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[안전교육] 아무거나 먹지 않기

Jul 17, 2023
Kitchen Safety Education Program I don't eat anything Hello, I eat and I say drink. I want to poop. Can I spend a moment? Okay, is there anything to eat after pooping? Smells good. No, I don't eat soap. Look at this. I don't want to try it. The color is pretty and it smells like strawberries. I do not like it either. Like mom, I also want to wear pretty makeup. So let's go. , I'll do your makeup. It's nice. No, you can't eat that. Okay, wow, this is like candy. You shouldn't eat that either. I know, I'm just putting it to you.
Oh, it's like candy. Oh, and mom, the rabbit is fine. I went to the hospital. I held it upside down and shook it, and a bead came out. The pork is fine. He said that he had stomach pain in a He had an empty stomach, he was vomiting, he had diarrhea and he even had a fever, so they gave him an injection at the hospital. We don't eat that kind of stuff, but that's what it is. We all know it, I really know it. Where should I consult? ? Find something that can't be eaten. Look, wow, you're really good.

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Let's go to the kitchen and eat something delicious. Okay, wow, it's juice. It has a strange taste. Is it oil? Is it soy sauce? Is this candy? It is a medicine that removes the stocking and reduces humidity. I'm hungry. I do not know what to eat. I should eat what my mom or my teacher gives me. Friends too. Let's make a promise together. You can't look for anything and eat it. No. It's okay to ask an adult and eat it. Yes. It's okay to eat something that an adult gives you. Alright. You can't eat something that someone you don't know "No, I promise.
Kids, it's snack time. Wash your hands. Wow, it's fragrant, the color is pretty. I tried it because it was cute and round, so I called my mom. I went to the hospital. I feel like I'm going to throw up. Why does this hurt? Cruz had diarrhea. I can't eat anything. I like what my mom gave me. I like what the teacher gave me. I like it. Ask and eat. Yum, yum. Check it out and eat. I promise.

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