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1 EINS | Mathe für Kinder | @numberblocksdeutschOffizieller

Feb 22, 2023
1 2 3 4 5 number dox 12345 number pads 1 and another is two and another is the three five four three two one two for something fun you can count on us this is new where am i who am one a bird hello bird one a tree hello tree a wonderful world and me an ant hello ant a bee hello bee a wonderful world and song if you are breastfeeding you feel like no one is telling you one never takes so long there is no reason to wait you can go ahead right now start come over you have already won 1 a bird one a tree an ant 1 a bee a wonderful world and a sun in the sky a boat in the sea a wonderful world and me a whale swims by a swell the chimpanzee a wonderful world and a child one a sun one a sea one a whale one a chimpanzee a wonderful world and one me if you start counting i'm the right crowd i'm the first you can count on me i'm one of millions i'm unique oh one a blanket 1 one an apple hello apple one a cloud oh a raindrop 1 an umbrella did you see that hello hello it could be lonely when I'm the only one and not much fun to be so lonely when me and number one win just getting started and with that in mind it could be the start of something maybe I can be part of something bigger a mountain to always be true to me a horse in this race make you smile a bat a ball a box a boat a door in the door a whole a goat a cap a cow a cake a cat a hole a jump a chicken but the beautiful view as far as the eye can see a wonderful world a wonderful world a wonderful and i'm home that was fun
1 eins mathe f r kinder numberblocksdeutschoffizieller

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