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100 Mystery Buttons and more funny challenges for kids - Kid Learning - Pea Pea Cartoon

May 28, 2024
A mysterious flying saucer appears and takes Pey and Red away. Peee and Red were dropped into a red and blue room with hundreds of mysterious


. Where is this? An EP tried to press a blue button and suddenly a washing machine full of candles appeared. Wow Peei happily. enjoy a red faced palette to make fun of red. Red also selects a red button another washing machine also appeared, however Red's washing machine only had candy sticks inside, this frustrated him a lot. Red continues by selecting another red button this time a can of Coca-Cola appeared Red was extremely pleased Red enjoyed his can of Coca-Cola deliciously and didn't forget to brag about peeing.
100 mystery buttons and more funny challenges for kids   kid learning   pea pea cartoon
He wanted to ask Red to take a sip. Red enthusiastically offered Pee a drink as well, but no, the truth was that Red just wanted to provoke Pee. Oh. no red is ice cold turns out rad drank a can of ice Coca-Cola what should PE PE do? They both helped each other get back to normal. It's so good. Wow, these are two giant vending machines. Pee PE. Please place your order. Pipí wants to buy. a watermelon pee is surprised by the small piece of watermelon he receives it looks nothing like the advertised image poor pee a pee goes to the red vending machine to place an order pee wants to buy a hamburger wow, this hamburger is big and very tempting but wait the meat on this burger is too tough pee pee I can't eat it pee pee I decided to switch and buy a fried egg once again the advertising image and the actual product are very different buddy why pee bought so many? eggs oh it turns out that pipi wants to put the fried eggs on the hamburger how clever of her to put up a do not touch sign right next to the tower of pink and black chocolate pee collided with the sign and fell to the ground oh pipi really liked it like this chocolate What's going on here?
100 mystery buttons and more funny challenges for kids   kid learning   pea pea cartoon

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100 mystery buttons and more funny challenges for kids kid learning pea pea cartoon...

This dark chocolate and pink cart is so strange. Wherever Pee tries to take the food, it will automatically disappear. Pee has a way. This way also doesn't work instead of standing underneath to pick up the chocolate. Now PE will swing. a rope and take it from above it still doesn't work what's wrong pee keep thinking another way what will he do this time PE stops in front of a blue truck drive the truck and take it to a fan it seems that PB will do it use the fan to get the dark chocolate and pink this meic really works the fan victory makes a lot of dark and pink chocolate fall on the floor John is very angry because the peeing action has made a mess on the floor oh no, the piece of watermelon has been blocked it seems not It's easy for PE Pee to eat this piece of watermelon PE PE followed the direction of the arrow to find the key to open the box only to get lost in a giant maze oh, one of PE PE's antennas turns into an antenna to determine the direction in which the antenna kept pointing in different directions.
100 mystery buttons and more funny challenges for kids   kid learning   pea pea cartoon
Pei, PE walked back and forth many times but still couldn't come out following the direction of the antenna. PP found a door with geometric symbols. Pei tried to pierce the door, but it didn't work. The door was too sturdy. Peei needed to fit the correct geometric pieces into the corresponding slots to open door H. It turned out that PE had to use the Red Blocks to fit them correctly after successfully opening the door. Peee entered a room with three mysterious boxes, let's see what's inside. these boxes oh peee I found a banana in a red box what could be in the yellow box that made pee pe's expression so strange that it turned out to be bomb bomb is holding the key and hiding in the yellow box PE PE took the key from Pump your hand and successfully unlocked the box now it's time to enjoy the delicious watermelon slice.
100 mystery buttons and more funny challenges for kids   kid learning   pea pea cartoon
John was about to enjoy a delicious ice cream cone when PB ruined it huh, but he's happy when John is no longer next to the ice cream machine but because he can compete to eat it. the pee ice creams press all the animal stickers on the ice cream machine the ice cream comes out looking very delicious they are fantastic Four colored ice cream cones have been completed pee ate the first blue ice cream cone and then it turned into a pee elephant really enjoy In this new form, it used its long trunk to grab the remaining blue ice cream and spray it everywhere.
The pee pe action was very unhygienic. B continued eating the pink ice cream and turned into a hippopotamus. BEP looks so


the yellow ice cream turns pee into a giraffe with his long neck he could easily eat all the ice cream while sitting it looks like John is coming back PE has to find a place to hide right away John was furious because everything was in a mess but peep dared to make fun of JN again M oh the doll is so cute peep's car breaks down what is peep going to do with this Lego?
It looks like peee is about to finish the product, so pee pee builds a car. pee pe is so sweet. John has a dense crocodile trap that is controlled by a remote PE. so happy to see his favorite jelly, oh no, the crocodile's mouth is nearby, how can he pee to get the candy out? woo, he tried so many ways but he still can't open it. Urine loss works with the pencil. Oh no, the pencil is broken. John is so happy and eating jello afterwards. get rid of PE I discovered the remote control wow, there's a Coca-Cola here.
What's Peee doing putting popcorn in this Coke for ketchup? It's delicious Why does Peee put chili sauce in the popcorn and water? Hello snails, so Peee can use the chili sauce with the ketchup. Peee looks really cool, let's make John M pizza, first we need to add flour, knead the dough. Heee will use the excavator to spread the dough evenly. Peee is really pleased with the texture of the pizza dough. Add tomato sauce. John will spread the sauce evenly. Pey is. a little clumsy, pee pee, he will use the excavator to add sausage and cheese to the dough.
Oh, there are no sausages or cheese scattered on the table. This statue looks really good. Grand PP police have been assigned to protect the statue. PE is imitating The posture of the statue is very


. P mischievously paints the entire statue red, he is very satisfied with this new appearance, the statue only moved his eyes, it's strange, oh no, the statue has transformed into a police officer, the red policeman took off the hat Pee, he's so bossy that neither of us are willing to give it to him. in oh no, both police have been locked up pee's appearance is very funny there are many colorful rooms here on the door of each room is the alphabet AB c d first peeee will explore Apartment B takes a watermelon happily juggles and starts trying it looks like this It's not a watermelon BB still tries to eat it but can't swallow it oh no, turns out they are soccer balls.
PE throws it angrily, but the ball bounces and pushes him out of the room. He holds the big lump on his forehead and walks into the red room with the letter a taped to the door there's a little pink thing on the table I'm curious what it is oh it's an apple a super small apple the apple She was too small to fill Pee's hungry stomach She moves to room C next to him, hey, wow, Pee is going to collect eminent candy from the crocodile dentist's mouth, but how can he do it so easily? Peei makes a leaf, he seems to have a plan P.
P's method is effective, all the candy in the crocodile dentist's mouth falls. he goes out and can easily pick up pee and john is playing pretend bottles, eh, john's puppy tank can't do anything for pee, he's defeated. What will pee out of these Pepsi cans? Wow, pee makes a tank, come on h, eh, whose pink will it be. stronger John has given up look so delicious this is an alien pee he needs an alien coin a drop of water is too little pee someone else is coming wow Mr Bull has too many points oh no fresh water coming out there is fresh water pee and rat are transforming into superheroes make sure you wear a helmet like pee to be safe oh no pee lost a tooth PE decides to hide in a banana this time red appears in a Spider-Man suit he will find red pee feels that this banana is very strange pee pee has been exposed PP is too fast for red to catch Red's web is too sticky oh no no pee's shirt is torn.
Pee comes out of the yellow door with a slice of yellow watermelon in his hand, it's so delicious. Pee pe's next objective is the Red Room. wow, this room has a giant watermelon. He has to figure out how to eat this watermelon. PE fails, gives up and goes to another room. Oh, it's a blue slide on top of the slide. The PPs can see the inside of the watermelon covered in blue slime. Oh no. The slime has spilled all over the floor. Wow, this room has a lot of orange watermelon slices and a spicy pee warning sign.
PE ignores the warning sign and enjoys the delicious watermelon slices. A truly memorable experience. John has two watermelons, the blue one is not for peeing. Chi saw the plate of watermelon. All the watermelon is gone. Will Maria get watermelon juice with this box? Now Peee knows how to get juice. H Pei hasn't had time to drink. He is very angry. Oh no, why is it green?

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