Vegas to visit Joy's grandmother. Lucy and Rhonda boarded the train. Besides them, there were four other people in car one.
Of these passengers did not have a ticket, can you find out who this woman is? She is the only one who hides her head behind the headrest of her seat so that the camera does not see her when the train passes through a tunnel. the lights went out and the passengers were very scared when the light came back on one of the passengers shouted help me someone stole my bag Lucy immediately realized who had done this what about you? Any ideas? Yeah, this guy has some makeup under her seat. and her window was open, she put the contents of the bag into her backpack and then threw the bag out the window.
Rhonda and Lucy arrived in Las Vegas and headed to the house where Joy's grandmother lived but they kept coming to the wrong houses in the first house they met this old lady and in the second there was this can you tell which old lady is dangerous? she's the second one, she's up to something, well the first one is getting ready for a Halloween party, finally Lucy and Rhonda found the right house. the door was open when they entered they saw Joy's grandmother unconscious on the floor she had a vampire bite on her neck suddenly Joy and Lily appeared out of nowhere they had pale faces sharp teeth and pointed ears they were getting closer and closer ready to bite her friends suddenly Rhonda started laughing and exclaimed ah stop being stupid it's just a joke how did she know that the mirror reflects joy and Lily casts a shadow?
They're not real vampires it's just a Halloween prank Joy went to take a shower to remove her vampire makeup but Someone poured paint on the shower head and the water turned green. Joy asked Lucy Rhonda and Lily. Lucy said I did the laundry and then went to cook kiwi jam. Sorry, I have to go, I might burn myself. Lily said I took a shower and washed my hair properly. before we go in, what happened why are you so green and Rhonda said I'm studying for my geometry test can you turn it down please who pranked her?
Joy Lily said that she had just washed her hair, but it is dry and braided, and she is wearing a dress. under her bathrobe, that's a pretty suspicious outfit, Ronda decided to play a prank on Lily, she took a balloon and a paper cupcake cup, filled the balloon with some water and put it in the paper cup, then he added some shaving cream on top and decorated the whole thing with sprinkles. Now it looked exactly like a real cupcake. Rhonda was very proud of herself, she suddenly heard other girls enter the kitchen. Rhonda left her cupcake on a plate with the real cupcakes and hid under the table.
Lily Lucy and Joy walked into the kitchen, saw the cupcakes and decided. to eat them you can tell who took the joke cake Joy the real cream has already melted but the shaving cream still looks perfect Joy Ronda Lily and Lucy went out to celebrate Halloween they knocked on the neighbor's door Mike opened the door the girl shouted trick-or-treat Mike said I will give you diamonds instead of candy if you solve my riddle you will always find me in the past I can be created in the present but the future can never contaminate me What am each of the four?
Friends got a beautiful Diamond. What did they say to Mike? The correct answer is history. The girls went to the local Halloween party. The hostess didn't want to let them in without a password, but they didn't know. The woman liked her costumes, so I gave them a little clue Like clams I live in the ocean I move slowly I have five arms What am I in a short time? Joy Rhonda Lily and Lucy were inside so what was the password? A starfish. Betty is a famous artist and blogger with over 1 million subscribers. She recently hired an agent to sell her works.
The agent created an online store with Betty's exclusive paintings. One day, Betty woke up and saw that most of her followers had recently unsubscribed. Can you guess what happened abroad? Check out the items in Betty's Store Van Gogh painted The Starry Night, not Betty, the agent tried to sell fake art through her store the next day Betty visited her favorite cafe, placed an order and went to the women's bathroom go to wash your hands. She found this beautiful antique necklace. Three people. He approached her to claim her jewelry. Helen said this piece belonged to my grandmother.
The emeralds matched our green eyes perfectly. Give them back. Fiona said my necklace used to have a weak tuft. It must have broken when I was combing my hair. Julia said: Hello, it's mine. I lost this necklace in the ladies room, who should Betty give the necklace to Helen? She mentioned emeralds, but the stones are red, not green. Julia was so sure that she had lost the necklace in the bathroom, so why wouldn't she go pick it up herself? Fiona was the only one who knew about the weak chain lock, so she is the real owner.
Betty returned to her table and noticed that someone had taken a bite of her bagel. Betty was surprised and questioned other customers. Derek said ma'am, I'm billionaire. I do not do it. I don't need to steal other people's food. Zach said I'm allergic to gluten. I don't eat cakes. Sheila said. I saw a strange, hungry guy running around the cafe asking for money. He must have bitten into your bagel. Who lies? Zach if he doesn't. I didn't eat cakes, why did he order pancakes? Fiona wanted to thank Betty for the necklace, so she bought her lunch.
The women sat together and began to talk. Betty asked Fiona about her job instead of answering. Fiona showed him her family tree. Can you help Betty? discover this Fiona is a witch her brother is a police officer her father is a doctor and her mother is a soccer player Betty became very excited and begged Fiona to teach her magical crafts, but Fiona hesitated: she wanted to test her potential student and offered her Betty solve this equation first, can you help her do this task? Many people fail to solve this equation because they do not pay attention to the details of this puzzle.
Each emoji including witch wand and broom symbolize different values ​​before calculating the equation, let's find out the value of individual things first calculate the value of one which is 15. Now let's calculate the value of one watt, As you can see, it is equal to seven and now let's do the same with the brooms. This task is complicated because there are four brooms in this equation so if four brooms are worth twelve then one broom will cost three now let's look at the final line the witch does not carry any broom nor does she want to, therefore the value of a witch with her hands empty is five and now We are ready to solve the equation and the correct answer is 73.
Great job, Betty did the right thing. She answered and Fiona took her home. There is a beautiful maze garden in Fiona's land. She teleported Betty to the center of the Labyrinth and gave her this map. Betty must find a black cat, otherwise she will stay in this trap forever. Can you help Betty? This is the way. Betty wanted to run back to the castle as soon as possible, suddenly a creepy zombie started chasing him, he seemed hungry. Betty was running away and she noticed three paths, the first path was covered in poisonous acid, the second path by insects and worms and the third path by thorny bushes.
Which path should Betty choose? Betty should choose the second path. Insects and worms are disgusting but harmless. Fiona asked Betty to serve dinner for a witch's party at her castle. Can you count how many witches have come to this event? There are 13. witches in this photo this is not a witch it's a garden scarecrow Betty needed to go to the store to buy some ingredients for dinner and she started writing them down milk lemon juice eggs butter oranges baking soda cashews and vinegar what was she doing Betty I have a foreigner You guessed Betty was making a shopping list.
Betty served the witch as her first meal. Can you guess what exactly the correct answer is? Onion rings. Here's a second portion. Can you guess they are blueberries? What's wrong with this dish? What are you saying? It's popcorn. Here is the next one. a foreigner, did you understand that right? It's a strawberry milkshake. Fiona asked Betty to bring dried flowers to cook a love potion. Fiona stores all the ingredients in her storage room, but as soon as Betty entered the storage room, the door closed behind her. Betty searched this area and found. some old furniture and an antique mirror suddenly noticed three doors but there was a dangerous monster behind each door the first monster can turn any living being into stone the second is very angry and strong and the third monster has poisonous teeth can you help Betty? choose the correct door Betty must open the first door and show the mirror to the monster so that it turns into stone and then she can escape through the first door.
Betty took the phone from her and ran into the woods. It was quite dark and scary. Betty stomped. a wasp nest there were wasps everywhere what should Betty do wave her arms to scare the wasps run away as fast as she can or walk away slowly what do you think the safest option is to walk slowly waving her hands and running is too dangerous for the bees? angry and stung Betty has returned to the party but when she saw the crowd of witches by the fire she got scared and ran away why this lady by the fire is a ghost look, she has no feet and she is levitating Betty decided to hide in the castle she wanted to call the police but couldn't find her phone Betty questioned three witches Georgina said who challenges you I use telepathy phones and gadgets are for losers Lillian said she was outside singing with other witches that I didn't see o I heard something strange and Nina said: I don't need steal darling I can manifest any amount of money at any time.
Who is lying? Georgina, take a look at the ears. She wears hearing aids, but she said she did not use any devices. Fiona got very angry when she found out that Betty had questioned her dearest friends Betty apologized Fiona said okay I'll let you stay but you have to answer three questions here's the first one I've been here for a million years but I've never had more than a month What am I a foreigner? Have you guessed it? The correct answer is the Moon. Here's Fiona's second question. I build castles and tear down mountains. I blind some people but I help others see what I am.
The correct answer is sad and the third question is "I." I can be long or I can be short I can buy myself or I can grow I can paint myself or I can be naked I can be round or square What am I? And the answer is nails. The party was still going. Fiona went. upstairs to change her dress in five minutes Betty heard a scream from Fiona's bedroom and found her unconscious on the floor Betty asked four suspects a question: what have you been doing for the last five minutes? Jenny was roasting marshmallows by the fire Gemma said "yo".
I've spent the last 30 minutes in the pool. Sarah said my furry frog escaped into the garden. I've been looking everywhere but unfortunately I couldn't find her and Nancy was flying around the house on her broom and filming the party on her phone. who is lying Sarah her frog is sitting in her pocket suddenly someone turned off the lights Betty woke up in jail she found this clue on the floor that said explain this code and you will be free can you help Betty here is the answer Betty was looking for ? In Fiona's basement and she noticed two more prisoners, she discovered that one of them was planning to escape.
Can you guess who the foreigner is? Emergencies. There is a hole behind the toilet that he started digging. Betty left Fiona's castle and ran away through the forest. Can you tell what it is? wrong with the forest look the trees all cast Shadows but the Shadow of the big oak is in the wrong direction as every morning Daphne went to her favorite local cafe to get her coffee and her breakfast sandwich. She left the cafe after having paid for one. A few minutes later she returned anxious because she had forgotten her wallet, strangely she couldn't find it anywhere.
She called the police to report the incident. No one had left the store, so the robber was still there when the officer arrived and began questioning everyone. Jenny the cashier. She said that Daphne was a regular customer of hers and that she had known her for a long time, so she would never steal her wallet and she didn't see it after Daphne paid her. Andre was a tourist visiting the city for the first time, she said that he came to the cafe because he wanted to try his famous muffins, she claimed that she had not seen the wallet, he wasbusy trying to choose what kind of muffin he should buy at the time and Harry was working as a store clerk, he said he had come to get coffee and didn't see the wallet because he was pouring milk into his coffee, so who do you think stole the wallet abroad?
It was Harry, the shop assistant, or should I say Harold, do you see his name tag? He lied about his name when he ordered his drink too even though he said he was putting milk in his coffee, as you can see, he doesn't have any milk. Jessica was an aspiring actress and she had a big musical theater audition that day. She left her house early in the morning to arrive on time, but she had forgotten to bring her sheet music, so she had to return when she entered, although she saw her roommate lying on the floor, unconscious, and a nurse was standing over her. his side.
She explained to Jessica that her roommate had been poisoned, but fortunately she had had enough time to call an ambulance before passing out. Jessica immediately realized something was wrong, she thanked the nurse for helping her friend and asked if she could get her a glass. of water or anything else the nurse agreed and Jessica rushed to the kitchen there she called the police saying that there is a fake nurse in my house she poisoned my roommate and tried to rob her how did Jessica understand that when came home there wasn't there? ambulance in the driveway or on the street and it's not like paramedics started using Uber and you may have also noticed that the paramedic bag the nurse was holding was slightly open and Jessica's roommate's jewelry was hanging her.
Anna and Catherine are influencers, but check out the latest photos they posted. Which of these women do you think is richer? Catherine is richer, of course, she just looks at the number of likes on her photo. She has 27,907 I like her. Anna, on the other hand, has 9,837, which means Catherine has. many more followers and she must be making millions. Annie managed to buy gifts for everyone except her father. She knew what everyone wanted, but her father was somewhat reserved and not the type to talk. He was also not good with technology and never bought anything online, so there was no way he could sneak into his father's computer and check the items saved in his shopping cart, but he always liked making lists in his little notebook and Annie was sure she could find a wish list in there, so she snuck into her father's office.
One day, while she was looking for The Notebook, she couldn't find it anywhere, but her study table had a locked drawer. She looked around the room for the key but couldn't find it anywhere, that's when she found two different sticky notes attached to two different books inside the bookshelf. It caught her attention the first note was attached to a psychology book and had p5487th written on it the second note was attached to a detective novel and said p21320 th Annie immediately knew what the notes meant can you guess what she had to do in the foreign? he opened page 548 in the first book and found the 7th word on this page, then he had to open page 213 in the second book and find the 20th word on that page, the words he found were below and on the desk, the girl immediately looked under the desk. and she found the key to the drawer taped to it.
James was walking back to his apartment from work late at night, he was suddenly hit on the head and taken away when he woke up, he found himself in a small room which he tried to escape from but the door was locked. . with a padlock James tried to look for the key but there was nothing there except a window with strange looking metal bars, she suddenly noticed something that helped her find the key, do you see it too? One of the metal bars is different from the others. that's the key giselle was camping in the woods during a night with a full moon after midnight when she was making s'mores by the fire she heard a loud howl there was a werewolf in the woods and she managed to find giselle's tent because she smelled the food there, fortunately Giselle was no longer in her tent when the werewolf arrived because she had already escaped by hiding behind a tree, she saw the creature eat her s'mores and destroy the tent when the werewolf left.
Before dawn, the girl. She returned to her tent but everything was ruined, there was no more food or water left. Her cell phone had run out of battery, so she couldn't call anyone. She began to wander through the forest and soon came across a witch's house when she entered. saw the witch and another lady Giselle asked the witch if she could send her home the witch agreed to help her with one condition: she would only send Giselle home if she guessed her sister's name, otherwise she would turn her into a frog Giselle I knew the answer but how did you realize that the witch's sister wears the same necklace around her neck as the werewolf?
Well, Giselle did and there's a name written on her necklace. Abigail Zoe went to see a security guard and informed him that her gym bag was missing. She said she had gone to the ladies' room after her cardio dance class, she was fixing her hair when someone came up behind her and pushed her so she wouldn't see the person who had taken her purse, the security guard. He refused to review the security camera footage. That was outside the bathroom and he also didn't file a report why Zoe said she was doing her hair, so she must have been looking in the mirror.
If she was telling the truth about someone sneaking up behind her, she would have definitely seen her reflection, so Zoe probably lied so she could sue them. Luckily, the security guard was very smart. Several women disappeared in a small town. James Darcy and his police team had been searching for months, but could not find the location where they were being held. One day, Sandra was running and decided to use another route to get home. When she was passing by an old cabin, she heard screams coming from her basement. She immediately called James Darcy to inform him.
James and his team arrived at the place and entered. They found three women there. They all said they had been locked in the basement for months, but James knew one of them was Lima. The first woman said her name was Tammy and that she had spent almost eight months in the basement. The second woman claimed that her name was Hannah and that she had been there for almost five months. The Third Woman told her that her name was Alison and that she had been there for about three months. Can you tell who the liar is? Alison is telling the truth, look at her, her clothes are dirty, her hair is greasy, her roots have started to grow, she definitely hasn't seen the light of day in a long time.
The same goes for Hannah, but she looks at Tammy, she looks clean, her clothes look new, her hair and makeup look fresh, so she must be the one lying. David spent his summer vacation at a science camp that was in a large space facility. When summer vacation ended and school started, he told his science club friends all about his adventures at the camp. He said that in the facilities had found a secret room and there was a time machine, he entered it and pressed some buttons to test if it really worked and it did. He traveled back in time and was able to talk to Nikola Tesla, Chuck Berry and King Aragorn, but one of his friends immediately called him.
By lying, how did you know that David made up this whole foreign thing? Even if David really managed to travel back in time, he might have been able to talk to Nikola Tesla and Chuck Berry, but definitely not to King Aragorn because he's a fictional character, that's all. for today, so hey, if you appeased your curiosity, please like the video and share it with your friends or if you want more, just click on these videos and stay on the positive side. Let's start by testing your attention to detail a little. Check out. to two friends, Ariana and Brooke, can you tell which of them is richer?
Foreign look, she has an original Louis Vuitton bag. Cameron and Dean went fishing on a lake in the middle of winter. Here are photos of them. Cameron poses with a little bit. of clothes when it's really cold and Dean is posing with a big fish he caught which one is the least smart is Dean look at the ice on the lake it's cracking it's dangerous to stay there Everly and Jasmine are in a hurry to get to work You're late. Everly is on her usual path and Jasmine has taken a shortcut. Which of them is in danger?
Look Jasmine.she is walking near some buildings there are icicles hanging there it is very dangerous to walk under them Noel and Nash are walking outside which one of them is in danger is Noel although Nash is blind he has a stick and he will know there is a hole It is possible Noel doesn't notice this because she's too focused on her phone for their wedding anniversary. Charlotte received a diamond necklace the next night, she was having dinner with her friends and showed them the necklace, she let them see it and went to the bathroom when she returned the necklace it wasn't there her friends told her she had taken it look at the pictures before and then and say where is the strange necklace look at this woman's glass of juice it looks like there is more juice in the second photo but it's not true she just put the diamond necklace in the glass and the level of the juice Rose Esme was giving a walk through the forest and got lost she came across a witch's house and asked her to take her home the witch agreed on one condition: there were three cars, two of them said "stay" and one of them said "free" ", they were face down and Esme didn't know which one it was, if she chose the free one she would go home, otherwise she would have to stay with the witch. there was a clue that one stay card was not in the middle the second stay card was not next to the other which one should Esme choose if a stay card is not in the middle, is it to the left or to the right, of Otherwise, if the other one can't be next to it, then it's definitely not in the middle but on the other side, so Esme should choose the middle card.
It must be the free pass Ava needed to sneak into her mother's computer and delete an email she had accidentally received. she was forwarded but the account required a password that she didn't know. Luckily there was a clue and this is what she said. What do you think the password is? The second number is the number you get if you multiply the digits. The first consists of three. times five is fifteen two times eight is sixteen four times five is twenty similarly 4 times 9 is 36. and 7 times 8 is 56 so the password must be three six five six Giana owns a factory that produces cars three workers can Assemble three cars in three days How many cars can a worker assemble in one day?
If three workers assemble three cars in three days then one worker assembles one car in three days then in one day one worker assembles a third of a car Eloise woke up in a dark dungeon with only some torches illuminating it there was a door but it was closed there was a panel with buttons of different colors and a plate with the word grow written on it, how can Eloise get it, the word is the clue and the letter that composes it are the The first letters of the colors of the buttons that Eloise has to press with respect to the order They are green for G, red for R, orange for o and white for a w.
Five people wake up in a huge room, none of them remember who they are or how they got there. here they see a giant closed door people look around the room and notice something strange what is it these figurines are hidden all over the room there are five people in the room but they find six figurines this must be the key a man says we need to find out which one The statuettes are the strange one. Can you guess which one? His eyes are different from everyone else's. People try to use the Odd figurine as a key.
Works. The door opens and everyone enters the next room. but when the man who suggested using the figurines looks around he sees that he is alone in there suddenly the ghost of a woman appears in front of him if you want to go out each of you must solve my riddles she says but you will definitely fail she disappears The man He looks around the room and finds a strange symbol and a cipher decoder on the table. Can you find nine other symbols? These are the 10 symbols. The man begins to unravel the message using a decoder.
Can you figure it out? He says page 52. The man opens the book on the table to page 52. There is a riddle written in an ancient language. If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you don't have me. That I am?. The man immediately guesses the answer. Can? a secret the man is surprised to have been able to read the riddle written in an ancient language the answer is the password to the door he writes it and the door opens suddenly he remembers that his name is Thomas he is a linguist and cryptographer meanwhile in another room a young man is in a beautiful place full of plants there are three flowers on the table they laugh maliciously the sign in front of them says flowers lying down the first flower says neveryou will get out of here and never get rid of us just give up already the second one says I don't remember how you can get rid of us, he was cutting us off or uprooting us the third one says uprooting us and uprooting us are both correct ways, what should the guy do? flowers pluck them or pluck them pluck is the correct answer these flowers only tell lies so the conclusions we can draw from their words are these there is a way to get rid of them two is neither cutting nor plucking three and there is only one way to remove them the only thing that What remains is to pluck them.
The boy plucks the flowers and notices that bright letters appear on their petals. The letters must be put together to get the answer. What is the word? Basket. The boy examines the basket and finds a folded note at the bottom. He unfolds it and reads this. riddle in a pond there are some flowers with bees hovering over them how many flowers and bees are there if the following two statements are true one if each bee lands on a flower one bee won We will not get two flowers if every two bees share one flower. There is an extra flower.
Can you help the boy solve this riddle? There are four bees and three flowers. Suddenly a sunflower bud appears on the table. The boy uses it as a key to access. door and opens and then remembers that his name is John and that he is a gardener in another room a girl is surrounded by beautiful crystals and precious stones on the wall there is a board with the names and images of different gems some of the gems are the answers to these riddles 1. did you know that queens and kings of all time really enjoyed that pretty purple color of mine? two my name is like water I am as blue as the sea can you guess who I am and what photo I am? three hey, I'm also from the water.
They see me in threads and find me inside a shell. four you know me very well. Come on, get excited. I created the city where a wizard resided. Five. I sound like a danger, but please don't be afraid. I have stripes like a cat and I am named that because of his look. Can you match the puzzles and gems? The correct answers are one amethyst, two aquamarine, three pearls, four emeralds and five tiger's eyes. The girl hears a noise and realizes that the box on the table has been opened. She approaches the box and reads the following riddle The queen went to the king to complain about her waiting lady In the morning The queen put her amethyst necklace in a jewelry box to protect it from sunlight No wonder this stone As the sun began to fade, she spent the day in the library reading books.
At one point she looked out the window and noticed that her bridesmaid was sitting in the garden wearing the queen's necklace. The bridesmaid began to cry and said that this is not true. It was true that I would never steal from the queen The king opened the jewelry box and discovered that the necklace was still inside Who was lying The girl soon realizes that the lady she was waiting for is the liar Have you noticed that the amethyst is now Much dimmer than before? That means that the bridesmaid really wore the necklace outside the girl solves the riddle three precious stones appear at the bottom of the jewelry box citrine garnet and alexandrite there is also a note that says calculate the weight of each stone without using scales this riddle will help you calculate the weight of each stone, the citrine weighs 10 ounces, the garnet weighs 4 ounces and the alexandrite weighs 2 ounces, suddenly the girl remembers that her name is Melissa, it is a

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