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10 Poorest Towns in Each Southern US State

May 03, 2023
they have so many this is definitely not one of them even though it's on a lake I mean the only person listed here is probably looking for someone who jumped bail the median household income in Pahokee is 19,587. 44.6 percent of its population lives below the poverty line in all of florida is 13.3 percent the median home value here is 305,100 thats expensive for a place that kind of hits they have a population of about 1100 residents have been losing population since the 1990s when it comes to buying a house here it's all over the map now they say it's like 300 and five grand to buy a house here but they actually have one now it's a little run down but it looks livable ninety five grand but they have others that are going for like 250 189 000 and 480 000. so they are all over the map friendly number three georgia friendly is a pretty good place if you like to see trains after that not much to this friendly place has three lines different ones that go through the city which is kind of a rarity unless it's a giant city they usually don't have that kind of train movement they actually have a little train park there where you can watch the trains go by in friendly it's not a small town it's actually quite a good size it has 10,000 residents but it seems like a lot more because it's kind of a large community a lot of properties are on the outskirts of town unfortunately this is an attractive town that's not that's the sad part the sad part is downtown has a lot of empty stores that's happening all over the country right now especially in the midwest in the south a lot of these small


just have all kinds of commercial places that are empty about 49.7 of the population lives below the poverty line here on the median household income is only twenty thousand three hundred and fifty dollars median home value here is about 81,600 that's a little, a little low, but it's not hard to find a house here for around 130,140,000, that will give you a nice livable house.
10 poorest towns in each southern us state
It's not like it has bars on the windows or anything like that. It's decent. Number two, Livingston, Alabama. Livingston is between Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Meridian. Mississippi is closer to Meridian, about an hour away. Now, this city is not so bad. They have West University. Alabama here that's decent I guess the worst part of living here is the fact that the closest big city to you is Meridian Mississippi the median household income in Livingston Alabama is 16,621 that's not a lot of money 47.3 percent of the population here you live below the poverty line for all of Alabama is actually 16 and the median home value is about 129,000.
10 poorest towns in each southern us state

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10 poorest towns in each southern us state...

When it comes to homes here, realistically you're looking at less than a hundred thousand to buy a house and now they have a decent one for 83 000 and then they got one yeah you just don't want it it's for forty grand that's weird for this list I know we're not focusing on crime but I noticed the crime rate here is actually 23 percent lower than the national average exceptional Livingston I mean these people poverty has destroyed this place and their property crime which is actually 35 percent lower than the national average is not bad So that's how the 3,200 residents who live here can live without fear of having their stuff stolen, alright, before we get to number one, don't forget we have another channel called This Day, there's a link below, all right. to number one and number one Mariana Arkansas Mariana is located about an hour and a half east of Little Rock Arkansas, a bit west of the Mississippi River, Marianna may not be the best place to live in the world, but it has the best BBQ no kidding Jones BBQ is like the only restaurant in Arkansas to win a James Beard award it's been there 100 years the grandson now runs it they smoke enough pork for a day and if you're late and they've finished, that's a shame, you have to come back tomorrow if you want to try, but that's the bright spot of this. city ​​the median household income here is 16,709 that's not much the poverty rate here is 40 40 of the population here lives below the poverty line and the median home value is seventy thousand nine hundred and twelve dollars the rest of Arkansas is not it beats it out of the park with real e


prices, but it's 133,000. they have a population of 3,472 and that means 3,472 people get a chance to eat at Jones's BBQ every day, okay, that's today's video, I hope you enjoyed it, I hope you got some insight by now, if you like this video be sure to give it a big like and also let me know in the comments section below which region in the United States you'd like to see next. other
10 poorest towns in each southern us state

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