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10 NEW Costco Deals You NEED To Buy in August 2023

Aug 22, 2023
- These are 10 new things you should buy at Costco this August


, and there's a huge selection of new


you'll love. We're starting with something I've seen in countless shopping carts, these 14-inch fall months for $17. These go very fast. Very evident in the images I captured of this bear holding incredible value. This made in the USA 44-wire waterproof storage box seals. The offer includes buckle latches and is stackable. There's nothing like a fall movie night with family or friends, and this $30 Cuisinart popcorn maker might just enhance the experience. It's a great little machine from a solid brand.
10 new costco deals you need to buy in august 2023
Coming in at number two, $60 off and back in stock at this new low price. The home and office safe you see here for $240 is water and fire resistant. This battery backup system with surge protection at $20 off is 110. We just had a power surge that destroyed one of our small appliances, so I'm all for such a product. The $900 gasoline generator you see here reflects a $100 price drop and features an electric start. And at $500 off, this most substantial home generator from Honeywell is the kind of product I got quite a few requests for after watching those horrible wildfires devastate Maui.
10 new costco deals you need to buy in august 2023

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10 new costco deals you need to buy in august 2023...

Obviously, for anyone who has ties to that area, our hearts go out to you. Coming in at number three, the value you'll find tied to the stainless steel and the $30 price drop of this best-selling Panasonic microwave might be a product you want to consider. I have and love the Chefman electric kettle you see here for $40. While this is a little more expensive for a kettle, I love the digital display and built-in infuser. Do you ever go to someone's house and find yourself captivated by their utensils? Well, now you can be that person with this set of four serving bowls for $16.
10 new costco deals you need to buy in august 2023
Few would believe you bought this at Costco. Shaped like a boat or maybe even a fancy yacht if I do say so myself. This $10 eight-piece ramekin set is available in white to match the previous serving bowl set I just showed, or in a multi-color option, which could be fun for topping colors, guacamole, salsa, and other meal accompaniments . This $20 five-piece flatware set includes five stunning pieces of German steel ready to cut beauties with blade guards. This two-pack of $50 Blend Jet portable blenders was originally ridiculously priced a couple of months ago for $70 at Costco. I was waiting for this price drop.
10 new costco deals you need to buy in august 2023
It's arrived and if you're willing to consider an off-brand version, Aldi currently has the best price for it that I've tried. Point four begins with my new obsession with desserts. These cookies and cream puffs for $13 looked perfectly baked. I was almost reluctant to look for it in the trunk of my car, but I did and I don't regret my delicious decision one bit. This 16 Pack Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches at 15.79 is another new dessert that I can get behind with chocolate and raspberry options. However, the ice cream is not as wavy as shown in the package photo.
Bridging the gap between breakfast, a snack, or just a lighter dessert, these adorable pancake cereal packets include eight individualized packets for $10. They taste fresh and exactly like a homemade pancake. From pancakes to waffles, this 12-pack of Belgian waffles for 10.69 has an inherent sweetness to the point that the syrup is not too necessary and is fantastic. This $14 30-pack of ice cream bars has strawberry, mango, and coconut flavor options. And to control your own pumpkin spice destiny, this fall in a more frugal way, Starbucks' coveted pumpkin spice spread is now at Costco for $8 for 58 fluid ounces. By the way, if you're enjoying this video, feel free to like it because that really helps my channel.
Point five starts with the lowest price I've ever seen on a DeWalt eight-gallon wet disc vacuum at $25 off, or $60. If you were to buy the smaller five-gallon version, it would cost you $84 on Amazon compared to the $60 eight-gallon version at Costco. In the not-too-distant future, the leaves will fall for many people watching right now; You can purchase 30 packs of these grass and leaf bags for $13. Restocked this month. A perfectly flush Kohler 45-liter half-circle step can at $75 sounds ridiculously expensive, but apparently it's a pretty good price for these popular trash cans that last a long time. This $60 flat teak bench is back in stock.
It can accommodate up to 330 pounds, which is impressive. It was on display. I thought it felt sturdy and I love the color for any bath or shower. It is waterproof. For any family with demanding laundry


s, this 104-pack of Tide Oxi capsules is discounted from $5 to $21.59. If you bought the same amount of capsules, at Walmart, you would pay $42 versus 21.59 at Costco for the same amount. I picked up quite a few requests for Brita pitchers over the summer, so this $12 off 10-cup Brita pitcher is $22 and might be a good size for college or a student apartment. And for those who simply


to replenish their filters, you can purchase this 10-pack for $33, which is also $12 off.
At number six, ready or not, Christmas has arrived at Costco. And while I'm not personally up for it, I'd like to highlight the 72-pack of Starbucks Christmas Blend K Cups you see here for $34, as they can be enjoyed and consumed any time of year. And this $13 two-pack of 32-inch LED decorative branches could also be displayed on a patio or in an indoor vase, regardless of the season. This nine-foot sparkling gem garland for $55 is a captivating indoor-only product that can be interconnected with several sets. And I mention this now because it may not be available in November.
For hanging your sparkly garland or for family vacation photos, most of the Command Hooks and Strips


at Costco are marked down to $4 and $12, making them some of the best prices I've seen. To give your home a flameless Christmas touch, the $25 six-pack of LED candles can be adjusted to display various shades, from cool to warm candlelight and seasonal colors for when the time comes. They are made of wax, so they look and feel like the real thing. And if you're tired of the higher costs associated with batteries, this $20 Energizer rechargeable battery kit could be a contender.
I use a Panasonic version of this in my home studio, which has saved me a ton of money over the years. Before we reveal some incredible fashion deals, point seven revolves around food. And let's start with the smoked pulled pork you see here. For $14 at Kirkland, this is a natural hickory smoke. If you're craving a pulled pork sandwich, you can always pair it with a two-pack of Kirkland Baguette for $6. It's back. I reevaluated this from the back of my car. It's phenomenally fresh and has a high-end bakery quality texture. For something less refined, an 81-pack of mini hot dogs at 10:89 is perfectly timed with the state fair season, as is the case for many people watching right now.
I tried these Filipino Style Pork Spring Rolls at 11.49 for this pack of 20. I had to extend the cooking time a little to get the right level of crispiness, but the flavor is excellent. A nearly two-pound box of potato and pea samosas costs $16. If you love steamed buns, this $10 23-ounce box of garlic roasted chicken bao was a little doughier than what you might find at a restaurant that serves dumplings. We haven't tried these BBQ Chicken Flatbreads at $12 for a two-pack. Feel free to let me know if you've tried them in the comments section. I realize I'm on a bit of an unplanned chicken theme, but anyway, this $14 46-ounce Sesame Ginger Chicken Crumble Pack is one way to provide a homemade lettuce cup experience from PF Chang at home.
Kirkland Grilled Chicken Salad for 3.99/pound is back in stock this month. It costs about $11 for a few well-portioned containers. I saw a lot of people sell these 10 packets of hot sauce for $18. I'm intrigued by this, as long as it comes in this excellent wooden gift box, it could be a beautiful holiday gift. My favorite type of olive is now available this month in this 19 ounce jar of olives for $5.29. It reflects a price drop of $2.20. And as a dupe of the very popular vitamin water, Kirkland now has these multi-packs restocked in August for $13. According to my wife, at number eight before hitting a beauty bargain, Corduroy is making a comeback.
So, this lady's corduroy shirt jacket is $25 for those interested. The $30 Calvin Klein men's jeans in black or blue are a brilliant price for something from this brand. The sleeker looking men's waterproof canvas pants at $15 reflect a $5 price drop. Great for this time of year when many of us wake up perplexed about what we should wear based on the weather. This lightweight Kirkland men's jacket for $20 is hooded, wind and weather resistant, and has pockets. Speaking of Kirkland, if you're a super fan and want to let people know, you can buy one of these logo t-shirts I bought for $13.
I should mention that this video is not sponsored in any way. And if you need to stock up on hangers for your new clothes, a pack of 50 non-slip hangers at $14 is very competitively priced. This $300 Shark Flex styling and drying system is a copy of the $600 Dyson Airwrap. My niece Sophia tried the refurbished version of this product and said it was amazing. To admire your perfectly blow-dried hair, this $30 rechargeable vanity mirror from Conair has a sad nickel finish and features a lifetime LED bald cap. For my next point before exposing a product, you may want to pass on this new Samsung Galaxy Watch that is now available at Costco with prices from 290 to 320.
This new smartwatch has a slimmer bezel and improved battery life. This 75-inch LG TV you see here at $700 is a good price if you need a three-year warranty included. There are less expensive options from other retailers, which I will link to on the screen. This 58-inch 270 TCL TV is ideal for college football. It's a pre-promotion that I hope expires soon. At $100 off, this $300 14-inch laptop is a solid alternative to a Chromebook with some better specs. It has a great display and construction that I noticed in the store. With an asterisk on the price tag ending in 97, meaning this is the clearance price at my local warehouse.
This 27-inch 150 gaming monitor has a refresh rate of 165 hertz. Hopefully it will be at clearance price for your local warehouse. But if you prefer something larger, this $200 Acer 32-inch curved monitor reflects a $50 price drop. Before our pretty lively bonus section to help address back-to-school lunches, the next point starts with a pack of 347 mixed Ziploc bags for 13.69. That's a price drop of $3.80. This variety pack covers everything from travel to food storage. Now, speaking of sandwich bags, if you only need them, a 580 and 10.49 pack might be the best option if you only buy them for that purpose. And this 160-pack of Ziploc slider bags for $13 is amazing for resealing the bulk Costco food portions that many of us are used to.
It is discounted to $3.80. Premium fall bulbs for $14 with vibrant colors and options like tulips and irises that you can plant early before the ground freezes. These USA-made indoor/outdoor mats measure 30 by 47 inches. They are fade resistant and sturdier for $15. This nine-piece dining set is marked down from $400 to $1,000. This is an extra long table with eight chairs and I was very impressed with the quality and price for such a large table. Speaking of big, this $600 72-inch fireplace and fan-equipped console provides the ambiance and storage you might want right now and warmth for later in the year. If you are looking for an option, minus the fireplace.
At a slightly more palatable price of $450, the 72-inch TV console could provide more than adequate storage for a family or living room. And now for the bonus section, if you have a younger member of your household determined to harness their inner DJ skills, this $40 kids' DJ mixer might be just what you need to keep your family up at night. evening. This 24-pack of wines imported from around the world is a smaller bottled set for $100. A beautiful seasonal collection of puzzles made in the USA that is now available.back at Costco. Last year they were $11.49 and I'm happy to say this year they're $10.
There are some new seasonal harvest options, holiday displays, and the infamous Costco Club Warehouse puzzle. And if you've ever watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and thought, "Wow, I want a blanket as big as the one that family has," behold a giant family blanket, 120 by 110 inches, $28. And there you have it. Thanks for watching. I love you, bye.

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