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10 Snacks That Are EXTREMELY Rare!

Jun 05, 2021
lava Let's try this song milk at first. Well. What are those other stars? That is Yoshi's egg in the game, is it acceptable to eat the egg at first only if you cook it easily? I wasn't watching you eat, but I could tell I hate participating in those now. put your hand in it? You notice how I poured it into my hand. We've done so much. These don't always taste good. This is a bit strange right now. Do we have any milk and bowls and utensils? For this candy, oh dear, that's full-fat whole milk pause Stop, you didn't get the 2% Honestly, if you guys like Noah's tears, right?
10 snacks that are extremely rare
No, just say no you won't guys now he's going to choke on the 2% because it's a little thicker. It's not thick. It's not thick. It's real milk guys. That's not real milk, it came from a cow. So, did this moment happen? I don't know what they did. They added water, right? They boiled it and burned it No they added water 100% Did you want some? There we go, wait, no, oh hell, it's wrong with you. You're not doing it on purpose either, I know you're something genuine that was a genuinely serious channel. I can't believe you got so activated.
10 snacks that are extremely rare

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10 snacks that are extremely rare...

I was doing that to provoke you. I didn't think I would back away from an answer. Honestly I'm sure I can get the current month please. Yes Very good. Are you ready for this? Guys are more into the type of guy with a lot of milk or the type without a lot of milk. How was that? Oh, that's not much milk. My only flaw of yours so far is that besides Yoshi's egg. It is so difficult to determine what they are. However, this is good. I definitely made it with whole milk before the next article. Thanks for watching Art Princess Ashley, who says I still wonder who dropped the paint roller in her vlog video on my blog.
10 snacks that are extremely rare
Yeah, they haven't seen my vlog channel yet. I have a blog channel where I blog very well that Mathias blog. It is now called Mathias' blog. Actually, he could just be called Mathias. We do not know. Maybe it's Mathias, but check that out for this to be cool or not now. Yes, Mathias, so just look for Mathias again and you will find me. Find them. You're really dumb Let them troll you We love you guys next item next item. Alright guys, the next product will be a digital review. We have more on the Taco Bell wiki.
10 snacks that are extremely rare
I didn't know this existed (it does). So I'm already worried about looking like a sloppy Joe with eh assets in mind. Oh man I just threw up on my friend Oh talk about beef ain't so good anymore the Bell beefer The Bell beeper was a hamburger bun based item on the Taco Bell menu from the 1970s to the 1970s. 90s like an update to the Bell Burger. Oh Lord. Thank God. They got rid of it Wow. It lasted 20 years Yes, I barely lasted 20 years. You can tell them an equivalent to Bell before he dies soon. That would mean that you would be and I would live.
Whoever bought this, you guys are a sick bunch and I don't agree with all of your guys choices. Well, there are comments, think inside the button. Bell guy and bring back to vote a month ago Wait, this is 26 days ago. Bring it back. How active are you in making Taco Bell? Seven months ago these people have been longing for this for 20 years Del Taco, May 1 - yes That's what it's called. It's just called tacos made of bread called buntaco. Girl trying to get one of those bread tacos. I'm going to go ahead and give it a big no.
Yeah, I'm not going to think about those Peanut Butter and Jelly Oreos. Oh my gosh, limited edition. Come on, that's wrong with this. Yes, this is not correct. Ok wait classic trivia Oreos, do you dip them in peanut butter? No. No friend. Don't make an American dip it in milk Well this is the right question I actually have real peanut butter in my house what do you have in your house? Yeah. Hey, that's candy. That's like candy, so that makes sense. I sure would dunk it at Skippy's. You like peanut butter, do you like it? Yeah, it's called a real peanut butter made from peanuts.
This Oreos guy, it's like looking up the time. Oh so red there and it's disgusting. Yeah, it seems like peanut butter and jellies smell funny. Oh no, that'll be enough for me, Johnny. Are they expired? Alright, Michael tries a tough guy, oh we're trying, he looks at that red food coloring. Yeah, it's just the red, you sure have to try something. Very unpleasant. The first colors of the peanut butter on the cookie. They are exactly the same colors as the cookie. So that automatically makes me feel weird Oh God Oh robot. Yeah, and that's not even expired.
That's just the bad dunkers were so much better than that. That is a no. Thank you product. That's it. You do it to the end. Ah Frankfurt Wonder Ball minis 2-pack of milk chocolate. These were amazing Oh what aren't these illegal? Oh, that's not a toy. Yes, kindergarten eggs are illegal in the United States because children would suffocate them. They would be like Oh chocolate. They eat it and then say, why is the weather so good? That is really dumb marketing on their part Can you see how that can be funny that you can also see much more intensely how that could be a bad idea Buy it now Wonder ball is this expired looks old.
Oh, I have two eggs and a sticker. Oh, it's a Woody sticker, where? Very well, I'll take that princess that I have here. I'll give you one of these bowls. Okay, so here's the ball. Oh, that's so white there. I didn't expect that to have rusted like crazy. That's not what it's supposed to look like Well this is definitely expired and looks like some wizard or but I'm gonna crack it like an egg ready There you go. Yes, but are you brave enough to taste what has been protected here, the treasures, oh yes. I have a little Dory's What do you have?
Oh, do you have a mini mouse? Oh I have a Nemo - Wow it tastes chalky not bad. Yeah, better than Oreos, better than those. I can eat a couple more of these. The space was like, why are you eating more? I love seafood. I'm a leo with me, he doesn't know that's not right, no idea is great. Yeah, if it was good, it would probably be good. Alright guys, this box right here is all our dope. I want you to take a handful. Close your eyes. Oh sweet, I didn't. I have some good stuff here.
You guys just hold hands. Wow, you're going to regret it, okay, I just don't do it with mana. It smells so bad. I can theorize that would be a good theory too That's a snack ball everyone still wishes they could have and you just had the pleasure of eating all at once Oh guys, thanks so much for looking. Make sure you click those videos and see you next time high five

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