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#1 USC vs UConn Highlights | 2024 NCAA Women's Basketball Championship - Elite 8

Apr 02, 2024
and that final ticket for the final four is about to be hit situation Caleb podo will launch the first shot of the night long rebound towards McKenzie Forbes here she returns to her right KK Arnold receives the defensive task and draws a charge Clint a run and you have They match that for 40 minutes, Watkins' step to the left side, Off the Mark mid-range pullup, another offensive rebound and a second chance here for the southern cow. Tempo, yes, and it's not just this vertical speed, it's quarter-court speed. so five lifted Canadian Olympian Aaliyah trying to reverse Juju Watkins on block transfers in Southern Cow's starting lineup boost kick you'll see USC Shadow Paige Becker on the court try to make sure they keep two on her and Watkins on the switch, it's Arnold again, Juju leaves it in and in 2007 to LSU, most coaches will tell you this game takes some pressure off you in the final four, frankly the scams will be very criticism for them because they are I'm not going to be able to break the offensive glass like USC is the all-time attendance leader in Yukon.
1 usc vs uconn highlights 2024 ncaa women s basketball championship   elite 8
Then he will say something with all his great bases. Edward strong on the Rim rebound. Arnold, there's that explosion. They are going to attack Padilla as much as they can. Yukon. It's not a screen-heavy offense, it's more of a pass and cut. I'd say it's like 80% pass and cut versus cooking on social media, so there's a clear way out right here, juju, look at that body, check it out and a Cy when it comes. their places on the court and is where Yukon spends a significant amount of time defending and shooting off-target shots and a foul when they go to the guards on one end of the posts on the other, they have three post players who can use inside there.
1 usc vs uconn highlights 2024 ncaa women s basketball championship   elite 8

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1 usc vs uconn highlights 2024 ncaa women s basketball championship elite 8...

Was Edward Shins defending Paige Becker in that matchup? He received help from Pipa Farbs. Count it in the window and that's the great Cadence Samuels, who didn't play in the sweet 16 game, will come in at 6. Paige Beckers will counter and go to the right. on p and commits the foul wow juu doesn't need much space to go where he needs to go he can make a play in a tight space Beckers off Samuels cross and plate if you can limit everyone else to four on the shot clock Beckers He reaches the top of the key and the long rebound as if we were a mule through the back door Beckers wraps it up short and a foul is forced to abandon Forbes Marshall at mid-range Edwards gets underneath, turns the other way and scores Forbes calling for the screen up gets the switch, drives the block for Beckers and they share the ball at a very high rate, they are fourth in the nation and assist and are playing against small but area athletic teams NC State South Carolina with Arnold the pull up and N mes got Marshall to spin I think it was a pass defend on his switches defend on his ball screen coverage the Los Angeles native so proud that there wasn't much contact on that shot attempt here's Beckers coming off the line Arnold's good change of direction floats him and Davis Forbes falls short on the shot.
1 usc vs uconn highlights 2024 ncaa women s basketball championship   elite 8
Good help from peda in that progress. Samuel's open look understood it. D. You shot last during that stretch, a 19-5 Yukon run that she finishes, she figured out how to play her and they have increased her point production, she puts the defender in her hip-up transition now she has an isolation on one side of the court oh boy, that's game number three with three fouls, they're down, a starter Watkins stays off the line and hits it on Becker, two leading scorers are showing it, both averaging over 27 points per game in the postseason and Becker to Joiner Padia, she will throw the big line, there is ice.
1 usc vs uconn highlights 2024 ncaa women s basketball championship   elite 8
Brady now appears in the game for the Connecticut Beckers, three deep hits in less than three minutes. to go in the first half Beckers looking more does not get the role there in another part of the


's game and with good reason, but Beckers is three times all Amer Brady is trying to find his way Edwards good help to the defense and blocking Championship FAL don Don't count out the wolf because they've made an incredible point for Connecticut, it's the house money. Marshall, a good Forbes find, came out of the tournament and our coverage airs with NBA Countdown on s Eastern on ESPN and rolls and fills it.
Well, he averages two free throw attempts per game, the second highest scorer in the country, four of Yukon's five starters commit two or three fouls. Paige is the only one without a career foul since KK Arnold fouled her third before Aaliyah Edwards is playing without her mask for the first time since she broke the top to the weak side. You have to be ready to catch and shoot. She is available tonight as a mule on the other end. They don't meet to change the call, so she stays with Yukon. Edwards is aggressive to the rim and plays right there and doesn't let Aaliyah Edwards intimidate her off the block.
Becker comes off the rebound, a nice backdoor cut and a foul, and that's Beckers' turn for the regular season in Pack 12. Good coaching jobs around the country this year, of course, Gino dealing with the media circus who has followed Iowa all year and man Caitlyn Clark and oh they missed they missed uh aah Edwards on that roll to the bucket she was wide open only 29% shooting tonight for Southern Cal Beckers Why don't I get some touches here? Forbes selflessly Open pass for three two-man play Edwards of Beckers bodies up and a foul go to


.com Purdue NC State Yukon Alabama, of course, both Wolf Pack minutes go here in this third quarter winner to face Iowa in the last four shadow jumps the pass Lane Paige Beckers picks it up and you can't b some new ones come here lately with a good steal count that 80 is terasi Maya Stewie in Yukon, how about Candace or shmika?
Stop looking, she's pushing her into the screen behind her back and blocked a problem, it could be tonight at eight, yeah, they need a little more upstart right now, they're struggling on the offensive end. Beckers makes his way to the lane backing up briefly into contact with Watkins but there is no whistle on the run the three in transition are a mule playing with those four fouls finds Brady in the corner for three his sixth of the season Padia finds the handle and hits him past the bell stage and she gets the steel protecting Watkins and goes the other way.
Juju, the good one, Edwards gets to the baseline, lets him in and wins. Aaliyah Edwards, who tonight passed the only protection against foul trouble, the lob to Watkins. She stays behind the zone, she says. Edwards off the rebound finishes it off for Brady made a good foul inside 2007 transition three that's a TR juju very fast she's going to take it herself gets to the left side to put it in I mean it's a Glide Watkins from the center Forbes to tie it Brady zooms out a bit, it's really going to be something to see. We asked him about it yesterday.
How much film do you want to get your players in the right place? He is in a lot of winter. He gets Iowa in the final four. Nice fake window from Edwards. He Marshall. all we have to play another day Becker is on the throw-in I can't tell you the number the top 20 blues are playing with four fouls after the ball Watkins moves up and down both ends Brady Telegraph that a Beckers picks up spins Difficult shot from the baseline makes the clock run down Beckers by three got it what USC has a foul to give Beckers steps away from the defender Not good played every second tonight count it 75% free throw shooter completes the three that solidified in your D Becker is out of bounds stops at the LAN for two passes, will look for three and hit it using the length of the court knowing that the press is coming instead of advancing the ball with it.
Watkins drops it for Marshall to miss the layup. Second chance up and and Leah Edwards will try to put the finishing touches on the Huskies' three early season losses that are in the Final Four.

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