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10 animals With Crazy Survival Strategies

Aug 05, 2023
These are 10






at number 10 Borneo frog found in Indonesia this rare frog has no lungs over millions of years of evolution the Borneo frog has adapted its body to survive in cold, fast water from the rainforest river breathing only through its skin in number 9 imitates the octopus the best defense of sea creatures mixing in the loom the octopus imitates a species of octopus that can change not only its color but also its shape at number 8 leopard gecko the leopard gecko perhaps a small reptile that does not look threatening, but its ability to detach and get rid of part of its tail is really useful, this turns out to be a distraction for the predator as the tail will continue moving after self-amputation.
10 animals with crazy survival strategies
At number 7, a possum, this marsupial survives by pretending not to. Surviving by playing dead and emitting a smell that resembles that of a deceased animal is the possum's greatest defense after all, whoever wants to get close to a dead and rotting smelly animal in number 6, a hippopotamus that lives under the sun all days requires some type of protection, hippos have the ability to sweat a liquid that looks like blood, rest assured it is not blood, just a pigmented liquid, excess sunscreen and a topical antibiotic on the fish clown number 5. Finding Nemo may have made these fish look cute and cuddly, but they actually come equipped with a retractable column. which runs between its eyes and mouth this is used as a stinging defense for the ocean's many predators in number for the diving bell spider the only spider known to live completely underwater forms air sacs it lives breathes praising eats in the spider uses the hairs on its legs to trap air bubbles and breathe continuously underwater in the Texas horned lizard number two.
10 animals with crazy survival strategies

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10 animals with crazy survival strategies...

What's more distracting than spurting blood? This lizard has sinuses filled with blood that can cause bleeding, spews blood from its eye sockets, and self-defense in the number one electric eel. hunt survive and communicate or swim when you are backed up by 500 volts the ions and electrical composition of the eel resemble those of a battery the electric eel can deliver repeated discharges over a period of one hour before tiring out if you liked the video do Click the like button and don't forget to subscribe to the channel
10 animals with crazy survival strategies

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