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#1 ¿Como despegaron estos artistas del Regional Mexicano?

May 02, 2020
Nowadays we know that the main way to excel in music is social networks that anyone can take their phone record themselves and upload it to youtube facebook or instagram and for that very reason that anyone can upload something makes the biggest competition tougher for Many of them stay on the road. I personally believe that luck does not exist, it is hard work and putting up with it. Now we are going to talk about some of the


Mexican artists who emerged entirely thanks to social networks and their dissemination in them. We begin with a José Manuel. lópez castro the look the death of camacho took everyone on the ranch by surprise they had been left without their leader without that great element at that moment the company was looking for a replacement jose manuel who before only sang second voice and played the bass had a few weeks left he had grabbed the requinto but it was thanks to this specific video where his life changed completely when he was for ariel camacho and he was at his highest point it was said that he sang like him there were good of course many bad comments said video went viral the company noticed him and had to make a very difficult decision to accept the bad comments and join a totally unknown group and throwing himself onto big stages you can appreciate the courage he had when choosing and making this decision and we continue now with aldo trujillo many believe that all careers and success on the internet happen overnight thanks to a viral video but from the other side of the coin is alto trujillo when i was learning to play the guitar when i started there were no tutorials what i did was go to youtube try to find a few covers of norteño band songs and try to copy what they did to be able to learn and there I came across aldo uploading covers playing the guitar I was just a kid who uploaded videos with poor audio quality poor video quality because in those times After the cameras, they didn't give much and there in those videos I saw how he played and you can even go, I learned a few things from him but something that I remember and keep in mind in those videos are the bad comments they received, I think it was more the bad comments than the good ones they received, I think that this was largely due to the theme of their songs, something Trujillo is a great example of being present and working for many many years and not losing hope despite the fact that people they trample on you and tell you that you are a failed boy let's go with our third on this list Luis Coronel surely you know him because he was one of the first to have his boom on the internet thanks to viral videos Luis Coronel, a native of Tucson, Arizona who was previously dedicated to sports specifically the box one normal day he uploaded a video singing to his girlfriend the song of my naughty girl a composition by horacio palencia that at that time had been great abada by the singer rey sánchez sometimes you are naive there yes it was overnight the video was made all over facebook i remember i was in high school i remember how many of the girls melted when they saw how he sang with love to his girlfriend that caught the attention of the people who were looking for talent and thanks to the video he began his career
1 como despegaron estos artistas del regional mexicano

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