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100 Kids Drawings You Won't Believe Exist | ZHC

Feb 27, 2020
I asked my subscribers to submit their best art. I couldn't


that many of these drugs were actually made by children. Look at this drawing of Marvel Spiderman, so the details of the body are like Ewing. hatching oh my god this furry like PewDiePie is amazing thank you thumbs up this one I'm sure Felix would be proud wow pastels crayons 16 years only 10 hours. Oh someone drew a ghostwriter this is like a quicker sketch but at the same time you can see a lot of dynamic movement which is really cool Oh 54 hours oh my god what do you think he used to draw this pen Sorry amazing ooh give us and oh okay the baddies yes the baddies we don't have another ghostwriter look at the flames on the head they look cool oh look how weird the eyes are I really like the detail on the head yes I can feel it I have never seen this dragon the force I assume it's original 17 years old nice armor design do you think it would look good on me because it looks like a woman.
100 kids drawings you won t believe exist zhc
Oh, I think this was one we forgot to check. I definitely use that. Alright, 16 years old, when I was 16, she was drawing butts and boobs as the mystic guy. styling titles could be internal. demon you see it's very deep hum an oil painting looks a bit like a intestine oh this is the colored version i think we saw this before i think this is the spider-man homecoming poster oh spider-man far from home drawing these little pens or gel pens the feet look a little messy here not gonna lie do you think that's sexy yeah dammit or maybe i posted it on instagram You like it gross. look at the breadth of the shoulders, well that's like five heads wide, that's a really interesting mask designed, although I'm 13 and I drew this in honor of Stanley, what could you draw at 13?
100 kids drawings you won t believe exist zhc

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100 kids drawings you won t believe exist zhc...

I can draw that good David finished drawing oh it's really close yeah h the prospects here at Nardo da Vinci it's a little hard to see but I can definitely tell he said Oh 15 years I should have given you that for Valentine's Day oh this he looks cute 14 years old what me I'm noticing even more that the pencil is here whoa-ho I'm calling this Victor's Iron Panther I'm speechless happy valentines day spongebob wait look at that pen move nice those are creepy eyes hello look at the pupils whoa look like a warrior fighting a snake this kid is skipping dinner out of this respect james ray this guy followed james ray's tutorial the faces look a little off arm muscle seen here very good but you might want to revise your leg muscles a bit this is such a good moment of silence silence wolfe vitamins oh this was created by a ton of little dots because dotted hey sorry lemme see the style before the micron pens. only 16 years old Oh, he looks so sad, well, probably the only way Gamora offers nudges to nervous Marvel fans, I didn't know that, wow, that's one lucky dude, someone drew Tony Stark.
100 kids drawings you won t believe exist zhc
I like the Iron Man side better. Chloe, I love you, right now, wrath, that's sort of what I do: put the spikes in the back, wow, I think they did it with code puzzles. 14 years. like something you like tonight who's excited for the endgame are you excited? like stanley to me what violence spiderman oh there are some weird effects red dragon the womb dragon venom tonight i feel like i've seen this pose before but the gloves are a really nice remake oh , this looks like some creepy zombie venom, well that's kind of cute. spider man venom eyes goku i think this is a good time to mention everyone says i look like deku dota fanarts captain america plus deadpool john cena what doesn't look like john cena is ok ok looks alike you, what do you think of this?
100 kids drawings you won t believe exist zhc
I like the green eyes boof someone redid my sketch look at their art tools look you know what i challenge you to do this on your little iphone yeah trust me i still have an iphone 5 whoa those are fancy thats cool this for the same person this is amazing Michelle she's 13 she's a little creepy but interesting oh like this assault rifle condemning Squidward to love me I'll give you ten out of ten because the cat is holding something like an Egyptian sickle that has a huge forehead of hair because it's green like mine i think i see a lot of poison poses whoa whoa i can never do these things with pokemon crayons i really like this style so much you see how organic it looks if i wonder what they used to draw it trying to redraw my poison it's still furry whoa ok it's great how can it flip and stuff like that how it keeps flipping this is so beautiful honestly I feel like it looks better without the background.
Oh Wonder Woman, kind of stylized try. Will I ever be as good as the old masters Will I ever be as good as the old masters Will I ever be as good as the old masters? too twisted like flex is always good when you're trying to be a spiderman these always scared me as a kid dammit that's a lot of original characters ok it looks normal if you want girls to wear dogs with his fingers very powerful shaggy it's just good it's a really interesting style look it's Gandalf again video posted 17 minutes ago commented 44 oh yeah I saw that I don't even know how I comment early 1zc sniffs the sharpie instead of a Copic audience and just for finish something exciting Alright, here you have to go a little first to get the bait from the clip.
I'm going to go like this and you're going to pretend you're so surprised. The biggest you've ever seen in your life, right? Thank you very much if you made it to the end we read every comment too we love every comment too because we have no life Oh next week's art review draw me a picture roasting me keep those smells the movies stay on daily routine thank you very much for sending do you have anything else to say no

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