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Маленькая девочка предсказывает все крупные катастрофы будущего

Jul 10, 2023
prediction so he goes to school he finds the same door takes her home and starts looking for the numbers where she is impatient and wants to go to the shelter before the disaster so she steals the children and goes to the caves while John finally finds the numbers at the door and assumes that these are the coordinates of the place where they can survive the disaster, but he finds no one in the house, he follows them, Diana stops at a gas station on the news, the government announces that trouble is coming. and she asks everyone to take shelter, preferably underground, where she calls John to tell him where John tells her that she discovered a safe haven.
This is Lucinda's old house but Diana is afraid and she refuses to go there while they talk on the phone. phone with a stranger at the company, her car with children inside, she also steals cars, tries to follow them but crashes into a semi-trailer, breaks her neck, then dies in front of John, exactly how to help her predicted by her mother John goes to the abandoned house from Lucinda and finally sees one of the strange men and threatens to shoot him. Qalib stops him and tells his father that the strangers have been protecting them all this time and that they must go with them to save themselves. , it turns out that it is the stranger who sent a message about great disasters trying to save humanity from destruction, then John sees a huge ark in the sky, it's time to leave, but only the children, only the chosen ones must leave, Kolya He cries and he and his father say goodbye, strange strangers turn into shiny matter and the tailbone goes into the sky, many other arks are seen leaving from different points of the earth.

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In the morning John goes to his family's house, His sister greets him. with hugs and tells him that there is safety, he enters the house and hugs his father and everyone else, a solar flare begins to destroy everything and the fire engulfs the winter, at the end of the movie, the ark leaves the children in different places on the new planet and leaves Kolya. The babies run across the field towards a huge tree, now there is little explanation; The creatures that took the children turn out to be a more developed alien race and they chose several human animals to save them. of the inevitable death of the planet;
That's why they only took children; They are too small to take care of themselves; we can assume that they are children with different types of knowledge and skills and abilities, they took the children because they wanted to start all over again, the adults would simply try to recreate what they had on earth and in the end they destroyed more planets, that's all, subscribe to the channel so as not to miss other reviews, thanks for watching and goodbye everyone.

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