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May 04, 2020
afternoon. Besides, I don't want them here when we talk. It's okay. I'll be with you soon. Make some tea. Yes, sure, I will. Yes, Comrade General. That fugitive seemed to be a very dangerous criminal. There is no way to take him alive. Yes, I'm going to make a report. Yes sir! Destroy this shack! That's all now. He finds his body before nightfall. Hello! Usov, find me Lieutenants Zubov and Vasin. And bring them here. Yes, to the hospital. On! don't get up. Good morning, Comrade General! Hello. How are you? I'll be fine. My head is buzzing. It was good, colonel.
I express gratitude to you. He destroyed all the fugitives. That was not all for me. I just counted their bodies. So who was the man who did your job? Comrade General, I will write that in my report. Your report? Please read this before writing the report. What is? Read it carefully, so you don't miss any letter. This is a request from two lieutenants from the Gavrilov department. Colonel Voronov gave it to me. Do you have any idea what is going on there? Is your Gavrilov totally crazy? Gavrilov is a good officer. All is well in his city.

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It is? read it then. They are delusions! It is? And now imagine someone else will read this too. Bad things will happen here then. And the first, the one who will have problems is you. I guarantee you. Comrade General, let me speak to the colonel. Speak. Comrade Colonel, a girl wants to see you. What a Girl? Where is the? What have you done to him? There is nothing to blame him for. He was trying to save me. He saved me from bandits and from Gavrilov. that's my fault - It's okay. - Where is the? He's fine.
Tell me first, who are you? Comrade Major, this was inside. That is all? Keep looking. Colonel! You're still here. Hello, major. Did you like our place so much? Yes. I will leave when my partner returns. Something tells me, I need to wait for him to be near you. Let's drink. Why do not do it? With a nice guy. Only memories of your boy remain. The body? We will find the body. Then we will wait. You have a good cognac. I advise you to drink more. The whole bottle is better. So you won't be so scared when Shaman comes back to take the player from him.
Give it to me! Hey man, what are you doing? Take it away! Now you're not going to touch it? It will be OK? I'm sorry baby. But they informed me that his Shamanov was killed. Yes. Speech. What? No, Fomin, I guess he's still alive. Calm down, Major, he doesn't move! When are you going to die? Do you have 9 lives like cats? How do the boas I give you the last chance. Quit. Or do you think you can get out of here alive? How do you think if I use you as a cover, they'll shoot you? It's ok, you win.
What are you going to do? To arrest me? You know they're not going to put me in prison. All right, Major, let's have a drink. I invite. Wait! Step aside! Get some rest, I can see you're tired. I'll serve you a little. Do you want me to spill from here or from here? From here, right? Shaman! Andrew, do you hear me? This is Voronov. I'll go in alone, don't shoot. Hello. Colonel! Why are you here? You are so loud in here. So that the people of Moscow can hear you. I told you I was coming and you didn't believe me.
Then, what are you going to do? I don't know. I will end everything here. What do you mean? I'll finish him off and then we'll see. Did you look out the window? The whole regiment is waiting for you there. There are no tanks only there. Didn't see tanks? What's wrong, shaman? What do you mean? There is something wrong? Here is the weapon, the grenades are there. Here is blood. Something is missing? No, it's all here. Where is the key? I ate it. They are waiting for me. With or without you. They won't start before I get out.
Don't go out then. I want to go out with you. With me? Why? They want to shoot you like a dog. You want that? You know, there is something more terrifying than death. For example, being born, then becoming scum, living and not knowing anything about it. That is scary. I agree. Why are you doing this anyway, shaman? Was he supposed to deliver a candle while that scum was raping a girl? - Nerd? Or am I supposed to call the police? His friends? So they would have fun together? Look what you have done. You gave everyone a hard time here.
They all lived here easily, but suddenly... Easily? Or are they relieved? They scared them and they froze in fear. This is none of your business, shaman. - It is not? - No. I can't see when someone is holding another man's balls. Look them in the eye and ask politely 'Do you like it?' And he writhes in pain and says, "Yeah, okay. Squeeze them harder." This is what happens here with everyone. Why do they answer that? Because they have children, wives, mothers, fathers, husbands. Because they have something to lose, unlike you. And don't think of them as you think of yourself.
Yes, you are right. I have nothing to lose. I have nothing and no one. And I don't think I have anyone. But Lis had someone. His mother, his wife and his children. Remember, he was a bit strange. He made up fairy tales. He was going to tell his children. He had it all. But he gave his life for me. For someone who has nothing to lose. I couldn't take it. He couldn't take the pieces from him! It was like a stone, which fell into the water, leaving no trace. Do you want me to die for no reason?
We are not ordinary people. This world does not end with fences. We are responsible for life on the planet. If it's not true, then my friends died for no purpose. Because they died on behalf of people like him. What are you going to do? I will execute this scum. Let people live easily. Wake up, shaman, what are you talking about? Who will live easily? Re crazy? Tomorrow someone will replace you, and life can be much more difficult! They will live and they will know that I am somewhere there. How did you get here in the first place?
I came to Tolik Zakharov, to see him. He brought you a watch. I sank it in the river. To Tolik? He died. A year ago. - What? - Yes. Last winter he was found frozen in the snow. There was no alcohol in his blood. And you know he didn't used to drink. How did that happen? Stop, stop! Stop, Andrew. For. They all understood. - Let's go! - Wait, Colonel. Max, Tolik, Vanya, Lis? Is no one alive from our team? No one. You're still alive at least. Why? Feel sorry for those newbies. What is your fault? That's your job, Colonel.
I did not give them weapons. They made their choice. They have their responsibility, I have mine. - Look, Andrey. - Yes? - Why didn't you shoot him? - I was waiting. So that? For you, colonel. Do not rush. Think more. Our people! I said you were wasting your time. Let's prepare for a storm. And you, colonel, can go to Moscow. You did everything you could. Look, did you know Tolik Zakharov? Yes. He Something very strange happened. He wasn't even drunk. Here. He can go. Get out of here! I am sorry? You can go! - Are you in command of the operation? - Yes.
It's just him there. He issues an order to take it by storm. I make decisions here. Look, captain, this is my territory! Do you know what he could do? Take it away! He shouldn't have taken pity on you. He didn't want to get his hands dirty with you. Fuck off! They ordered me to take you dead or alive. The first three, let's go! Boys, open the cell! You will answer with your life for this! Stop the storm immediately! - What? - Stop the storm immediately! What do you mean? Stop the storm immediately! Everyone, come back! Boys, back off!
Major, come to me! Hand over your weapon, Major. For what reasons? Hand over your weapon! He doesn't have one. He lost it. Arrest the major! What? Senior comrade..! Come on, Zubov. This is not a joke! Don't be silly, Major! Calm down, Major! I'm calm. This is my city! I don't need to be nervous here. This is my apartment. You better be nervous! Oleg, are you crazy? - You should go to a hospital. - Do not move! Look, what a ruckus you made here. And what was the reason? Did someone have a bad life here? Did you have a bad life here, son of a bitch?
You had a job, you had money. There were no bandits here! All problems were solved. And thanks to whom? To Oleg Ilyich. And now you say hand over the gun? You are out? And this one showed up here three days ago. Look at this clown! Has anyone had a boring life here? Now you're going to have fun. Don't be in a hurry, Major. Think more. Shaman! You can go. How are you son? I'm fine. I think I'll need you. Thanks. - Captain, take him away. - Wait, general! I have a report from Moscow to take to Shamanov with me.
He'll be back in a few days and testify. I need it here. And no one repudiated the charges against him. As far as I understand, no one accused him. Nevertheless. Ok, I can leave it here. But in this case you will have to explain why you did not carry out the order and arrest his man. Hello, Comrade General. Everything's fine. Yes, we are coming. Okay. Come on, shaman!

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