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Jul 13, 2023
Captain Jazaa. I called his office and told him that I am Captain Tariq Altaib and that we are now kidnapped. He said I will bring Captain Jazaa. So I spoke to Captain Jazaa and Saad Alshehri, the security director at the time. They did a workshop in an emergency room about this incident. He said they will follow me to inform us about the situation and I told him whatever you want. I kept them informed and during these events, the hijacker exited the cabin, went to the back and left the cabin door open. I took off the stripes, put them in my pocket and entered the cabin.
One of the reasons that made me remove the stripes was that the hijacker can ask you to pilot the plane, even if you are not qualified, so he didn't want to put me in an embarrassing situation. I took off my stripes, entered the cockpit and greeted the captain, it was Captain Toko, with him the co-pilot Khalid Alsultan, who is now captain of the 777. I asked them what was happening and they told me that there is a hijacker carrying a bag of weapons and wants us to go to Syria. At that time we were flying over Cairo and heading towards the Mediterranean Sea, as we were supposed to go to London.

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He told them to take the plane to Syria and that they are a group that wants to go to Syria. - A group on the plane? - Inside the plane. When this event happened, he came to the cabin and the stewardess was afraid that he would see me inside. Then she told him that Captain Tariq Altaib is inside her. She exposed us! That I am captain. - Put your stripes back. No, I didn't put the stripes back. I didn't want him to think about letting me fly the plane instead of the captain. I talked to him and asked him why he is doing this and that he is young.
He told me that the roads are broken, we suffer from dengue, they have to fire the Minister of Health and we are in a precarious situation. Of course, it was all nonsense. Meanwhile, they began to gradually land in Syria. Why did you want to go to Syria? He wasn't going to Syria, it was just to distract himself. When we were about to land in Syria, at the Damascus airport, he ordered us to go to Iraq. I once heard about Iraq, at that time there was war and the United States entered Iraq and there was air interdiction in the north and south of Iraq.
And I wanted to go through the area where planes are allowed to enter. It went to Egypt, towards the Mediterranean Sea, then to Lebanon, then to Syria and then to the airspace through which it can enter Iraq. He was knowledgeable. -Yes, he was him. He told me that it took them about a year to plan this kidnapping. So it was a well-planned kidnapping. He smoked a lot and smoked all the time, which means he was very nervous. His companion was in the back... We thought they were a group and we suspected that a first class passenger was his companion.
He was a young man, but then we found out from the news that he was a VIP and he has nothing to do with them. - So you had only one partner? -Yes, we discovered that later, we think they are a group, because he said they are a group. I told him that instead of going to Iraq, why don't we go to Larnaca, Turkey, Jordan or even Syria? He said we're going to Iraq. We were going to enter Iraqi airspace. Wait a minute, you landed in Syria and came back up? No, we didn't land in Syria, we were landing gradually and he said to get back up and go to Iraq.
We contacted the Iraqi control tower and they told us they would let us land at a military airport. The plane was very large, its capacity was about 400 passengers, and the military airport is small and has the necessary equipment. They have no ladders for Boeing 777s, no fuel or power tools for civil aircraft. Captain Toko refused to land at a military airport with a short runway. Also, we didn't have the area and airport maps showing how to land etc. - Was the small map for landing not available with you? - Yes, it was not available and we cannot land on a short runway with a large plane.
Even if you could land, since landing does not require a long space, you would not be able to take off. They finally convinced us to let us land at Saddam International Airport, and I started helping them look... - We had a library containing all the Gibson books that the airports contain. At that time we did not have technology like today. - Now it's an iPad Yes, an iPad that has everything, gives you the itinerary and everything. At that time we have to look up the approach in the book and get the airport map. We landed at the Baghdad airport, in an area far from the runway, and negotiations began.
Once the hijacker got off the plane, he took out a walkie talkie to communicate with his companion in the back, asking her "Can you hear me?", etc. He requested to meet with one of the senior officials at the Baghdad airport, and he wanted to negotiate with them face to face, since he did not want us to hear them through the device. He went to negotiate with them and returned after 30 minutes. Meanwhile, I walked on the plane to assess the situation. What was the situation and condition of the passengers? The passengers were much calmer than in the first kidnapping and were not terrified.
The flight was just beginning and they were surprised that we were in Iraq. The flight to London lasts 6 hours and we did not complete the 6 hours. Hence some were sleeping, etc. And they'll only care if they get off the plane and see the place. Everything was going well. I went to check the situation after it came out, because they are trained and have big weapons and it was not one person. What type of weapons were they? A machine gun, for example? If I had a bag. - It was a kalashnikov - A kalashnikova! The previous one was a small pistol that I hid in his shoe, but this one is a Kalashnikova!
We will get to this topic later. He returned to the plane and his companion. At that moment we knew... When he returned I followed him and he told me that the kidnapping is over and that we are now free to leave. They got off the plane through the back door and we were confused and didn't know what was happening. A military officer, a major general, came in and said we had to leave the plane and go to the hotel, because the plane had to be inspected for explosives. Because there is a possibility that they have left weapons, time bombs, pressure bombs that explode with pressure or remote controlled bombs.
We have to inspect it for explosives, and you are welcome here and stay at the hotel. We left the plane and headed to the hotel. The press was better than last time. Of course we can't talk to them because they didn't allow us to talk to the media. I only give you the main points, because I received support from the government. We went to the hotel and they saw me in the uniform and they thought I was the captain and that Togo was small and didn't speak Arabic. And they thought I'm the hero. I was connected the entire time with Air Operations in Jeddah, and they even gave me a direct line.
Prince Sultan tasked his deputy, Prince Fahad Alabdullah, with monitoring the situation, because Prince Sultan was on a business trip to East Asia at the time. Did you inform the airlines and did the airlines immediately inform the Ministry of the Interior? No, the Minister of Defense, Prince Sultan. He was keeping track, but he was on a trip out of the Kingdom. - Was the Vice Minister of Defense on the phone? - Yes of course. The one who was directly on the line with me was Prince Fahad Alabdullah, Deputy Minister of Defense for Aviation Affairs. He was directly with me on the line.
I was in line with the Security Manager, Captain Saad Alshehri, and the General Manager of Aviation Affairs or VP, who is higher than a general manager, Captain Jazaa. - We returned to Saudi Arabia - Wait a minute, what happened to the kidnappers? - They left - They came and said: Are we done? - Yes, and they left. - And they went to Iraq? - Yes, they went there and the kidnapping ended and they let us continue. - It was a bit of a soft kidnapping - Yes, it was much better than the other one. - Although there were machine guns. - Yes, it is considered a non-violent kidnapping. - The first one was a little worse.
Sorry, you have two kidnappings, we have to compare them. - Is there any captain in history who has been kidnapped twice? - No, I don't remember anyone. - I think nobody. Among millions of people, a captain or navigator is kidnapped once, but I was kidnapped twice in 16 years. - Until now. - No, that's enough, and by the way, they have threatened to arrest me if they kidnap me again. - Do you worry now when you get on a plane? - No, I flew about 40 years and 25,000 hours, which is equivalent to 2.5 years of my life. That's not counting the hotels, and if we do, it would be a quarter of my life.
I've worked for so long in the airlines. They have even asked me twice to return to the service, but I have a different direction and this was a stage in my life and I will begin a different stage. Life is not long, and as they say "Enjoy life." What was your social life like as a flight captain? It is beautiful and we cannot say otherwise. If you ask someone what you want to be, they will usually tell you a pilot. Everyone wants to be a pilot, but not everyone can be one. But now the supply is less than the demand.
There are qualified people, even with degrees. So the supply is less than the demand, unlike our time, where there was a shortage. They even send us to train. That's why the profits were very high and they were doing it to attract Saudi pilots. Not only Saudia Airlines has great benefits, but all over the world, because our lives are in danger. You might be in Jeddah at 2am. m., you wake up at 5 a.m. m. and send you to Delhi. Our biological time has been broken. And social life is impotent, we have no social life. If we have a wedding it would be in Manella or a meeting and it would be in Washington, and at my niece's wedding it would be in Johannesburg, so there are pros and cons.
For about 40 years I have lived a specific life and now I want to live a different life. When you stayed home during coronavirus, did that affect your decision to retire? I was going to continue... Normally we fold at 58 Gregorian, and then you can sign a contract to fold at 60-65 Gregorian. I was planning to retire at 65, but after Corona and I was able to see my children and play with them. They let us out and sometimes you get a warning for hanging around your house. I realized that I lost my social life and my children grew up while I was away, I was up in the air all the time.
Honestly, I have benefited from Saudia Airlines, I recovered from the beginning and I have other income besides retirement income, which is considered full income, because I turned 39 years old. I have extra income, like real estate. And I started a new life now. Now I can wake up in the morning and do my errands, in the afternoon I can go to the beach to swim, then I change my clothes and go to the gym, and after sunset I have dinner with my family, I don't go out much; I like to stay home and watch some movies and sleep.
If I am upset I can go to Mecca and do Umrah. I can also go to Medina and visit the Prophet and my father for a few days. I can travel to the United States if I want and also to London. I can spend the last ten days of Ramadan in Mecca and do Hajj if we can; I did it last year. I used to do the Hajj as a backpacker. I have a bag and one of my children, and in the bag there is a tent, an umbrella and a mat, and I can put it anywhere, but now it is different.
I started a new life and many events happened to me. I want to mention that I have written a book that includes my autobiography, the two kidnappings and other events that happened to me. Other important things. After I retired, I decided to make a film about this topic. I went to Egypt and met specialists in the field to write a movie script. The story is full of many things, it has action, drama, comedy, patriotism and love for home, support and recognition of the government towards us. so there are many things that I have mentioned in this book.
Where can we find the book? It is now available on Takween, and since it has only been two months since its release, it is assumed that it will soon be available on Jarir and Virgin. By the time the interview is on YouTube, it will be available inshallah. It is now available online at Jarir, which is a benefit for those who don't want to get a paper book. Then you have the option to buy it online for a simple price, they will have it available for a month and then they will lock it. And for the movie, if anyone is interested, I'll link them to the captain.
I have received proposals honestly. - Why are you going to Egypt? Do it here. -Egypt was an idea that ended. After going to Egypt I was advised to write an official book and protect its rights so that no one could make a film with it. I have the rights and a certificate from King Fahad. Therefore, everything is documented. - Therefore, the book I wrote is beautiful. - It's entertaining and smooth with pictures and - There are some people who read it in 1-1.5 hours. I read something that made me laugh. I'll read it as is so as not to ruin it.
He talks about the second kidnapping. "The flight attendant told me that we were kidnapped, and that the kidnapper broke into the cabin carrying a bag, and she was terrified by this act, because a bag that a kidnapper carries would not normally be full of flowers." I really liked it, because I thought that if it's a bag it might be full of flowers, so you made sure they weren't flowers. The book is very nice, I enjoyed it and alsoI enjoyed my time with you. I don't know if I wish they would kidnap you a third time so I could see you again.
No, please don't wish that. I also enjoyed my time with you and would like to thank Thamanyah channel. Murabaa is a program in Thamanyah. Honestly, I am honored and happy to see young people like you... I attended several Saudi films, it is very good. Its level has increased considerably, it competes with many countries and now competes even with the Americans. So thank you... You have pleased us and I wish you a happy retirement life in good health. You exercise every day, a great example of retirement. Thanks and see you later. Thanks to you, thanks to you and the Murabaa team.
Those of us who worked on the show's creators Abdelkarim Aledwani and newcomer Afnan Alaslani are excited for her. Cameraman Naif Shar, Editor Ryan Bakel and Ahmed Abdelahad, Recording and Audio Engineer Yousef Ibrahim, Production Ayman Khalid and Razan Dhaithm. See you next week, stay well!

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