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081 Things You Missed™ in Final Destination 5 (2011)

May 31, 2021
In my Things You Missed episodes about the Final Destination franchise, I pointed out some of the hidden signs of an impending disaster. In Final Destination 5, this caution sign can be seen in front of the bridge, and what looks like a simple peeling of plastic from wear and tear is actually a warning of the titanic collapse of the bridge that would follow. As usual, there would be connections to the disaster on which the franchise is based, the crash of Flight 180. The bus they travel on is Rolland Coach Lines. Rolland is a French name, "that's a fucking French name!" and the logo features a bird feather, a reference to flight, and the Flight 180 crash memorial.
081 things you missed in final destination 5 2011
The video playing inside the bus is from 180 Corporate Consulting, and the bus number is 1282, the sum of which digits add up to 13, the unfortunate number we've seen come up in all the Final Destination movies. The main character, Sam, also known as Nick 2.0, sees a vehicle labeled Tagert Logging Truck No. 2. Target is a reference to the Tagert Theater, the site of the accident in the fourth film, and No. 2 is a reference to Target


2. , which in particular suffered a huge accident with a logging truck like this. And the license plate of this Chevrolet matches Carter Horton's car that is destroyed in the first film.
081 things you missed in final destination 5 2011

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081 things you missed in final destination 5 2011...

Then, there's Nathan's line about his employee, Roy, which is another possible omen of death. “I want him here. Even if it kills me.” To learn all the secrets of FD5, including clues about the film's unexpected ending, stay until the end of this video. This video is sponsored by NordVPN. Oh my. The alarm sounds! Alert the media. Because CZ is actually ending a film franchise that started in Things You Missed. "I have to make sure YouTube records this." The fifth and


of the original triannual Final Destination films was directed by Steven Quale, whose last name sounds like a combination of quesadilla and something you'd put on your salad.
081 things you missed in final destination 5 2011
That's why I should never write these episodes while I'm hungry. Let's get into the




. The story begins outside the Presage Paper offices. The word omen is not a coincidence, it is defined as a sign or warning that something (usually something bad) will happen. It's probably no mistake that it's a paper company, because the boss of Presage Paper, a man called Dennis Lapman, is played by actor David Kochner, who many will recognize from his role at the time on the American television comedy The Office, where he plays Tod Packer, who is practically the same character as Dennis.
081 things you missed in final destination 5 2011
PACKAGING MAN: “Merry fucking Christmas!” MIGUEL: “No way! Oh, you're kidding. Packer! Yes!" He also appears to have brought an Executive of the Year mug, much like how Michael Scott has a World's Best Boss mug in the office. The license plates also tell us that we're back in New York, where they took place. Final Destinations 1 and 2. Sam and his girlfriend Molly are having some relationship problems. “Molly, your ticket is canceled. Tell me it's a mistake.” “I was going to tell you after this weekend. It's not working.” "Sam." "Well, that was a waste of a travel ticket." If you've seen my previous episodes of other movies, you already know the drill.
These films always refer to luck, chance and destiny, because getting caught in a disaster is considered bad luck and many of the victims are superstitious. Candice has a pair of lucky rubber bands. "Oh, it's something I do to relax. And to get lucky." ...and she shoots herself right before her accident. The news station reporting on the bridge collapse is on channel 13, the unlucky number. The survivors are known as the Lucky 8... "And although they have been dubbed the Lucky 8," however, eight is not usually considered a lucky number, as Bradley Donovan can probably attest. Isaac steals a gift certificate to Ming Yun Spa.
Ming Yun is the concept of personal life and destiny in Chinese folk tradition, and before its treatment. , rubs the belly of the Buddha statue, which is also considered an omen of good luck. Ironically, it is that same statue that ends up being his end. Olivia also stains her own fortune shortly before her death by knocking down a painting. She marked at her desk. More on this later. The bus reaches the North Bay Bridge and we can see that it is a long way to the surface. "Animated, computer-generated water." Final Destination 5 also brings back the concept of a recurring Death Omen song, Dust in the Wind by Kansas.
This may be a reference to Death's tendency to materialize in the form of gusts of wind. We have seen the winds of Death in connection with many of the accidents, but perhaps none more so than the bridge collapse, which was said to be the result of high winds and structural damage caused by the construction. “They attribute it to high winds and structural damage from road construction.” “High winds?” In the scene where the bridge gives way, there are many undetected clues as to how each survivor would meet their fate, for example, Isaac dies while standing. lying face down in the premonition, and would be in the same position at the massage location when Death overtakes him.
Olivia's fate is essentially sealed once she loses her glasses in the vision, a clue to her true final moments that transpire. in a procedure to correct her vision. The premonition shows her surviving the bridge fall, but ultimately being When a car falls on top of her. Her actual downfall is the opposite, after her eye is mutilated by the laser, she does She tries her best as Aunt Maggie and falls several stories onto a car. Several characters have to traverse a steel platform beam to reach safety, a foreshadowing of the balance beam accident that eventually caused Candice to tip over. backward.
In the vision, Candice falls to her death, which she technically also does at the gym. Peter is impaled on stakes, just as he is when Sam skewers him to the letter and Sam is cut in half, much like what happens to Molly when she dissects the wing of the plane. Nathan's death is not really foreshadowed in the vision, but there would be a very interesting secret hidden in one of her time cards. The holiday season has arrived and you know what that means. Well, if you're like me, it means horror movies! Like all the other months of the year.
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Of course, that's just one benefit of NordVPN. The main point is to encrypt your web traffic so that no one except you knows about the data you send or access online. Now, as a CZsWorld viewer, you will get a special holiday offer, where you will get a two-year plan with four additional months free. Simply go to and use coupon code CZsWorld at checkout. News reports that Presage Paper has 8 survivors, but the other 17 employees died in the collapse. There must have been people stowed underneath, because I don't remember seeing 23 people on that bus.
Surprisingly, this film doesn't really follow the tradition of the names of the deceased being the names of the film's crew members. Only two of the surnames match a name in the credits, and Johnson is one of the most common American names. There are two tombs in the background, which are the tombs of previous Final Destination characters. Carpenter could be Nora and Tim Carpenter's tombstone from Final Destination 2 and Clarke was one of the police officers from Final Destination 3... although these can't be their tombstones because those characters haven't died yet. While the crew references the Easter egg tradition may have been abandoned, the tradition of something wildly inappropriate happening at every funeral grows stronger.
DENNIS: “Or Isaac Palmer.” ISAAC: “Did he just say my name? That's not funny." OLIVIA: "I know, I'm sorry. I get weird about tragedies. I'm sorry." NATHAN: “I see dead people.” This is, of course, a reference to the iconic line from The Sixth Sense: “I see dead people.” If you like references to great '90s movies, this is the one. entry for you, because later you'll see another one around the office in the form of these cubicle sticky notes detailing “Always Be Closing,” Glengarry Glen Ross' iconic sales mantra. "A - B - C.... A - Always. B - Be.
C - Closing. It will always be closing, it will ALWAYS be closing!" Of course, the final chapter of the original Final Destination pentalogy would contain its fair share of references to the other films. When Sam visits Molly, she is boiling water, which was part of Valerie Lewton's death in the first; at gymnastics. In the scene, a potentially electrically charged puddle creeps toward Candice's foot like the puddle in Tod Waggner's bathroom; Sam's cubicle has a toy motorcycle, similar to Eugene's motorcycle in FD2, and the tagline "Born to Ride" references the beginning of each film, all of which feature disasters.
During a trip of some kind and Isaac flirts with a girl on the phone named Kimber, "Tell me which is the Kimber from last Tuesday." This could have been Kimberly Corman from Final Destination 2. Also, this has nothing to do with the story at all, but did anyone notice when Sam leaves work, there is a truck just completely ruining the parking job? I mean, that person is almost completely on the sidewalk, what the hell? Speaking of hells, there are usually a lot of references to hell or the devil in relation to deaths. I think there's only one new one in this movie.
It comes when Roy, the rebellious guy at the factory, fails to heed Mr. Krabs' warning... “They're back! They're back I tell you! The hooks! The hooks! ...And Bobby Dagen pierces his skull. The end of “the hook!” It pierces the top of his skull like a devil's horn. After seeing this, Peter becomes very… shall we say… curious about the circumstances of the accident. PETER: “Did you or didn't you?” SAM: “Hey Peter, calm down…” PETER: Did you or not? Did you do it or not? Did you do it or not? NATAN: “Yes. I think I did." I never understood why he would say that.
Anyway, the first tragedy after escaping the bridge is Candice's gymnastics mishap. She talks to her boyfriend before continuing and leaves Section 108 on the bleachers, an anagram of the cursed flight number: 180. I mentioned earlier that the wind is a symbol that Death is among the characters, and we've seen it in many forms in the series, starting with the fan in Alex Browning's bedroom. In the gymnastics scene, we see that they bring a fan because the air conditioning is broken and it contributes to getting Candice out. Another bad sign that can be found in the scene is an AC plug, which looks like some kind of skull.
The ambulance that presented is U1575. U is the 21st letter of the alphabet, so if you add it to the other digits, 1+5+7+5, you get 39, which matches the number of students at Mt. Abraham High School who died on Flight 180. The next day at the office, not The Office, some of the remaining Presage employees return to work. In each film, I mentioned how the character names correspond to filmmakers who had an impact on the horror genre. It is here where we discover some more. Olivia Castle is named after the great William Castle, Peter Friedkin after the great William Friedkin, and Candice Hooper after the great Tobe Hooper.
Olivia's ophthalmologist is called Dr. Leonetti. This may be a reference to John Leonetti, a notable horror film cinematographer, rather than a director who would direct five horror films in a row after this. Isaac Palmer is named after Betsy Palmer, better known as Pamela Voorhees. Isaac does some snooping around the office and steals a gift certificate from his deceased coworker. The expiration date is 06/30/01. If we multiply 6x30x1 we get the number that comes up again and again: one hundred and seventy-nine. I'm kidding. It's 180. The certificate number also ends in 810, which is an anagram of 180. Isaac hurts his finger retrieving it, just like Sam did on the bus and on the plane, meaning this would be a sign that Isaac's hours are numbered.
Nathan brings out a case of adult beverages. If you've seen my other Final Destination videos, you already know what's coming. It's a 6-pack I made Pale Ale, the fizzy but fatal soda that portended disasters in the last 3 Final Destination movies. But the office would contain another important callback to the Final Destination. FD5 lacks the volume of Easter eggs ofreference of the equipment that the other films have, but I saw one more in the Presage office. In Olivia's workspace is a memo to the board from Adrian Hrydak. He is the graphic designer for Final Destination 5. I already mentioned Olivia's broken frame, but what I didn't mention is the photo itself.
It's a photo of the Devil's Flight ride, the roller coaster that would crash 5 years later during the events of Final Destination 3. They claim it's the scariest roller coaster in the world. The movie is set in the year 2000, about 2 weeks before the release of Millenium Force, but I'd probably still have to give it to Oblivion at that point. The next death is Isaac's at the massage place. “Mmm yum dim sum!” And the only other thing I'll say about this is that the no cell phones sign seen in the lobby can count as an actual warning from Death, considering his phone is actually what causes the fire.
Then there's Olivia, at the Eastfield Laser Eye Center, and her signal comes from her when she squeezes the teddy bear for comfort and her eyes pop out. The same thing happens to her shortly after. Of all the scenes in the franchise, I think this is the fatality that affected me the most. Sam remembers the vision of him to try to remember the order in which they were supposed to die, which we see, probably my favorite part. “AHHHHHHH!” Because they did that? Don't they know that slowing


down makes them fun? “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” The next death is assumed to be Nathan, who is still having trouble with an employee named Roy.
Snoop around a little, using security camera 32, the opposite of 23, like on Route 23. Also, I have to say, for a security camera, that definition is fucking incredible. Check it out. On most security cameras you can barely see Faze Bank's bald head, but on this one you can zoom right in on the hairs on Roy's chin. I have to get a camera like that. The DX8100. It's probably another anagram of flight number 180. With an extra 0 added. The ending involves Peter walking into the restaurant Sam works at to take Molly's life so he can theoretically add her years to his own.
Don't get me wrong, I love this scene. It's very satisfying to have a real antagonist in these movies after almost five movies. I just think the way it all happens is kind of hilarious. He just invites himself in, pours himself a huge glass of wine, and then goes all Badlands Chugs. And then Peter chases them into the kitchen and… what? Why do you turn on all the fryers? Is he thinking about frying Molly? This will be the best kill ever. THAT! Do! He! Do! He! As you may know, two-thirds of all deaths at final


s are related to water or liquids.
I think this comment on my FD4 episode says it best. “Water is the source of life on this planet. Without liquid water we would not be here. It is appropriate that a liquid initiates all death.” The movie began when the North Bay Bridge collapsed into the water. Candice's last college internship would become the last internship of her life thanks in part to the dripping water from the air conditioning. Isaac didn't exactly get the happy ending massage from him, because the bottle of disinfectant alcohol falls, initiating a typical Final Destination flammable liquid incident. Olivia's fun and games end when her water, or rather, her Woda, spills down the drain, causing the laser surgery machine to malfunction.
Sam and Molly's plane crashes into the Atlantic Ocean and Nathan meets his fate in a bar. Of course, every time I talk about Final Destination 5, people tell me how they were blown away by that twist ending. Pun slightly intended. Five was actually my first Final Destination movie, because my friends told me that you don't have to watch them in order. LIARS. So I had no idea what was going on when they boarded flight 180 at the end, and I was a little upset when I found out that everything was ruined for me just so I could watch that movie that night.
But upon rewatching, I noticed at least 9 different signs, some of which may be quite obvious, that Final Destination 5 was actually a prequel, not a sequel. I'll start with the opening credits. They contain a montage of the other disasters we've seen in the franchise, and when Flight 180 explodes, it emits this metal beam in the shape of a V. V is the Roman numeral for five. Final Destination 5 would contain Flight 180. The title of the last film must be taken into account. It would be a little strange to make a movie called The Final Destination, only to follow it up with a sequel a few years later.
However, making FD5 a prequel allows The Final Destination to remain The Final Destination chronologically. Sam is an aspiring chef, and the next clue comes when he reveals that his restaurant wants to send him on an apprenticeship in Paris. "They want to send me to the flashship restaurant in Paris for who knows how long?" Flight 180 was a trip to Paris, France. The restaurant he works at is Le Café Miro 81. This is the exact same name as the restaurant whose evicted sign took out Carter Horton at the end of the first Final Destination. If he had ever gotten that job, he would have been working at that same restaurant.
Then there's the return of William Bludworth. I went into more detail about this in my Bludworth Horror Story episode, but he basically stops appearing after Final Destination 2, so his presence may suggest that we're actually in the past. More evidence that we are at the dawn of a new millennium can be found in the Westdale College gymnasium, where banners from recent championships from 1994 and 1998 hang, but nothing beyond the year 2000. Then, in the office, there are a couple of clues. The first is rather a bad omen. A miniature model of the Volée plane can be seen on the cubicle walls, and when Isaac steals Robert's spa certificate, the expiration date can be clearly seen: it's 2001, and when he tries to use it, it works, implying that 2001 has not arrived yet.
Later, in Nathan's office, we see the actual date as he collects time cards for the week ending April 30, 2000. This is only 2 weeks before the date of the crash of Volée Flight 180, which took place on May 13, 2000 in the sequel universe. As I mentioned before, there are two continuities. In the original, the accident takes place in 1999, in all the sequels, it takes place in 2000. “I've thought about that a lot somewhere, Alex. “That place exists.” Then the day of the flight arrives, and Sam and Molly take their seats in row 23, there's that FD2 number again. I went back to the first movie to see if the people sitting in those seats looked anything like Sam and Molly.
They do not do it. There's a brown-haired man in Molly's seat and a brunette woman in Sam's. Which begs the question: why didn't they choose characters who look like these, instead of choosing someone who looks exactly like Nick from the last movie? None of the other passengers look like the passengers on the original Flight 180, for example, this is where Billy Hitchcock should be. There are actually a lot of inconsistencies, like the plane is now 1 row shorter than in the first movie. Or how the gate number on Sam's travel ticket is H6, but we clearly see it's Gate 46 in the first movie.
He is sitting at 23J. According to the way the seats were assigned in the original, he should actually be 23B. These could be seen as mistakes, and they can be, but these small changes can be explained with the idea that the sequel universe changes small details from the original. The final signs for Sam come too late. He once again hears the opening Death Omen song, Dust in the Wind, and Molly's magazine has an ad for the Eastfield Laser Eye Center where Olivia died. You'd think the ensuing negligence lawsuit might have gotten them shut down. The final scene shows the last survivor, Nathan, attending Roy's funeral.
Dust in the Wind can be heard in the background... 🎵 Nothing lasts forever except the earth and the sky 🎵 ...and in one of the photos in the shrine, we see that Roy is a fan of the number 6 racing car, the car that causes the big accident on the track in Final Destination 4. There's another reference to FD4, when this guy tells Nathan that Roy didn't have long to live anyway. "Life sucks". We saw this same phrase on the back of someone's shirt at the racetrack. Finally, before the franchise was put to rest for the next decade, they just had to include one last Hice Pale Ale logo.
There's been talk about Final Destination 6 and I'm going to make a video breaking down the possibilities for that new sequel. So, make sure you're subscribed to CZsWorld to receive new horrors every week, ring the death bell to get notifications and I'll see you next time. Assuming we both survive. If you want to beat Death, wear a mask and social distance.

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