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Apr 15, 2024
Shin-Osaka Station About 5 minutes by taxi from Shin-Osaka Station Sushi and Ishikawa dishes Japanese sake menu When drinking sake, you can choose your favorite eightku. Haniya, sake goes well with figs. The first dish is figs covered in white sauce. Enjoy it with the above dressing. If you like Toyama sake, try the "Katsukuma" (what do you think?). The sashimi plate consists of scallops on the right and seared mackerel on the left. Toyama "Kachikuma" sake liquor that is almost unavailable in Osaka Sanma Sushi Stick I harden the purple-red sauce that accompanies the sashimi into gelatin with sweet vinegar. Enjoy it to cleanse your palate.
I'll give it to you when I run out of the white tilefish marinated with seaweed. White tilefish chawanmushi with seaweed is made with eggs from local chickens in Oita Prefecture. Tuna sauce It has a medium fat content. I love bluefin tuna shabu. As meat Squid It is black throat Nodoguru Hag Meadow onion It is sweet shrimp Sweet shrimp Abalone A small bowl of sea urchin Salt and rice flour are melted and dried to form flakes. Torotaku Egg It's red

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