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10 Products That Are Totally OVERKILL!

Feb 19, 2020
Oreo most chocolate sandwich cookie food Wow so you don't need all this for your good last one made me say hello everyone and welcome to dope or you know the channel where three bearded guys scour the internet to find absurd


did you say weirder beard? well three guys with beards yeah we are a little bit of both well we rate those


as dumb or not and today we have a racy video because we are looking at 10 dads who are


over the top like this double triple chocolate muffin i am. eating right now is more than killing now before i loved it no i don't want to be a part of killing so all these products that we're going to review today they've all been pushed to some sort of extreme right so I've taken maybe one would say a basic item and made it complex or enhanced to be something that's too much and you probably shouldn't have it all right makes simple things too crazy freak out keep it simple we said or didn't we kissed that was me in the end f that Millard First Product Six Pack Premium Himalayan Salt Pink Salt Shot Glass Cotulla Kill What I Said Pink - Cute - Said Katella I Did I Said Something Wrong But Then I Tried To Say It Back On He Said Pink Katella Yes Pink Attila Good Tealy Approved By the fda, ​​makes drinking tequila simple and easy, so hard i drink to kill without singing, hard to drink, taste is bitter, salt is supposed to help, like i lick it all up, take the shot then buy the lemon and supposed to help cut do we have tequila?
10 products that are totally overkill
I have the glasses. I have some water. me and that water has been sitting there for a while - oh it'll just be salt water yeah I sort of like orange it looks like it's from Tatooine you wanna be my little tattoo oh I feel good cause there's a there's a real cup in there a and so you're just getting a little tinge of salt why it's worn gee I think it's like Lacroix and Lacroix Ilhwa dead hail this good interesting something vibes good about that yeah I feel like it would be good with tequila or margarita mm -hmm you know take a little time you're one of these if they sold these bataki without the rim so Bom wait so it's just water oh yeah it was just water guys oh wow waste this as if it only seemed once. use fetch me once yeah okay once we really had a party and like you mine everyone is sharing shot glasses at a party what do you mean? i guess all sanitizer didn't no it's not there yes me I want some I just wanna taste it all on the other I just wanna taste it all fries which is the best kind of coke 'cause it's like salty on your lips and salty on your hips I'll say he's a diz zy dizzy dope what happened did you hit your take this when it was like something solid you think yeah oh I love this lick one of these like half the day this is good ok you only wear when he's around makes Blahnik like a little bit of a surprise musical cake popping cake stan you're watching kids at a birthday party jumping with sugar melody i don't get it you put a phone in a cake oh it jumps around oh you could put as their birthday presents in the cake what's up? there oh that's the music no that's a confetti shooter i think no music that's a little music box y'all dumb that's company let's see the video thumbnail oh that's a box surprise, you rolled yourself up.
10 products that are totally overkill

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10 products that are totally overkill...

Wow, she's excited because she has a bow I've never seen a child get excited with a bow why didn't they put an iPhone on another? I don't know about you, but if someone is giving me an iPhone, I want to unbox it. out partygoers here comes the confetti i told you jack in the box fetty jack in the box thats the burger joint oh that should have happened i think you can pull it has to pop if you have to cut that if you didnt cut that what do we cut you? you're supposed to poke a hole oh why can't you just put the cake on top and we'll push it and sell it a piece because it will push the cake out of the way can you see what's happening? here's how to destroy it look that's it i think from my side i just saw this look what it's doing alright let's get rid of the pain we should it's no good oh bring cheese to know this is the most disappointing no you just shouldn't cut the hole i think i love this good music dr.
10 products that are totally overkill
Domo I'm going to save the note Bob I say it's nonsense I just think it's rubbish that you I think you cut the hole What other choice do you have? You know how it works? I don't understand why I'm here. i know it's like reading a car note because it has to roll right guys blow it up right let us know if i'm right because that worked if you put a right pie on the top end of the story. Hey good product that's getting crazy I'm good guys. stop i put your hands up but don't tell you we're from the future guys and we're introducing uh uh you like to shop that's right guys we have a giant knit jumpsuit for adults it's perfect for people who are always birds. dumb i was oh ok tik-tok outrageous guys we have a giant knitted onesie for adults here that is almost a thousand bucks by the time they ship it to you so what we want to know is if you meet with a light target. of I'm going to put this a little high okay I'm going to say a hundred and fifty K okay okay okay if you guys find it like that we'll buy this product and give it a try.
10 products that are totally overkill
We'll do a photo shoot with him on Instagram high five. Opens. Do you want to see all of us mark cute pictures in all the different areas? clothes, you want backgrounds for your wallpapers that you eventually want to burn, this is the play for you, you just hit the like button, michael, what have you got? Comment below no guys you choose what to comment find this video maybe you say sign up not tied up thats a little weird handcuff season you are not handcuffed everyone comment next product next super easy uhhh thats nice that makes picks Naturals Smart Digital Programmable Display Backpack Wow have you ever wanted to go to school and be bullied whats the product for you check it out guys this is so extreme you see a star there no its not , it's not extreme, there are real use cases, no, no, me, the others keep an eye out, maybe if they have a child in their name. or What if it's Valentine's Day and you put a heart on it?
Christmas and you put a tree for your girlfriend. to your girlfriend. she can possess you at all times. she's like a wedding ring but stronger on faces everywhere i guess. pocket express yourself i think what we should do is a little challenge who can do the funniest thing to put in the backpack if you're walking across campus yeah college campus it's ok i got it ok you better have something like michael i'm the officiant you know that you're into all this so 158 ok i didn't spend much on my green wedding add to cart i'm his kayak you know if you look at it upside down it's nice screen resolution 16 bytes by 20 really resolution 16 by 20 the honesty from Oh my, it's blue.
I hate this. Hey guys, welcome to perks. Yes, you go first. Well, I'll go first. in a different way Oh coming up okay maybe that's great mine w I give you my word. I can not do it. Not enough pixels. Boys creating the Mona Lisa. There are only 18 pixels on this thing. What could you be doing? you gotta give me your best shot they call me dot dot dot ellipsis love that brown sugar people stand up binoculars like write dope don't pick don't read no I just don't see the use case for it so it's really a backpack hydrated marshmallows assorted box 40 pound diabetes kill dude forty pound box of marshmallows you're going to die huge box of cereal marshmallows some kind of dried marshmallows I made their bright colors like the brand of macaroni and cheese yeah that would be done that's what they are they are dehydrated.
I didn't know that in cereal their marshmallows that are dehydrated. That's hydrated marshmallow. What did you think they were? Maybe I was like they were just different kinds of marshmallows. I don't know how they do the yes but that's interesting but now that's all it solves the riddle felt the card oh my god that's all marshmallows michael what are we a restaurant what are you doing i spent $200 on the bag what are we going to do please look at two people the box Anthony Padilla I I swear they will eat all these manufacturers, that's what I call mellows.
I think that is excessive. How long do they flash dust everywhere? What if we pour water on time? like dried marshmallows they're dried marshmallows yeah well I don't want to assume Lucky Charms what would you need all this stuff to make it as an off brand cereal? I could always mix this with just enough other cereal balls it will be great I don't think you need to buy this man it's just food coloring in the marshmallow because they all taste the same and don't like the flavor in there mmm I d never mind that's fine, cover your eyes, you know, oh, yeah, yeah, generate, tell me if you can tell me these different flavors. so i can feel the difference there's no way it's ok ready close your eyes i see you look good i'll get out that's red well that would have been another red omg hey i didn't look.
I know how you know you got them right because you're the bottom two and you were like that's a blue that's a green whatever they were. I didn't think so, the ones that were wrong, how? you know i'm wrong if you only know what i saw you saw sorry that's a great look i say what you say i mean a pretzel they're not my house oh you got plans for this michael no don't buy 40 quid worth of a thing you're literally going to die just go get a normal box of cereal all i read here is gamer player player player player er gamer - gamer gamer gamer oh, but if you want me to say it in english, it's only for college.
Officially licensed PlayStation controller merchandise. Alarm clock. You know what else is a stupid game day. The PlayStation alarm clock featured the DualShock 4 controller and its buttons, including the classic triangle cross. I'm sorry you think gamers wear watches. Yeah, they don't know what time it is. yeah robert watching follow my cursor boom gamers never did that never once got close to that those are their windows they added it as a feature and gamers still don't know if they like to turn that off yeah yeah Get it out of here. get rid of all the HUD hide the UI more like no thanks i'm more like you guys i don't like you guys anymore it even comes in a very similar package wow that's maybe a little i don't care my name is scratching the table hael se angry for the break sally hit so here we go oh i hate it the analog can sit on some other pigs how can you like it set the alarm go through the functions the menu playstation sony fail that but here it is here it comes here there is a cup what whatever i present you with a million dollar idea with guns they're probably not cool but microsoft what you do with an alarm clock if you want a lot of money is do the exact same thing but instead the way you turn it off is you have you have to write a cheat code cheat code money webs square square X triangle circle every time wigga so when you get there in the morning you have to think so and that's such a good thing for gamers love to hire this man you might want to make his watch my call watch im saying microsoft hire me move wow this is so cheap the triangle button wont even push down all the way oh can you imagine playing a video game with this button? do that when they mad at tetris bl ame tetris just really put a double player in a school it's just an alarm clock made by sony honestly that won't know anything yeah my idea nice blotting scary she it tastes so much right there, Japanese Shinigami, I feel like trying a little. he knows he got me she knows he got me Shinigami is japan evil see who is from definitely learned comic genius police sword wait police in jeff and japan must be like inspired by them yeah historical police force blade design the Shoji pattern Okita with a white handle was the sword wielded by the captain of a first unit of Shinigami, the kondo isami sword has gold as fancy as you would expect from a Shinigami's commanding general because that's cool though imagine being like the boss and police force the katana, yes, with a type of katana and you.
I'm like do it I say ok I'm going to be honest I've argued this in the end of the world from the past apocalypse would you have a gun a katana or would I rather have a lightsaber I still have to fight Emily? no, why would you get a gun? I was like because I have infinite bullets I can rewire my lightsaber to go to the pew bench if you have a wire like save a little rewire the lights if you have a wok you might as well have a lightsaber. I know how to do that.
Who is so elegant when they open letters? Oh, it's a letter opener. You are so fast. Oh, Robert, get it wrong and your pants won't come off. Tanner, just technical difficulties. Spectators. You're not ready to see how fast time flies with this katana. some paper cutting you can stab wow these socks bag so literal im a paper cutter this is how i always cut paper you know what this is my life has literally cutting paper have you ever done this kids coming down though very sharp blade hey guys I want to go viral on Twitter I'm going to give you a littlesecret take a pair of scissors cut them in half use one of them to cut a steak take a public photo on the internet go viral you're welcome im too lazy to do it myself i guess that would be technically


for a letter opener, yeah, like a kat. ana it's below zero for a lot oh sure so what are we comparing with you you know this my thumb no more letters ready ok guys i'm going to say the products are not fab shera crystal before let's get into the next product that's all she wrote thanks guys comment below and also hit a join button because that join button gives you access to all these different levels that we are now jumping harder than ever live to live, since we are being more consistent.
You are 70 years old. decibels we have live streams exclusively we are going to upload vlogs we are going to pull behind the scenes footage we are going to put a lot of different things for each other to access all those goodies do it thank you cristal we appreciate your support next product nike benassi jdi fanny pack slides that trick doesn't land on your fanny it's actually true why they call it good fanny pack because i think they were initially used on the fan on the fan? my ass is so much more than a fanny pack you mean like drugs like a drug mule i never crossed the border and then hopefully i have to get there comment below if you remember uh keister you know the word did Weird, Mr.
Composer II, yes, we'll say a word you don't understand. Features soft foam for plush, lightweight cushioning A fanny pack-inspired strap zipper offers storage for small essentials Okay guys let's add these to cart Timmy you want to wear these they're a size 11 I'm not 12 but I can do well you're in a you're in 11 I'll quit but I don't take my shoes off I sleep in them I'm scared of my toes I like to wear Tings Horribly scared of my toes I want these actually I'll have a good pair of slides Look like they're stuffed I don't know if these are a good pair of slides I live in a bit of a ghetto area so I can carry pepper spray I can carry a pocket knife you used to live in a ghetto area Michael you don't know wrestling like a king I don't like the fact that they're too big Seems like they're trying to be a little hats on your feet yeah I just put a couple chipmunks in there maybe little guinea pigs s from guineas or some like people who carry a dog in their bag yeah its just kimbugs chipmunks in your shoes just squirrels do this its me and my son walking home for a walk maybe seeing them on someone makes them a little cooler imagine if i had bare feet but look you also have a skinny foot i have flat feet so i feel like a fruit so you like me it's those unique looking skinny feet that can be flat you have a narrower flesh that's why you got a bow yeah i have no idea how much tone number the bar left me look you open it's just a bunch of my business cards maybe you want shoes this is how you should propose to your girlfriend just a ring there hi baby so what a problem i tell you or look well what a guy thinks no i won't say it won't be a baby Oreo most food chocolate sandwich cookies i'm gonna hate this s no this is over the top baby look that pack of p opular or eyo, what is Oreo cream made of?
Can someone tell me butter? this yea that's true i prefer to keep sugar sweet palm oil high fructose corn syrup no oil low oh yeah oh yeah i was right the original recipe had Pig Lord back in 1997 , it changed to vegan so when i was born eating Oreos and i was told it was lard i just haven't even updated it so the first two years of my life it was probably lard yeah and it's over oh my god that's a real thing i've never seen so much white that's what she said funny whoa that's huge don't you know it looks disgusting honestly i just had a gag reflex it looks too much oh yeah no this is my face next to of one more Oreo is like a banana but unhealthy Oh full bite is not bad lemon sugar just lots of sugar it's so much sugar it's


this is overkill.
Look at the size of this, it's huge, it's too much. I'm not a big sweet tooth type of person it doesn't say titanium dioxide it says soy lecithin salt soy corn syrup riboflavin dextrose the mono amine and that stone cold and they say their jobs are hard look at this look at this man order please Bon appetit lost, no i need too much sugar yeah guys that's going to be a big damn. tap to pay oh is that what it is I would like those pens to help you draw or no way bastarz loves the way he has that same notebook now you have that yes I do oh yes I don't have that crazy field I go in the field a lot you know and my field notes are Text my doctor, tell me, yeah, that's all I wrote, hmm, can satan be saved too? this enlightened me too no that's a fight for it yeah fight for it fight till death and dawn in the night you got i got my finger let's get this pen out and see what's so fancy about it. dad let me see oh that's heavy yeah it sounded pretty thick what did that say?
I'm not going to lie to you if it came true I have to write with him so this is very difficult just move in no minute he will think smarter not harder Mathias well when a pen deal would write itself oh that's a readable tan the man ain't that tan wow sorry i don't want it my hand smells like metal here we go. i can't believe it's not butter really that's hard for butter smell your fingers noticing if it's great oh that's a headache oh it really gave me like a little pulse actually though it does smell like when you have pennies in your hand sweat yeah you do.
You know what's interesting about it? I researched that because I thought why can't I get this stupid pen because I have another pen that I really like that makes my hand smell like that and I thought why can't I clean this. pen as well as crafts so i looked it up and it turns out i think it is iron or some other metal that comes in contact with the sweat of the fingers or because of that and produces the smell so the smell is not at that , its a chemical reaction to you oh yeah to your sweat or something like typical guilt vs responsibility here you really should take responsibility and not Pens fault its your fault you think its some leadership humor , yes, this pen is great. worth 130 this is cool if you're like a construction worker or something maybe you need to tie it to your belt it's thin it's really awkward to write with it i don't like it i'm going to say no i won't say no oh all good guys if you enjoyed the Today's video that wasn't finished, how about you share it with a friend you know so they can back it up?
Oh, that was silly so you can enjoy it too, but in the meantime, check out one of these two videos. here YouTube recommend just for you and that one over there that's a video word there's some overkill removed but it should never have been released you'll want to see it because it should have been removed if you know what I'm saying and you'll see yeah I thought I finished well, see you in the next peace.

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