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10 ANGRIEST Contestants Who FIGHT With The Judges on Talent Shows! Watch What Happens...

Jan 07, 2022
of this section. It should be violin music Mary, I think we're going to say no and wish you the best of luck in beauty school, yes. You definitely seriously think I'm one of the worst things you've ever heard. In fact, I do Mary, yes, yes, thank you. You really thought I was going to make it to Hollywood and I can't believe the outcome, but


ever, hey Manny, thanks. Thank you so much. I'll never see my finger again. I'll just go to beauty school. Spell hair because everything is fine. I'm not gonna lose. I know


I do.
10 angriest contestants who fight with the judges on talent shows watch what happens
I'm not gonna lose. I'm not gonna lose. I started to cry. I've heard from many, many different people that I have an amazing voice. All my friends have told me I had an amazing child. Brandon. People I don't know told me I could really sing. So he would tell me all that. that they're wrong, but still the fact that they said that doesn't make me want to pursue any kind of fame career, unless I'm going to be a lead singer in a rock band. Now I want to say big to Simon and Chica, Randy and Martin, even though she's a hottie, I'm not going to deny it, although I'm not going to say Paula because at least she was kind and at least she was sweet, she's such a sweetheart and I can't say nothing bad about her.
10 angriest contestants who fight with the judges on talent shows watch what happens

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10 angriest contestants who fight with the judges on talent shows watch what happens...

I'm very well, thank you. Can you introduce yourself please? My name is Mason Noise, so I need you to make some noise. Thanks and Mason, what do you think your first audition was like? That's Rita, okay, I had a little bit of not doing it. You handle it, you were feeling it I'm Mason, what are you going to perform for us now? Because, as you can see, six chairs, yes, full, so how did you come prepared for this? You'll see, okay, good luck, Mason, oh yeah, oh. You're sexy, baby, with the beat back, there's a writer, it's time to say, I was going to say, you know what I invite you all to film this.
10 angriest contestants who fight with the judges on talent shows watch what happens
I picked up their phones being an Afro. 5,000 people now listening, you can look up Mason, just a second, what? It gives you the right to say that, listen, I know you're talking to me, not them, okay, I'm going to go for a straight guy. With the first audition I saw on Saturday, people had ten minutes and I went 47 seconds away, Sabino, you're five seconds away. get kicked off this stage a problem so just leave I have a bubbler criticize these guys listen um Mason you should have been doing I'm doing this for you I'm doing this to entertain you I'm doing this from memory and say you're great she's real tell me how much time should you have on this show, Salem, should I have my Michonne, I'm bringing, why don't you turn off the invasive?
10 angriest contestants who fight with the judges on talent shows watch what happens
Why did she stop being favorite? bro this is like she's bringing it all shut up Oh why don't you first of all apologize to these guys who spent hours editing your tape, came and insulted my show and set up these producers. Oh, why should I let him go to a Western place, Kanya West, all the The same thing was that they cooked my first performance: 47 seconds my gift for the best performances. I could continue to be disappointed in him because I think he has


. I would have had a talk. We would have had a talk.
Adie looking for a hero. People need someone to look up to. ooh, thanks Randy, I don't think you're a solo singer at all, I think you know that, I don't feel like you're your solo singer, I don't feel like you have the voice of a solo singer, why should I sing a lot? better than you and tell me that Tanika Seneca left welcome to American Idol Smackdown you are not standing here being judged by people for how you think you are not singing and that you tell me that I need lessons go to an audition where they lie to you thank you very much fact if we are telling the truth and you don't want to hear it oh that thank you very much thank you what is your name my name is Zoe Zoe that Zoe Alexander Zoe Where are you from?
I'm from ku Finney Metro in South Wales you look pink a lot of people tell you you look like poop yes that's what I do for a living. I am a tribute artist to the color pink. What is your name? My name is Zoe Alexander like pink, okay, but we want to get rid of the pink, we're just wondering, what are you hoping to get out of the day? I hope to get four yes, but after that I hope to get a little bit of identity, my own identity and another, your father's model with you too, although yes, and my father is a tribute act to Tom Jones, yes, my mother destroyed Twain, so we have Shania Twain, Tom Jones and Pink in the same house openers, Tom Jones and then.
Shania is coming, what do you mean? I'm going to sing, so what to buy pink, pink, okay, I'll sing, let's start, let's get the fine, okay, Tulisa, okay, um, actually I really like to imagine when you, when. You came and then you told me about pink. I realize. Okay, you based it on pink. This is what I didn't get over pink. Oh, you did it. I'm trying to stay away from the pink. Okay, look, the problem is that you. came out saying you wanted to find your own identity yeah it's very confusing for me because I felt like I was


ing a pink tribute act in case we had a second song yeah yeah I want to give you a chance because it kind of ruined it, did you? can you be yourself?
Yes, go, what are you going to sing? Zoey um Emeli sandé by my side Emily on Saturday bu-bu-bu-bu It's always me, every time I'm on stage I want to help you you're shopping drinking at the table throwing the dice staying outside the tree you never find it being faithful you will find to find him by my side by my side aren't you okay? Thanks then II Nicole Hi Zoey, I really like your energy up there I think you have a pretty good voice. Honestly, I think you need to go away and take the time to find yourself as an artist who you are.
Yes, Zoey. I am confused with the identity problem. You know, coming out saying what you wanted to. an identity, then you sing rose. I thought the second song was a lot better, but I think you need to go away and really find your own lane and find what sounds good for your voice because right now it just sounds like any other average guy. singing voice, yeah Zoey, it's a shame because you look great, you absolutely look like a pop star, but the voice was very, very normal, but I think in time you could be fantastic, but I think you need to go, find yourself yourself and return. to Zoey so let's vote for Gerry Zoey I'm afraid to find out for myself because I'm Talisa sorry it's the note for now you told me to sing a weak song I didn't want to sing a pink song I mean you guys stain never stop see a thought song we never said anything we're sorry I want to pee I wanted to be me you told me to sing a royal rose we've heard a second song we never told you to sing a big Did you need that song to come out of our mouths?
Any of us listen, we also had a second song of yours, so it's like a second spot was filled. It was your audition and you were wrong. Sorry, I'll leave it great, stay. the scene the cameraman I tried to help her you said come back like you so we gave her a second chance she had the same chance everyone else hello nothing is going to turn out well you know what I have to say look I have to say my favorite thing is to interview a Mina I would ask your name but I'll just call you my my that's okay, listen, I tell you what, let's see your mind, what's that like, maybe that's the best, maybe now use the microphone. because I think after four exes you might want to leave mine and start talking to him.
I mean, the best part was this gentleman came out miming a microphone. It was the most fun. I didn't have a story, I think if you had. a story to tell that we could follow really had no content Howie walking against the wind and getting trapped in an imaginary box won't dazzle the audience to give you 1 million dollars that's true, okay Howie vote please. Sorry, it's off the nose, but thanks for performing for us. Where are you guys coming from telling me how to make mine? I guess because we all go. I will talk to the road.
Do you know how hard they were knocked out? you know how hard it is don't talk no don't because all you do is open your mouth wide that's all you do that's what I'm going to say boo yourself I understand the guy thank you you're bold don't you do it Me likes to touch people Spicy girl Supermodels are closed anyway Hi guys, I'm Alesha Dixon. I was her favorite church on Britain's Got Talent and I'm here in America doing America's Got Talent. Do you know what it looks like? Really good friends with Simon Cowell to check out more of these


roundup videos.
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