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10 CRAZY Things We Learned From the 2023 French Open | Good, Bad, and Ugly

Jun 29, 2023
What's up guys? Eric clack with Primal Tennis has an amazing video for you here. The 10





at this year's French Open number 10. Two of Novak Djokovic's biggest fans are goats in their respective sport, which is Mike Tyson, the former white heavyweight boxer. believes the greatest boxer of all time is a huge fan of Novak Djokovic and his daughter actually plays tennis and is a hardworking professional tennis player and herself and Tom Brady, the NFL quarterback, the best player in the NFL of all times. Did you see him and Djokovic during the finals? of that match and even received recognition and thanks from Djokovic during the championship ceremony and tennis number nine has to fix the draws.
10 crazy things we learned from the 2023 french open good bad and ugly
This is two years in a row where the top two contenders have been on the same side of the draw. and all this happened because mevidev won the italian


in rome, moving him to number two in the world and sliding djokovic to number three. Last year we had Nadal and Djokovic facing each other in the quarterfinals and this year we had Al Kras and Djokovic in the semifinals and it really is a disservice to the antennas because the stands normally follow the ATP ranking in terms of seats, but not they're forced to do it, they're allowed to change those seats a little bit to make them fairer and the number eight doesn't look like Dominic Thieme will ever be able to get back to his best which is really sad because there was a period of about three years in the who was the second best clay court player in the world and is someone who has been in four major finals, including winning the 2020 US Open. and has actually been in three different major finals: the US Open Australia, the French Open and the US Open.
10 crazy things we learned from the 2023 french open good bad and ugly

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10 crazy things we learned from the 2023 french open good bad and ugly...

I'm still hopeful that he can find that form and return to the top ten, but it's been three years since that devastating wrist injury and it was really great. Seeing Lucas Pui back in the box, an extremely talented player who has been injured for several years. The American tennis number seven is still down. Tennis at least in the United States has been promoting many of these young people as the next greats and they have been terrible lately. Especially at this year's French Open and especially on the men's side, not a single American made it to the quarterfinals of this year's French Open and, in fact, only one American has won the French Open in the last few 30 years.
10 crazy things we learned from the 2023 french open good bad and ugly
Can you guess it? This is Andre Agassi in 1999. I hope there is a change at this year's Wimbledon, especially when the big raise becomes an advantage and number six is ​​the first to arrive. A huge congratulations to IGA switzick for winning his third French Open and his fourth Grand Slam title. It's legit, but women's tennis is really missing one. player right now and that's Ash Barty, there doesn't seem to be any rivalry in the women's game right now and Barney retired just before Anxious became the dominant player in the game, that would be a fun rivalry because Barty had won twice against IGA.
10 crazy things we learned from the 2023 french open good bad and ugly
I haven't even lost a set yet, but that was right before IGA really became that dominant player in the game. Someone please tell 27-year-old Ash Barty that he needs to come out of retirement right now and start this rivalry number five. I think there are five. players we may have last seen at this year's French Open, that's Stanwell Rinka, he's 38, he'll be 39 next year, he made it to the second round, he had two five pointers, but 36-year-old Andy Murray , skipped this year's French Open to focus on Wimbledon and if you skip this year, next year will be even more unlikely and then John Isner, the tall, big American serve, is 38 this year and then of course Richard Gasque is 36 years old.
She lost the first round this year and then Gail Monfies 36. years old won her first round in five sets then she retired due to injury and guys if you are liking this video so far do me a big favor and hit the like button and subscribe to the channel and number four if they felt something was missing. this tournament is because there were a lot of players eliminated, obviously the biggest one, Rafael Nadal, is just a big hole in the draw, as well as Marin cilic, Matteo barrettini, Riley opelka, Sam Corda, Andy Murray and Nick Curios Curios, actually had that knee injury he's been playing with. on grass for a couple of weeks he already had an advantage so I would keep an eye on him at Wimbledon and number three if you feel like tennis has gone down a bit at the moment the level is not an illusion it really is and there are a couple of reasons why The first is the retirement of tennis which has lost many really


players in recent years.
Roger Federer Juan Martine del Potro. In fact, she is rumored to be returning for the US Open in


. Joe Wilfred Sanga Serena Williams and Ash Barty on the women's side and Even a lot of guys who were around for a long time like Birdish, Frere and Hewitt retired and guys like Verdasco and Nicholas Mahut They have aged. There are a lot of guys marketed as the next greats of the next generation and the New Generation that have done it. I haven't been able to capitalize yet, which brings me to my next point: number two, the next generation and the New Generation are not yet ready to take the torch from the Big Three, which really shows how spoiled we have been in recent years. 20 years with the big three.
Federer Djokovic and Nadal, and that really shows how great they were and still are because Djokovic continues to dominate the game. Rafa won two majors last year, but I think he is proving that the new next generation gin has either become over-commercialized or simply run afoul of it. terrible injuries. I think it's still too early to call these guys failures, they're still very young, but I'm really surprised that they couldn't beat an older Djokovic and an older 36 37 year old and number one Djokovic. now the goat and if before you had doubts about whether Djokovic was the best player of all time, he had already had the most ATP 1000, the most weeks at number one and now he has the most grand slams with 23 , passing Nadal with 22. and being the first band to have three titles in the four majors.
I am a big fan of Nadal. Well, I'm really a fan of the big three. I am a fan of great tennis. That's how spoiled we were for the last 20 years with great tennis. and it's still going well guys, can't wait for Wimbledon. I'm going to make a lot of Wimbledon videos, so subscribe so you don't miss videos like this and I hope to see you on the court soon, ciao.

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