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Jun 06, 2021
hey just wait a second you should listen to what I'm going to say now there must have been a lot of bad things in your life you must have done so many stupid things in your life all those times people must have been waiting to laugh at you that's human nature , but as humans we should not laugh at other people's misfortune, that is what we are going to do in our program. Remember when we were kids at the CD store when we asked the store owner if this is the original CD when he says? yes we bought it thinking it is original can you remember in this video if I laugh at some stupid thing done by someone before calling me a bastard who laughs at people I will tell you a stupid thing I did recently on any day don't go to the bathroom with your airpods plugged in your ear when I listen to songs now while one of my ears listens to that song all the bacteria in the toilet listen to the same song now you have joined now people who envy lovers favorite radio channel PIE FM!! yes, you have joined today on the frequency 69.0 PIE FM and I am Kapila Undukapuchcha, let's see our first video.
pie fm
We are going to make a different type of video with someone who looks exactly like Chamara Weerasinghe (Sri Lankan singer) to see that people will think it is Chamara Weerasinghe. Hello kids, come here, this is a double of chamara weerasinghe, have you seen this person before, no you haven't? come here none of you have seen this person before, right? Chamara brother, come here and sing for us. I can sing better than this guy, so this is not chamara weerasinghe. Today's episode of Pie FM started off with a bang. I think our intention is not to laugh at people's misfortune, that is our message to you in this video.
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People make mistakes you shouldn't. laughing at people for more than 3 years I have been living next door to this place I heard the talent of these children before the rain yesterday I saw children having fun dicks joy DJ don't laugh at the people who called us addicts eat $3.50 waday (it's a South Asian snack) Brother Doller 3.5 waday 3.5 dollars, which means 633 waday? eating waday for 630 does that mean they have eaten donuts? of shangrilla? rampe (name of spice) I don't know this movie. Rock is acting in it. You should see it too. A gorilla has arrived. We must not forget the jungle book of tea.
pie fm
This is something you must see. Yeah man, buses now offer luxury items, this is one of them, if you ride this bus you can find luxury items, this is an FBI raid, sajiyaaaa, this is the challenge you are setting now, no you can hear well, you should buy things in this store by shouting this. trade ? Even when they talk you can't hear now go man how much does this cost? Hey, listen, you see this ice cream cone, grab it and run, we dare you. These 2 clips I showed you were made by a YouTube channel called Hamilton.
pie fm
They have good content. They dare. Why do we laugh at people who try? I don't laugh on purpose. when you are depressed you should go to facebook and search on sustare page or i love you page or mahaththaya page, you can share quotes like this, don't forget the people who love you, don't blame the ants sister, you were wrong When I open the sugar jar, I want someone I can't live without I don't care who it is If they are stubborn I'm the same You share posts from pages like these I'm going to show you some posts like these These times are difficult but I'm sure that There will come a time when they will put lemon in the tortillas, we are all waiting for a day like this when you can't stand it.
The only option is to go to the bathroom. You can pt. Cabbage with dal curry. People love it, but when you put spinach in dal curry, they can't tolerate it. Did you know? that for the success of our lives these quotes are very important people who suffered stomach pains suffered in silence they did not go to argue with NANA (owners of a Muslim food store generally known as NANA) when their stomach hurts after eating a kottu, don't go and argue with NANA deputies like us, we write makadakadakka instead of cassava, remember that we were people who masturbate every day and every night, whoever it is, if they are stubborn, they urinate on their leg, They jump on the hot pot and make the rice tastier, they went to a corner of the plate I'm rampe (a spice like I said before) I promise there is no one in this world who has eaten kottu and not had a stomach ache.
The times we ate the bones are over brother, now the game begins, now we have to eat. What the hell, there are 2 sad endings in life: Don't eat fish in fish buns as we want to have loose movements after eating kottu as we never imagine that even your house is huge or your car is new even if you have one big bank account, you will get loose movement after eating kottu, so be humble, don't bother people without penis, have you felt all your life because you eat dal with spinach? People ignore you. Most people who laugh all day and act strong cry when they cut onions. rupee only when we give 1 rupee short the strongest bond in the world is kottu and the bottle of asamodagam (a medicine for loose movements) shits hard you can shit so much that you could see the biggest pile of shit so without asking me don't put gotu kola (centella asiatica) "scientific name") in the mixed leaf salad that's it, I'm just going to fry papadam (banda = marry, badda = fry) life is too short try eating dal without spinach watch 1000 people talk with 1000 people to cure gastritis drink fresh milk mixed with water used to cook mung beans in the morning, remember this, we worry day and night thinking that no one will buy egg roti from us if you don't buy egg roti from me, he is not a good friend, stop being friends with them now that I have enough content. for an hour, but there's no time for us to do that, so I'll take a short break and come back.
Im kapila Undukapuchcha yes I am going to show you an advertisement, although I am showing you this as an advertisement, he asked me to tell you this as something genuine if there is something wrong tell it if it is good say it too. I know that most of you who watch my channel are between 14 and 26 years old, so this must be very important to you. The Internet is something where you can do many things. this magazine called internet jobs is published every month and with it you can find out many online jobs how to promote apps how to become a millionaire by selling domains how to create a website there is much more in this i read some magazine in good quality you can say that by why we should buy a magazine, we can get them on the Internet.
Yes, you can learn from the Internet, but this magazine publishes it. You must have recently seen these viral videos of the story of the teenager who bought 7 vehicles at the age of 20 he is the one who is making the magazine his knowledge and experience is in these magazines I don't think it is a waste I have so many valuable things so if you want buy this magazine send a message by watsapp to this number and Remember that if you want to buy my t-shirts, visit limited stocks when Sri Lankans go on the roller coasters, they go slowly f&^#% what is this? previous works Speculative questions The director or producer may be wrong, but actresses must understand that I am not going to do tik tok again for a personal reason.
Thanks for the likes and comments. There were many people who helped me. What is the eighth wonder of the world? ? Is it in Srilanka (now 9th*) at One Gall Face shopping mall? surely it's a tik toker, or you didn't hear the question correctly or it's a tiktoker, since i know there is no 8th world wonder, it's not confirmed, there are only 7 confirmed once, since the 8th sigiriya was suggested, but no It's confirmed, but why the nerve? face ? at least if she said MC majestic city, okay, this newly opened cheeky face back in the day when guys hung out at MC has been forgotten, don't talk, go and make your tiktoks before a few months, sirasa posted this if you have videos of the bad weather situation, inbox us Our boys and girls in honor of my beloved father (mocking Sajith Premadasa) I rescued a fish that was trapped in the flood.
This is a very good thing you did son, I'm going to choke. Someone come help me. I rescued a girl. who got trapped in the flood if you are on since then you should know me gay a monitor lizard has entered our house look at this size of shit I can't leave my door open this f%$# comes with caution *pure rape warning by ear* *listen at your own risk* even with the auto tune his rally is sweet it's too sweet sorry SLGREEK I'm leaving niqqa going through a lot *overdose of sweetness* *damn this is great*

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