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Сестрички играют в куклы Беби Бон — Как ухаживать за Беби Бон? Весёлые игры для девочек

Apr 04, 2024
Katya, go on, I'm going, I'm going, you're thirsty, but be refreshed, here you are, let's take the children to the slide, come on Katya, come on, it's fun, I'll go for a ride on the swing, yes Zoya, don't you want to give a walk, where are you Leo, where are you in the bird sandbox, here you go, where are you? I also have some toys for Leo Leo look Katya you are too small Here you go, I have a car for you, you see, he likes, of course, cutlets, scrambled eggs, pizza he doesn't want, maybe some kind of bad pizza.
Katya, children love fruit. I can't keep track of them. Don't worry girl, Katya, I'll tell you all night, the children are crying because they want to sleep, which means it's time for us to go home. And I'll help you pick up the toys. It looks like you haven't forgotten anything. Where is Leo? Oh, I'll be right back, what do the kids eat? Sausages, scrambled eggs, fruit, I'll cook whatever I like, the sausages are ready. Enjoy. Well, now I'll have to do it for your sake with the dishwashing detergent, which is worse Katya, hello, of course. Children love porridge and milk.

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Bon appetit now, respect or sleep. And I'll wash the pillows, the dishwashing detergent is ready Emily. you fell asleep oh, you washed the pillowcase, and you will have to caress it and which one turns on like this, ready Katya Emily is crying goodbye see you in the next video

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