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1 SOMBRA TIP vs EVERY HERO ft Fitzyhere (2021)

Jun 06, 2021
Hey, what's going on guys? My name is Car Kiw and we have Fitzy here coming to update the old Sombra Tip video three years later. Hi, I'm Fitzy. I'm a top 500 shadowy major and have about 1900 hours on her. Let's always start with general advice. Sombra is an opportunist and it's a good time. A lot of people in the previous Sombra council video said, "Oh, just hack them, but they missed the point." Many of these updated tips will still be about hacking, but it is important to pay attention to when targets should be hacked. Etsy will also rate each


as low, medium, or high priority for hacking.
1 sombra tip vs every hero ft fitzyhere 2021
They will be indicated with their respective colors in the graphic above so you can quickly refer to this video. If you need help figuring out who to focus on hacking mid-game and with that let's start against the Diva, you can use the translocator's invincibility frames to dodge her bomb, try to throw it past the Diva and hack her from behind while she remembers her mech. because since the March 2018 patch you need to have a direct line of sight to the target's hitbox during the hack animation, therefore, if you initiate a hack in front of the baby diva, the robot that is summoned will block its hitbox and interrupt the hack. hack.
1 sombra tip vs every hero ft fitzyhere 2021

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1 sombra tip vs every hero ft fitzyhere 2021...

Why do you need to get behind her? You can also just attack when the bomb explodes to avoid the headache entirely if you have it. Eve is a high priority hacking target against Erisa. She's not actually a hacking priority against most comps until it's time to attack. Because her shield will still stay up even if you hack her, unlike Reiner Sigma, she also has a ton of armor and can press Fortify reactively upon hearing your hack animation when you're anticipating her supercharger in an upcoming fight, wait for it. Orissa leaves the Shield before using emp, allowing you to clear both the shield and stop the supercharger.
1 sombra tip vs every hero ft fitzyhere 2021
Overall, Erisa is a low priority target against Reinhardt. There are a couple of ways you can time your hack. You can hack between fire attacks, but you already have to be out of stealth. also hack him mid-charge which can save a teammate and in a 1v1 scenario you can throw the translocator behind him and provoke him into turning around and then attempt the hack. Overall, Reinhardt is a very high priority target since hacking him reduces his shield against you. You can obviously hack him while he's healing or hack him at any time during his hook, as it cancels the animation, even if he's already attached to someone.
1 sombra tip vs every hero ft fitzyhere 2021
You can also count the shots and attack when he is about to reload if he attempts an attack. Hook and land, it won't be able to kill you and remember that you can always move when a hook flies in your direction to avoid it. Overall, Roadhog is a high priority hack target against sigma. Launch your translocator into the air to hack and call off the assault. as he tries to fly to hack sigma behind his shield, you can throw the translocator over his head and hack as he falls, this moment is much easier to achieve after sigma's nerfs, generally you can just pass the shield, wait for his primary shot and then hack between shots during downtime as you can no longer instantly re-shield.
Sigma is a high priority hacking target because it lowers his shield against Winston. Shoot the bubble or tell your team to shoot the bubble because what Winston is going to do is jump. he lowers his bubble and then has six seconds there, gets about half health and then leaves, if you notice that Winston is too aggressive it probably means he has primal and you can just empm solo before he has primal, he will usually wait until The shield is either dead or its HP is low enough to be primary and it won't really wait for that initial emp.
This will also force the player to use their keyboard with primary rage. Overall, Winston is a high-priority on-ball hacking target. You can play with your team and wait. If you just keep an eye on them, you can virtually eliminate the ball's impact from play against a good ball. You can bait by placing your translocator behind your team, shoot at the enemy backline and then when the ball is committed, translocate back and hack it. The idea is to make him think, hey, Hatter's not here, she's on my bottom line and then you hit him with the reverse card.
The ball in general is a very high priority target. Start your attack on Zarya, but don't end it, just release the attack. therefore, it does not last the two second cooldown, this will usually force it to create bubbles prematurely. There are some interesting interactions with the bubbles. If you attack someone with an active projected bubble it will still hack them but it will instantly break the bubble and give them zarya, the energy, this will protect them from losing the shield portion of their overall health, zarya is a hack target from medium priority against ash, your hack stops Bob and the best time would be while he is running towards a wall or when he is busy shooting one of your teammates or else he will shoot you and interrupt your hack, however if you have Anna , make him sleep first and then hack Bob before his sleep runs out to completely take him out of the fight without Ana, you can look for an emp, obviously still. try to hit the enemies, don't actually wield the bob alone and then hack the bob near the end of the emp duration.
You can also do this in reverse, hack then emp to spread out the time and maximize the time bob can't shoot ash. a medium priority target and Bob is a high priority target against Bastion, the best thing you can do is get behind his setup, hack him and it will knock him out of his turret form. It's all a matter of timing when your team takes on the high priority against Doomfist. It's similar to the ball, keep a translocator on your backline, shoot the enemy, translocate back and hack, alternatively you can just bait your team and raise your hands.
Doomfist is a high priority target. The echo will usually be deep after altering for value that you can easily obtain. hack whoever she duplicates or pushes the rest of her team as they try to advance, packing echo will make her fall similar to farah and mercy makes her a good target to spawn and kill if she's alone because she usually flies out of the translocation can spawn. Also purge sticky bombs if they manage to land on you too much. Overall, it echoes a medium priority. Genji will usually launch himself into the air before activating his sword, as he resets the cooldown of his dash.
Take this opportunity to hack it. You can also hack while he swerves. This is much more difficult nowadays as you can cancel at any time. Now, overall, Genji is a high-priority hacking target against Hanzo. He only wins 1v1. I'm kidding. You're going to lose


time Hanzo is just a target that doesn't Not choosing to hack doesn't change much in 1v1 other than removing the jump, but Storm Arrow makes this such an unfavorable matchup for Sombra. Sonic Arrow can find you in invis and a simple body shot forces you to warp


time i. I'm being honest here, really, it just keeps Hanzo from wasting time on him.
Reduce the value that summer brings to your team. Overall, low priority against Junkrat Sauber is great for dealing with his blown tire. You can follow him while he is invis and hack or kill him during. If you don't know where it is while Riptire is active, you can try to find it if possible. As a third option, you can bait it by shooting while throwing the tire and then just carry it. Overall, Junkrat is a medium hacking priority. the cree is a difficult matchup if you choose to come out of stealth and fight him, you will have to stay out of range of his flash if he makes a combat roll towards you, translocate if he fires any shots, you will have to translocate him as the next shot to the head can kill you if he uses noon you can shoot hack or empm general low priority hack target counter can remember translocation purges freeze with that in mind you need to keep your distance far enough to do a double translocation what Is it a double translocation?
You can ask start. By lowering the translocator to start the six-second cooldown, you can fight May and if she goes to freeze, translocate to purge the free sticks and you'll have a second translocator ready to purge another round of freezing or escape in general. a medium priority hacking target tries to use high ground versus farah so she has to hit directly remember hacking a pharah makes her fall so look for those opportunities or even look for emps to make them fall off the map overall rate is medium priority hack target against the reaper hack right after tp to force an early wraith if he is attacking Death Blossom just raise your hand before he comes out of the wraith reaper is a medium hack priority target against the soldier you can get the hack before your team engages and can still get his heal to park, overall he's not a great hack target because if your team can keep track, you might as well shoot him and save your hack for a higher value target.
The general low priority hack target against shadow becomes petty. Sick killer translocator, his gun makes noise, so just wait for him to start shooting and then kill him. She will be trapped in your back line with no escape. Assert your dominance. Check the health packs and T-Packer on each kill. Overall high priority against Symmetra. emp cancels the wall completely, usually what you can do is just hold on to emp and if symmetry hides just wait for her to use it, especially if they have a pike they will both hide and you can win the 6v4 on generally with a low level. priority hacking target against torb honestly just kill the turret it's very annoying trying to hack anything while the turret is active if you make it through without its overload you can go for the kill otherwise summer can't get through the entire armor in general. low priority hacking target, tracer matchmaking is all about timing to hack her or a nearby health pack during her recharge phase as it's the only time she can't interrupt you, plus you can save yourself with the translocator if a pulse bomb bombards you nearby. or if you're stuck on a general high priority hacking target against Widowmaker, you can be on the high ground where she's going to fight, oh my goodness, you can also set the translocator to where she'll want to fight to get closer to her.
Shoot it and force it to use gravel and then translocate and arrive before it lands. In general, the low priority hack target is damage over time and translocation can purge damage ticks. This means you can actually take three shots before you leave. Normally wait for her to use her swim first before attacking so you don't have to open with hacking single shot try to dodge a sleeve in general anna is a medium hack target against bap's immortality field now lasts five seconds after the most recent hack of the hitter also lasts five seconds turning him off completely, also look for emps when baff sets up his ant array he says he will take him out and tag most of the team as they tend to play near him overall baptist is a target low priority hack since she can get a switch pretty easy, but if your team is trying to pull off a grav combo, you can set up a hack early before the grab against Brigitta happens.
If you know she has recovery, you can trick her by coming out of stealth right in front. from her or launching a translocator and acting like it's her teleport, this can force an early rally and your team may retreat unfortunately, hacking doesn't cancel inspire or rally in general, brigitte is a low to medium hacking priority overall, not necessarily you have to emp against elusio who is holding on to the pace, just wait for emp, the threat itself will make the game 6v5 as it won't heal or speed up your team. Sometimes this isn't really an option depending on the enemy composition, so you have to do it. read the situation, if you can't find Lucio you can always force the pace and then have another follow up ultimate combo, like nano blade to clear, Lucio is a high priority hack target as it completely disables his healing and speed , as well as her wall route against Mercy, if your team chooses and it looks like you're going to lose a fight you can fade out and wait for Mercy to go for the rez at this point, it's a mix between going for the kill or hacking to cancel the beef hack is generally safer, but if there's someone else shooting you can kill them or if she's completely alone you can kill her quickly enough during the middle of a fight, if Mercy slows down and flies away you can continue. shoot her down from afar andprevent her from respawning against a medium hack target in general, but low if she's on Valk against Moira, 1v1 has a pretty low risk of you not dying and she can easily interrupt your hack and then self-heal by dueling with You better prioritize other targets unless you are using your carbon lessons, then you can go invisibly, position yourself and cancel it.
It is a low priority goal, but high when it has goal lessons. Finally we have Zenyatta, the only


Shadow is super excited about. playing against emp completely destroys him as it removes a 150hp shield, if he is killed you can run to his base and spawn him, kill him over and over again if you are going to try to kill him just kill him don't try to hack and shoot. The only time you want to try a trick is if you're trying to counter transcendence. What I like most is forcing transcendence by coming out of stealth right in front of him.
You can also cast your translocator and cancel it in general. priority hacking target, thanks as always for inviting me to the car. You can find me on fitzy here on youtube, twitch and any other social media.

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