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10 Builds for EPIC Minecraft Roller coasters!

Jun 10, 2021
In the early days of my YouTube channel,



were the coolest things you could build in Minecraft. People used to go crazy about them, but now they're out of fashion (how sad). Just a little bit and me. I'm going to do everything I can to change that! Today we're going to take a look at 10 different Redstone coaster designs (starter list). Apparently I can't get rid of these sound effects that now exist. Let's get the ball rolling today with something ridiculously simple: this thing is a jump-detecting rail redstone that activates with the detector. The repeaters set up the two ticks and four ticks to give us six ticks total and then a sticky piston with a slime block on top that will shoot us into the distance.
10 builds for epic minecraft roller coasters
To fall back onto this minecart rail right here if you place the minecart and turn it. You can see that it works as expected. I mean, I'd be quite surprised. If you don't consider how ridiculously simple this is, you know what they say? You have to know how to walk before you can run. Let's take a look at some of the more complex things. This red stone contraption is exciting. Are they going to hit me in the face with an anvil? (that's very intense). I know that if I got on a


coaster that shot big metal objects at me, especially in my face, I would get a little adrenaline, which is the point of these things if you just put our Minecart pop inside and take it out. on it as you can see, yes (screaming internally) That's great and it also makes an incredible noise while it's working.
10 builds for epic minecraft roller coasters

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10 builds for epic minecraft roller coasters...

The only thing I will say is that it is quite expensive on the anvil front. You're going to need a lot. of iron But one thing you're not going to need is a lot of experience in Redstone because to build this is almost as simple as the jump, you just have to run a Redstone signal on a Redstone torch and then Redstone, both feeding this piston correctly. here And then the slime blog (slime blog?) at the end and then the anvils at the top and if we give this thing another spin You'll see the slime blocks retract, and then extend very quickly shooting them all the anvils on the other side (scaring you) Simple redstone at its finest, something that doesn't necessarily seem so simple is whether the Minecart loop-de-loop now This is based on a Redstone video that I uploaded in 2015 and unfortunately no longer it works :( So I had to make some modifications to the red stone at the top, but it works just as expected: we go up, and then we go up and down once again in a complete loop: the -Loop looks absolutely fantastic, I mean, if your roller coaster doesn't have a loop-de-loop then is it really worth calling it a roller coaster (NO)?
10 builds for epic minecraft roller coasters
I mean, let's be honest, that's nonsense now if you want to know how this all works No. Don't worry, I'll explain it to you later, but we have a lot of redstone gadgets to review, so grab your socks and let's move on to the next one. This one is inspired by some of the roller


that absolutely terrified me. from when I was a child. I was horrified by them, in fact, I was so afraid of them that I never visited them. I used to watch my friends do it. Moment of Silence by bumbo cactoni I wasn't particularly brave in the roller coaster department (because that's a word) But it's called MISTAKE!!
10 builds for epic minecraft roller coasters
If we get inside the mine cart, as usual, you can see that we travel and eventually the red stone lamp lights up and we fall through the floor and, in theory, we would travel to the next part of the roller coaster, but it is the scariest. A little bit about this design is with this one? There is no roller coaster We just fall into the void Goodbye nonsense. Now that is fear. I mean, it would be a really scary rollercoaster if you died at the end. More or less the opposite of the previous one. I don't think this one really needs much introduction.
I mean, we have a huge structure in front of us and we have a minecart track right here, and as I'm sure you've guessed. When we enter, the slime blocks will be thrown at us consecutively. You may recognize this slime block elevator because it's the one we used in Hermitcraft Season 4 to get from the drone to the AFK platform above my mob. The farm is quite reliable. It's perfectly symmetrical, which is something I quite like, and it's also decently "fast." I mean, it's relatively fast. When we get to the top, those slime blocks push us and, in theory, we travel from there.
But clearly I've been on a bit of a limited budget and haven't made my mine cart rail particularly long. So, well, back to the beginning, anyway, the best thing is that the previous one was quite complicated, so I thought I would go back to basics and deactivate another simple one this time with only two repeaters set to four ticks, a Little Redstone line running towards this sticky piston that can access all three slime blocks. Now what he does is throw us back. the direction we just came from This is cool, but one thing I'm imagining is that hundreds of them are going from the sky's edge to Bedrock, bouncing back and forth like a long Donkey Kong. machine (that would be pretty cool) Someone has to do that, I mean, surely for anyone who wants to build it this is how to make the red stone for this mechanism Go ahead, I can't wait to see it One thing that's always scary Me on roller coasters and attractions are things that you have to go through that open at the last minute, like doors or trap doors, whatever it is, they open at the last second every time I go on one of those that I think about to myself . a second before the door opens.
Maybe it will never happen Maybe I'll have a moment where it breaks And I'll have to accept my fate and go through this big metal object (ow), of course, every time I'm proven wrong, and I did my best to recreate that feeling in Minecraft and I'd say I did a halfway decent job. I mean, it was pretty difficult, but it seems to work: the door opens, the Minecart rail is pushed so we can continue, and then everything closes behind us. I'm going to go ahead and say it. This is my absolute favorite design from the video.
I think it's amazing. I love the way it works. If you build this on any of your roller coasters, you'll instantly impress all your friends. If you just walk in, you can see it. We travel overland on some slime blocks and then get a flying machine that takes us to the next section of the track. I mean, can you imagine how amazing that would be in real life? He's very good at Minecraft, but in real life that would be amazing. I want to see this kind of thing at Disneyland or something, but in terms of Minecraft, obviously, you can do a lot of things with this, you could travel through a whole world. biome flying through the sky.
You potentially drop onto a vertical flying machine which then takes you to the building boundary and then drops you off. I mean, there really are so many things you could potentially do with this. I want to see them everywhere inside. all your


and did I mention the flying machine is insanely simple? We're just a spotter looking in one direction and a spotter looking in the other direction, sticky pistons facing opposite directions, slime blocks connecting them and then this platform that you can literally dodge together in five seconds No excuses guys , I want them on all constructions, not just roller coasters.
Speaking of flying, this thing allows them to do so by shooting them into the sky and then back in the direction they came from, it's nice. It's a bit like the bounce I showed before, but in reverse, meaning you create a crazy (awesome) anti-gravity Donkey Kong. Another thing that I personally would really like to see if you come in and give it a try. Once, you can see that everything is working as expected and the best news is that the red stone is super simple, six ticks running towards the sticky piston. This is actually the jump from earlier in the episode, then we have these four additional ticks and the Redstone Torch tower Colliding with our sticky piston that pushes us through easy but easy things But ladies and gentlemen, there is one design left in the video and I'm going to be honest, I ruled out the flying machines.
This is my personal favorite before we had horses. I had carrots on sticks. This guy is my new roller coaster and the best thing about it is that unlike roller coasters or most other forms of transportation, they are completely free. Look, we've moved on to the open world roller coaster. He's not particularly fast, but look at this guy and he's got me. I am a kind of friend who follows me. This is the best thing that ever happened. After a slightly unfortunate accident (HE KILLED MR. PIGGLES!), I think it's about time. In fact, let's take a look at some of Redstone's explanations behind these things.
One thing I want to say before we start is that there are good downloads for each gadget that appears in this video. Below the description, just check them all in your Minecraft world saves folder. And then you can take a closer look at each of them. Another thing to remember is that mine carts are a bit strange and roller coasters make the mine carts travel at different speeds, so if you are traveling very fast you may have to change the repeater times and Likewise, if you travel very slowly, you may also need to change the repeater timings. because chances are if you're traveling at crazy speeds either way, these designs won't work.
So just play a little bit and finally, if you are sad about Minecraft Pocket Edition or Console Edition, think how am I going to get it? Unfortunately, these world downloads none of the designs will likely work in those versions anyway due to the changes and differences in Redstone between them, meaning you'll probably have to take the concept and redesign them from scratch. Which is good. funny, the first design that I think might need a little more explanation is the looping mechanism. So all we have is a detector rail that is connected to this slime block with a delay of four ticks.
But then It also sends a signal through this repeater here once again set to four ticks Through all these redstone torches in this other repeater it sets two ticks which then feeds this piggy, I mean, sticky piston, which means that throw you up and then throw you back like another design. appears in this video But then comes the extra detail in this little squiggle that then sends us down this slope, which means we can travel and continue. I did a quick loop loop with some additional details on the Pitfall mechanism. So we have the detector rail that detects when we actually travel and then we have this delay right here.
Which really serves no purpose other than simply generating some tension while we sit on top of those blocks. That then finally collides with the Redstone lamp that lights up, but also executes it with this Redstone line right here, which retracts into these. sticky pistons and then you also run into this red stone line right here, which retracts this 2x2 area of ​​sticky pistons and also pulls "back" all the blocks, which means we've opened a 2x dump piston gate for 1 so we fall through the floor and travel into the void in this case But on a real roller coaster you should probably go to another hole in the track and for the end.
Now we have the minecart door with this detective rail. He just runs into a simple 2v1. door mechanism, so we have the redstone running towards the redstone torch and then the redstone dust. That retracts those blocks and then comes the interesting part. With the Minecart rail extended crosswise, now the way I've done it is I just connected. This drop is a monostable hopper circuit that runs the output of that into this red stone which then drives this piston right here pushing it in just in time for us to cross it and then retracting it just in time before these blocks spread out too far, which Of course, it breaks the Minecart well if it weren't a monostable circuit, so come on, that's it.
I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did please hit the like button, and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys. This was stupid and I'm out. See you later. Oh, and as usual, check out the filmmaker's latest film. It's a good one

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