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07 How to create objects PART 1

Jan 14, 2022
hang. insert now the details rolling for the hundred so let's go for the detail this is ok let's move the joint somewhere first yeah where's my hammer oh my god this is too far from the huh it move down ok i'll turn off the elevation first i can work on this detail a little bit closer to my room so these are the hang rails and if this is 1.45 yeah this is the right one we'll


this and then just we'll connect how many whales together and then the mannequins coffee table Oh perfect so let's start with the hanging whales and make this piece of furniture so if you have the same project later you can save it to an object and make it a favorite to be able to use it on the other file, and yes, so let's say for a while
07 how to create objects part 1

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