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10 NEW Fast Food SECRETS That Will Save You Money!

May 31, 2021
These are the 10 best new



hacks for 2021. Welcome back to the channel. I'm the YouTube deal guy. Mac Granit, from free drinks at Starbucks to big savings at Chipotle, plus why you don't need to pay for fries at McDonald's. on a Friday until June 27, I have you covered if you like this content, give this video a thumbs up, it helps with the YouTube algorithm and my underdeveloped level of self-esteem. The number one



trick is that McDonald's is I'll focus on the mcflurry, although we'll discuss the big mac and fries tricks in a moment.
10 new fast food secrets that will save you money
A McFlurry from McDonald's in my region at the time I upload this video costs two dollars and 39 cents, that's a lot.


given what you get in my personal opinion today's video is obviously not sponsored you can get pretty much the same with diy solutions instead of the mcflurry order a hot fudge or caramel on sundays for a dollar and 29 cents and then what maybe Don't know, can you actually ask your waiter at McDonald's to add a McCafé cookie or essentially a smashed Oreo that they carry in the back for 39 cents, bringing the total to 1.68 cents versus 2.39 for the Mcflurry, essentially the same with a little DIY? angle that adds up quickly and mcflurry is actually very popular in my home.
10 new fast food secrets that will save you money

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10 new fast food secrets that will save you money...

My daughter loves it. In my last video, many of you thought I was advocating regular eating of fast food and I think it's just because I look like I have a huge head attached to a teenager's body, but for a lot of these things, the advice I give you , take it with a grain of salt, apply it in moderation, it's great if you travel a lot for convenience or a guilty pleasure now talking about healthier fast food alternatives, let's move on to number two. Fast food trick number two is on the subway if you want to enjoy a salad on the subway, which could cost two to three dollars more than a sandwich, which is the exact same portion. size in terms of ingredients, I'm going to suggest the following: order the sandwich of your choice and then ask them to hold the bread.
10 new fast food secrets that will save you money
In many cases, they


just make the sandwich without the bread and put it in the only container they have available, which is the salad container, there you go, you have a salad, if that doesn't work and the sandwich artist needs a little help holding it, ask for your favorite sandwich, ask them to hold the bread and then tell them to put everything down. Those sandwich ingredients in a subway salad container, you just saved two to three dollars and since the sandwiches include all the dressings, they can actually put them on the salad and if they ask you at checkout, you just want a salad , do not do it.
10 new fast food secrets that will save you money
You just smile at them and say no, you wanted the sandwich, hold the bread with the container and, in fact, I'm going to draw attention to a subscriber to this channel, Steve Hansen, who uses the same technique that I have used to over the years. We're not looking to make fast food workers' lives more difficult, but in many cases they won't spit in your food and may even smile at your creativity. Fast food trick number three. You can order many of your favorite items at Arby's. for a dollar if you go between 2 and 5 p.m. That's right, Arby's happy hour, a slider, a cookie, a small potato pie, small curly fries, a shake or a small drink available for just a dollar if you go between 2 and 5 p.m. . m.
In the last video I released, a lot of you said, well, it's just a few cents here or there, you're saving me three or four dollars. It's not much, but it adds up very quickly. Obviously I'm very frugal and I like this kind of thing. So to me, it makes sense. I had a viewer in a previous video, William mentioned that happy hour in his region is from 2-4pm. m. and then someone else mentioned that it is, in fact, from 2 to 5 p.m. m. in his community, but that dollar. is very useful specifically for sliders - you're saving three to five dollars depending on what you add and how much you buy, in case a happy hour isn't happening at the Arby's location in your state or in your community, usually they


do it. run a two for six dollar option instead, which is still a great deal until happy hour returns at a location near you before moving on to chipotle elizabeth, another subscriber also echoed those sentiments and said that a dollar roast beef and a buffalo slider also like the shake clearly made her very happy now for fast food hack number four at chipotle, I mentioned in previous videos that if you mix up your proteins you're likely to get more and that's based To the extent of your spoon, I won't. get into that right now, but you can come back and watch my previous videos or subscribe and turn on your notifications for more like this on a regular basis, but the burrito bowl at chipotle is the best way to go in almost every case. not just because of the freebies, but because the portion is, in fact, larger.
If you don't order a burrito bowl you're missing out on the freebies, you can still get that burrito you crave, but for a virtually identical price you get a much larger portion. plus freebies so order the burrito bowl at exactly the same price as the burrito, order a tortilla on the side it's also free, pinto beans, extra rice is free, black beans is free and veggie fajitas are also free, the Salad dressing is also free and depending on how hungry you are or who you are with at Chipotle, you can get a burrito bowl that someone could eat as a salad and then you also get your burrito and that's a lot of bang for your buck before tackling three drinks at Starbucks, where they really don't need to be embarrassed, plus the free fries at McDonald's fast food trick number five are tied to the Big Mac and guys, feel free to leave me a clear comment.
I read them. I would love to make a video on it. The future of all your fast food tricks like the full video would be really cool, but the Big Mac sometimes comes at a price that we don't want to pay and in my particular region right now, at the time I'm uploading this. The video of a Big Mac costs four dollars, but what you may not know is that you can rebuild the Big Mac and get the benefit of better cheese for about thirty-nine at the time I'm uploading this video. A mcdouble costs one dollar thirty-nine. nine cents, so depending on the patience level of the person serving you at McDonald's, do the following instead of paying for a big mac.
Order a mcdouble with big mac sauce. Some places will charge you for big mac sauce. Others don't, but this is still the case. work it out in your favor, then add lettuce, remove the mustard and ketchup, which is easy to do at a kiosk and at this point you're on your way to a big mac without the middle bun or sesame seeds, which which in my opinion is not a big difference, but with this modification you are not only paying half the price, but you will also get a slice of American cheese placed between the two burgers to make it gooey and extra soft and, in my opinion opinion, it is a flavor advantage at a lower price, now this requires a little patience, but every time I see a dollar 39 or if they charge me for big mac sauce a dollar 69, it is still better than four dollars and I like fast food cheese trick number six, a way to stick it to Starbucks if you feel like their drinks require you to take out a second mortgage on your house, no need to overpay, that's how you get a free drink and so In fact, you discover new drinks in the process.
I actually featured this fast food stunt on network TV last week and they made fun of it, but I hope the subscribers and viewers of this channel hold me to a much lower standard during peak hours. Visit the Starbucks of your choice in your community that you believe receives the highest level of traffic. This works almost every time. but it will vary by location, go to Starbucks and ask the barista at the end of the counter, not the order taker but the people making the drinks, if they have any unclaimed drinks, almost every time there are two or three drinks that They are unclaimed just sitting there, so why are there so many unclaimed drinks?
Well, as a local barista explained to me, sometimes there is a breakdown in communication between the person ordering and the person making the drink, that extra drink that was made and correctly just sits there and on other occasions when the People are groggy or hungover and are using the Starbucks app, sending the drink order of their choice to the wrong place and ending up somewhere else while their drink sits there, so ask if they have an unclaimed drink with don't be embarrassed, take what you want and if you want to make this an even better and less selfish gesture, if you are at a Starbucks ordering or overpaying for a drink, take any of the unclaimed drinks that you can often give to the homeless. out of that particular location before you hit a Pizza Hut price gimmick, as well as those free fries at McDonald's fast food gimmick number seven, know those random fake fast food festivities like the back of your hand and you can get gifts everywhere.
The year is now the most obvious of significantly strange fast food holidays, such as Pi Day, March 14. 3.14 gets you free pizza almost everywhere, but did you know that April 27 is National Rib Day? I've taken advantage of this on some date nights, haven't you. Those dates went great and I'm so happy my wife married me because of the experience she had with it, but you can get a free or heavily discounted prime rib at a steakhouse or chain steakhouse of your choice. . I have used that. but for free pancakes, national sausage day, all kinds of random shrimp related stuff, I'll include a list in this free national fast food calendar.
It's in the description box of the video before we talk about those free fries, let's talk about fast food trick number eight, like I clearly did. I need to show you eight fingers on my hand, you realize I spend a lot of time with my toddler, if you're at Pizza Hut and you want to order a pizza with extra cheese, that always triggers an extra charge. My suggestion to you is to pay. Pay attention to the specials, you can add the extra cheese, get the extra toppings, and then take advantage of this tip from a subscriber who didn't like my last video.
This person mentioned that my last video didn't have enough tricks in this person's opinion, so I'll do it. reference that if you're looking for the best bang for your buck on a pizza, keep an eye out for specials at Pizza Hut, they may include a pepperoni pizza or a cheese lovers pizza, all of which include the extra cheese, plus you can modify the ingredients and stay in. that ten dollar threshold, which I think is great advice, this advice applies to Pizza Hut specifically in my last video I mentioned that at Domino's it's a little different, it's actually better instead to order a Hawaiian pizza than to just order one regular. pizza with two toppings and then adding the pineapple and ham, the extra a la carte editions cost significantly less at Domino's than ordering each of those specials, but of course this is about Pizza Hut, which I already talked about .
Domino's Pizza Hut usually offers 10 on any deal. at least three or four times over the course of a month and if they are not available, the special pizzas that they pre-select and offer for 10 are still a fantastic option. Now to get free fries, you can get a medium order of free fries between now. and on June 27, 2021, if you download the McDonald's app if you download the McDonald's app as a new user, you will receive an initial large order of free fries, plus you will get medium fries. every Friday, all you need to do on Fridays is order at least a dollar worth of tax-free food using the McDonald's app and then go to the top of the app and select Friday's free fries deal, then tap add offer mobile order and pay for your Place your order with your credit card and then pick it up at your local McDonald's and every Friday the medium fries will be free and you can think of me and that weird almost winking twitch I just gave you and I hope it doesn't help you. lose your appetite now talking about freebies, it's fast food trick number 10 and after this I'll move on to a couple of bonuses linked to both Burger King and Wendy's when we face the question: do you need your receipt?, many of us we say.
No, obviously there is an environmental benefit to not having the printed receipt, but there is a financial benefit to most fast food places, if you don't already know, on the back of these receipts there is usually a coupon code, a Sometimes there's a survey about on the front and that could net you significantly more free fast food for you in the future. If you've ordered from Popeyes in the last six months and asked for a receipt, chances are you've been faced with a chicken deal from twoFree pieces if you ordered a drink at the front. side for your next order, in other cases surveys just by completing them will allow you to buy one get another or an item completely free on your next order, so my advice is to take the receipt.
The number one fast food hack bonus is tied to Burger King and by the way guys, in the comments section, let me know who you think has the best burgers. Burger King was in the lead last time I checked, but there are plenty of people, including my wife, who can't live without a Big Mac and they have my full support. wendy's oh my gosh, we'll talk about wendy's in a moment, but the lesser-known items on the two for six dollar menu at Burger King are a phenomenon and I'm going to discuss some other options in a moment, but I want to thank this subscriber, lisa, Actually, she wasn't happy that I didn't mention the two for six dollar menu at Burger King, which includes the impossible, but if you buy two, you can get both for 5.99 and she mentioned it in a comment she posted on my last video and thanks for that but I'll add itThere are other deals and some of the most aggressive ones come from Burger King including 4.99 for two original chicken sandwiches and two fries.
This has been going for quite some time, you'll know on the Burger King Facebook page or in the app. Some of these items aren't even advertised in local stores, so keep in mind that social media is sometimes your best friend when it comes to fast food savings. For fast food hack bonus number two, it's a double whammy at wendy's, no Not only do I need to use their app, there is actually a rewards program, but bear with me for a moment. Wendy's has one of the most aggressive apps besides the rewards program, which makes it a little confusing, but last February they could have had a free app. burger every week to take advantage of Wendy's offers, you must register through the Wendy's mobile app and then you must also register and join their rewards program.
Many of Wendy's deals also require you to physically scan something in the store, but let me just show you my screen as a new user of the Wendy's app. This is what I was presented with when I logged in as a new user. A free breakfast sandwich with a purchase of three dollars off 15 as an order, two dollars off any breakfast or premium combo, I know you can read, but I was excited about the free fries, the bacon cheeseburger free junior, a dollar for large fries and then there's the free small iced chinese. I've never tried one of those, but I imagine it has caffeine in it and I wonder if you can imagine how much more annoying I am after having caffeine.
I'd probably lose subscribers rather than gain them, but if you like this content, I really appreciate you checking it out. I appreciate you guys coming this far. video please like this video if you subscribe and turn on your notifications. I promise I have more insider store


. I have hacks for all the major retailers as well as more fast food information to share and if you want to join my insider deals guide texting club you can drop me a line and text me at 440-298-2181 en my number 440-298 thank you so much for watching stay safe okay bye that wasn't it. strange

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